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Medix Global And Mpower Are Partnering To Further Reduce The Stigma Around Mental Health In India

Collaboration to promote healthy conversations that lead to higher uptake of mental support services by India’s younger generations, all while offering tech/digital solutions for making mental health more accessible in India.

Founded by Dr. Neerja Birla Mpower, an initiative of Aditya Birla Education Trust is a revolutionary social enterprise that provides holistic mental health care services in India.

Mpower a leader in the mental health space brings together a strong force of over 200 experienced mental health professionals associated with Mpower, offering world-class, scientifically proven intervention techniques impacting more than 121 million lives positively through its mental health care services in India

Medix brings along longstanding experience in global health management, with a strong focus on India, employing over 300 in-house doctors and a quality accredited network of world leading Specialists in every medical field, servicing over 8 million customers worldwide.

* The partnership taps Mpower’s core value ‘to create a stigma-free and emotionally healthy society’, and Medix’ commitment “to support people through life’s physical and emotional journeys.”

* The partnership will work towards reducing the stigma around depression, stress, anxiety and mood disorders while reframing mental health to be more approachable and actionable, especially for youth from 16-35 of age.

* As part of this strategic partnership, Medix India will bundle Mpower’s mental health services into its various care programs, offering its customers and partners which include leading insurers, corporate employers and other stakeholders, access to Mpower clinics and virtual mental health services.

* In addition, new tech and digital solutions will be embedded in the mental support services, enhancing the service provision and improving accessibility.

* The partnership is led by two strong and committed female leaders, who are proud to apply their distinct perspectives and unique approaches to addressing India’s Mental Health imperatives.

Globally, the world is witnessing an ongoing rise in mental health issues, accelerated by the global pandemic.  

Medix, a global health management company, delivering impactful responses to health needs servicing millions of customers, with a team of over 300 in-house physicians, and a global quality accredited network of over 4,500 world-leading specialists, has entered into a strategic partnership with Mpower - an Initiative of Aditya Birla Education Trust and leader in the mental health space in India that brings together a strong force of over 600 experienced mental health professionals, offering world-class, scientifically proven intervention techniques impacting more than 121 million lives positively. As part of the collaboration, Mpower and Medix will offer integrated and advanced tech solutions for making mental health services more accessible in India.

Together, Mpower and Medix will change the mental health dialogue in India while promoting new ways of getting help and support. The partnership brings a new, holistic approach to mental and emotional counselling and mentorship, specifically designed to reach the youth of the country.

As part of this strategic partnership, Medix India will bundle Mpower’s mental health services into its various care programs, offering its customers and partners which include leading insurers, corporate employers and other stakeholders, access to Mpower clinics and virtual mental health services.

Through the partnership Mpower as a knowledge and service partner will bring in its expertise in the mental health space offering various proven mental health solutions and therapies to patients seeking mental health support, whereas Medix will bring forth its global expertise in quality assurance, goal-setting strategies, clinical pathways, digital mental and physical assessments and innovative tools for outcomes measurement and analytics etc , thus reshaping how mental care is perceived and accessed so far in India.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson of Mpower said, “Mpower has always been a pioneer in the mental health space in India and this partnership is yet again a step forward to consolidate our position as a change-maker in the space. Mental health problems are common in people with medical conditions, because of a complex interplay between psychological, physical and social factors thus Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health. The collaboration provides holistic solutions to patients who can now opt for physical and mental health services on one platform” We hope such collaborations mark a new chapter in the holistic healthcare management in India and provide equal importance to mental and physical health thus encouraging further research, engagement, accessibility and wipe of stigma associated to mental health”.

“We are proud to partner with Mpower, as we see strong alignment between the two brands, who greatly impact people’s lives,” said Ms. Sigal Atzmon, President and CEO of Medix, “Mental health is a very broad group of conditions which have a serious impact on the way they think, feel and act. We are seeing the younger generation which is faced by increased pressures driven by various factors and often, they lack the tools to cope with these challenges in a positive way.  We aim to dissociate the stigma with mental health and encourage conversations and discussions while providing tangible and actionable tools to overcome challenges.”

Mental health is one of the most pressing issues in India today, particularly among young people. According to WHO's World Mental Health Report 2022, people with severe mental health conditions die 10 to 20 years earlier than the general population, primarily from preventable physical diseases. According to Deloitte's 2022 survey titled, "Mental health and well-being in the workplace," 80 percent of the Indian workforce has reported mental health issues in the previous year. Despite these alarming statistics, societal stigma prevents approximately 39% of affected respondents from seeking treatment for their symptom.

Through this partnership, Mpower & Medix are committed to driving better accessibility for mental health services in India beginning 2023!

About Medix

Medix is a ground-breaking medical management company engineered to direct the full potential of leading science, expertise, treatments, and technology to people’s most critical health needs.

Since 2006, Medix has been changing the course of health for millions of customers by delivering impactful medical responses that are borderless, personalised and data-driven. We embolden health & life insurers, employers, financial groups, consumer facing retailers, distributors and governmental institutions to transcend conventional care models, moving beyond transactional care to better health, human, and financial outcomes.

Medix’ responses are tailored by world-leading medical teams and proprietary AI and data analytics: combining the best digital tools with real human presence and operations on the ground for any health need throughout life. Medix offerings span:

* Medical Prevention: Tools to reduce risk and get ahead of health challenges, from self-triage digital HRAs to personalized screening plans to early diagnostics, detection and risk management.

* Medical Case Management: Continuous and multidisciplinary quality driven responses to serious and complex medical conditions, from musculoskeletal, cancer, cardiac, Covid-related issues – and many more – to holistic consultations and navigation of treatment, for best medical outcomes.

* Rehabilitation: Personalised assessment of rehabilitation needs and support on the path to recovery, from multidisciplinary advice to implementation of personalized rehabilitation management services.

* Mental Health: Navigating the complex world of mental health, from diagnosis to treatment to long-term management.

Medix services can be found all over the world, active in more than 90 countries, with bases in Mumbai, New York, London, Munich, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Melbourne and Hong Kong. As a shared value company, Medix drives social and economic growth in the communities we serve while delivering proven better medical and human outcomes.

About Mpower

Mpower, is a revolutionary social enterprise that has brought about a paradigm shift in India’s attitude towards mental health by spreading awareness, alleviating stigma, and providing holistic mental health care. Mpower, since its inception 6 years ago has built a strong force of over 200 trained mental health professionals associated with Mpower directly, providing multidisciplinary mental health services impacting over 121 million lives in India. Mpower with its presence in 7 cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Pune, and the Mpower Cells in Pilani, Goa, Kalyan, and Hyderabad, is equipped with state of art set-up designed to provide patients and mental health professionals, safe and secure environment for mental health counselling needs.  Mpower Operates under 5 verticals namely Movement, Clinical Care, Outreach, Academia, and Mpower 1 on 1 to offer world-class mental health services and stamp out the stigma associated with mental health

·         The Movement: through this vertical we strive to bring about a cultural shift and a change in the mind-set of people by addressing misconceptions, fostering positive attitudes, disseminating correct information, and alleviating stigma related to mental illnesses.

·         Clinical care: Clinical Care at Mpower is provided through world-class centres of excellence, by extremely skilled and qualified mental health professionals and can be broadly classified into the Centre, the Foundation, and the Cell.

o   The Centre - Offers holistic mental health care solutions to children, adolescents, young people and their families.

o   Mpower Foundation- Provides quality mental health care at a reasonable rate to underprivileged individuals, by empowering people living with psychosocial difficulties to lead meaningful lives, without social exclusion.

o   Mpower Cell - Provides clinical interventions for specific target audiences. Mpower Cell is a small unit on partner organization premises. The cell has associations with NGOs, schools, Hospitals, corporate and government bodies. Association with BITS (Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad) and Kalyan campus providing counselling and Psychiatric consultations and workshops to the students and Faculty. The aim is to provide clinical care and a mental health-friendly environment on campus.

·         The Outreach: This arm is the awareness and capacity-building vertical of Mpower. Our IGNITE Programs aim to reach out to the various communities through our comprehensive programs and workshops for Schools, Colleges, NGOs and Corporate. Our aim is to destigmatize mental health, manage various aspects related to mental health, equip individuals with the skills to prevent mental health issues and encourage help-seeking behaviors.

·         Academia- Our academic vertical seeks to equip society with the tools and skills necessary to handle mental health crisis scenarios, to move towards empathy, to build capacity for mental health professionals, and to create a sound ecosystem for those with mental health concerns to not just live, but thrive.          

·         Helpline - The SBMC and Mpower 1 on 1, along with the Government of Maharashtra is a toll-free, 24*7 multilingual helpline, that helps individuals sail through the tough times by addressing their concerns and offers callers Call 1800-120- 820050 and chat facilities

Mpower has also collaborated with various government agencies and authorities to run impact-driven special projects that aim to create awareness and destigmatize mental health amongst various stakeholders

·         Samvedhana- Under this project, we are closely working with 40 Primary Health Centres (PHCs) to aid the District Mental Health Programme (DMHP).

·         Saksham- Mpower has collaborated with the Mumbai police with the aim to provide counselling services to victims of abuse & perpetrators of crime

·         MANN- This project aims to increase mental health awareness, provide support to and to build the capacity of the Central Industrial Security Force

·         Oorja- Train teachers in collaboration with MCGM schools to bring about an improvement in the mental well-being of school children. Provide clinical interventions by the establishment of counselling cells in schools for underprivileged children through trained Psychologists. Also build the capacity of the school teachers through the Mental Health e- curriculum Mindsmatter, enabling them to deliver the curriculum in a sustainable manner in the future to support and develop mental health awareness, prevention and management skills amongst students across grade I to X.


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