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TCIS Grade 7, 8 Students Learn About Agriculture At GKVK, Bangalore

Students from TCIS - Cambridge International School Whittled Bengaluru recently took a field trip to GKVK (Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra), a university dedicated to agricultural research and education. The students, who are in grades 7 and 8, learned about different aspects of agriculture, including sericulture, biotechnology, and integrated farming.

At the Sericulture Department, students learned about the different stages of silk production, from raising silkworms to reeling the silk. They also visited a mulberry tree garden, where they saw how the silkworms feed on the leaves of the mulberry tree.

At the Biotechnology Department, students observed tissue culture media for tobacco plants, transgenic plant research work, and genetically modified plants such as Bt Cotton. They also learned about the benefits of using biotechnology in agriculture.

At the Integrated Farming Sector (IFS), students learned about drip irrigation, a modern method of irrigation that is more efficient than traditional methods. They also saw how IFS is used to grow a variety of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

The field trip was a valuable learning experience for the students. They were able to see first-hand how agriculture is practiced and how biotechnology can be used to improve crop yields. They also learned about the importance of sustainable farming practices.

The management of TCIS thanked GKVK for hosting the field trip and providing the students with an opportunity to learn about agriculture. They said that the field trip was aligned with the biology syllabus of grades 7 and 8 and that it would help the students to improve their knowledge of agriculture.

MIT, MAHE, Bengaluru To Organise International Conference On Recent Advances In Fluid Mechanics And Nanoelectronics (ICRAFMN-2023)

Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), a constituent engineering college of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in association with National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand (NIT) is organising a three-day International Conference on Recent Advances in Fluid Mechanics and Nanoelectronics (ICRAFMN-2023). The conference aims to provide an excellent venue for multidisciplinary academicians, engineers, scientists, researchers, and industry professionals to present their research findings in fluid mechanics and nanoelectronics.

Conference is set to commence on 12th July at Auditorium AB4, Manipal Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka and will conclude on 14th July. As the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour, respectively, Shri Sunny Manchanda, Director of the DRDO's Young Scientist Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence, and Prof. Alan Jeffrey Giacomin, Editor in Chief of Physics of Fluids at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada will be present at the conference. Prof. (Dr.) Madhu Veeraraghavan, Pro Vice Chancellor of MAHE Bengaluru, and Jagannath Korody, Director of MIT , MAHE Bengaluru and Chairperson of ICRAFMN-2023, among others, will preside over the conference.

The discussions will cover varied topics such as experimental, analytical, and computational aspects of fluid mechanics and nanoelectronics in various fields of engineering. Keynote/invited lectures will be delivered by eminent industry and academic experts from across the world for over three days with parallel technical sessions. Best paper presentation for each session will be recognized with Best Session Paper and Best Research Paper for each stream will be awarded with Best Paper Award.

Based on the suitability of manuscript as recommended by the reviewers, select papers will be published in special issues of Physics of Fluids and the Journal of Applied Physics. All other papers will be published in conference proceedings.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Capri Global Capital Ltd Assigns “Mainline Advertising Mandate To Rediffusion For Its Loan Business”

Capri Global Capital Ltd, a diversified NBFC, has appointed Rediffusion to handle the brand's mainline advertising mandate. As per the mandate, the agency will conceptualize and build campaigns across media touch points to drive the brand-consumer connect. The account will be handled by _Next by Rediffusion_ from its Mumbai office. 

Capri Global Capital Ltd offers a wide range of financial services, including home and business loans, to the unbanked and underserved masses of the country, with a presence across hi-growth segments like Gold Loans, MSME Loans, Construction Finance, Affordable Housing, and Indirect Lending segments.  

Capri Global Capital Limited is listed both on the NSE and the BSE. 

“We are excited to be working with Rediffusion as our mainline agency. With their cutting-edge strategies, creative prowess, and deep understanding of consumer behaviour, we are confident that this collaboration will propel our brand to new heights,” says Basant Dhawan, Group CMO of Capri Global. “Together, we will create compelling campaigns that engage and captivate our target audience, further solidifying our position in the market.” 

“Capri Global is a trailblazer in the loans business. It is driven by a massive all-India network that reaches and services consumers who really value both the finance and the relationship that the company invests so heavily in,” comments Asheesh Malhotra, Executive Director of, _Next by Rediffusion_. “Our strategists at The Bharat Lab of Rediffusion who focus on markets beyond the Metros and Tier 1 cities will work closely with the Capri marketing team to engage the consumer and further endear Capri Loans to them.” 

Capri Loans use Pankaj Tripathi as their brand endorser. 

About Capri Global Capital Ltd: 

Capri Global Capital Limited (CGCL) is a diversified Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) and is part of the NIFTY Small cap 250 Index. The Company operates in high-growth segments such as MSME Loans, Affordable Housing Finance, Gold Loan, and Construction Finance. The Company also acts as a corporate distributor for car loan products of six leading commercial banks. CGCL offers its loan products to the unbanked and underserved masses across Northern and Western geographies of the country, through its strong network of 700+ branches spread across 12 States and Union Territories. The tech-enabled processes and recently introduced business analytics ensure that CGCL offers products tailored to meet the requirements of borrowers with a solid governance and risk-control framework. CGCL enjoys a robust credit rating of ‘CARE A+ (Outlook Stable)’ for its long-term borrowing program and NCDs and the highest rating of ‘IVR A1+’ for its short-term borrowing program. The Housing Finance business is rated ‘CARE A+ (Outlook Stable)’ for its long-term borrowing program. The Company has bagged ‘Best BFSI Brand 2021’ by The Economic Times and received certification as a Great Place to Work from Great Place to Work Institute for 2023-24 for a second consecutive year. 

For further information,  visit:   | 

Government Sees Generative AI As Huge Opportunity, Says Abhishek Singh Of National e-Governance Division & Digital India Corporation

The Moneycontrol Startup Conclave hosted a panel discussion titled, ‘The Tipping Point: The AI Era’, which addressed India's challenges and opportunities in the age of the ever-evolving AI.

Speaking on generative AI, Pandurang Nayak, Head of Startups Solutions Architect, AWS India said, “Generative AI is the most transformative technology of our time. Machine learning and AI are at the forefront of Amazon for the last two decades.

Stating that tools like Sagemaker jumpstart to build generative AI, he added, “We have one of the largest ML services. There is continuous progress that we are making in the space. In the generative AI space, we are building infrastructure for those who want to build models.”

Sharing his views on the topic, Abhishek Singh, CEO, National e-Governance Division (NeGD) & Digital India Corporation (DIC) said, “The Government of India sees Generative AI as a huge opportunity specifically for providing access to services for Indians, such as voice-enabled services.

“We are data rich, which has led to the use of data in a lot of sectors, including agriculture. We have huge talent, but the challenge is in compute. If we provide access to compute to researchers it will greatly benefit them,” he added.

Elaborating on India’s AI opportunity, Vishal Dhupar, MD, Asia South, Nvidia said, “We are in the most interesting time. Our nation knows what the grand challenges are -- education, healthcare, and urban mobility. We know that the approach to that is AI. Never look at the rear-view in India, just the front.

Singh concluded his thoughts stating, “I dream of, and what my team is doing, is developing something that would enable any villager to put up a query in their mother tongue, and get the response in that language… We are experimenting with that with our Bhashini initiative.”

Moneycontrol Startup Conclave aims to highlight the resilience and determination of entrepreneurs and their unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles.

LG Electronics Elevates Audio Experience With XBOOM Series And Tone Free Launch

·       New line-up of XBOOM series features RNC9, RNC7 and RNC5models

·       The highlight of the new TONE Fit TF7 is its optimized fit and usability for outdoor activities

LG Electronics, one of the leading consumer durable brands in India, today announced the launch of its latest audio products, the LG XBOOM series and LG TONE Fit TF7. With a focus on convenience, powerful sound, and immersive lighting effects, these products are designed to revolutionize the way people experience music and audio.

With the introduction of the LG TONE Fit TF7 and XBOOM series featuring RNC9, RNC7 and RNC5 models, LG reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional quality, performance, and convenience to its customers.

Commenting on the launch, Hak Hyun Kim- Director- Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India said, “We are delighted to introduce the LG XBOOM series and TONE products, representing a significant advancement in audio technology. These meticulously designed products are poised to revolutionize the audio experience for our consumers. Building upon the positive reception of our previous TONE model, we are confident that this newly launched TONE Fit TF7 will exceed expectations and captivate music enthusiasts and audiophiles worldwide. Also, with exceptional features, powerful sound reproduction, and immersive lighting effects, the brand-new LG XBOOM series and TONE are set to become the preferred choice for parties, events, and everyday use.”

The LG TONE Fit TF7 offers a superior fit for exercise enthusiasts, ensuring that customers can focus solely on their workout without any distractions. Featuring a patent-pending skirt shape hook with a freebit design, these earbuds offer optimized fit and usability for various outdoor activities. The pressure-less and drop-less design guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, while the innovative Air Circulation Design reduces sweat and heat, making them ideal for intense workouts.

Durability and hygiene are top priorities for the LG TONE Fit TF7. With an IP67 rating, these earbuds are resistant to dust, sweat and rain, allowing users to push their limits regardless of the weather conditions. The addition of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology creates a serene personal space for immersive audio experiences. The hybrid ANC combines feed-back and feed-forward techniques, ensuring exceptional sound isolation.

Featuring the renowned Meridian technology, the LG TONE Fit TF7 delivers natural and authentic sound quality. Whether it's pumping up the beats during a workout or enjoying a relaxing melody, the premium LG Meridian Sound offers an audio experience that transcends expectations.

Health and hygiene are paramount, and LG has taken extra measures to ensure the safety of its users. The UVnano technology integrated into the earbuds' cradle actively sanitizes the ear gel surfaces, creating a more sanitary listening experience. The TF7 model also introduces medical-grade silicone ear gels, further enhancing user comfort and hygiene.

In addition to its wireless capabilities, the LG TONE Fit TF7 allows users to enjoy audio content in places where wireless connections are not supported, such as gyms, through its plug and play feature. The TF7 model offers multi-point, multi-paring option and has Google Fast Pair and MS Swift Pair for seamless connectivity. It also provides voice command compatibility with Google and Siri extends convenient hands-free control.

To complement the LG TONE Fit TF7, LG Electronics is also launching a XBOOM range of powerful and feature-rich audio systems, including the RNC9, RNC7, and RNC5.

The RNC9 is equipped with Double Super Bass Boost, Bass Blast, and X-Shiny Woofer, delivering powerful and rich bass sound without distortion. With maximum connectivity options including 2 USB ports, Bluetooth and FM radio this audio system offers limitless entertainment possibilities. For Home Parties It has features Like stunning party strobe lighting, multi-colour lighting effects and DJ features such as DJ PAD, Scratch Table, DJ Loop all in  DJ App (iOS/Android). The RNC9 also boasts karaoke functionalities with a Microphone Input, Guitar Input, Vocal Effect, Voice Canceller, Key Changer, Echo Effect and Vocal Sound Control.

The RNC7 and RNC5 models also feature Super Bass Boost, Bass Blast, and X-Shiny Woofer, providing an immersive audio experience. These audio systems offer versatile playability options with 2 USB ports, Bluetooth and FM. Additionally, they feature party strobe lighting, DJ functionalities, karaoke capabilities, and convenient connectivity options such as TV connection (Optical / Wireless), phone cradle, wireless party link for Multi Product , and LG Bluetooth App.

Furthermore, RNC5 boasts an impressive feature known as Party Strobe, a captivating lighting effect that synchronizes with the music, creating a dynamic visual experience. With its multi-colour lighting capabilities, the Party Strobe feature adds an extra element of excitement and energy to any event or gathering and convenient connectivity options such as TV connection (Wireless), phone cradle, wireless party link for Multi Product, and LG Bluetooth App.

The new LG XBOOM series offer key highlights that enhance the overall audio experience. With Vocal Sound Control, these systems deliver a more powerful karaoke performance, ensuring realistic and immersive vocal sound. The Maximum Connectivity feature allows users to connect and listen to a wide range of entertainment options, thanks to features such as party strobe and Guitar-In.

With the introduction of the LG TONE Fit TF7 and XBOOM series, LG reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional quality, performance, and convenience to its customers.

The LG XBOOM RNC9, RNC7 and RNC5 models will be available at all Stores starting from Aug onwards, with a starting price of Rs.22,000/-. The LG TONE fit TF7 will also be available for purchase starting from Aug onwards, with a starting price of Rs.12,500/-.

About LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd               

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. (LG Electronics), a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics Inc, South Korea was established in January 1997 in India. It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics - Home Entertainment, home appliances*, HVAC, IT hardware. In India, LG Electronics has earned a premium brand positioning and is an acknowledged trendsetter in the industry.  LGEIL's manufacturing unit at Greater Noida is one of the most eco-friendly units among all LG manufacturing plants in the world. The second Greenfield facility is located at Ranjangaon; Pune which manufacture LED TVs, air conditioners, commercial air conditioning systems, washing machines, refrigerators, and monitors.

*Home Appliances include- Refrigerator, Washing Machine, AC, Water purifier, Microwave, Fan, Dishwasher & Air purifier.

“India Is Now Becoming A Land Of Entrepreneurs, From A Land Of Job Seekers," Says V Vaidyanathan, MD & CEO Of IDFC First Bank

Speaking at Moneycontrol Startup Conclave 2023, V Vaidyanathan, the Managing Director and CEO of IDFC First Bank, emphasized the evolving entrepreneurial landscape in India and the country's transition from a land of job seekers to entrepreneurs. Vaidyanathan regarded the new generation of startup entrepreneurs as the driving force behind this significant shift, attributing their success to their adaptability in the digital era.

Addressing the recent challenges faced by startups due to a shortage of funding, Vaidyanathan offered an optimistic outlook. Referring to it as a 'funding winter', he expressed confidence that the startup ecosystem would persist despite a temporary slowdown in cash flow from venture capitalists. He highlighted India's robust growth, young population, and overall comfort with the digital ecosystem as factors that would continue to support the startup landscape in the long term. Vaidyanathan further emphasized the value that startups and FinTechs bring to traditional workflows by modernizing them, stressing that the industry would ultimately thrive despite the funding constraints.

Furthermore, Vaidyanathan discussed a sweeping pan-industry trend wherein traditional businesses are transformed into new-age ecosystems. He explained that through integrating technology stacks, various startups are making traditional establishments, such as Kirana shops, digital and more efficient. Each step of the customer solicitation and data collection processes witnesses startups plugging themselves in to enhance the overall workflow. According to Vaidyanathan, this transformation epitomizes the synergy between traditional and modern enterprises.

Concluding his address, Vaidyanathan touched upon the challenges faced by startup founders, including the struggle to attract talent and achieve profitability when the brand is relatively unknown. He acknowledged the dilemma when founders are forced to choose between two unfavorable options. In such situations, he emphasized the importance of maintaining a grounded perspective and reminding oneself of the responsibility to attract talented individuals who can contribute to the startup's growth. Vaidyanathan encouraged founders to consider the larger ecosystem and, at times, opt for the lesser of two evils, understanding the power of reputation in the long run.

“Need To Find Balance Between Innovation And Regulation In The Fintech Sector”, Says RBI Deputy Governor T Rabi Sankar

In a special keynote at the Moneycontrol Startup Conclave, RBI’s Deputy Governor, T Rabi Sankar spoke at length about the Fintech sector – The role its playing to achieve financial inclusion and its regulations.

“RBI is closely watching the evolving space of Fintech. Innovations are happening across three elements: time, access and data. New innovations are helping in driving down costs, refocusing products and services and improving customer reach and services. There are no Fintech regulations right now. We are talking to the industry and understanding whether there is a need to regulate them. Can't give a timeline at the moment. But it will come only after consultation with them,” he added.

“We at RBI need to understand how Fintechs are evolving and innovators are thinking. But the young innovators' focus is on innovations and not as much on regulations yet and we need to find that balance. We time our intervention so that the industry (Fintech) is allowed to grow,” he said.

Speaking on cryptocurrencies, RBI’s Deputy Governor said, “People trading crypto is not the concern but the unbacked cryptocurrencies and the product itself alongside its backers is the problem.”

He also highlighted that stablecoins pegged to other currencies in emerging market economies pose several threats.

“Stablecoins pegged to currencies, for example USD are not a risk to the USA. But stable currencies pegged to other currencies in emerging market economies (EMEs) pose very serious financial stability, capital management, and monetary policy risks," Shankar said.

Otago Again Best University In National Educational Performance

The University of Otago has once again topped the key Government indicators that measure the educational performance of students at New Zealand’s universities.

Released today by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), the annual Educational Performance Indicators (EPIs) examine course and qualification completion rates, retention rates and progression to higher levels of study at a range of tertiary and training organisations.

According to these measures, Otago ranked a clear first among universities for overall student qualification completion, course completion, first year retention, and progression.

Assessing performance over 2022, this being the most recent complete academic year, this excellent result follows Otago topping three out of four measures in 2021 and 2020, and taking a clean sweep across all four in 2019.

Otago also ranked first in this latest round for both M?ori and Pacific student qualification completions, second for M?ori and Pacific student retention, second for Mori course completion, and third for M?ori and Pacific progression and for Pacific student course completion.

Otago’s acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Phil Bremer, welcomed the University’s strong performance in the latest indicators.

“The recent years of Covid disruption have been challenging for our students and staff alike, and it is heartening to see Otago is continuing to lead the way amongst all New Zealand universities for student performance. It’s a reflection of the dedication of our staff and the hard work our students have put into their studies.

“The timing of this news is especially fitting, as our undergraduate students are about to return to study after the break between semesters.”

Otago’s showing across the latest TEC performance measures:

• Course completion rate (88 per cent)

• First-year retention rate, from 2021 to 2022 (83 per cent)

• Qualification completion rate (74 per cent)

• Student progression from sub-degree study (93 per cent)

About Education New Zealand (ENZ)

Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ) is the government agency responsible for taking New Zealand’s education experiences to the world. ENZ promotes a New Zealand education as one that teaches students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners, which will help them succeed in their future careers and create a positive impact on the world. In 2019, New Zealand’s education system was ranked first among English-speaking countries and third in the world for delivering a future-focused education (out of 50 economies) by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

With approximately 100 staff in 18 locations around the world, ENZ works closely with New Zealand’s diverse education sector including schools, English language providers, Private Training Establishments, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, universities; and internationally with NZ Inc agencies, Government agencies and education providers to encourage sustainable growth and identify opportunities.

For more information on why New Zealand best place is to study and live:

Indian Immunologicals Administers “1 Lac FREE Dosages Of Anti-Rabies Vaccine” On World Zoonosis Day 2023

* Nationwide Vaccination Camps At Around 100 Centers; Rabies Accounts For 90% of Zoonotic Cases In India 

Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), one of India's leading biotechnology companies dedicated to manufacturing and supplying life-saving vaccines, commemorated World Zoonoses Day. This significant occasion highlights the urgent need for global attention and collaborative efforts to combat zoonotic diseases and safeguard public health. On World Zoonoses Day, Indian Immunologicals Limited has organized “Free Anti-rabies Vaccination Camps” across India. One Lakh doses of Anti-rabies vaccine were administered free of cost with leading brands- Raksharab and Starvac R in as many as 100 cities across the country through veterinary dispensaries, veterinary colleges and NGOs. 

Zoonoses is infectious diseases transmitted between animals and humans, pose a persistent threat to global health security. As the world faces the challenges of emerging zoonotic outbreaks, IIL reiterates its unwavering commitment to protecting human lives through preventive measures, research, and vaccine development.  

Over the years, IIL has emerged as a frontrunner in vaccine production, consistently contributing to disease prevention and control. Through relentless dedication to research and innovation, IIL has developed and manufactured vaccines for various zoonotic diseases such as rabies, brucellosis etc. These vaccines have played a crucial role in preventing the spread of these diseases, safeguarding countless lives in India and beyond. 

About Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) 

Indian Immunologicals Limited headquartered in Hyderabad, India is one of the largest producers of vaccines in Asia. IIL was set up by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1982. IIL has multiple GMP manufacturing sites and exports to over 50 countries. IIL has a strong R&D pipeline and has launched several animals and human vaccines in the Indian market at affordable prices. IIL specializes in the development of various types of vaccines ranging from inactivated and live viral vaccines, polysaccharide conjugate vaccines, recombinant subunit vaccines, toxoid vaccines, and live bacterial vaccines. More details about the company can be viewed at 

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ABB India’s Energy Efficient Solutions Significantly Contribute To Tamil Nadu’s industrial Growth And Sustainability

ABB India, a leading technology company, has been actively contributing to the sustainable growth in Tamil Nadu. ABB’s energy efficient motor and drives solutions play a significant role in driving the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. Thus, leading industries towards enabling energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting renewable energy integration.

“ABB’s energy-efficient solutions are contributing to Tamil Nadu’s journey towards sustainable development. Our innovative drives and motor offerings are not only transforming the Textile industries, Garment Printing Agriculture, Mining, and Construction in the state, but also paving the way for a greener and more prosperous future. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we are empowering these sectors to operate more efficiently, reduce their carbon footprint, and optimize resource utilization. We firmly believe that sustainable growth is the key to unlocking Tamil Nadu’s potential, and ABB remains committed to being a reliable partner in this transformative journey,” said Sanjeev Arora, President, Motion Business, ABB India.

Textile Application: ABB has supplied over 3000 energy-efficient motors and drives to textile spinning mills in Tamil Nadu, enabling significant energy savings of 20-35% compared to conventional systems. These motors & drives with various power ratings have been deployed in applications such as Humidification plant, Pneumafil & compact suction fan and ring frame machines. Partnering with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), ABB has contributed to energy conservation and cost reduction in the textile industry.

Garment Printing: ABB drives technology has resulted in increased productivity and improved quality in garment printing. In Tiruppur, 65% of the knitwear garments printing in automatic printing machines are using this. ABB continues to lead textile automation initiatives across various applications, including material handling, spinning, and wet and dry process control.

Mining and Construction Industry: Resilient and reliable ABB’s drives & motors solutions have played a crucial role in the mining and construction industry by reducing downtime and improving productivity. Approximately 50% of stone crushers in Tamil Nadu benefit from ABB’s offerings, which provide smooth start, high starting torque, reduced maintenance costs, and prolonged crusher lifetime. These solutions, supplied through OEMs and panel builders, include over 5000 motors and 2500 drives.

Agricultural Sector: ABB’s Solar Pump Drives help reduce dependency on the grid and promote sustainable farming practices. ABB has supplied 33,000 drives throughout India of which 15,000 solar pumps are supplied from Coimbatore, through various OEMs and EPCs.  ABB has facilitated numerous installations across states like Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu. This initiative aligns with the Government of India’s KUSUM Scheme, encouraging the utilization of solar power for grid export during pump motor idle periods or when excess solar power is available.

Agricultural Micro-Lift Irrigation Scheme: ABB’s energy-efficient solutions have played a vital role in supporting sustainable agriculture and ensuring optimal water utilization. Integrated Drives and soft starter solutions have been instrumental in pumping water from Micro Lift Irrigation Stations in Salem, Erode, and Coimbatore, benefiting over 1500 farmers cultivating over 2500 hectares of fertile land throughout the year.

ABB India remains committed to contributing to the region’s overall development with innovative products and solutions that address the unique challenges faced by industries in Tamil Nadu. Through its cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, ABB continues to make a lasting impact in various sectors, fostering economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Cummins India Limited launches CPCBIV+ Compliant Power Solutions, Reinforcing Its Commitment To Environmental Stewardship

Cummins powered gensets up to 800 KWh are now compliant with the CPCBIV+ emission norms.

Cummins Ashwasan IV+: A comprehensive extended warranty and after-sales support program for the new CPCBIV+ compliant product range

Bengaluru, India, July 6th 2023: Cummins India Limited (“Cummins”), one of the leading technology providers of power solutions, today announced the launch of its CPCBIV+ emission standard compliant range of genset engines. The CPCBIV+ compliant genset engine was launched by Mr. Ashwath Ram, Managing Director, Cummins; Ms. Anjali Pandey, Chief Operating Officer, Cummins Group in India; Ms. Shveta Arya, Business Head, Power Systems, Cummins; and Genset Original Equipment Manufacturers (GOEMs) in the presence of key stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and senior Cummins officials.

With this launch, Cummins and its GOEM partners are ready to offer the full range of gensets, up to 800 KWh that are fully compliant with the latest CPCBIV+ emission norms. The new product range incorporates advanced after-treatment systems and engineering expertise to improve fuel efficiency and load-taking capability while ensuring adherence to stringent emission norms. These advanced genset engines facilitate reliable and seamless transition capability from the grid to genset power, even under extreme conditions. The engines are also equipped with innovative remote monitoring and advanced engine control capabilities, empowering users to monitor crucial engine performance metrics and parameters in real-time from anywhere.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Ashwath Ram, Managing Director, Cummins, said, “Cummins is known for its customer-centric product innovations that prioritize economic growth and environmental stewardship. The introduction of CPCBIV+ compliant Cummins powered gensets demonstrates our commitment to providing power solutions that are ‘Cleaner Outside, Reliable Inside’, and are complemented by robust after-market service support for our valued customers. From densely populated urban centres to remote locations and residential neighbourhoods to robust industrial solutions, Cummins is at the forefront of engineering the next generation of power. We strive to ensure that whenever our customers think power, they think of Cummins.”

Ms. Shveta Arya, Business Head, Power Systems, Cummins, further added, “The launch of the CPCBIV+ emission compliant genset and engine range emphasizes our commitment to fulfilling our customers' evolving backup power needs while upholding our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our cutting-edge, made-in-India, CPCBIV+ compliant product range offers robust and reliable power solutions that meet rigorous regulatory standards and contribute significantly to creating a cleaner and more prosperous world for future generations.”

The company has already commenced production of the new series of generator engines at its manufacturing plants in Maharashtra. Dozens of units have been field tested, operating successfully for more than 25,000 hours across India under various environmental and operating conditions.

The CPCB IV+ emission standards, mandated by the government of India and enforced by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) since July 1, 2023, are among the most comprehensive and stringent norms for power generation engines. Compared to the earlier CPCB II standards, these measures result in an approximate 90% reduction in particulate matter (PM) and harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx) concentrations. Additionally, the latest CPCB IV+ emission standards now establish a single standard for both prime and stand-by use gensets, covering all fuel types for engines with a power output of up to 800 kWh.

About Cummins India Limited 

Established in 1962 and headquartered in Pune, Cummins India Limited is part of the Cummins Group in India. Cummins India Limited is one of the country's leading diesel and natural gas engine manufacturers for power generation, industrial, and automotive markets. Cummins India Limited has a nationwide network of 18 exclusive 4S dealers with over 480 service touch points that provide parts, services, and after-market solutions for the uptime of Cummins equipment and engines to customers in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

About Cummins Group in India:

Cummins in India, one of the prominent power leaders, is a group of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute, and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, air handling, filtration, emission solutions, and electrical power generation systems. With its recent Meritor acquisition, Cummins has expanded its portfolio to include drivetrain, mobility, braking, aftermarket, and electric powertrain solutions for commercial vehicles, and industrial markets. Its technology and pioneering initiatives are bringing innovative solutions and dependable services at the best possible value to users across the country. Its high-performance outlook is based on customer focus, integrity, and the capability of its people. Part of the $28.1 billion Cummins Inc. USA, Cummins in India is a group of 13 (thirteen) entities with its presence in over 200 locations across the country and over 10,000 employees. Learn more at

Punjab National Bank Launches Its Virtual Branch In The Metaverse: PNB Metaverse

* Now Experience Banking Virtually Anytime Anywhere 

Punjab National Bank, nation’s leading public sector bank, launched “PNB Metaverse” powered by  (Infrasoft Technology Pvt Ltd). It is a virtual branch of the Bank, which will deliver a unique experience of Banking to the existing and new customers who can now explore the bank’s products and services such as, Bank’s Deposit, Retail/MSME Loans, Digital Products, Women/Senior Citizens, “Do It Yourself” and Government Flagship Schemes. 

PNB has developed the Bank’s Metaverse Branch, where its esteemed customers will get the exclusive access to its virtual environment from the comfort of their home or office through their mobile phones and laptops. In addition, the bank will offer an immersive 3D experience to the customers while performing traditional banking activities through their digital avatars. 

Shri Atul Kumar Goel, MD & CEO, PNB, affirmed that in this new phase of the internet, which evolves from a disparate collection of sites and apps into a persistent 3D environment, where moving from work to a social platform is as simple as walking from the office to the movie theatre across the street.  

He further added, “Today we are proud to launch an enhanced digital experience to our Gen Z customer base. We are certain that with our Technology Partner  (Infrasoft Technology Pvt Ltd), we will be able to assist our customers virtually and empower them with all the informatory facilities that any branch would offer. With this technology, we are looking forward to increasing the customer engagement rate, improving customer acquisition process and providing hyper personalized customer experience.” 

Shri Kalyan Kumar, Executive Director, PNB said,   “The Metaverse gives us a unique capability to bring to life an inanimate world –a world which we can experience, a world which we can interact with using our avatars and a world where we can create solutions for businesses and humanity.” 

Shri Rajesh Mirjankar, MD &CEO, said, “We are delighted to be part of Punjab National Bank’s Metaverse journey of delivering superior banking solution and we have successfully developed an exclusive platform in the Metaverse to deliver an interactive, secure and immersive virtual experience for all banking services.”  

He also added, “The Metaverse will help the Bank, its users and the entire banking & financial industry to shape the vision of fostering the digital economy.” 

Vitesco Technologies Presents A Wide Range Of Innovative "Electrification Solutions For 2-Wheelers" In India

An Electric drive for smaller 2-Wheelers: First demo vehicle with our 48-volt system

An Integrated Electric Axel Drive: Light, compact, and powerful for fully electric three or four-wheel vehicles

Demo scooter showcased at Vitesco’s state-of-the-art facility in Talegaon, Pune.

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of advanced powertrain technologies and solutions for e-mobility, is presenting its innovative electrification solutions for a range of segments in the 2-wheeler market. For the first time, the company will also be publicly showcasing a demo version of its 48-volt system for electric light motorcycles and scooters with 3 to 7 kW output (equivalent up to 150 cc for combustion engines) in India. In addition to the company’s two decades of expertise in two-wheel vehicles, in its new developments Vitesco Technologies also benefits from in-house series products in the automotive sector. The company will be showcasing the highly integrated EMR3 (3rd generation of Electronics Motor Reducer) electric axle drive, which has already proven itself in the passenger car market, as a tailored solution for high-performance three- and four-wheelers.

Klaus Hau, Executive Board Member and Head of Powertrain Solutions Division and Anurag Garg, Managing Director & Country Head of Vitesco Technologies India, unveiled the Demo scooter at the facility in Talegaon, Pune. "I truly believe that the future is electric, and we are excited to showcase our first 48-volt demo vehicle in India”, said Klaus Hau. He continued by stating that India plays a vital part in the company's global growth strategy. India’s automotive industry is currently undergoing what is possibly the most significant transformation in its history. E-mobility is becoming a mainstream phenomenon and our portfolio clearly focuses on global, scalable platforms for electrified vehicles. We are well-positioned due to our experience, electronics expertise, and large product portfolio. We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of electrification. We currently have approximately 80% of the components required in electrified vehicles in our portfolio. Our objective is to achieve outstanding growth in electrification technologies and to expand our business.

Anurag Garg, Managing Director & Country Head of Vitesco Technologies India said: “We are excited to present a demo version of our 48-volt system for electric light scooters and bikes in India for the first time to the public. Our aim with this concept was to discover the vision of a new generation of EVs while also establishing standards for other e-mobility projects. Globally, we have been investing in this segment since 2006 and have successfully brought e-innovations to market for well over a decade. We will continue to enhance the efficiency and range of innovative electrification solutions for 2-wheelers and Powersports in India using cutting-edge technologies.”

Emission-free motoring: Demo Scooter With a 48-Volt System

The full electric demo scooter was presented in November 2022 for the first time in Milan. Its 48-volt system was designed for smaller two-wheelers, which play a central role in everyday mobility in Asian countries in particular. Vitesco Technologies is already developing the drive system for series production in specific customer projects.

The system is controlled by an eDCU (Electric Drive Control Unit). This integrated control unit for electric drives contains both, the inverter function and additional vehicle functions. The eDCU has been developed specifically for 2-Wheelers containing features like multi-battery management for swappable batteries. Additionally, it ensures smart battery management making it compatible with different battery interfaces, embedded in compact and lightweight design.

The drive unit is a compact, high-power density permanent magnet e-motor equipped with a special inductive rotor position sensor (iRPS). The inhouse developed sensor, gives the brushless electric motor this extremely high quality of control in a fully electric drive. This makes it easy to handle challenging driving situations. The iRPS is connected to the motor shaft and can be positioned differently. The very light and compact system with magnet-less technology without rare earths is immune to low-frequency magnetic fields and can be used in an ambient temperature range of minus 40 to plus 150°C.

EMR3: High-performance electric drive for the powersports segment

The EMR3 electric axle drive is a highly integrated, compact and lightweight unit comprising a permanent magnet synchronous motor, power electronics (inverter) and reduction gear (reducer). Vitesco Technologies has been using the third generation of the EMR as standard in numerous passenger car models by European and Asian manufacturers since 2019. This innovative and fully mature technology is also a perfect solution for the electrification of multi-track vehicles in the powersports segment such as ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) and SSVs (Side-by-Side Vehicles) or for e-rickshaws.

The scalable electric drive provides up to 150 kW of power and up to 2,900 Nm of torque, weighs only 76 kilograms and its dimensions are barely larger than a carry-on case (40x35x55 cm). The fact that the system does not require any plugs or cables to connect the motor and inverter also contributes to its robustness. The PDCU used in the hybrid concept could be used as the control unit. It has the potential to communicate with the EMR3.

Vitesco Technologies also has a tailor-made solution for coolant circuits in applications with higher power. The highly efficient electric water pump with a wet-running brushless DC motor is scalable in power (70 to 270 W). It is also configurable with different motors and impeller sizes, as well as different cooling housings.

Pioneering engine control units for future emissions standards

Emissions regulations for internal combustion engines are being tightened worldwide, and the standards that were introduced in the automotive sector are increasingly making their way into the world of two-wheel vehicles. To help manufacturers meet these stringent requirements, Vitesco Technologies offers a wide range of highly efficient, pioneering engine control units. These M4 control units, for example, make smaller single-cylinder gasoline engines Bluetooth-enabled (M4L-BLE), allow electronic throttle control (M4-REK), and have set standards in the high-end sector through their functional diversity in the smallest possible space (M4C, M4D). Vitesco Technologies will continuously adapt the engine controls to future requirements and also develop the next generation of products.

Motorola Announces Actress- Kriti Sanon As Brand Ambassador At The Launch Of “Motorola razr 40 Ultra And razr 40”

Motorola, India’s Best 5G Smartphone, and a pioneer in the mobile phone industry announced Bollywood actress- Kriti Sanon as its brand ambassador during the launch event of its latest smartphones, the Motorola razr 40 Ultra and razr 40, held in the city. The combination of Motorola's innovative technology, its leadership in design and Kriti Sanon's star power, promises an exciting journey ahead for both the brand and its customers. 

Motorola launched the first razr in the early 2000, a phone that became an icon, proving that design-focused devices could drive smartphone desire.?Backed by their strong innovative DNA, they re-invented this iconic design by bringing the world’s first foldable smartphone to market just a few years ago. And now, the all new razr 40 ultra and razr 40 prove once again that innovative design can re-define the smartphone experience. 

The new razr 40 family leads with an intriguing proposition of ‘Flip the Script’, that stands for redefining the norms and challenging the status quo of the current smartphone industry through disruptive design and innovative features.   

To commence their collaboration with Kriti Sanon, Motorola has worked on two exciting television commercials (TVCs) featuring Kriti Sanon, bringing alive the proposition ‘Flip the Script’ for the all new razr 40 ultra and razr 40. 

The campaign showcases Kriti Sanon teaming up with Motorola to show off her flip side while exploring the many possibilities of the latest Motorola razr phones. The motorola razr 40 ultra TVC captures the essence of style, versatility, speed and seamless user experience that the smartphone offers in a high-octane action setting that flips the script. The ad showcases Kriti in a completely new avatar, delivering heart racing action while being at her stylish best – flipping the script not just as a character in the commercial, but also as an actor.  

In the second TVC created for Motorola razr 40, Kriti Sanon is seen as a stylish commuter who casts a spell on all the others going through their mundane lives in a metro. The ad symbolizes the excitement of the incredibly stylish and flexible form of the razr over the standard candy bar phones. As Kriti flips the razr, she flips the script for everyone around her, bringing fun and joy in their mundane lives.  

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Shivam Ranjan, Head of Marketing, APAC, Motorola, stated, "We are targeting exponential growth in the Indian market, and were looking to partner with an ally, who represented our brand in its true spirit.  Kriti's charming and charismatic personality, diversity and innovation with her roles, relatability and strong connect with the youth, plus the challenger mindset made her the ideal choice to represent our brand. We are absolutely delighted to have Kriti Sanon as the face of Motorola in India. We believe that this partnership will help us reach newer consumers, allowing us to expand our base and make meaningful impact in their lives through our stylish and innovative smartphones."  

Commenting on the collaboration, Kriti Sanon, Bollywood Actress and Motorola's brand ambassador said, "I am thrilled to be a part of Motorola, an iconic brand that resonates with innovation, style, performance, and functionality that today's consumers seek. I am excited to be a part of Motorola's journey and look forward to creating exciting experiences with the brand.” 

This collaboration signifies a commitment to delivering technology that seamlessly blends with the latest fashion trends, creating an unmatched smartphone experience.  

#Tiago500000Family: Tata Tiago Hits The Remarkable Sales Milestone Of 5 Lakh Units

Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer, today announced that the Tiago has achieved a significant milestone of 500,000 sales mark. The last 1 lakh units sold have come within a span of 15 months, which indicates its rising appeal to customers seeking a dynamic and comfortable driving experience. The celebration commenced with a symbolic roll-out at the Sanand facility in Gujarat, which is the home ground for the Tiago. 

Over the years, the Tiago has bagged over 40 prestigious awards and earned immense popularity among numerous young and dynamic customers due to its appealing design, exceptional safety features, feature-rich interiors, and cutting-edge technology integration. The Tiago range comes in multiple powertrain options of Petrol, CNG & Electric. In addition, the Tiago NRG comes in an SUV inspired design with off-roading capabilities which is also available in both Petrol & CNG options. Tiago’s Net Promoter Score has received the highest rating of 51, which is a clear testament of the brand’s success.

Commenting on this milestone, Mr. Vinay Pant, Head-Marketing, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd. said, “The Tiago has played a pivotal role in bolstering the popularity of our New Forever range since its launch. The Tiago has consistently surpassed expectations by offering discerning customers good styling, unrivaled safety standards, state-of-the-art technology, thereby reshaping the landscape of the hatch segment. Exceeding the momentous milestone of 500k sales mark is a resounding testament to Tata Motors' unwavering commitment to excellence. We extend our sincerest gratitude to our esteemed customers for their continued interest. We are certain that the Tiago will continue to be crucial to the success of the New Forever range and the growth of the segment.”

The profile of Tiago buyers showcases its resonance with young and aspirational individuals, with an average buyer age of 35 years. 60% of Tiago's sales come from urban markets and the remaining 40% from the rural markets, highlighting its broad appeal across different customer segments. Tiago has also witnessed a positive shift in female buyers, who contribute approximately 10% of its sales. Notably, Tiago has gained immense popularity among first-time car buyers, with 71% of its customers making their maiden car purchase in FY23.

Since its launch, Tiago has achieved several key milestones, embodying Tata Motors' new design philosophy and paving the way for future models. In January 2020, Tiago received a 4-star safety rating from GNCAP, establishing itself as the safest hatch in its segment. With its fun and smart attributes, Tiago has become the go-to hatchback for young and fun-loving customers. Tata Motors takes pride in celebrating the achievement of over 5 lakh happy Tiago owners across the country and remains committed to further enhancing the Tiago brand.

TRA’s Marketing Decision Index Q3 2023 Unveils Surging Revenue Optimism And Ascending Marketing Spend

The TRA’s Marketing Decision Index's latest quarterly report, a comprehensive analysis of prevailing marketing trends in India, indicates strong revenue optimism and a significant surge in marketing budgets for Q3 2023.

Gleaning insights from marketing decision-makers in 16 cities across India, the report marks a considerable climb in revenue optimism with the index ascending from 89.37 in Q2 2023 to a significantly positive 92.68 in Q3 2023. 

In line with this optimism, the projection for marketing budgets has also seen a significant rise, marking an 8.82% growth from Q2 to Q3 2023, which totals to an impressive 14%+ increase in marketing spends since the start of the year. This trend underscores the buoyant market sentiment and eagerness for investment in the forthcoming quarter.

The report delves into budget allocations across various marketing mediums, with National TV ad, Trade Media ad and OOH poised to corner the largest slice of the marketing budget (12.2% each) in Q3 2023, followed by Radio advertising (10.5%). Interestingly, while digital advertising, which is rated as the fourth most effective medium in the report, is expected to receive 6.1% of the budget.

An insightful addition to this edition of the report is a detailed breakdown of marketing medium strengths by company size. Micro companies are likely to find digital search as the most potent medium, whereas national TV advertising ranks as the top medium for small and medium-sized businesses. In contrast, large businesses are set to benefit most from the wide reach of digital search.

Furthermore, the report offers a granular analysis of marketing mediums strengths by zones. It provides an informative guide for businesses to customize their marketing strategies in accordance with specific regional strengths and preferences, optimizing their reach and impact.

The TRA’s Marketing Decision Index Q3 2023 report offers an invaluable resource for businesses across the country, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of the marketing landscape and devise effective strategies for the upcoming quarter.

PhonePe Launches One-Stop POS Solution For Merchant Partners

~Enables acceptance of UPI, Debit and Credit card payments through a single device~

PhonePe today announced the launch of its Point-of-sale (POS) device that enables merchants to accept payments via Debit Cards, Credit Cards and UPI, providing them with a simple and seamless settlement experience. The device comes preloaded with the PhonePe POS App and supports transactions through tap/swipe/dip and interoperable dynamic QR codes.

The POS device, built on the Android platform, revolutionizes the checkout experience for businesses. Whether customers are at the counter, table, delivery location, or anywhere with cellular coverage, the device simplifies the entire process, elevating the customer experience. Its reliability and security are top-notch, backed by the PCI-PTS 6 certification, safeguarding both merchant and consumer data. With automatic batch closure and unified reconciliation, the device becomes a one-stop solution for hassle-free account settlement, streamlining merchant operations. The device is offered at a nominal monthly rental, and comes with world-class product quality and service from PhonePe.

The PhonePe POS device includes a superior touchscreen display, a powerful processor for rapid response times, long battery life, a built-in printer allowing on-the-spot receipts printing, along with WiFi and 4G connectivity via a sim-card. 

Speaking on the announcement, Vivek Lohcheb, Head of Offline Business at PhonePe said, "The PhonePe POS device, a one-stop solution, empowers our merchant partners to elevate the purchasing experience for their consumers. It features a unified and cohesive interface that supports various modes of payment, providing convenience and flexibility. By accepting credit and debit transactions, merchants can expect an increase in their average ticket size, ultimately driving overall business growth. With PhonePe’s extensive network of over 3.5 crore merchants nationwide, our goal is to expand this solution pan India and deploy 150,000 devices by next year.

About PhonePe:

PhonePe was founded in December 2015 and has emerged as India’s largest payments app, enabling digital inclusion for consumers and merchants alike. With 46.5+ crore (465+ Million) registered users, one in four Indians are now on PhonePe. The company has also successfully digitized 3.5+ crore (35+ Million) offline merchants spread across Tier 2,3,4 and beyond, covering 99% pin codes in the country. PhonePe is also the leader in Bharat Bill Pay System (BBPS), processing over 45% of the transactions on the BBPS platform. PhonePe forayed into financial services in 2017, providing users with safe and convenient investing options on its platform. Since then, the company has introduced several Mutual Funds and Insurance products that offer every Indian an equal opportunity to unlock the flow of money and access to services. PhonePe was recently recognized as the Most Trusted Brand for Digital Payments as per the Brand Trust Report 2023 by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).

For more details contact:

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) Released Vehicle Retail Data For June’23


Auto retail sales in June demonstrated a 10% YoY growth, encompassing positive performances across all vehicle categories including 2W, 3W, PV, Tractor and CV with respective growth rates of 7%, 75%, 5%, 41%, and 0.5%. 

Despite a slight decline of -3% compared to pre-COVID levels, the overall retail figures relatively improved, except 2W sales (-14%) being the primary segment which continued to experience setback. For the first time, CV came out of the effect of covid and grew by 1.5% when compared to June’19.  

June’23 recorded multiple segment all-time highs as 3W, PV and Tractor showed maximum strength when compared to previous June’s.  

Two-wheeler market anticipates continued economic pressures and supply challenges, while the reduction in FAME subsidies casts a shadow over EV sales. 

Passenger vehicle segment faces inventory pressures and demand-supply mismatches, impacting profitability, but the anticipation of a boost from the upcoming festive season beginning, end-August offers a hopeful outlook. 

Erratic monsoon in India raising concerns about yield and potentially impacting automobile sales, especially in rural areas, but anticipation of evenly spread rains going forward may revive rural demand and thus positively influence retails. 

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) released Vehicle Retail Data for June’23.  

June’23 Retails 

Commenting on June 2023 performance, FADA President Mr. Manish Raj Singhania stated, "Despite a 10% YoY growth, Auto Retail sector has seen an 8% MoM dip, indicating a short-term deceleration in sales. Analysing individual categories on a YoY basis, 2W, 3W, PV, Tractor and CV segments observed growth rates of 7%, 75%, 5%, 41% and 0.5% respectively. In comparison to pre-COVID levels, the overall auto retail marked a marginal decrease of 3%, with 2W as the sole laggard. Conversely, the CV segment experienced a 1.5% growth compared to June'19, surpassing the pre-COVID levels for the first time.  

Despite some short-term contraction, India's growth narrative remains resilient. The month of June’23 registered all-time highs for 3W, PV and Tractor segments when compared to all the previous June’s.   

The 2W sector wrestled with supply constraints from certain OEMs and a softer demand attributed to economic conditions and higher entry-level bike costs. New model introductions, festive promotions and seasonal factors couldn't markedly boost sales. A 12% MoM drop was observed in two-wheeler sales, with electric vehicle sales witnessing a 56% MoM decline, primarily due to the government reducing FAME subsidies, triggering extreme price hikes. 

June'23 witnessed the 3W market's robust growth, primarily owing to the previous year's low base effect and positive market sentiment. The shift towards alternative fuels, predominantly EVs, continues to play a significant role in driving this growth, despite potential supply concerns due to non-availability of OBD2 vehicles. 

The PV segment navigated through a mixed landscape characterized by variable demand, dynamic product portfolios and oscillating market sentiments. FADA commends Maruti's swift action to facilitate clearance of slow-moving model stockpiles by underwriting dealer interest costs, contributing positively to the segment. With dealers noting sporadic supplies of popular models and aging product concerns of slow moving variants, the segment still experienced an uptick in demand for new models and anticipates rural sales to pick up further pace. 

The CV segment confronted mixed dynamics influenced by inconsistent demand, supply issues, government policies and external market factors. Despite fluctuating demand and vehicle availability issues, the government's infrastructural push and coal mining growth spurred demand for heavy commercial vehicles, counteracted by high-interest rates and rising prices." 

Near Term Outlook 

July'23's Auto Retail Outlook signals mixed trends. The two-wheeler market anticipates continued supply challenges and economic pressures, despite new schemes and expectations of monsoon-boosted sentiment. Meanwhile, the cutback in FAME subsidies casts a shadow over EV sales. Conversely, the three-wheeler market predicts growth, underpinned by favourable market responses and rising demand. 

The passenger vehicle segment faces a dichotomy of factors. While the launch of new models and potential rise in rural sales lend optimism, dealers navigate inventory pressures from OEMs and demand-supply mismatches, impacting profitability. However, the anticipation of a boost from the upcoming festive season in end-August offers a hopeful outlook. The commercial vehicle sector contends with a balance of positive market sentiment and potential monsoon impacts, with demand spurred by infrastructural projects and improved financing options. 

On the agricultural front, erratic monsoon rainfall in India is hindering crop sowing. The delayed and uneven rains may reduce crop yields, shorten crop cycles and cause a delay in future crop arrivals. Such developments may affect the sales of automobiles, particularly in rural areas where a weak agricultural season could lead to a reduction in disposable income, thus affecting demand for two-wheelers and entry-level cars. Yet, upcoming rains may potentially boost agricultural prospects, revive rural demand, and positively influence automotive sales. FADA hence remains cautiously optimistic for near term outlook.  

Key Findings from our Online Members Survey 

Inventory at the end of June’23 

Average inventory for Passenger Vehicles ranges from 45-49 days 

Average inventory for Two – Wheelers ranges from 20-25 days 


Neutral              45.94% 

Good                 36.75% 

Bad                      17.31% 


Neutral              45.94% 

Good                   35.69% 

Bad                      18.37% 

Expectation from July 

Growth               42.05% 

Flat                      46.29% 

De-growth         11.66% 

Prada Introduces The New Singature Feminine Fragrance, Prada Paradoxe

"Prada Paradoxe” captures the essence of the undefinable and ever-evolving Prada woman, who is never the same, but always herself. Showcasing a timeless white flower bouquet reinvented into an avant-garde signature and encapsulated in an iconic yet unexpected triangular bottle, the fragrance embraces all paradoxical dimensions of scent and self.  


Immediately curious, ultimately revelatory; what is a paradox, but boundless perspectives revealed? 

The reconciliation of unexpected elements to inspire new dialogue is woven into the Prada DNA. In a confluence of conundrums, Prada Paradoxe is the quintessential expression of the Prada woman in all her forms, a fresh perspective on the enigma of femininity. 

The new signature feminine fragrance explores the symbiosis of contradiction embedded deep within Prada: craftsmanship and technology, tradition and modernity, challenge and refinement, rigor and fantasy.  

It is here, within this new-forged space that lives Prada Paradoxe, a fragrance as curious as it is comforting.  


Prada Paradoxe is a celebration of multi-dimensional self-exploration and expression in perpetual evolution: a woman who is never the same, yet always, uncompromisingly herself. 

The Prada paradox is an expression of the complexity of the self and the liberation that comes with being an indefinable woman. Here, women’s’ contradictions reveal their commonalities, unlocking multiple dimensions of being while starting a dialogue that dissects and discovers. The perpetual push-pull of paradox is an intention, a positive purpose, and a space to embrace the symphony of women’s unique expressions to be any number of things at any one time. 

The immediately recognisable signature of a woman impossible to frame. 


An augmented anagram of Prada and a nod to the inquisitive Prada spirit, Prada Paradoxe is a name that is playful in essence, an intention to reconsider and reconstruct. It is an invitation to redefine the relationship between a woman and herself through the dynamic dialogue within every one of the dimensions that make her who she is. 

It is the nature of a paradox to question, to bring together a contradiction of elements to reveal a profound truth. Prada Paradoxe is a slow reveal that appears upon reflection, an enthusiastic embrace of holism, wherein the sum of parts possesses impossible power.  


The Prada Paradoxe bottle is an expression of the house’s essence of reinvention and constant, inquisitive dialogue. Inspired by the original iconic Prada triangle logo, the bottle sees the logo reinvented once again into a timeless possession.  

In a shift from traditional perfume bottle architecture, the flacon is minimal and luxurious, designed to rest on its side. Askew yet powerfully grounded - displaced, yet stable - Prada Paradoxe forms an aesthetic right angle, sweeping optimistically upward from base to cap. The luminous, radical structure of the bottle encapsulates the Prada codes of sophistication and avant-garde with a touch of eccentricity. The signature triangle shape is contrasted by rounded angles, while the accents of the intense black logo are presented on a delicate coral pink hue. Feminine, yet disruptive - and immediately recognizable - the bottle is topped with a gold pump mirroring the gold logo stamped upon the jet-black cap, and finished with the Prada coat of arms.  

The outer box is etched to echo Prada’s signature Saffiano leather cross-hatching. Reconciling function and form, the cut-out triangle logo shape at the box’s peak allows for easy opening. An interplay of the fragrance’s coral pink hue and a semi-shine, intense black unite in the Prada logo, partially obscured by the white Prada Paradoxe label - a symbol of Prada’s nod to this new expression of femininity. 

A QR code in the silhouette of the Prada triangle features on every box. Each is an invitation to explore Prada Paradoxe and discover more, including AR experiences, filters, and behind-the-scenes content. 

Prada Paradoxe is an Eau de Parfum available in the following sizes and price in India: 

50ml / 1.7fl oz – Rs. 9,500 

90ml / 3.0fl oz =Rs. 12,500 


Prada Paradoxe embraces the enigmatic facets of iconic ingredients to reveal new sensory experiences. Prada Paradoxe is the intimate realization of a unique curation of dimensions. 

True to the creative spirit of the brand and under the creative direction of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the fragrance was blended by Givaudan Master Perfumers Nad├Ęge Le Garlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu and Antoine Maisondieu to reconcile the timelessness and the avant-garde, nature and innovation. 

Celebrating multidimensionality in an interplay of opposites, Prada Paradoxe redefines an intense feminine sensuality through contrasting expressions. With dominating notes of neroli and jasmine, the timeless florality of a white flower bouquet is twisted with an avant-garde olfactory signature of Ambrofix™ and Serenolide™ accord to create an intimate and enduring trail led by a vibrant warmth.  

A technological world first sees Prada Paradoxe explore nature through an innovation shaped for Prada that extracts the scent of the neroli bud before it opens. The fragrance reinvents freshness by capturing the brief floral, crispy and fresh dimension of the flower.  

An unexpected dimension of sensuality is revealed through the use of Ambrofix™, typically used in masculine scents. This innovative bio-converted amber is naturally derived to deliver a powerful, stable, and authentic woody ambergris note.  

One of the most diffusive in the world, Serenolide™ is a new and revolutionary musk molecule that redefines intensity by creating a recognizable yet intimate trail. This elegant musk reveals an intensity experienced beyond its traditional place in the dry-down, ensuring the note is immediately noticeable from the top, in a second-skin experience.  

Olfactive Family: 

Floral Ambery 


Top: Calabrian Bergamot Heart, Tangerine Essence, Pear Accord 

Middle: Neroli Essence and Neroli Bud Essence, Tunisian Orange Flower Heart Absolute Blossom, Jasmine Sambac Absolute 

Base: Amber Accord (Ambrofix™), Laos Benzoin Resinoid, Madagascar Premium Bourbon Vanilla Infusion, White Musk Accord (Serenolide™) .

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Announces ‘Monsoon Campaign 2023’ in South Region

In its relentless pursuit to excel in customer centricity and prioritizing safety, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has announced its ‘Monsoon Campaign for 2023’ to offer a wide range of exclusive benefits to ensure a hassle-free journey this monsoon. Services ranging from a 20-point comprehensive vehicle health check-up to doorstep services are available across the Southern states for the entire month of July 2023.

As a company that has set a benchmark for safety standards, exceptional quality products and top-notch service experiences, this ‘Monsoon Magic with Toyota’ is one of the many customer centric initiatives aimed at helping customers maintain the condition of their vehicles so that they have a safe and seamless drive this monsoon.

The campaign, that is applicable at Toyota service centres across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Kerala provides an assortment of exciting packages and offers* such as:

Free 20-point comprehensive monsoon vehicle health check-up

Special prices on AC Top-Up Service (Labor Only)

Offers on Tire and Battery Services

Attractive Offers on Labor Services by Booking through the iConnect App

Exclusive 10% Off on Selected Parts: Wiper Blades, Brake Pads, Glass Weather Strips, and Cabin Car Treatment

Commenting on initiative Mr. Takashi Takamiya, Vice President/Head of South Region at Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said, "Our efforts to offer heart touching guest experience across all touchpoints has inspired and energized all our decisions and actions. As we adapt to the evolving needs the market, our service campaigns reflect our commitment to providing tailored solutions. With the onset of monsoon season in the country, we recognize the challenges faced by daily commuters navigating tough road conditions and unpredictable weather. As safety leaders, TKM has always prioritized the well-being of passengers and the safety of vehicles.  The ‘Monsoon Campaign 2023’ is our endeavour to assist them in being prepared for these changes while ensuring affordability. Offering a unique customer experience and ensuring hassle-free journeys during this season, we aim to address the specific needs of our customers and create lasting memories during the monsoon. Let us navigate the monsoon together with confidence and peace of mind."

Offers are appliable on the entire product range for all customers - Innova Crysta, Fortuner, Legender, Glanza, Urban Cruiser Hyryder, Innova Hycross, Vellfire and the Hilux. Customers can contact their nearest authorized Toyota dealership for more details.

*Conditions apply

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

GE Vernova And BHEL Committed To Provide Reliable Powering Solutions To Help Accelerate Energy Transition In India

* Extending the Technical Assistance and License Agreement between the two companies to engineer and manufacture heavy duty gas turbines in India

* A testimony to GE Vernova’s commitment to support the transformation of India’s power sector by providing access to its advanced gas turbine technology

* The strategic cooperation is playing a key role in contributing towards Make in India

To provide advanced powering solutions for India’s gas power sector, GE Vernova’s Gas Power business (NYSE:GE) and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) announced today the continuation of their long-term cooperation with the fourth extension of the Technical Assistance and License Agreement including scope for the engineering and manufacturing of heavy-duty gas turbines in India. The signing of the agreement is an extension to the collaboration between the two power sector industrial companies that started in July 1986.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Nalin Shinghal, Chairman & Managing Director, BHEL; Mr. Jai Prakash Srivastava, Director (Engineering, Research & Development) & Director (Finance – Addl. Charge) BHEL; Mrs. Renuka Gera, Director Industrial Systems & Products, BHEL; Mr. Deepesh Nanda, CEO, GE Gas Power South Asia and President & CEO, GE Aero-derivative Business, Gas Power Asia and other senior officials from GE and BHEL. Mr. Theodoros Stamatiadis, Executive Counsel (IP), GE Power also participated in the meeting virtually.

Through this agreement, GE Vernova’s Gas Power business will continue to strengthen BHEL’s capabilities to offer best-in-class gas turbine technology, and help meet the power plant requirements of customers. Till date, BHEL has supplied about 230 GE gas turbines to various oil refineries, process industries, and utilities in India and overseas. The above cooperation is also contributing towards reshaping India’s energy roadmap by promoting indigenous manufacturing capabilities, creating new job opportunities, and expanding the supply chain network. It is a testimony to Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India) and Make In India initiatives, and also aligned with India’s Power Vision.

“BHEL has been providing innovative technological solutions in the power sector and embracing collaborations built on values of trust and commitment towards creating a more sustainable ecosystem. Our long-term association with GE helped us in building a robust energy value chain, offering a comprehensive portfolio of gas turbine powering solutions, and setting new industry benchmarks, while we look forward to achieving new milestones in the energy sector. With the new agreement, we will also be able to offer hybrid powering solutions by using GE’s aero-derivative gas turbine technology and support the growth of renewable energy in India.” said Mr. Jai Prakash Srivastava, Director (Engineering, Research & Development) & Director (Finance – Addl. Charge) BHEL.

“Over the decades, GE is helping to address global challenges in the energy sector by offering innovative and disruptive technology that can drive energy transition forward and helping nations to reduce emissions in the power sector in more than one ways. Both GE and BHEL have created a strong legacy of providing integrated solutions to the power plant owners - delivering higher efficiency, reliability and availability of the gas turbine units. We can together bring a significant shift to reduce emissions in the gas power sector, especially in India.” said Mr. Deepesh Nanda, CEO, GE Gas Power South Asia.

India’s focus to achieve net zero emissions and include green hydrogen into the energy mix would need future ready powering technology. Today, GE has 120+ gas turbines supporting power generation with hydrogen blends and associated fuels around the world and the fleet has accumulated more than 8.5 million operating hours. GE’s gas turbine portfolio, including the B- and E-class, has the capability to burn hydrogen levels from 5% (by volume) up to 100%. This capability varies depending on the type of combustion system used. At the same time, gas-based power can also provide a cleaner base load power as compared to coal-fired power generation, at the grid level, to the growing base of intermittent renewable energy in India. As per the agreement, the BHEL customers can now have access to GE’s advanced gas turbines that are capable of burning blends of hydrogen, methanol, syngas and other low BTU fuels, contributing further towards accelerating energy transition in India and region at large.

Additionally, GE and BHEL are providing comprehensive engineering, repairs and maintenance services to the gas power plant operators in the region. These services are offered by BHEL-GE Gas Turbine Services (BGGTS) Private Limited, a 50:50 joint venture between GE and BHEL. Established in 1997 and located in Hyderabad, BGGTS is synergizing advanced class gas turbine technology with local engineering capability.

About GE Gas Power:

GE Gas Power is a world leader in natural gas power technology, services, and solutions. Through relentless innovation and continuous collaboration with our customers, we are providing more advanced, cleaner and efficient power that people depend on today and building the energy technologies of the future. With the world’s largest installed base of gas turbines and more than 670 million operating hours across GE’s installed fleet, we offer advanced technology and a level of experience that’s unmatched in the industry to build, operate, and maintain leading gas power plants.  For more information, visit the company's website at Follow GE Power on Twitter @GE_Power and on LinkedIn at GE Power.

GE Gas Power is part of GE Vernova, a dynamic accelerator comprised of our Power, Renewable Energy, Digital and Energy Financial Services businesses, focused on supporting customers’ transformations during the global energy transition.

SonicWall Hosts One Of iIs Kind Partner Technical Advisory Council (PTAC) Meet

* A new global, by-invite-only event attended by key distributors and SecureFirst metal tiers partners from across the globe

SonicWall, a global leader delivering Boundless Cybersecurity, today announced that it held its first one of its kind Partner Technical Advisory Council meet at Bangkok between June 21-23rd 2023.

PTAC is an initiative of a broader direction laid out by SonicWall’s CEO Bob Vankirk as “Outside in Approach”.

The event was attended by around 49 participants of which around 32 of them were partners from 12 markets in APJ region, namely; India, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Hongkong and Malaysia.

Around 17 participants were internal SonicWall team members comprising executives and leadership team members from HQs and APJ.

Debasish Mukherjee, Vice President, Regional Sales, APJ at SonicWall said, “The primary goal of PTAC is to foster stronger commitment, enhance relationships, and strengthen business alliances with the invited partners. This meet of almost two full days was all about brainstorming and sharing strategic insights, product roadmaps, future strategies, round tables and panel discussions.”

Debasish further added “SonicWall is a 100% channel partner driven company. With more than 17,000 strong and active partners worldwide of which 2500 partners are based in India, our partners form the extended arm in protecting customers businesses every day. It is incredibly humbling to work alongside this diverse and talented ecosystem of distributors and partners, helping our customers create agile workflows that can absorb the unpredictable nature of today’s cybersecurity challenges. Such events will further strengthen the bond we share with this large partner family of ours to stay on top of our game and drive the cybersecurity business environment as world leaders.”

“Looking at the success of the very first PTAC meet, we are excited to make this a regular feature going forward, Debasish concluded.

Some of the key notes and sessions of the meet across the 2 days comprised customer success case studies, strategic market insights, updates & developments, MSSP Insights - Current and New (Virtual Session) and open house discussions and mock sessions around Cross-selling, managing competition and successful executions and management etc.

About SonicWall

SonicWall delivers Boundless Cybersecurity for the hyper-distributed era in a work reality where everyone is remote, mobile and unsecure. SonicWall safeguards organizations mobilizing for their new business normal with seamless protection that stops the most evasive cyberattacks across boundless exposure points and increasingly remote, mobile and cloud-enabled workforces. By knowing the unknown, providing real-time visibility and enabling breakthrough economics, SonicWall closes the cybersecurity business gap for enterprises, governments and SMBs worldwide. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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