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Meta Reinforces Commitment To User Safety And Well-Being, Extends Digital Suraksha Summit To Karnataka

Extending its commitment to user safety and youth well-being, Meta today organized a Digital Suraksha Summit in Karnataka. The Summit was attended by Priyank Kharge, Honourable Minister for Information Technology and Biotechnology (IT & BT) Government of Karnataka, besides various creators, educators, CSO partners and members of parenting communities.

Earlier this year, Meta launched the Digital Suraksha Summit, building on its efforts to offer a safer and inclusive internet to everyone. It included a slew of measures on enabling digital education and literacy across youth well-being, child safety, tackling misinformation as well as the overall education of users towards various safety tools and resources available across Meta platforms.

Speaking on the occasion, Priyank Kharge, Honourable Minister for Information Technology and Biotechnology (IT & BT), Government of Karnataka, said, “India is witnessing rapid digital adoption. This further creates a need for users to be provided with easy-to-access tools and resources to safeguard their wellbeing online. The government of Karnataka is committed to working with various stakeholders and experts to create an enabling and inclusive digital environment. In this regard, it is commendable that companies like Meta are aligned with the government’s vision to keep people, especially women and youth, safe online. I appreciate their support in prioritizing online user safety of the people of Karnataka.”

Sandhya Devanathan, Vice President, Meta in India, added, “We are cognizant of the empowering role our apps are playing in the country - giving voice to millions of people, especially women and youth. We work tirelessly to put in place the right policies, products, and precautions so people have a safe and positive experience online. I am delighted to bring our Digital Suraksha Summit to Karnataka, the IT hub of the country and engage in a meaningful dialogue on how we can continue to partner with civil society organization and policy stakeholders to continue our industry leading effort in this area.”

Over the past three years, Meta has launched 30+ safety tools and features to promote online safety. Since a large percentage of online users today are teens, Meta has rolled out a series of initiatives and tools as part of its Youth Wellbeing efforts. These include features like ‘Quiet Mode’ on Instagram, which help give teen users more control over the time spent on the app and what they see.

Further, other recent features include Parental Supervision Tools and a Family Center to help parents get more involved in their teen’s experiences on Instagram. While the Parental Supervision Tools allow parents of young users to manage the time on Instagram, the Family Center includes an education hub. Similar tools have been introduced on Messenger, so parents can see how teens spend their time and who they interact with on Messenger. Meta has also introduced new tools to limit unwanted interactions in Instagram DM and Messenger and nudging teens to set time limits on Facebook.

Other features for Facebook include resources for child and women safety that can be found in the Safety Centre. These are designed to support parents, caregivers and educators with policies, resources and tools to support the safety and well-being of youth online, as well as provide access to host all the safety resources women would need when navigating the platform. Both resources are available in Kannada and 10 other Indian languages.

About Meta:

Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. When Facebook launched in 2004, it changed the way people connect. Apps like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp further empowered billions around the world. Now, Meta is moving beyond 2D screens toward immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to help build the next evolution in social technology. 

Photo Caption -1: Priyank Kharge, Honourable Minister for Information Technology and Biotechnology (IT & BT), Government of Karnataka, gives the keynote address at Meta's Digital Suraksha Summit, Karnataka Edition

Photo Caption 2.:  Sandhya Devanathan, VP, Meta in india underscoring company’s commitment to user safety at Meta’s Digital Suraksha Summit, Karnataka Edition.

Bank of Baroda Announces Financial Results For The Quarter Ended 30th September 2023

Key Highlights 

Bank of Baroda (BOB) quarterly Net profit higher by 28.4% YoY at INR 4,253 crore in Q2FY24. Net Profit for H1FY24 grew by 51.8% to INR 8,323 crore. 

BOB has delivered ROA of more than 1% and ROE around 20%, consistently for last 5 quarters. ROA for Q2FY24 stands at 1.14% and ROE at 19.74%. 

The growth in profitability was supported by healthy Operating Income growth of 25% YoY in Q2FY24. 

Operating income growth was augmented by ~2x YoY growth in Non-Interest Income in Q2FY24. 

Non-Interest Income growth in Q2FY24 was driven by robust YoY growth in Fee Income (+31.7%), Trading Gains (+69.5%) and Recovery from TWO (~2x) 

Strong growth in Income coupled with subdued increase in Opex has resulted in robust Operating profit growth of 33% YoY for Q2FY24. Operating profit for H1FY24 higher by 50.1% YoY. 

The Bank has been able to effect a reduction in the Cost to Income ratio by 320 bps YoY to 46.54% for Q2FY24. Cost to Income ratio for H1FY24 is also declined by 608 bps YoY to 45.97%. 

BOB has witnessed significant improvement in its Asset quality with reduction in GNPA by 199 bps YoY to 3.32%. Bank’s NNPA improved to 0.76%, a reduction of 40 bps YoY.  

BOB’s balance sheet remained robust with healthy Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) of 93.16% with TWO & at 77.64% without TWO.  

Credit cost remains below 1% at 0.92% for Q2FY24.  

BOB’s Global Advances registered a strong YoY growth of 17.3% in Q2FY24 led by robust retail loan book growth. Bank’s organic Retail Advances grew by 22.2%, driven by growth in high focus areas such as Auto Loan (21.1%), Home Loan (16.1%), Personal Loan (67.2%), Mortgage Loan (13.3%), Education Loan (18.3%).  

Bank achieved a total business of INR 22,74,148 crore as of 30th Sep 2023, registering a growth of 15.8% YoY.  


BOB reported a standalone Net Profit of INR 4,253 crore in Q2FY24 as against a profit of INR 3,313 crore in Q2FY23. Net Profit for H1FY24 stands at INR 8,323 crore (+51.8% YoY) as against INR 5,482 crore in H1FY23. 

Net Interest Income (NII) grew by 6.5% YoY to INR 10,831 crore in Q2FY24. NII for H1FY24 registered a growth of 14.8% and stands at INR 21,827 crore. 

Non-Interest Income grew ~2x to INR 4,171 crore in Q2FY24 as against INR 1,826 crore in Q2FY23. Non-Interest Income for H1FY24 stands at INR 7,493 crore.  

Global NIM stands at 3.07% in Q2FY24.  

Yield on Advances increased to 8.43% in Q2FY24 as against 7.22% in Q2FY23.   

Cost of Deposits increased to 4.92% in Q2FY24 as against 3.59% in Q2FY23. 

Operating Income for Q2FY24 stands at INR 15,002 crore, increase of 25% YoY. Operating Income for H1FY24 grew by 33.2%. 

Operating Profit for Q2FY24 stands at INR 8,020 crore, increase of 33% on a YoY basis. Operating Profit for H1FY24 increased by 50.1% to INR 15,844 crore. 

Cost to Income ratio reduced to 46.54% for Q2FY24 as against 49.74% for Q2FY23.  

Return on Assets (annualised) improved to 1.14% in Q2FY24 from 1.01% in Q2FY23.  

Return on Equity (annualised) for Q2FY24 increased by 18 bps YoY to 19.74%. 

For the consolidated entity, Net Profit stood at INR 4,394 crore in Q2FY24 as against INR 3,400 crore in Q2FY23. 

Asset Quality 

The Gross NPA of the Bank reduced by 26.8% YoY to INR 33,968 crore in Q2FY24 and Gross NPA Ratio improved to 3.32% in Q2FY24 from 5.31% in Q2FY23. 

The Net NPA Ratio of the Bank stands at 0.76% in Q2FY24 as compared with 1.16% in Q2FY23. 

The Provision Coverage Ratio of the Bank stood at 93.16% including TWO and 77.64% excluding TWO in Q2FY24. 

Slippage ratio declined to 1.28% for H1FY24 as against 1.53% in H1FY23.  

Credit cost for the Q2FY24 stands at 0.92%.  

Capital Adequacy 

CRAR of the Bank stands at 15.30 % in Sep’23. Tier-I stood at 13.19% (CET-1 at 11.57%, AT1 at 1.62%) and Tier-II stood at 2.11% as of Sep’23.  

The CRAR and CET-1 of consolidated entity stands at 15.74% and 12.11% respectively 

The Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) consolidated stands at 132%. 

Business Performance 

Global Advances of the Bank increased to INR 10,24,501 crore, +17.3% YoY. 

Domestic Advances of the Bank increased to INR 8,34,723 crore, +16.5% YoY.  

Global Deposits increased by 14.6% YoY to INR 12,49,647 crore.  

Domestic Deposits increased by 12.0% YoY to INR 10,74,114 crore in Sep’23. 

International Deposits grew by 33.8% on a YoY basis to INR 1,75,533 crore in Sep’23.  

Organic Retail Advances grew by 22.2%, led by growth in high focus areas such as Auto Loan (21.1%), Home Loan (16.1%), Personal Loan (67.2%), Mortgage Loan (13.3%), Education Loan (18.3%) on a YoY basis. 

Agriculture loan portfolio grew by 13.7% YoY to INR 1,30,694 crore. 

Total Gold loan portfolio (including retail and agri.) stands at INR 43,884 crore, registering a growth of 31.0% on a YoY basis. 

Organic MSME portfolio grew by 12.1% YoY to INR 1,13,512 crore.  

Bank of India Announces Financial Results For Quarter/Half Year Ended 30th Sept. 2023


Net Profit increased by 52% YoY to Rs.1,458 Cr.

Operating Profit increased by 11% YoY to Rs.3,756 Cr.

Net Interest Income increased by 13% YoY to Rs.5,740 Cr.    NIM (Global) improved by 4 bps YoY to 3.08%.

Yield on Advances (Dom.) improved by 133 bps YoY.    Gross NPA ratio down by 267 bps YoY.

Net NPA ratio down by 38 bps YoY.

Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) improved by 62 bps YoY.    CRAR stood at 15.63%, with CET-1 ratio at 12.60%.

Global Business increased by 9.25%.

Global Deposits increased by 8.68% YoY.    Gross Advances increased by 10% YoY.

RAM Advances grew by 12.32% YoY and it constitutes 55.50% of Advances.    Retail Credit grew by 14.65% YoY.

Agriculture Credit grew by 10.82% YoY.    MSME Credit grew by 10.82% YoY.

CASA deposits increased by 6.08% YoY and CASA ratio at 43.13%.



*   Net Profit increased by 52% YoY and stood at Rs.1,458 Cr in Q2FY24 against Rs.960 Cr in Q2FY23.

*   Operating Profit improved by 11% YoY and stood at Rs.3,756 Cr in Q2FY24 against Rs.3,374 Cr in Q2FY23.

*   Net Interest Income (NII) improved by 13% YoY and stood at Rs.5,740 Cr in Q2FY24 against Rs.5,083 Cr for Q2FY23.

*   Non-Interest Income improved by 19% YoY and stood at to Rs.1,688 Cr in Q2FY24 against Rs.1,417 Cr in Q2FY23.


*   Net Profit increased by 98% YoY and stood at Rs.3,009 Cr in H1FY24 against Rs.1,521 Cr in H1FY23.

*   Operating Profit improved by 35% YoY and stood at Rs.7,508 Cr in H1FY24

against Rs.5,557 Cr in H1FY23.

*   Net Interest Income (NII) increased by 27% YoY and stood at Rs.11,653 Cr

in H1FY24 against Rs.9,156 Cr in H1FY23.

*   Non-Interest Income increased by 23% YoY and stood at Rs.3,150 Cr in H1FY24 against Rs.2,569 Cr in H1FY23.

Ratios (Q2-FY24):

*   NIM (Global) improved by 4 bps YoY to 3.08% in Q2FY24 against 3.04% in Q2FY23. It improved by 5 bps on a sequential basis from 3.03% in Q1FY24.

*   NIM (Domestic) stood at 3.47% in Q2FY24. It improved by 10 bps on a sequential basis from 3.37% in Q1FY24.

*   Return on Assets (RoA) improved by 20 bps YoY to 0.67% in Q2FY24 against 0.47% in Q2FY23

*   Return on Equity (RoE) improved by 230 bps to 12.64% in Q2FY24, against 10.34% in Q2FY23.

*   Cost to Income ratio (Global) stood at 49.44% in Q2FY24.

*  Slippage ratio stood at 0.34% in Q2FY24.

*   Credit Cost improved to 0.54% in Q2FY24 against 0.60% in Q2FY23.

*   Yield on Advances (Global) improved to 8.54% in Q2FY24 against 7.21% in Q2FY23.

*   Cost of Deposits (Global) stood at 4.49% in Q2FY24 against 3.54% in Q2FY23.

Ratios (H1-FY24):

*   NIM (Global) improved by 25 bps YoY to 3.05% in H1FY24 against 2.80% in H1FY23.

*   NIM (Domestic) improved by 23 bps YoY to 3.42% in H1FY24 against 3.19% in H1FY23.

*   Return on Assets (RoA) improved by 30 bps YoY to 0.68% in H1FY24 against 0.38% in H1FY23.

*   Return on Equity (RoE) improved by 545 bps to 13.72% in H1FY24, against 8.27% in H1FY23.

*   Cost to Income ratio (Global) improved by 332 bps to 49.29% in H1FY24 against 52.61% in H1FY23.

*   Credit Cost improved by 29 bps to 0.58% in H1FY24 against 0.87% in H1FY23.

*   Yield on Advances (Global) improved by 142 bps to 8.32% in H1FY24 against 6.90% in H1FY23.

*   Cost of Deposits (Global) stood at 4.35% in H1FY24 against 3.51% in H1FY23.


*   Global Business increased by 9.25% YoY from Rs.11,41,356 Cr in Sep’22 to Rs.12,46,879 Cr in Sep’23.

*   Global Deposits increased by 8.68% YoY from Rs. 6,47,541 Cr in Sep’22 to Rs. 7,03,751 Cr in Sep’23.

*   Global Advances increased by 10% YoY from Rs. 4,93,814  Cr in Sep’22 to Rs. 5,43,128 Cr in Sep’23.

*   Domestic Deposits increased by 8.61% YoY from Rs. 5,51,401 Cr in Sep’22 to Rs.5,98,850 Cr in Sep’23.

*   Domestic CASA went up by 6.08% YoY from Rs.2,42,230 Cr in Sep’22 to Rs.2,56,956 Cr in Sep’23 and CASA ratio stood at 43.13%.

*   Domestic Advances increased by 9.80% YoY from Rs. 4,12,233 Cr in Sep’22 to Rs. 4,52,641 Cr in Sep’23.

*   RAM Advances increased by 12.32% YoY to Rs.2,51,197 Cr, constituting to

55.50% of Advances.

*   Retail Credit grew by 14.65% YoY to Rs.1,00,260 Cr in Sep’23.

*   Agriculture Credit grew by 10.82% YoY to Rs.77,206 Cr in Sep’23.

*   MSME Credit grew by 10.82% YoY to Rs.73,731 Cr in Sep’23.

Asset Quality:

*   Gross NPA declined by 8.28% QoQ from Rs.34,582 Cr in Jun’23 to Rs.31,719 Cr in Sep’23.

*   Net NPA declined by 1.73% QoQ from Rs.8,119 Cr in Jun’23 to Rs.7,978 Cr in Sep’23.

*   GNPA ratio improved by 83 bps from 6.67% in Jun’23 to 5.84% in Sep’23.

*       Net NPA ratio improved by 11 bps from 1.65% in Jun’23 to 1.54% in Sep’23

Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) stood at 89.58% in Sep’23 against 89.52% in Jun’23.

Capital Adequacy:

*   As on 30.09.2023, Bank's total Capital Adequacy Ratio (CRAR) was at 15.63% against 15.60% in Jun’23.

*   CET-1 ratio stood at 12.60% as on 30.09.23.

Priority Sector:

*   Priority Sector Advances increased by 9.25% YOY and achieved 42.95% of ANBC as on Sep’23. Agricultural advances achieved 19.31% of ANBC.

*   Advances to Small & Marginal Farmers achieved 12.48% of ANBC in Sep’23 against regulatory norm of 10%.

*   Advances to Weaker Sections achieved 15.53% of ANBC in Sep’23 against regulatory norm of 12%.

Digital Banking:

*   Internet Banking users: Increased to 8.66 million in Sep’23 from 8.28 million in Sep’22.

*   Mobile Banking users: Increased to 9.12 million in Sep’23 from 7.14 million in Sep’22.

*   Number of UPI users increased to 17.16 million in Sep’23 from 14.14 million in Sep’22.

Digital Products:

*   Bank has created end to end Digital products, viz. SB accounts on the deposit side and Mudra/KCC/Personal loan/pensioner loan on the loan segment.

*   Customers can open SB accounts and avail loans without visiting branch.

*   There are more than 15 products that will be rolled out in Q3 & Q4 of this year.

*   We are targeting at least Rs.10,000 Cr of business through Digital products by the end of this financial year.

Branch Network:

*   As on 30th Sep’23, the Bank has 5135 number of Domestic branches.

*   Rural: 1855 (36%), Semi-Urban: 1456 (29%), Urban: 830 (16%), Metro: 992 (19%).

Awards & Accolades:

*   ‘Shine and Succeed 2023’ award from PFRDA for performance in Atal Pension Yojana.

*   ‘Rise above the Rest 2023’ award from PFRDA for performance from 1st  July 2023 to 16th August 2023 in Atal Pension Yojana.

Union Bank Of India Bags “Global Retail Banking Innovation Award, 2023”

Union Bank of India, one of India's largest public sector bank, continues to be recognised by the Global Financial Sector. The latest feather in the cap of the Bank is the award under ‘Best Self-Service Banking’ category bestowed on the Bank at the “Global Retail Banking Innovation Award 2023” held at Singapore. The award by The Digital Banker, a global news, business intelligence and research partner of the worldwide financial services sector recognises the Bank’s conversational banking initiatives – Union Virtual Connect (UVConn), the Bank’s WhatsApp Banking Channel and Union Voice Assistant (UVA), the Bank’s Voice Banking channel.  

Mr. Nitesh Ranjan, Executive Director, Union Bank of India, reiterated the Bank’s resolve to facilitate innovative banking experience and said “Union Bank of India is devoted to extending its digital landscape and implementation of the Government’s EASE agenda. The award exemplifies the Bank’s objective of creating a “Digital Bank within the Bank” and Bank’s commitment to make banking services accessible to all sections of the Society.” 

Mr. Anil Kuril, CTO of the Bank said that “UVConn and UVA are the result of the Bank’s continuous efforts to make banking easy. The award not only validates the Bank’s dedication but also motivates us to continue exploring new horizons in banking, bringing even more innovative & customer centric solutions to the forefront.” 

UVConn offers over 40 various banking services including Account Statement, Deposit Interest Certificate, Debit Card & Credit Card services, Submit Form, 15 G/H, Form 16/16A etc. in 7 different languages to the Bank’s customers. UVConn services can be accessed by sending “Hi” on the Bank’s WhatsApp Business Number 9666606060. 

UVA launched over Amazon Alexa offers customers an innovative way to access banking services from their home via voice commands. Through UVA, the Bank also informs its customers about its latest offers and schemes. UVA benefits customers with disabilities or impairments who find it difficult to use traditional banking channels. 

PNB Announces Its New Festival Bonanza Offer “Deepawali Dhamaka 2023”

~ Customers can now avail home loans at a reduced rate of 8.40%~ 

In keeping with the festive spirit of Deepawali, Punjab National Bank (PNB), nation's leading public sector bank, has announced its festival bonanza offer “Deepawali Dhamaka 2023”. Under this exclusive offer, customers can avail home and car loans at an interest rate starting from 8.40% and 8.75% respectively with a full waiver of upfront/processing fees and documentation charges on all variants of both home and car loan for limited period (T&C applicable).  

For additional information, customers can reach out to the bank either through the toll-free number 1800 1800/1800 2021 or visit the nearest PNB branch. Customers can also avail the information by logging into mobile banking app PNB ONE or One can also log into to avail home loan. 

Protean eGov Technologies Limited Raises Rs 143.53 Crore From 18 Anchor Investors At Upper Price Band Of Rs 792

·         Price Band fixed at Rs 752 to Rs 792 per Equity Share of face value of Rs 10 each (“Equity Share”);

·         Bid/ Offer will open on Monday, November 06th, 2023 and close on Wednesday, November 08th, 2023.

·         Bids can be made for a minimum of 18 Equity Shares and in multiples of 18 Equity Shares thereafter.

·         Link:

Protean eGov Technologies Ltd, has allotted 18,12,300 Equity Shares to 18 anchor investors and raised Rs 143.53 crore ahead of company’s proposed IPO at the upper price band of Rs 792 per equity share (including premium of Rs 782 per equity shares) with face value of Rs 10 per share.

Out of the total allocation of 18,12,300 Equity shares to the Anchor Investors, 3,87, 702 Equity shares (i.e.  21.40 % of the total allocation to the Anchor Investors) were allocated to 2 (Two) domestic mutual funds through a total 9 (Nine) schemes.

ICICI Securities Limited, Equirus Capital Private Limited, IIFL Securities Limited and Nomura Financial Advisors and Securities (India) Private Limited are the Book Running Lead Managers to the issue.

Air India, Enters Interline Partnership With Alaska Airlines

* Seamless connections to and from 32 destinations across USA, Mexico, and Canada

Air India, India’s leading global airline, has entered an interline partnership with Alaska Airlines. The partnership, while strengthening Air India’s international network, will allow Air India guests to avail seamless connections from New York JFK, Newark-New Jersey, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Vancouver gateways to and from 32 destinations in the USA, Mexico, and Canada on Alaska Airline’s network.

The scope of agreement includes bilateral interlining which allows both the airlines to sell tickets on each other’s network. In addition, the two airlines have also entered a Special Prorate Agreement, which allows Air India to file ‘through fares’ on routes covering Alaska Airlines’ network. Passengers will also be able to enjoy Air India’s free baggage allowance on Alaska Airlines routes.

Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Air India, said, “The tie-up with Alaska Air will expand our international footprint in the US and Canada and even extend our reach to Mexico boosting our network expansion plans. It will help us offer more choice to our guests and mark a significant step forward in our mission to enhance connectivity.”

Passengers will be able to connect to the following points on Alaska Airlines network from Air India’s current gateways in North America:

* New York JFK: Portland, San Diego, Seattle.

* Newark-New Jersey: Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, Seattle.

* Chicago: Portland, Seattle, Anchorage, Boise.

* Washington DC: Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle.

* San Francisco: 26 points in the USA and 6 in Mexico

* USA: Salt Lake City, Orange County, Tampa, Anchorage, Austin, Boise, Boston, Bozeman Yellowstone, Dallas Love Field, Reagan National, Fort Lauderdale, Spokane, Honolulu, Jackson Hole, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Missoula Montana, Kahului, Seattle Paine Field, Portland, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Redmond, San Diego, Seattle.

* Mexico: Los Cabos, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Cancun, Loreto International, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta.

* Vancouver: Seattle

Air India currently operates 47 non-stop flights every week from Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai to five American cities: New York, Newark, Washington DC, Chicago, and San Francisco, and 14 non-stop flights every week from Delhi to Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

About Air India:

Founded by the legendary JRD Tata, Air India pioneered India’s aviation sector. Since its first flight on October 15, 1932, Air India has built an extensive domestic network with non-stop flights to cities around the world, across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Far-East, South-East Asia, Australia, and the Gulf. After 69 years as a government-owned enterprise, Air India and Air India Express were welcomed back into the Tata group in January 2022.

Air India is navigating through a major five-year transformation roadmap under the aegis of Vihaan.AI, with an ambition to become a world class airline with an Indian heart. The first phase of this transformation, the taxi phase was recently concluded, and focused on fixing the basics. These included bringing back to service many long grounded aircraft, addition of talent across flying and ground functions, rapid upgradation of technology and strengthening of customer care initiatives amongst others. 

A member of Star Alliance, the largest global airline consortium of leading international airlines, Air India offers seamless connectivity and facilities to passengers all over the world.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Voltas Unveils Its Grand Mahotsav Diwali Offer For 2023


Instant cashback of up to 15% on select credit and debit cards across Voltas and Voltas Beko products

Zero down payment with Easy and Long Term EMI options

Extended Warranty up to 5-Years on exchange on select ACs

Lifetime warranty on Inverter compressor on ACs and Refrigerators

·         The offer will be valid from 1st November to 30th November 2023

This Diwali, Voltas Limited, the undisputed market leader for Room Air Conditioners in India, is all set to light up the country’s festivities with the announcement of Grand Mahotsav Diwali Offer, bringing a sparkling array of irresistible deals on select Voltas and Voltas Beko products. As a trusted brand known for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Voltas is  thrilled to announce these exclusive Diwali offers to help seamless home upgradation and festive gifting. These exclusive offers will be valid from 1st November 2023 to 30th November 2023 across all authorized dealers in India.

As the festive season continues, customers look forward to creating a warm and welcoming environment at home. With the Grand Mahotsav Diwali Offer from Voltas, customers can now avail themselves of up to 15% instant cashback on a wide range of Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and Water Heaters. Voltas is offering an attractive zero down payment option, making it easier than ever for customers to upgrade their homes with top-of-the-line appliances. With a fixed EMI of just Rs. 1,888 per month, customers can enjoy the convenience and luxury of Voltas products without compromising on their festive budget. For customers looking for a more flexible payment options, Voltas has also introduced long-term EMIs for up to 18 months. This would enable customers to spread out their payments and enjoy the benefits of Voltas appliances.

To further enhance the customer experience, Voltas is offering an extended warranty of up to 5 years on exchange on select products. This contributes to greater peace of mind and assurance, as customers can rely on the durability and reliability of Voltas appliances for years to come. Additionally, the Grand Mahotsav Diwali Offer includes a lifetime warranty on the inverter compressor, ensuring that customers receive the highest level of quality and performance.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Pradeep Bakshi, MD & CEO, of Voltas Limited said, “As one of the leading brands in the cooling products and home appliances industry, we aim to significantly enhance the quality of life for our customers by offering innovative products that bring comfort and convenience to their everyday tasks. This festive season, we aspire to ease out the demands of household chores amidst the hustle of celebration by introducing our latest range of products tailored to meet our customers' festive needs, along with most enticing offers.

As Indian festivals symbolize fresh beginnings and prosperity, we are dedicated to igniting the spirit of celebration with our customer-focused offers, accessible through our esteemed channel partners.”

The Grand Mahotsav Diwali Offer is available at all authorized Voltas channel partners nationwide. Customers are encouraged to visit their nearest store to take advantage of these exciting offers before they end.

About Voltas Limited:

Voltas Limited is a premier air conditioning and engineering solutions provider and a projects specialist. Founded in India in 1954, Voltas Limited is part of the Tata Group, and in addition to Room Air Conditioners, Voltas also has Air Coolers, Air Purifiers, Water Dispensers, Water Coolers, Commercial Refrigeration and Commercial Air Conditioning products in its portfolio. Voltas is one of the leading companies within the Tata group and is the undisputed market leader in room air conditioners in India, with a footprint of over 25,000+ customer touchpoints. Voltas has also launched a wide range of Voltas Beko Home Appliances products, through its JV in India, in equal partnership with Arçelik.     

MAHE Is Hosting An Conference With Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung On Indo-Pacific; Garners Views Of Experts On Regional Cooperation

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), in association with Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung (KAS), is hosting an international conference on India and EU in the Indo-Pacific: Strategies, Opportunities, and Challenges on 3rd and 4th November in Manipal, Udupi. The conference, organized by Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) and Department of Geopolitics and International Relations (DGIR), brings together academicians, diplomats, policy makers and researchers from India and Europe to deliberate on the role of India and the European Union (EU) in the changing geopolitical dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region.

“The expansion of economic and technological cooperation between the EU and India is mutually beneficial. However, Europe needs to explain its ambivalence in its policy towards China”, said Ambassador Rajiv Bhatia. Delivering the keynote address after inaugurating an International Conference on India and EU in the Indo-Pacific in Manipal, he added, EU’s inclination to prioritize trade over security and strategy could pose difficulties in the future. He advocated the need for sustained deliberations on rules-based international order, maritime security, and potentials of sustainable development for mutually beneficial and deeper cooperation between EU and India.

Prof M D Nalapat in his inaugural address echoed the thought: “In a way that benefits all our people, India and EU need to figure out a framework that creates successful collaborative networks.” He invoked the democratic ideals of Konrad Adenaeur, the first Chancellor of West Germany after the second World War, and stressed how such ideals are important in quelling predatory powers in this region. 

As a region that accounts for sixty percent of the GDP of the world, the Indo-Pacific has emerged as a site of contestation and has drawn the attention of the global community to reflect on the possibilities of multilateral initiatives, security arrangements, and strategic partnerships. The inaugural session set the stage for the two-day event for discussions on the possibilities of cooperation between India and EU in the Indo-Pacific region to balance trade-dominated relations with geoeconomic and strategic interests along with addressing issues of climate change, biodiversity conservation, and quality healthcare. 

The session was presided over by Vice Chancellor, MAHE, Lt Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh, who observed the key role of universities to nurture and engage young minds to develop international relations and strategies. Fellow panellist, Ms Simran Dhingra, Head of International Cooperation at KAS, underscored the imperative to bolster India-EU ties on issues of maritime security, defence partnerships and counter-terrorism, especially since India is being increasingly perceived as a key actor in the Indian Ocean. Prof Neeta Inamdar, Head of Manipal Center for European Studies (MCES), welcomed the gathering and further remarked, “I hope cooperation becomes the intent of this conference, and we can all look forward to what we can change to make the world a better place”. Prof K P Vijayalakshmi, Head of DGIR, concluded the event with a vote of thanks. 

The conference hosts close to thirty delegates from across India and Europe. The sessions over the two days will deliberate on the strategic opportunities and challenges for improving regional cooperation in the Indo-Pacific focusing on issues such as trade and connectivity, climate change, healthcare infrastructure, technological innovation and growth, maritime security, and educational and cultural cooperation.

NSDC Partners HCLTech To Transform Job Markets From Qualification-Based To Skill-Based Hiring

Aligned with the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, to empower India’s youth through digital technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has entered into a partnership with HCLTech to bridge the skills gap, particularly in the tech and engineering sectors. Under this collaboration, both the organizations will work together to promote the adoption of technology among learners from diverse backgrounds and explore new global markets and business opportunities.

The agreement was exchanged by Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC and C Vijayakumar, CEO & Managing Director, HCLTech. This partnership comes shortly after the recent G20's Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) meeting, which achieved consensus on deliverables in three discussion areas: Digital Skilling, Digital Economy, and Digital Public Infrastructure.

This strategic partnership will enable NSDC and HCLTech to jointly transform the assessment landscape and digital learning by introducing digital assessments in tech and non-tech-based courses (B2B & B2C). There is also scope for collaborating on the creation of new products and programs to enhance talent with flexibility and scale. Additionally, to ensure that every Indian has access to quality training, the focus will be on enhancing the impact of learning by jointly developing and offering industry-relevant resources and tools. Under the partnership, the vision to add new dimension in assessment for setting standards in digital learning indicates the keenness of both the organizations to provide a regular check in learning and augment access to technology.

Praising this initiative, Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC, said, “NSDC and HCLTech are entering into this partnership with a commitment to enhance the trust in job markets. Both organizations will jointly develop an assessment platform where students and working professionals can get themselves assessed and certified for skills in demand. This is a significant step towards moving from qualification-based hiring to skill-based hiring. Both parties will also collaborate to offer reskilling, upskilling online courses to prepare for opportunities in a dynamic job market.”

It is estimated that the assessments market is expected to grow to $10B+ by 2027.  North America accounted for the largest (~40%) revenue share in 2021. Europe plays a significant role in international employability and rate of employment, hence contributing to the growing share in assessment services market. APAC market is expected to register the fastest revenue growth during the forecast period

As part of the agreement, NSDC and HCLTech will jointly leverage each other’s technical and domain expertise in the Assessment platform, Assessment & hiring test (both tech and non-tech), Smart labs (coding and data science), Learning programs, Faculty development & certification programs, and Advisory services for government and institutions.

Additionally, both parties will also collaborate in creating joint IPs for digitalizing and digitizing assessments, covering the wider landscape of skilling as well as educational ecosystem and engage in advisory services and positioning tech solutions.

Commenting on the occasion, Srimathi Shivashankar, Corporate Vice President and Global Head, EdTech Business, HCLTech, said, “We are delighted to join forces with NSDC to leverage digital technologies to build a future-ready talent ecosystem for India and the rest of the world. I am confident that HCLTech’s proven Career Shaper learning and assessments platforms and NSDC experience in talent and nation building can make a significant impact in how technology can be smartly used for skilling.” 

Under its EdTech Business, HCLTech leverages its vast experience to assist governments, enterprises and educational institutions in establishing technology and talent skill academies through its Career Shaper learning and assessment platforms.

NSDC, operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, is actively advancing digital skills for India's youth by integrating technology into skill development. Online learning platforms and digital resources have been introduced, making training materials more accessible and adaptable to changing industry trends.

NSDC's digital learning initiatives collaborate with Indian and global partners, offering access to over 1.4 lakh minutes of multi lingual digital content in various sectors.This extensive resource pool equips learners with the necessary digital skills for today's rapidly transforming world. Furthermore, NSDC's partnerships with industry leaders have resulted in industry-specific skill development programs, aligning training with industry needs and improving the quality of training while enhancing employment prospects for candidates. These collaborations bridge the gap between education and employment in the digital age, promoting India's digital skills revolution.

The recently launched Skill India Digital (SID) is one such platform that will play a pivotal role in transforming India into a thriving digital economy. This initiative coincides with the global consensus on Digital Public Infrastructures (DPI) during India's G20 presidency. The platform will also prepare the younger generation for international job opportunities, aligning with the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, to make India a global skill hub.

About NSDC

Giving boost to Indian Government Skill India Mission, NSDC, a nodal skill development agency, working under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India, is a unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) that aims to catalyze the creation of a large and quality vocational training ecosystem in India. Since inception, NSDC has trained over three crore people in different sectors through its collaboration with training partners pan India. NSDC has established 37 Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) and implements the Government’s flagship skill development schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS), among others. NSDC also funds enterprises, companies and organizations that provide skill training. The organization enables private-sector capacity building in skill development by offering concessional loans, other innovative financial products, and strategic partnerships. For more information,  visit at

About HCLTech

HCLTech is a global technology company, home to more than 221,000 people across 60 countries, delivering industry-leading capabilities centered around digital, engineering, cloud and AI, powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products. We work with clients across all major verticals, providing industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Technology and Services, Telecom and Media, Retail and CPG, and Public Services. Consolidated revenues as of 12 months ending September 2023 totaled $12.9 billion. To learn how we can supercharge progress for you, visit

Bank of Baroda Presented A Contribution Of Rs. 3 lakh Each To "Sneha Jyothi Orphan Children’s Home And Bangalore Hospice Trust"

* Bank of Baroda Announces CSR Initiatives n Bengaluru  

Bank of Baroda (Bank), one of India’s leading public sector banks, rolled out various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in Bengaluru. During his visit to Bengaluru zone, Shri Debadatta Chand, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Baroda presented a contribution of Rs. 3 lakh each to Sneha Jyothi Orphan Children’s Home and Bangalore Hospice Trust.  

Sneha Jyothi Orphan Children’s Home provides education, food and shelter to orphan children in Bengaluru. Bangalore Hospice Trust is a non-profit charitable trust providing professional palliative care (free of cost) to advanced stage cancer patients.  

In addition, Shri Chand also presented a 500 LPH RO Plant to Govt Higher Primary School, Yentaganahalli. He also flagged off two Bolero Safari Vehicles, sponsored by Bank of Baroda, to Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park. These vehicles will be utilised in the Park to provide safari rides to the general public at the park.   

About Bank of Baroda 

Founded on 20th July, 1908 by Sir Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, Bank of Baroda is one of the leading commercial banks in India. At 63.97% stake, it is majorly owned by the Government of India. The Bank serves its global customer base of ~165 million through over 70,000 touch points spread across 17 countries in five continents and through its various digital banking platforms, which provide all banking products and services in a seamless and hassle-free manner. The Bank’s vision matches the aspirations of its diverse clientele base and seeks to instil a sense of trust and security in all their dealings with the Bank. 

Visit us at  






Mahindra Launches New Jeeto Strong With Enhanced Payload Capacity, Best-In-Segment Mileage

·         A higher payload capacity of 815 kg in diesel and 750 kg in CNG – up by 100 kg

·         Jeeto Strong offers a best-in-segment mileage of 32.00 km/l in diesel and 35.00 km/kg in CNG.

·         Attractive price of ?. 5.28 Lakh for diesel and ?. 5.55 Lakh for CNG, ex-showroom Pune.

·         Electric vacuum pump-assisted braking system (first in a sub-2 tonne ICE cargo 4-wheeler) provides enhanced control.

·         3 Year or 72000 km warranty showcases commitment to quality and durability, ensuring lasting trust and confidence.

·         An all-new digital cluster, providing essential information at a glance, thereby enhancing the driving experience and convenience.

Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited (MLMML), a subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra, has launched the “Mahindra Jeeto Strong”. There are more than 200000 satisfied Jeeto customers in the country. The Jeeto Strong retains the core value of Jeeto brand – best-in-segment mileage – while bringing in a higher payload capacity and more features.

The Jeeto Strong is all set to redefine last mile cargo transportation. With a much-higher payload capacity of 815 kg in diesel and 750 kg in CNG, it enhances productivity. It stands out with best-in-segment mileage (32.00 km/l in diesel, 35.00 km/kg in CNG), a first in a sub-2 tonne ICE cargo 4-wheeler - electric vacuum pump-assisted braking, a user-friendly brand-new digital cluster and improved suspension. To enhance the ownership experience, Mahindra also offers free accidental insurance worth ? 10 Lakh for the driver, ensuring safety and security of its customers. Mahindra also provides an unmatched 3 Year or 72000 km warranty showcasing its commitment to quality and durability.

Jeeto Strong is a successor to the Jeeto Plus (diesel & CNG) with 100 kg additional payload than the latter. The new Jeeto Strong is attractively priced at ?. 5.28 Lakh for diesel and ?Rs 5.55 Lakh for CNG, ex-showroom Pune.

Ms. Suman Mishra, Managing Director & CEO of MLMML, said, "At Mahindra, we constantly listen to customer feedback and their evolving needs. A testimony to our commitment to constant advancement - the Jeeto Strong – with its now unmatched payload capacity, superior mileage as well as attractive pricing makes for a compelling option in its segment. It will not only transform last mile cargo delivery but also the lives of our driver partners, allowing them to deliver more, save more, and achieve more.”

About Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited

Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited is committed to the electrification of the mobility landscape, prioritising electric 3- and 4-wheelers. The company offers a wide portfolio of products in various fuel options, including 3-wheelers like Treo, Zor Grand, Alfa, and the 4-wheeler SCV - Jeeto.

Learn more about MLMML on / Twitter/LinkedIn (@mahindralmm), and Facebook (@MahindraLastMileMobility).

About Mahindra

Founded in 1945, the Mahindra Group is one of the largest and most admired multinational federation of companies with 260000 employees in over 100 countries. It enjoys a leadership position in farm equipment, utility vehicles, information technology and financial services in India and is the world’s largest tractor company by volume. It has a strong presence in renewable energy, agriculture, logistics, hospitality and real estate. The Mahindra Group has a clear focus on leading ESG globally, enabling rural prosperity and enhancing urban living, with a goal to drive positive change in the lives of communities and stakeholders to enable them to Rise.

Learn more about Mahindra on / Twitter and Facebook: @MahindraRise/ For updates subscribe to

Pantaloons Unveils Its New Format Shopping Experience ‘Pantaloons OnLoop’ At JP Nagar, Bengaluru

Pantaloons, India’s leading fashion brand from Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd., in a historic step towards transforming the fashion retail environment, announced the grand launch of its very first Pantaloons OnLoop store in JP Nagar, Bengaluru today.

Pantaloons OnLoop is a playful, distinctive, technology-first experiential store, designed for the young and modern customer who is seeking fun and excitement in all they do.

The new store spread over a sprawling 70,000 sq. ft. is a sensory feast, offering experiences beyond fashion, with a spectrum of 50+ fashion brands across categories of Apparel, Footwear, Watches, Sunglasses, Cosmetics, Bags and more. The store will house renowned ethnic wear brands Tasva, Jaypore alongside Pantaloons exclusive brands like Rangmanch, Akkriti, Indus Route etc. Also, present are iconic sportswear classics such as Puma and Skechers, alongside brands like GIVA, Korean skincare brand Quench, all under one roof, guaranteeing a fashion-first experience. The store also hosts the first Coco Leni eyewear store in Bengaluru.

Smart Trial Rooms, Endless Aisle, and a Customisation zone with heat transfer technology as well as options like embroidered badges, customized bag tags & more, elevate the shopping experience, allowing for seamless browsing and trying on your favourite ensembles.      

Commenting on the launch of the new concept, Sangeeta Pendurkar, CEO, Pantaloons, Style Up and Marigold Lane said, “Pantaloons has over the years become a fashion playground for the young modern shopper. Taking this to the next level, I am delighted to introduce Pantaloons OnLoop as the ‘go-to’ destination for the Gen Z, seeking all things lifestyle and fashion. Envisioned as a theatre of imagination, Pantaloons OnLoop offers the customer an unparalleled shopping experience.”

For the next generation of customers who live their lives on loop, Pantaloons OnLoop represents a destination for Fun loop that they will keep coming back to.

TASVA, The Traditional Menswear Brand Unveils AW 23 Collection Campaign Starring Ranbir Kapoor And Ananya Pandey

~ Your special day deserves a Tasva ~

With Ranbir Kapoor and Ananya Pandey as the brand ambassadors, Tasva unveils its Autumn Winter 2023 collection ( that reimagines the essence of Indian culture and tradition, meticulously redefining the Modern Indian Man. With a splendid union between the visionary couturier Tarun Tahiliani and the consumer powerhouse, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd., the brand emerges as a harmonious confluence of heritage, cultural opulence, and the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship.

The collection is a heartfelt tribute to the changing dynamics of men’s fashion in the Indian social landscape. The TV commercial, featuring the brand ambassadors, depicts the playful demeanour that marks wedding festivities today. It breaks the age-old adage of men staying aloof from wedding shopping. Instead, it invites grooms to take charge of the most important day of their lives and make choices that reflect the best that they can be.

Ecstatic at the launch, Ranbir Kapoor said, “I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of TASVA's AW campaign as it mirrors a significant change in how urban grooms are now engaging in their wedding preparations. Nowadays, grooms actively participate in every facet of the wedding, from overall planning to selecting their attire as carefully as the bride. I am excited to be representing a brand that aligns with the preferences of discerning modern Indian grooms.” Inspired by India's architectural marvels and its breathtaking natural beauty, this collection unfolds a captivating narrative adorned with a plethora of architectural, floral, and fauna motifs.

Perfectly summarising the ethos of the collection, Ananya Pandey said, “TASVA is a brand that mirrors the changing role of today's grooms. It's refreshing to witness this paradigm shift towards a modern perspective on weddings which I believe is elegantly depicted in this film from the bride's lens.”

In true Tarun Tahiliani fashion, this collection gracefully melds the heritage of traditional aesthetics with the fluid lines of contemporary design. With an admirable commitment to affordability and accessibility, this collection caters to a diverse clientele. “Ranbir and Ananya, with their great on-screen chemistry, perfectly portray today’s young generation which is increasingly taking charge while staying true to their roots. The campaign is a continuation of TASVA’s commitment to and celebration of the modern Indian man, who has redefined how he sees himself. Whether in marriage or in life, comfort, quality, and a joie de vivre must go together. He wants to have fun and we at Tasva are committed to bringing him clothes that can do just that” says Tarun Tahiliani.

This wedding season, imbue your wardrobe with the effortless charm of Tasva’s breezy kurta sets and the impeccable tailoring of their sherwanis and achkans. From versatile Indo-western ensembles to chic dinner jackets, there is a garment for every taste and occasion.

Delighted with the collection campaign launch, Mr. Ashish Mukul, Brand Head said, “Over the last year, Tasva has created a strong customer connect with its best-in-class product offering and unique store experience for Men’s Indian wear buyers. We have an exquisite range across festive occasions & wedding wear apparel and accessories for Men. We believe we are the go-to choice for the Global Indian man looking for designer wedding wear at affordable prices.”

Website -

International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore Celebrates Silver Jubilee Year Of Academic Excellence

The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) marked a significant milestone by celebrating its silver jubilee year of academic excellence. Established in 1998 with a vision to contribute to the IT industry through education and research, entrepreneurship, and innovation, IIIT-B has established itself as a distinctive institution in the domain of information technology.

"Twenty-five years of dedicated pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and academic excellence have made IIIT-B an institution that truly stands apart," said Prof. Debabrata Das, Director of IIIT-Bangalore, addressing the gathering at the valedictory function of Silver Jubilee. "Our journey has been marked by a commitment to fostering research, entrepreneurship, and collaboration with industry, enabling our students to excel in the dynamic world of information technology."

IIIT-B's Silver Jubilee year highlighted several facets that set the institution apart:

1. Experiential Learning: IIIT-B emphasizes experiential learning through project electives, lab work, and internships, providing students with practical knowledge.

2. Research Excellence: The institute hosts centers of research such as the E-Health Research Centre, Centre for Data Sciences, and Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy, fostering multidisciplinary research. The EHRC that provides technical support to the he National Tele Mental Health or TELEMANAS Programme, a significant initiative, making mental health support more accessible across the country has handled over 4,00,000 calls since its launch in October 2022. The IIIT-B COMET Foundation is working to develop indigenous technologies for 5G and 6G Networks. The Centre is developing various technologies to support massive-MIMO capability in indigenous Radio Access Networks. It is also actively working to contribute the emerging 6G standards in the area of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces.

3. Entrepreneurial Support: IIIT-B offers robust support through its Innovation Centre and startup ecosystem, encouraging students to turn their innovative ideas into viable ventures. IIIT-B has been a catalyst for innovation, fostering 60 startups, launching 80 products and generating 300+ full-time jobs. The accomplished faculty and industry-academic governance have played a key role in these achievements.

4. Global Collaboration and Presence: IIIT-B collaborates with renowned international institutions like MIT Boston, University of Berlin, and Hof University, promoting global exchange of knowledge. Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) that developed AADHAR like platform has been rolled out in 12 countries including Morocco, Philipines and Euthopia.

5. Innovative Pedagogy: The institute's pedagogy incorporates learning management systems, automated assessments, and regular curriculum reviews, ensuring that students stay updated with the latest technological trends.

6. All-Round Development: IIIT-B goes beyond academic rigor, promoting all-round development through various clubs and committees focusing on theater, art, comics, and more.

The academia at IIIT-B has continuously evolved to keep pace with the latest trends in the IT sector. The institute's three-tier approach of program, course, and teaching distinguishes it from others, allowing students to make a significant impact on the academic field.

IIIT-B also emphasizes international exchange programs, faculty collaborations with leading universities, and industry partnerships, creating a rich learning environment for its students. The institute's strong research culture is evident through its seven research domains, which connect research to industry and society, catalyzing positive change.

The Innovation Centre at IIIT-B plays a pivotal role in supporting research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, incubating startups and commercializing intellectual property. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements and financial needs, ensuring that students have access to quality education.

IIIT-B's impressive placement record, with 100% placements, showcases its commitment to preparing students for successful careers in various industries. The campus provides world-class facilities, including sports amenities, a state-of-the-art library, medical services, and a vibrant campus life filled with events, conferences, and seminars.

Key Research Centers at IIIT-B, including the E-Health Research Centre, Machine Intelligence & Robotics CoE, Centre for IT & Public Policy, IIIT-B Innovation Centre, and Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), have contributed significantly to research and innovation in their respective domains. As IIIT-B celebrates its silver jubilee, it looks forward to continuing its journey of excellence, innovation, and collaboration with industry and academia.

About IIIT-Bangalore

IIIT-Bangalore is a premier institute focused on Post-Graduate IT education and research, located in the heart of Electronic City, Bangalore. IIIT-Bangalore is graded A+ by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). In the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) for 2022, IIIT-B has secured 74th ranking. The institute was ranked number 1 among India's Best Technical Universities (Private) by India Today. IIIT-Bangalore contains state-of-the-art infrastructure, eminently qualified faculty, a vibrant alumni community, cutting-edge research facilities, and close industry collaborations.

The institute’s specially designed courses make the students cognitive of the current technologies. Experiential learning and practices followed in the institute equip them with the tools and knowledge to solve contemporary real problems. IIIT-Bangalore has consistently achieved excellent placement records every year since its establishment in 1998, thanks to the unwavering support of the industry and the expanding pool of highly skilled alumni.

For more details, log onto

DCB Bank Announces Second Quarter FY 2024 Results

The Board of Directors of DCB Bank Ltd. (BSE: 532772: NSE:DCB) at its meeting in Mumbai on October 31, 2023, approved the unaudited financial results for quarter ended September 30, 2023 (Q2 FY 2024) along with limited review report by statutory auditors ‘Sundaram & Srinivasan, Chartered Accountants’ and ‘B S R & Co.LLP, Chartered Accountants’.


1) The Bank’s Profit After Tax (PAT) for Q2 FY 2024 was at INR 127 Cr. In comparison Profit After Tax for Q2 FY 2023 was at INR 112 Cr., growth of 13%.

The Bank's Profit After Tax (PAT) for H1 FY 2024 was at INR 254 Cr. In comparison Profit After Tax for H1 FY 2023 was at INR 210 Cr., growth of 21%.

2) Advances growth year-on-year was at 19% and Deposit growth year-on-year was at 23%.

3) The Gross NPA and Net NPA as on September 30, 2023 was at 3.36% and 1.28% respectively. Both Gross NPA and Net NPA declined as compared to last year.

The Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) as on September 30, 2023 was at 75.49% and PCR without considering Gold Loans NPAs was at 76.63%.

4) Capital Adequacy continues to be strong and as on September 30, 2023, the Capital Adequacy Ratio was at 16.55% (with Tier I at 14.28% and Tier Il at 2.27% as per

Basel Ill norms).

Speaking on the Q2 FY 2024 results Mr. Murali M. Natrajan, Managing Director & CEO said, “The Bank’s growth trajectory is expected to improve further in the coming months. The market conditions have impacted Cost of Deposits/Funds and CASA balances, which is expected to stabilize in two quarters or so.”

About DCB Bank

DCB Bank Limited is a new generation private sector bank with 439 branches across 20 states and 2 union territories. It is a scheduled commercial bank regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. It is professionally managed and governed. DCB Bank has contemporary technology and infrastructure, including state-of-the-art India’s first Aadhaar number & fingerprint based biometric ATMs, and internet banking for personal as well as business banking customers.

The Bank’s business segments are Retail, micro-SMEs, SMEs, mid-Corporate, Microfinance Institutions (MFI), Agriculture, Commodities, Government, Public Sector, Indian Banks, Co- operative Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC). DCB Bank has more than 10,00,000 active customers.

Celebrate Festive Glamour In Style With Modicare Limited's Exclusive Festive Range, Urban Color London Gold Collection

-          The limited-edition range features vibrant matte & crème lipcolors and kajal, perfect for festive beauty routines

Amidst the joyous festivities echoing across India, Modicare Limited; one of India’s leading direct-selling companies is delighted to unveil its limited-edition Urban Color London Gold Collection.  Offering a range of vibrant and colorful cosmetics, this collection provides the perfect opportunity to radiate with brilliance and make this festive season truly unforgettable. The Gold Collection, launched under Modicare’s color cosmetics brand Urban Color London reflects the individuality of today's woman – strong, independent, intelligent, creative, and vivacious.

Each product within the Gold Collection, from the striking Black Loyalty Kajal to the array of 6 vivid Creme Lipcolors and 6 dazzling Matte Lipcolors, has been carefully crafted to encapsulate the essence of the festive season. Formulated in Italy, Paraben-Free, 100% Vegan, and Cruelty-Free, this collection ensures an enchanting festive look. In addition, the collection also includes an exclusive metallic gold pouch and a stunning soft gold vanity bag to the mix, making it even easier to carry your festive essentials with panache.

Commenting on the launch, Samir K Modi, Founder and Managing Director, Modicare Limited, expressed, “Embracing the festive spirit, we at Modicare are delighted to introduce our new Urban Color London Gold Collection, each crafted with precision and love. Our mission has always been to provide world-class quality products for our valued consultants and customers, and as the festive season approaches, we are committed to delivering beauty solutions that exceed consumer expectations. As we step into this season of light and togetherness, we remain committed to enriching lives and illuminating smiles with our exceptional offerings.”

Modicare’s Urban Color London Gold Collection

·         Black Royalty Kajal serves as an eyeliner and eyeshadow, offering easy, high-definition applications. Its intensely rich black pigment and long-lasting, waterproof formula create dramatic, smoldering effects. Equipped with a built-in sharpener, it ensures precision at your fingertips, priced at MRP Rs. 799/- (1.8g).

·         Crème Lipcolor features a luxurious formula with captivating shades that glide effortlessly. Enriched with nourishing Murumuru butter and Vitamin E, this lip color is priced at MRP Rs. 799/- (3.7g). Available in 6 long-lasting and vibrant shades, it's the perfect choice for the festive season.

·         Matte Lipcolor features an intense pigmented formula ensuring comfortable all-day wear. Priced at MRP Rs. 799/- (3.7g), it is enriched with nourishing Avocado oil for moisture retention and Beta-carotene for added luminosity. Available in 6 shades, it offers a lightweight, long-lasting, and richly pigmented finish.

Additionally, Modicare has recently launched new additions under the Urban Color London brand, perfect for enhancing your festive look.

·         Urban Color London Pro Brushes, including the Pro-Eyeshadow, Pro Eye Smudger, Pro Blush, Pro Contouring, and Pro Crease Brushes, offer the ultimate toolkit for flawless festive makeup. Designed for perfection, these brushes ensure seamless blending and better coverage, starting from MRP Rs. 599/-.

·         Urban Color London Matte & Glow Duo Blusher combines matte and metallic shades, offering an airbrushed, radiant glow and all-day comfort. Available in 'Mysterious' and 'Secret' variants, suitable for all skin tones, it ensures effortless application and blending, priced at MRP Rs. 1150/- (12g).

·         Urban Color London Ultimate Duo Highlighter offers effortless blending and a long-lasting, multi-dimensional glow. Crafted with pure pigments and pearls, this highlighter adapts flawlessly to all skin tones, providing customizable radiance. Priced at just MRP Rs.999/- (12g), it adds dimension to your features and is free from parabens, mineral oil, nano-ingredients, and D5, ensuring an elegant finish that enhances your natural beauty.

·         Urban Color London Pro Fix 3-in-1 Palette delivers a flawless matte creme satin finish enriched with Squalane and jojoba oil for medium to high buildable coverage. Camouflage imperfections, highlight features, and suit all skin tones with Medium-Deep and Light-Medium options at MRP Rs. 1,099/- (9g). This versatile palette is 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested, ensuring a lightweight, long-lasting effect for a stunning complexion.

*All the products under the Modicare range are available for sale across the country through Modicare Consultants.

Geoscientists, Engineers To Network In Society Of Petroleum Geo-physicists 14th Biennial International conference And Expo At Kochi

Globally reputed geoscientists and engineers to network in society of petroleum geophysicists* (SPG**), the 14th edition is scheduled to take place from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2023 at the Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre (LBICC) in Kochi, Kerala. This event is expected to draw over 2000 participants, including more than 100 foreign delegates and over 700 Indian delegates.

Director Exploration, ONGC & patron SPG-India, Ms. Sushma Rawat will inaugurate the three-day event. Dr. V P Joy, IAS (Retd.), Former Chief Secretary, Kerala, as the Chief Guest, MD-ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL), Mr. Rajarshi Gupta, Executive Director, ONGC & President SPG-India, Mr. Vishal Shastri, CEO- European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)-Netherlands, Mr.  Marcel Robert Van Loon, Board Member & Director at Large, Mr. Constantine Tsingas, Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)-USA will also be present.

The conference seeks to address the complex challenges of balancing ‘Energy Affordability’, ‘Energy Reliability’, and ‘Environmental Sustainability’, often referred to as the ‘Energy Trilemma'. The current edition of the conference SPG 2023, has been convened to explore the pivotal theme of the conference "New Age Geosciences: A Fulcrum for Energy Trilemma".

Dignitaries on the dais

The theme is very apt in the current scenario and presents extraordinary challenges and opportunities that hold the potential to shape the trajectory of India's energy landscape.

India's journey towards energy sustainability is at a crossroads. Our nation, with its burgeoning population and growing demands, stands as a critical player in the global energy landscape. The pathway ahead is complex, demanding that we address the ‘Energy Trilemma’ – a trio of challenges that often pull us in opposing directions, effectively.

"New Age Geosciences" represent the fulcrum upon which we balance these ambitions. The strides made in geoscience hold the promise of unveiling innovative solutions that harmonize our aspirations.

The SPG conference has become an apex level event over the past three decades, showcasing contemporary benchmarks and breakthroughs in petroleum sciences, technological innovations and emerging trends.  SPG-2023 to be held in Kochi is expected to continue this tradition of excellence.

Geoscientists, researchers, academicians and professionals from across the globe will participate and hold interactive sessions to foster future advancements and applications in the field.

SPG 2023 shall emerge as a beacon of collaboration, where geoscientists, policymakers, industry leaders, and visionaries shall unite to navigate the ‘trilemma’ and deliberate how the fusion of "New Age Geosciences" can help tackle the intricacies of the "Energy Trilemma."

Director (Exploration), Ms. Sushma Rawat said “Exploration in India is in an interesting phase with the opening up of substantial No Go areas which is emerging as a big opportunity for national energy security. We look forward to various networking discussions with globally renowned Geoscientists and engineers in this SPG which will enable us to collectively leverage the opportunities available now in Indian sedimentary basins.”

MD OVL, Mr. Rajarshi Gupta added “In this era of global political challenges, it is essential that conferences like SPG serve as a platform for in-depth discussions, collaboration, and the exploration of solutions to address the Energy Trilemma's three dimensions. I am eagerly anticipating engaging conversations and interactions with industry experts, emerging talents, and seasoned veterans at the SPG conferences.

MD (OVL) Rajarshi Gupta addressing the event

Highlights of SPG 2023

·         SPG 2023 features over 24 technical sessions with presentations from leading professionals and domain experts. A special technical session in Hindi is included, along with a theme session and several invited lectures.

·         As a pre-conference programme, there are nineteen continuing education (CE) courses on current topics led by renowned faculty available for registration.

·         The conference includes a dynamic business programme, “Meet the Industry" session for vendors to interact with Indian exploration players, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations.

·         Expo: The event also offers a platform for national and international Exploration and Production (E&P) companies and vendors to showcase state-of-the-art technologies, products, and services.

·         Geological Field Trip: Participants can join a pre-conference geological field excursion to explore coastal sedimentary in south Kerala and discuss the geological evolution of the Kerala Basin.

·         Students' Programme: SPG is holding industry-academia meet, and a technical program for students to attract new talent to geosciences. The program includes a mastermind quiz and an extempore competition.

Geoscientists, industry professionals, students and enthusiasts are invited to register for the programme at or contact +91 1352752088 for  assistance.

*Geophysics is the non-invasive investigation of subsurface conditions through measuring, analyzing and interpreting physical fields at the surface. It employs physical methods at the surface or above the earth or through borehole to measure the physical properties of the subsurface, along with their anomalies. These properties include; dielectric, susceptibility, density, wave velocity, resistivity, elastic, permittivity.

Application of Geophysics

Exploration for oil, gas, coal, minerals, geo-engineering, groundwater investigations, geohazards identifications ,grban studies, geologic mapping, archaeology, civil engineering / non-destructive testing (NDT), landfill investigations, unexploded ordnance detection and characterization.

Society of petroleum Geophysicists, (SPG), India

In 1992, a group of Indian geophysicists in Dehradun spawned on the bright idea of forming an association of petroleum geophysicists. From that nucleus, grew SPG to its full glory today. As the society grew it expanded its activities and has developed excellent working relations with other international societies. Today SPG is affiliated to the International society Viz; Society of Exploration Geophysicts (SEG)-USA, European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)-Netherlands and Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG).

The membership of the society grew progressively from a couple of hundred in 1993 to more than 3000 today. 10 regional chapters are constituted including north American chapter of the society at Houston, USA. With the objective of supporting students pursuing geosciences, 18 student chapters are established across various regions in India. These student chapters emerged as an effective means of promoting geosciences as a subject, exposing students to nuances of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation. 

IndusInd Bank Launches 'NRI Homecoming' Festival, Elevating Banking Experience For Non-Resident Indians

Bunch of attractive offers on banking products & services including limited period specially curated attractive interest rates of: 

upto 6.75% p.a on NRE/NRO Savings Accounts 

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Exclusive & insightful financial literacy sessions for NRIs 

Bangalore, 3rd November, 2023:  IndusInd Bank today launched 'NRI Homecoming' festival, commemorating the return of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to the country to reunite with their families, coinciding with the ongoing ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, the upcoming year-end holiday season, and the highly anticipated Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in January 2024. This initiative aims to create a memorable experience for clients through a series of celebratory events and attractive offerings on banking products & services.  

As part of the NRI homecoming festival, the Bank provides limited-period benefits that include interest rate of up to 6.75% p.a. on NRE/NRO Savings Accounts, interest rates of up to 7.5% p.a. on NRE/NRO Deposits and interest rates of up to 5.95% p.a. on USD FCNR Deposits. Further, IndusInd Bank has planned an elaborate and festive celebration, with branches adorned and various activities scheduled to warmly welcome NRIs.   

Moreover, ‘NRI Homecoming’ program also includes informative sessions on financial literacy, providing valuable insights and guidance to NRIs and PIOs regarding their financial requirements before returning overseas. These sessions, led by experienced financial planners, aim to assist NRIs in securing their financial objectives effectively. 

With a strong focus on customer convenience, the Bank focuses on facilitating a seamless NRI Digital Account Opening platform with features like My Account My Number, WhatsApp Banking, and Finger Print Banking. With 198 NRI-focused branches, personalized services are assured. Additionally, the Bank offers Indus Fast Remit for easy fund transfers from the USA and Singapore and a proficient Virtual Service team and 24x7 Call Centre for NRIs settled abroad. 

The 'NRI Homecoming' program underscores IndusInd Bank's commitment to providing comprehensive and tailored financial solutions, ensuring a seamless and enriching banking experience for the NRI community. 

About IndusInd Bank:

IndusInd Bank Limited commenced its operations in 1994 catering to the needs of consumer and corporate customers. Since its inception, the Bank has redefined the banking experience for its customers including various government entities, PSUs, retail and large corporations. As on September 30, 2023, IndusInd Bank has a customer base of approx. 37 million, with 2631 Branches/Banking Outlets and 2903 ATMs spread across geographical locations of the country and covering 1,43,000 villages. The Bank has representative offices in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Bank believes in driving its business through technology that supports multi-channel delivery capabilities. It enjoys clearing bank status for both major stock exchanges BSE and NSE and settlement bank status for NCDEX. It is an also an empanelled banker for MCX.


Domestic Ratings:

CRISIL AA + for Infrastructure Bonds program/Tier 2 Bonds

CRISIL AA for Additional Tier 1 Bonds program

CRISIL A1+ for certificate of deposit program / short term FD program

IND AA+ for Senior bonds program/Tier 2 Bonds by India Ratings and Research

IND AA for Additional Tier 1 Bonds program by India Ratings and Research

CARE A1+ for Certificate of Deposits

International Ratings:

Ba1 for Senior Unsecured MTN programme by Moody’s Investors Service

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MAGGI Unleashes Potential Of Millets With New “MAGGI Oats Noodles With Millet Magic”

Nestlé India has added a new offering in their Millet-based product portfolio with the launch of MAGGI Oats Noodles with Millet Magic, under MAGGI Oats Noodles sub-brand. Consumed by nearly two-third of the Indian households, MAGGI noodles can contribute positively to make millets mainstream in India.

The new product offers a combination of two millets - Sorghum (Jowar) and Finger Millet (Ragi), along with goodness-filled oats. MAGGI has taken the flavorful Masala direction to make millets enjoyable and elevate the experience.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Rajat Jain, Director – Foods Business, Nestlé India, said, “We are excited to introduce the new MAGGI Oats Noodles with Millet Magic with goodness of millets. This launch is in line with MAGGI’s commitment to provide consumers with diverse options by recalibrating innovations. With this new product we have combined oats with Indian Millets to offer consumers a product which is a source of fiber and protein. Over the four decades of our existence in India we have received immense love from our consumers. We are confident that the MAGGI Oats Noodles with Millet Magic will be received by our consumers with equal love and enthusiasm.”

The MAGGI Oats Noodles with Millet Magic comes as a part of Nestlé India’s new millet-based offerings across categories. Nestlé R&D Centre India Private Limited, Manesar (a subsidiary of Nestlé S.A and a part of Nestlé’s global R&D network) signed an MOU with Nutrihub-IIMR with an aim to collaborate in areas such as millet processing, health and nutrition benefits, millet sustainable regenerative agriculture practices and start-up collaborations. Coming from the house of MAGGI, consumers can be assured of great taste, with a tastemaker combining 20 spices & herbs.

MAGGI Oats Noodles with Millet Magic will be available at major metros and will be priced at INR 175 for a pack of 4 serves (298 g).

KPIT Reports Q2 FY24 Results With CC Revenue Growth Of 51.7% Y-o-Y And Upgrades Revenue Guidance To 37%+

·         Clocks Q2 FY24 Revenue of USD 145.2 MN; CC growth of 51.7% YOY; PAT grows 68.7% YOY

·         FY24 CC Growth outlook increased to 37%+ from 27% - 30% earlier, EBITDA Outlook increased to 20%+ from 19%-20% earlier

·         Marks 13th consecutive quarter of steady revenue and EBITDA growth

NSE: KPITTECH BSE: 542651: KPIT Technologies, an independent software integration partner to the automotive and mobility ecosystem for making software-defined vehicles a reality, announced financial results for Q2 FY24.

Performance overview

§  Q2 FY24 Revenues

o   CC Revenue growth of 51.7% Y-o-Y & $ Revenue Growth of 54.2% Y-o-Y

o   CC Revenue growth of 9.0% Q-o-Q & $ Revenue Growth of 8.4% Q-o-Q

o   Broad-based growth across practices and verticals - Growth led by Strategic Accounts, Passenger Car vertical, Electric Powertrain, Autonomous Driving and Digital Connected Solutions practices.

§  Q2 FY24 EBITDA and Net Profit

o   EBITDA at 20% post wage hikes

o   73.7% Growth Y-o-Y and 9.1% Q-o-Q

o   PAT Grows 68.7% Y-o-Y

o   EBITDA margin maintained at 20% post full quarter impact of wage hikes during the quarter. Gross Impact of wage hikes was 250 bps which was offset by revenue growth and net realization improvement

§  TCV of new engagements won during Q2 FY24: $156 million

§  Talent

o   Global employee count crosses 11970

o   Strong focus to improve quality of incoming talent; Focus on technical and managerial leadership

Commenting on the performance of Q2 FY24, Kishor Patil, Co-founder, CEO and MD, KPIT said, “We are delighted to deliver another quarter, consistent with our robust performance over the last 3 years. Our medium-term business fundamentals and growth drivers remain unchanged. While the geopolitical situation and economic uncertainty across geographies is leading to a softer macro environment, we keep a watchful eye on the impact on our clients and their business priorities. Our clients remain committed to making investments in newer, relevant technologies. Basis our performance so far and near-term visibility, we raise our CC revenue growth outlook for FY24 to 37%+ growth and increase EBITDA margin outlook to 20%+.”

Sachin Tikekar, President and Joint MD, KPIT said, “Our relationships with our Strategic Clients continue to get deeper and wider, leading to increased strategic engagements. We will sharpen our focus further on commercial vehicles in the near term. Attrition continues to move in the right direction. As we focus on effective delivery of complex large engagements, we continue to lay emphasis on zero-defect delivery. We are progressing well on co-creation of the sustainability roadmap with our employees. We are happy on integration of the acquired entities and are on track for achieving stated medium-term strategic objectives.”

About KPIT:

KPIT Technologies is a global partner to the automotive and mobility ecosystem for making software-defined vehicles a reality. It is a leading independent software development and integration partner helping mobility leapfrog towards a clean, smart, and safe future. With 11000+ automobelievers across the globe specializing in embedded software, AI, and digital solutions, KPIT accelerates its clients’ implementation of next-generation technologies for the future mobility roadmap. With engineering centers in Europe, the USA, Japan, China, Thailand, and India, KPIT works with leaders in automotive and mobility and is present where the ecosystem is transforming.

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