Thursday, July 21, 2016

Adzone to Help Merchants Promote Products Using Ads on ShopClues

Online marketplace ShopClues, a leading player in managed marketplace, has in collaboration with C1X, a leading online advertising technology firm, launched its seller-bidding platform AdZone on July 20 in Bengaluru. AdZone is a self-service solution, which will help merchants promote their products using native and custom ads for advertising, executing, and managing product campaigns on ShopClues.

ShopClues, which claims to focus on smaller towns and cities, said the new product called AdZone, a self-service solution that helps merchants promote products using native and custom ads, was developed in partnership with ad tech firm C1X.

This is unlike Flipkart and Snap deal, which acquired Ad I Quity Technologies Pvt Ltd and Reduce Data, respectively, to strengthen their presence in the digital ads space. ShopClues claims to have run a pilot with 300 merchants for the ad product and launched 1,000 ad campaigns over a 10-day period earlier this month.

“This platform will boost the visibility of products and maximise product views, helping vendors to increase business with us. The bidding system ensures transparency, while our differential bidding mechanism for products is essential for retailers,” said Radhika Aggarwal, co-founder, ShopClues.

The move by ShopClues, which has raised at least $200 million from the likes of Nexus Venture Partners, Tiger Global Management LLC and Singapore’ s sovereign wealth fund GIC Pte Ltd, among others, comes at a time when e-commerce companies are exploring ancillary revenue streams such as ads.

For instance, in China, some e-commerce companies have built large ads businesses. Alibaba Group generates larger mobile ad sales than even Baidu, China’s local search engine, according to researcher eMarketer. Alibaba generates more than half its sales from ads.

Closer home, both Flipkart and Snapdeal have launched ad products for merchants.
Flipkart generates $1 million in monthly advertisement sales, making the company one of the largest digital ad platforms in India less than a year after it launched its ads business. It launched the digital ad product in May last year, after buying Ad IQuity in March. The platform is for merchants as well as brands.

SoftBank-backed Snapdeal launched a new version of its advertising platform Snapdeal Ads, which aims to help sellers target shop person the site based on behavioural data. The company’s foray into the segment came after it acquired Reduce Data in September last year.

Digital ad spending in India is expected to increase by 40% to ₹6,525 crore this year, according to a January report by media agency GroupM. A majority of the ad spending currently goes to Google and Facebook.

Over the next five years, digital ad spending is expected to shift to mobile from desktop sites as sales of smartphones boom, and the likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal and ShopClues are planning to capitalise on this shift and generate large ad revenues.

Robot with Full Wet Mopping and Dry Vacuuming Now in India

What kind of a vacuum cleaner does an Indian household need? This answer has finally come from Milagrow -India's No.1 Consumer Robots Brand. 

Milagrow has introduced AguaBot 5.0 - India's 1st full wet mopping and dry cleaning, floor vacuuming robot with the world's largest smart mop of 350x210mm. No longer will an Indian household struggle with stubborn dirt which other vacuum cleaners fail to tackle.

Milagrow AguaBot 5.0 comes with a water reservoir and smart mop attachment. Just fill the water in the reservoir, put the smart mop at the bottom of the water tank and then attach the water reservoir to the AguaBot 5.0 and let the robot do the rest. The water tank and smart mop have been made in such a way that only the front portion of the mop will do the wet mopping while the back portion, which is kept dry would wipe the floor dry.

Speaking on the launch, Debashis Das, CEO, Milagrow, said, Milagrow, the pioneer of consumer robotics in India is always ahead of the competition due to its deep insights of the consumer needs. It has been the first in most offerings to the consumer. We understood
that the Indian housewife looks for a dry and wet mop solution together and we have gone one step ahead to bring in "Complete cleaning" process solution to the consumer i.e 1st vacuuming ----> then wet mopping ------> & drying the floors at the end.

AguaBot 5.0 has been built with Milagrow's 5th generation robotic software and comes with dual suction control. The maximum suction can go up to 45W, making it the most powerful. The dual suction control will get activated when the AguaBot senses extra dirt or when the
consumer chooses the turbo suction on the remote control. The normal mode saves battery while the turbo mode provides the extra power needed to suck up tough dirt.

The AguaBot 5.0 also has a brush-less cleaning mechanism which is especially good for carpets. No longer will expensive carpets gather dust, dirt, bacteria or odor due to the tangle free cleaning and powerful vacuuming of AguaBot 5.0.

The AguaBot 5.0 is also equipped with extra thick anti-slippage tyres and state of the art automobile suspension technology. Movement sensors have been concealed above the front universal wheel so that the AguaBot 5.0 can send the signal to the CPU in case the movement is improper or the robot is stuck in any difficult situation. The above enhancements ensure that the robot does not misbehave while cleaning slippery floors & is able to climb door sills up to 22 mm to give it unparalleled maneuverability.

With latest technology and miniaturization Milagrow has also been able to reduce the weight of the robot to 2.5 kgs and increase the speed of the robot to give it a coverage of almost 3500 square feet in about 120 minutes making it the largest coverage area on a single battery charge amongst the robotic vacuum cleaners.

Continuing with its consumer orientation Milagrow has also upgraded the battery to one which can be replaced by the consumer. Even the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter which removes up to 99.97% of all particulate matter above 0.3 microns has been made cool water washable.

The robotic vacuum cleaner also comes loaded with a host of other features such as Robotic 6th Sense, automatic obstacle and fall detection, all-surface cleaning and self-diagnosis. This not only ensures comprehensive cleanliness solutions, but also minimizes the time you will have to invest in supervising the robot.

Aguabot 5.0 Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner is now available with a two-year warranty on Milagrow Humantech’s website –   – at a highly affordable cost of Rs 31,990/-. Moreover, to further ease consumer convenience, the company is also offering facilities such as Cash on Delivery (CoD), EMI payments and 30 day replacement guarantee on the product.

Milagrow has home demonstration facility available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Vadodara. Online Video demonstration facility is available all over all India  

Re-Skilling to Navigate Tech Imperatives of the Future; Nasscom HR

Focusing on need on reskilling to keep up with the rapid technologies, National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) kick-started the 13th edition of HR Summit 2016 at ITC Grand Chola, in Chennai. With the theme “Navigating Uncertain Waters” the summit aimed at providing a platform for participants across sectors to come together and discuss the different facets of how digital technologies are reshaping HR and the proactive role it will need to play while technology leads to new job avenues. On the sidelines of the summit, NASSCOM also showcased the findings of its report titled “Technology Shifts and Workforce Priorities”to highlight the changes in the ecosystem and how companies and employees need to evolve. 
The Indian IT – BPM industry currently employs 3.7 million employees, India continues to maintain its leadership in the global technology arena; with over 2 lakh net additions and 3.5 lakh digitally skilled employees. To continue this momentum of growth the report suggest that the industry will require 1.2 – 2 million employees to meet the revenue of USD 100 billion by 2025. Further the report iterates the five forces that are changing the world at an unprecedented pace and scale: Rise of emerging markets, ageing of the global population, power of disruptive technologiesintegrating world and return of (geo)-politics
The report also highlights the growth of digital technology over traditional technology from 5% to 38% over the next decade. Due to changing technology and skill sets in demand, there will be a gradual shift of the industry towards automation and around 5 to 10% of existing jobs may be automated in the next 10 years; significantly changing existing skills across job functions. While Technology will displace some jobs, it will also lead to creation of some new jobs – biotech, nanotech, smart technologies to name a few. The report estimates that 60-70% of the existing workforce will be need to be re-skilled in technology, domain, social and thinking.
Talking about key trends that are the driving the HR domain,  R Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOMsaid, “Domain specialization and greater need for soft skills have become the new patterns that we are witnessing throughout the sector. In this new world order, technology and automation have taken the center stage, and companies are deploying them at a rapid pace to enhance productivity. This trend will bring in a sea change in talent re-structuring and deployment, creating healthy competition and re-skilling opportunities.”
The IT – BPM industry is also witnessing a major shift in the working style as work cultures have become more flexible and updated performance evaluation techniques and incentives have increased talent stickiness in companies. Organizations are deploying internal social platforms for enhance their conversations with their employees, bringing in greater transparency in functioning. To keep pace with the new skills requirements, companies are heavily investing on training via e-learning including digital skills and just-in-time training.
NASSCOM also announced the annual rankings of Top 20 IT-BPM employers in India, for fiscal year 2015. Tata Consultancy Services is the largest employer, followed by Cognizant Technology Solutions at second position and Infosys at the third.

Tinder Social App Now Available in India, US, UK Among Other Markets

Tinder, a leading popular app for meeting new people, has announced the availability of Tinder Social in the United States, India, United Kingdom and other select markets. 
Tinder Social is a new feature that enables users to create groups, meet new people and plan activities together. Using Tinder Social, connections can be made in the same way they are in the real world: with groups of friends, sharing common interests and in-person experiences.
The feature was first test-launched in Australia, and Tinder found that users were looking for the same thing: a feature to help plan their night, get a crowd together, check out new places, try new things, hang with friends and make new connections. So far, Tinder users in Australia have organized pub crawls, attended concerts and more.

“Tinder Social is designed to make it as easy as possible to plan your night, get out into the real world and meet new people. The new feature takes the Tinder experience to a new level, offering our users more ways to expand their social circles and interact with potential matches,” said Sean Rad, CEO and co-founder of Tinder. “We believe it’s the ultimate tool for planning your next adventure.”

Reinforcing Tinder’s commitment to increased growth and user engagement in India, Taru Kapoor, Head – India for Tinder, said, “We’re excited to bring Tinder Social to India – this feature offers a simple, fun way for our users to continue seeking new experiences and forging meaningful connections.”

India is Tinder’s largest market in Asia and among the top 5 fastest growing markets globally.
How it works
After updating the app, Tinder users can choose to “unlock” Tinder Social to gain access to the feature. To get started, users can create a group by selecting 1-3 friends who have also chosen to opt-in. Once a group is formed, members can assign a status to their group, choosing from a variety of suggested activities like  “Going to a concert tonight,” “Girl’s night out,” “Comedy Night,” “Sunday Funday” or “Happy Hour, anyone?” Tinder users can toggle Tinder Social ON and OFF by accessing their settings in-app at anytime.
If a group member of both groups swipes right, it’s a match -- the groups combine and members can chat with each other until the conversation thread expires at noon the following day (in the time zone of the group creator). Users who would prefer not to be added to groups can opt out of Tinder Social through their settings and will not appear on their friends' lists.
Additional Details
     Users can only belong to one group at a time
     Any member in the group can add a group status that is visible to everyone in the group, everyone who comes across their group profile, and everyone they match with
     The person who creates a group can choose to ‘End Group’ – which expires the group
     A user may leave/un-match with a group at any time. If everyone leaves the group except its creator, the group expires
     A group match expires at noon the next day (or when the group is ended)

     Starting today, Tinder Social is available to Tinder users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Cairn India’s Chairman’s Speech at 10th Annual General Meeting Mumbai on July 21, 2016

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am delighted to welcome you all to the Tenth Annual General Meeting of your Company.

The oil and gas sector plays a pivotal role in global growth due to its strong economic linkages.
The oil and gas industry is navigating a tough phase. Excess oil supplies have taken the inventory levels to a historic high, even though strong oil demand has persisted.
The oil exporting economies have seen dwindling profits from oil production, even as the oil importing economies are benefiting from lower energy costs.
India, as one of the largest oil importers, witnessed lower trade and current account deficits, reduced inflation and lower subsidy bill.
India has shown remarkable resilience and remains progressive. As per IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook, India is a bright spot with strong growth and rising real incomes.

Cairn India for an energy secure nation
India’s crude oil import bill reduced from US$ 113 billion in FY 2015 to US$ 64 billion in FY 2016, a reduction of 43%.
It is important that as a country, we do not take this reduction for granted, because all projections indicate an increasing dependence on oil and gas imports. As per the IEA’s World Energy Outlook, by the year 2040, 91% of India’s demand for oil and 49% demand for gas would be met by imports. This high dependence would entail significant cost to the economy.
Thus, every effort should be made to enhance domestic hydrocarbon production.
In this context, it is heartening to see the government introduce various policy reforms, which will attract investments and encourage the domestic oil and gas sector.
We are confident that the government will continue this momentum and in the next phase of reforms, introduce policy measures to facilitate existing producers to increase domestic hydrocarbon production.
As the largest   private crude oil producer in India, your Company assumes a very significant and responsible role in reducing India’s import dependence.
Your Company operates over 27% of domestic crude oil production. During the year, Cairn India’s operations helped reduce India’s import bill by over Rs 21,000 Crore and its gross contribution to the government exchequer was over Rs 10,000 Crore.
With this larger context, let me now talk about your Company’s performance.
During the year, despite one of the lowest oil price scenario, your Company successfully delivered key projects. This will support medium and long term production. Your company continues to be in a strong position to growth further.

The Rajasthan block, a world class asset has significant national importance.  It has considerably helped reduce country’s crude oil imports.
Cairn India’s success, over the years, has been reinforced by innovative application of technology. This DNA has enabled early adoption of technology including Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Rajasthan field.

One of the world’s largest polymer flood projects at Mangala, continued to yield positive results. The project contributed an average of 14,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, during FY2016.
Excellent performance by Mangala EOR and encouraging upside from Aishwariya infill programme augur well for the Rajasthan block. I am happy to share that Mangala EOR performance reaffirms the potential of the Rajasthan block.
Our continued efforts have improved the viability of polymer flood in Bhagyam and Aishwariya as the development and operating cost per barrel is reduced by 25-30%. The Field Development Plan for Aishwariya EOR is proposed to be submitted in the current quarter and the revised FDP for Bhagyam EOR is expected to be submitted to our JV partner, in 1H 2017.
With a large exploration potential, Barmer Hill offers an excellent growth opportunity. Development of Aishwariya Barmer Hill is envisaged in stages, and production from    Stage 1 is expected to commence, in the current fiscal.
To finalise the development plan for Mangala Barmer Hill, Appraisal, Internal Studies and Field
Pilots are being carried out.

During the year, your Company commissioned the Salaya Bhogat Pipeline storage terminal & marine export facilities at Bhogat. This is a significant first step towards accessing larger market as it allows us to ship out crude oil from the Rajasthan Block to refineries, across the country.

A continual enhancement in productivity has been one of the key factors for the resilience of U.S. production during historic low oil prices.

I am happy to share that your company, in line with the current global practices, has also achieved notable improvements in productivity, which will aid future growth.

For example, the expected ultimate recovery from the Raageshwari Deep Gas field has been upgraded by over 25%. This was a result of successful application of hydro frac technology and better reservoir management. With this, your company successfully placed the largest frac in India.

India is gradually moving to a gas based economy, where-in, gas will play an increasingly important role, in the overall energy mix.

Your company is leveraging gas potential of the Rajasthan block, which is important for future growth. We envisage multiplying our gas production by four times, which will support resource maximization from the block.

Ravva and Cambay, our offshore blocks are excellent examples of innovative reservoir management and production optimisation practices. They are delivering best-in-class recovery that is far greater than the initial resource estimates.

Your company’s success, over the years, was achieved by focussing on adoption and innovative application of technologies. For example, EOR, Hydraulic Fracturing and state-of-the art seismic imaging are leading to enhanced hydrocarbon recovery. Together with greater focus on productivity, we are well placed to maximize the resource potential.

Adapting to new environment, leading to free cash flow and planned dividend
In the low oil price environment, our focus was to make the organisation adapt to a new way of working. This was achieved through a multi-pronged focus on optimising costs, building talent and capabilities from within, and keeping employees focussed on goals and priorities of the organisation.

This has enabled free cash flow generation of over US$ 637 million and a robust cash balance.
I am happy to share that despite a steep drop in crude oil prices, your company adhered to its stated dividend policy. The dividend pay-out amounts to 31.6% of Cairn India’s annual consolidated normalized net profit.

Health, Safety, Environment and Community Engagement
Your company is committed to sustainable development that involves integrating economic health, safety and environmental aspects into our business decisions.
Safety is non-negotiable at Cairn. Continuous drive to operate safely and responsibly, sets your company apart. This relentless focus has helped build an excellent safety record over the years. For instance, we have clocked more than 70 million LTI free man-hours, last year. We ensure a safe working environment for all, by upholding the highest international standards.
Your company’s focus on shared prosperity through empowerment and development enables us to forge a lasting relationship with the communities.
We continued our contribution to the social and economic progress in education, health, livelihood, water & sanitation.

Our strategic investments are aligned with country’s social goals, thereby enabling us to positively impact around one million people.
Our efforts to bring a holistic development of the local communities were recognised when your company received the CII-ITC Sustainability Award for ‘Excellence in CSR’. 

Your Company continues to work towards completion of merger with Vedanta. The merger would generate value for the shareholders and de-risk your company.
Your company will get access to Vedanta’s tier-one metal and mining assets, which are well-invested, low cost and have a long life.

The Path Ahead
Over the years, Cairn India has delivered through its targeted investments, consistent focus on efficiency, execution and reliability.

Thus, going forward, despite one of the toughest operating conditions and uncertain economic environment, your company is in a strong position to deliver on key projects.
We will continue to invest in our existing assets to increase production and maximize economic recovery.

I remain confident that your company will play a pivotal role in India’s quest for energy security.
The key enablers for our growth would be our strength in ‘execution’, technology along with a strong balance sheet.

Your company is well placed to expeditiously ramp up production and thus deliver enduring, sustainable shareholder value.

Now I would like thank Mayank Ashar for his commitment and contributions. I wish him every success in his future endeavours.

We greatly value the support of the Government of India, State governments, ONGC, joint venture and other business partners and local communities for their collaborative and enduring relationship.

Our world class talent pool is helping us achieve our business goals successfully. On behalf of the entire Board, I deeply appreciate all our employees for their resilience and continued support. 
I also take this opportunity to thank my Board colleagues for their valuable guidance and active support.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the employees of your company, I would like to thank YOU, our shareholders for your enduring support.

Texas Instruments Unveils Fastest Isolated Gate Driver for High-Voltage Applications

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the industry’s fastest 5.7-kVRMS isolated dual-channel gate driver, the first of a new gate-driver family in TI’s isolation portfolio. The UCC21520’s flexible, universal compatibility enables its use as an isolated driver in low-side, high-side, high-side/low-side or half-bridge power management designs. With its integrated components, advanced protection features and optimized switching performance, the UCC21520 enables designers to build smaller, more robust designs for enterprise, telecommunications, automotive and industrial applications.

Developed for high-voltage applications where system protection and reliability are critical, the UCC21520 provides reinforced isolation of 5.7 kVRMS and surge immunity tested up to 12.8 kV, along with common-mode transient immunity greater than 100 V/ns. By delivering the industry’s fastest propagation delay of 19 ns and the tightest channel-to-channel delay matching of less than 5 ns, the device enables high power density and efficiency, resulting in smaller solution size and reliable operation over end equipment lifetimes.

Key features and benefits of the UCC21520
·         Higher power density for smaller solutions: The 4-A source and 6-A sink current of the UCC21520 reduce switching losses via faster rise times of 6 ns and fall times of 7 ns for a 1.8-nF load in high-frequency switch-mode power applications.
·         Isolation robustness: With its surge protection that has been tested up to 12.8 kV and its noise immunity of greater than 100 V/ns, the new gate driver helps protect end equipment from conditions commonly found in data centers, factories and other high-voltage environments.
·         Flexibility: With a wide input voltage of 3 V to 18 V, programmable dead-time control, and dual channeling and paralleling of outputs, the UCC21520 gives designers a single, flexible device for multiple applications.
·         Low power consumption: The device’s standby power, as low as 1 mA per channel, helps increase energy efficiency.
Complete power management design to maximize system performance
Engineers can pair the UCC21520 isolated gate driver with a TI controller to optimize their system performance. Analog controllers include the UCC28950 for phase-shifted full bridge designs, the UCC25600 for resonant mode power supplies and the UCC28070 for power factor correction (PFC). TI digital power controllers include the UCD3138 and C2000 32-bit microcontroller.

Tools and support to speed design
TI offers a broad range of support tools for the UCC21520 to speed engineers’ time to market. Get started now using the UCC21520EVM-286 evaluation module and PSpice/SIMPLIS transient models. Review the block diagram, design files and bill of materials for the TI Designs Reference Design for Reinforced Isolation 3-Phase Inverter with Current, Voltage and Temp Protection (TIDA-00366).

Package, pricing and availability
The UCC21520 is now available in the TI store and through the company’s authorized distribution network. The isolated gate driver comes in a 16-pin plastic small outline (SOIC16) wide-body package and is priced at US$2.40 in 1,000 unit-quantities.

Pearson’s Project Literacy Lab - First Accelerator for Entrepreneurs Focused on Closing the Global Literacy Gap

Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, has partnered the Unreasonable Group to launch “Project Literacy Lab,” the world’s first accelerator for entrepreneurs dedicated to closing the global literacy gap by 2030. As a part of the inaugural program, Project Literacy Lab has identified 16 high-growth ventures, headquartered across five continents, which are working collaboratively on scaling their technologies and products to combat illiteracy worldwide.

After a rigorous evaluation of India-based learning models, two innovative Edupreneurs have been selected among the 16 promising ventures worldwide under the ‘Project Literacy Lab’ program – Bangalore-based ‘Guru-G’, the fastest growing mobile app for Indian teachers that’s already led to 86% improvement in student outcomes and Chennai-based ‘Karadi Path’, the language-learning curriculum reaching over 1,500 schools and 500,000 children across India. Pearson and Unreasonable Group will support these entrepreneurs by providing them world-class mentors, access to financing, and a global network of support.

“1.19 trillion US dollars is the cost of illiteracy to the world economy each year.” explains Jennifer Young, Director of Social Impact Programs at Pearson. Young explains that in fact, “Illiteracy is linked to just about every major sustainable development challenge. That is why Pearson, as the founder and convener of Project Literacy, is excited about our partnership with Unreasonable, a group that has a track record of helping entrepreneurs solve pressing global challenges.”

Some other global participating ventures include the world’s first customizable machine learning technology platform for one billion people around the world with disabilities (Livox, Brazil) and a company that decreases recidivism by providing the 2.25 million incarcerated adults in the United States with daily access to educational and vocational programming via tablets (Edovo, USA).

During the recently organized program, the entrepreneurs met up with 20 mentors and specialists including Emilie Colker, Vice President, Global Brand & Social Impact Strategy and Campaigns at Pearson, who is steering the Project Literacy initiative.  She further elaborates, “Today, there is a need to provide an impetus to entrepreneurs that are introducing innovative technologies & solutions to complex social issues.”

Guru-G Learning Labs is a teaching innovations company that is transforming the teaching-learning process globally through the world's first gamified platform for teaching & teacher training. Guru-G improves student outcomes by increasing teacher motivation and skills through an engaging mobile application that continuously mentors the teachers on the best ways to use new teaching methods & innovative practices in their classrooms such as guided lesson plans, 21st century practices and adaptation to different student moods etc. The platform works offline as well as in local languages.  Guru-G reaches to 350+ rural schools.

Karadi Path addresses the huge need to improve language learning across India, which is often the key to student progress, whether in higher education or the workplace. To accelerate learning, Karadi Path provides schools with a proprietary curriculum that includes multi-media materials and training designed to accelerate the acquisition of language skills. They use a highly impactful approach that mimics the processes of mother-tongue learning to help students learn English through actions, music and stories in an immersive environment. Founded in 2011, Karadi Path now operates in over 1,200 schools, both private and government-run, across 8 states, reaching over 200,000 students this school year. They have also trained over 6,000 teachers till date.

Adds Asheesh Sabarwal, Vice President - Marketing, Pearson India, “Enabling access to quality education is one of the key efforts that Pearson is driving globally and I am confident that firms like Guru-G and Karadi Path, with their innovative learning models, will contribute towards this shared vision.”

Jugnoo Expands its B2B Logistics Delivery Service; Launches Dodo Deliveries in Gurgaon

Scaling its B2B logistics unit, Dodo Deliveries, Jugnoo forays into Gurgaon. Optimally utilizing its well-established network of auto-rickshaw fleet, venturing into Gurgaon is a part of the company’s natural progression. Dodo Deliveries, an on-demand, hyper-local service, is creating a marketplace which is enabling vendors to deliver products to their customers when, where and how they want to while ensuring a seamless delivery experience. This is a dual concept that only adds to the myriad of services offered by Jugnoo, but also aids the local merchants and vendors to scale their businesses.
Talking about the potential of the Millennium city, Zorawer Singh, Head of Dodo Deliveries, said, “Gurgaon or Gurugram being a rapidly flourishing market and a corporate hub, offers a lot of potential for businesses in the B2B logistics segment. Considering the growing demand in the segment, we intend to fully utilize the existing auto-supply in the region with this launch. Even though there is a lot of existing competition in the city, we are confident that Dodo can create a niche for itself and provide great value proposition for businesses. We are not limiting our services to the food space and are serving a host of other vendors like hardware shops, grocery stores, pharmaceutical distributors, retail outlets, chemists, and even florists.
Businesses can start using Dodo's services by downloading the Dodo Deliveries App (available on Android and  iOS) and registering themselves.
Dodo has added two-wheelers and commercial vehicles to their fleet in Gurgaon, making it an omni-channel service through which vendors can customize their delivery experience.Jugnoo’s strong network of auto-rickshaws in Gurgaon currently does 5000 transactions a day in the region and therefore launching Dodo in the city is certainly a lucrative move.
Currently operational in Chandigarh-Tricity and Gurgaon, the services will soon beoperational in Noida, Indore, and Surat as well. Eventually, the service will be launched across all locations in India wherever Jugnoo is present.

Accenture & Tricentis to Bring Down Testing Automation to Enterprises Efforts by 50 Percent

Taking clients to the next level of automation with model-based testing, Accenture and Tricentis entered into an alliance relationship that integrates the Tricentis Tosca Testsuite into Accenture’s application testing services. This will help clients use intelligent testing across multiple platforms in order to launch new applications quickly and manage risk more easily.
Tricentis is a continuous testing company and market leader in agile software testing solutions for enterprises. Its integrated software testing solution, Tosca Testsuite, consists of a unique model-based test automation and test case design approach, encompassing risk-based testing, test data management, provisioning and service virtualization. This helps drive significant performance improvements to testing projects with automation rates that can reach over 90 percent1.

“Our approach to ecosystem innovation seeks to break the boundaries between service and tool providers, ensuring seamless collaboration so that clients can take advantage of end-to-end touchless test automation capabilities,” said Kishore Durg, managing director and global testing lead for Accenture. “This new alliance with Tricentis builds on our open testing ecosystem to bring the latest in testing automation, intelligent testing, touchless testing and digital testing to our clients.”

Accenture is incorporating the Tosca Testsuite into its touchless testing approach for enterprise applications, which seamlessly integrates the best capabilities from leading providers across the entire tool chain, beginning with requirements, to achieve end-to-end touchless test automation. Accenture has developed an industry-specific reusable testing repository comprising more than 75,000 test scenarios, scripts and conditions across 33 industries. Through a jointly developed add-in, these reusable test components can be easily imported into the Tricentis Tosca Testsuite. Combining Accenture’s deep industry vertical and testing acumen with Tricentis’ advanced model based testing experience, clients would be able to significantly accelerate their testing automation and drive down the test design effort.

For a European insurance client, Accenture used Tosca to drive innovation and agile automation across the delivery lifecycle. By providing unattended test execution for major business processes and establishing an organization-wide test factory, the insurer was able to increase productivity five-fold and reduce testing costs by over 40 percent.

“We’re pleased to expand our relationship with Accenture, which already has the most trained and certified Tosca resources in the world,” said Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis. “Working together, we can disrupt traditional testing methods to help our clients deliver a seamless DevOps experience and thrive in the digital era.”

Accenture’s certified Tosca consultants also bring deep industry and business process understanding to help clients achieve end to end automation, and leverage an expansive repository of 75,000 industry-specific test artifacts to further accelerate test design.

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