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7 Key Trends That Will Redefine SCM In 2023: Insights From o9 Solutions

o9 solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today shared key insights from its supply chain experts and leaders and highlighted 8 interesting trends that will redefine Supply Chain Management (SCM) in 2023.

Supply chains will become the strategic drivers of business

During the pandemic, companies who had been investing in their SCM were positioned to deal with change more rapidly. For example, a big-box retailer that started to build out their pickup services, their delivery services, etc.; so that when the world pivoted, stores were closed, people still wanted this retailer’s products, they already had all of that investment there. Companies that are building a future strategy would need to think of the criteria, indicators; and how this is a continued investment. The key is to not lock yourself into anything unless you are 100% sure that that is the direction you want to go.

Disruption can become a catalyst for supplier collaboration

One major impact that is being witnessed in the oil and gas industry is disruption in operations from raw material shortages and delays, and headwinds brought about by inflation increasing price of materials. Companies are getting to a point where they can’t handle additional demand and will cycle through their existing inventories. The other big area of impact is logistics, supply gets stuck at ports, and clearance and delivery take time due to a shortage of labor. There is also an increase in supplier collaboration. Service levels improve when there is a platform where suppliers can see the demand and can update their commits. In today’s constrained supply market, it’s even more critical to know what your suppliers are able and unable to support and then how best to allocate to high-priority demand.

Circularity could change business models

Circularity and supply chain transparency will be critical in the fashion industry, especially as EU regulations will mandate companies to provide details about their carbon footprint. As more consumers are becoming aware of sustainability and HR issues within the industry, purchasing trends may shift towards higher-quality products for those who can afford them or second-hand items. Retailers will also need to start shifting their business models to become more agile, increasing collaboration with their network to produce limited batches but faster to meet the ever-changing demand without compromising the product quality.

The industry challenge now is to move to more natural, environmentally sustainable fabrics. Circularity means a product needs to be more durable, as well as recyclable, reusable, recoverable, etc. In major markets such as Europe, consumers are looking for more durable, long-lasting products, because products that do have these characteristics become waste and go to landfill faster.  Brand manufacturers will likely need to engineer their business models to accommodate a lower turnover rate of higher-cost, more durable products on a year-over-year basis. This will characterize the transition to a sustainable, circular economy.

Product environmental footprinting will become more prevalent

Over the next three to five years, industries will have to incorporate true sustainability—not simply adhere to or comply with sustainability reporting standards.  Companies will have to transparently share metrics related to their decarbonization efforts or their use of non-sustainable materials in their product lines.  Historically, the product 'footprinting' exercise was both tedious and expensive. Typically, product life cycle studies included just a handful of products, and results were extrapolated to similar products. Currently, there's a lot of effort being devoted to making the product life cycle assessment process more automated and streamlined. The goal is to create templates allowing you to generate product environmental footprints efficiently, thereby increasing the throughput of the process without requiring highly specialized domain expertise.

The proliferation of data will change the scope and role of demand forecasting

The things you buy and use to the things that you say and do - all of this is going to become data. It's going to get bigger and bigger. Traditionally, companies had one stream of data, which was their sales, shipment, or invoice history. That single stream of history was used to indicate what you're likely to do next month and next year. Now you have access to 1,000 to 3,000 streams of external data. In five years, that will be 50,000 to 100,000.

Businesses know if they do not start (incorporating AI/ML) now, they are going to lose because they know that their competitors are doing it. It has become an essential activity. From a role standpoint, companies should have a demand analyst or a data scientist, an analytical resource who can work with the data and make the machine run.

Companies must understand what internal and external data drivers they need, where they come from, and, once you have the information, how to manage it so that it makes sense within the technology platform. So, it is a vast topic, but you can’t get machine learning to work without obtaining that data.

Supply sensing capabilities can help businesses navigate supply chain uncertainties

The CPG industry has experienced unprecedented disruptions since the beginning of Covid-19. Companies have been facing inflation (i.e., the Food Price Index rose 20% since 2020-21; source: BCG research), capacity constraints in logistics resulting in significant price increases (i.e., 61% cost increase for flatbed trucks since 2020-21; source: BCG research), changing consumer behavior (i.e., online shopping increased 40%; source:  NPD ), and raw material shortages never experienced before (futures prices for commodities such as wheat have reached the highest levels ever in March 2022, source: WSJ September 8th, 2022).

These challenges are not expected to improve in 2023 and beyond, and companies are facing a new normal of operating in a world of constant disruption. As a result, there is a continued need for companies to invest in new processes, organizational models, and new technologies to help manage supply chain complexities and costs, and potentially sense disruptors before they impact the supply chain. Organizations that anticipate and manage through disruptions will set themselves up as industry leaders.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to shape the workplace of the future

Speaking about how AI will continue to shape the workplace of the future, Igor Rikalo, President and COO at o9 Solutions says, “A key aspect of any technology, including AI, is that it should augment human capabilities by providing computational models, powered by relevant data, to enable fact-based and unbiased decision-making. We see increasing levels of automation permeate many jobs today, both in factories as well as in the headquarters offices of many companies. The outcome of this automation is that companies will have access to very granular data about employees, their productivity, and the ratio between value-added vs. non-value-added activities in their work patterns. At o9, we believe that creating a new technology-enabled management system is required to achieve high-performing organizations in any industry. For example, our Digital Brain platform allows enterprises not only to model their operational decision-making processes but also to model the organization and work processes necessary to run their business.

About o9 Solutions, Inc.

o9 Solutions is a leading AI-powered platform for integrated business planning and decision-making for the enterprise. Whether it is driving demand, aligning demand and supply, or optimizing commercial initiatives, any planning process can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions. Bringing together technology innovations—such as graph-based enterprise modeling, big data analytics, advanced algorithms for scenario planning, collaborative portals, easy-to-use interfaces, and cloud-based delivery—into one platform. For more information, visit

Delhi Transport Corporation Signs A Definitive Agreement With Tata Motors’ Subsidiary For Operating 1500 Electric Buses

Key Highlights:

·       Largest order to date for electric buses by Delhi Transport Corporation; part of the Grand Challenge by Convergence Energy Services Limited

·       This will cover supply, operations and maintenance of 1500 low-floor, 12-metre air-conditioned electric buses

·       Tata Starbus EV offers superior design and best-in-class features for comfortable travel

Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, today announced that Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has signed a definitive agreement with its fully owned subsidiary, TML CV Mobility Solutions Ltd. for operation of 1500 electric buses in the city of New Delhi. As part of the agreement, TML CV Mobility Solutions Ltd. will supply, operate and maintain 1500 units of 12-metre low-floor air-conditioned electric buses for a period 12 years. Tata Starbus EV is an indigenously developed vehicle with superior design and best-in-class features for sustainable and comfortable commute.

Commenting on the announcement, Ms. Shilpa Shinde, IAS, Managing Director, Delhi Transport Corporation said, “We are pleased to have signed an agreement for the largest order of 1500 electric buses in Delhi. This is a significant step towards embracing electric mobility in the capital city. The induction of zero-emission, noise-free buses will greatly help in improving the city’s air quality. The new buses will also immensely benefit the commuters with its ultra-modern features and comfortable seating.”

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Chairman, TML CV Mobility Solutions Limited said, “It is indeed a historic occasion for us as we sign a definitive agreement for the country’s largest electric bus order. Our relationship with DTC, which stands strong for over a decade, is based on the foundation of mutual trust and cooperation and this order will further strengthen it. We are confident that the electric buses will provide sustainable, safe and comfortable public transportation to the commuters of Delhi.”

Tata Motors’ state-of-the-art research and development facilities have steadily worked to engineer innovative mobility solutions powered by alternate fuel technology, including battery-electric, hybrid, CNG, LNG and Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. Till date, Tata Motors has supplied more than 730 electric buses across multiple cities in India, which have cumulatively clocked more than 55 million kilometres, with an uptime of over 95%.

About Tata Motors

Part of the USD 128 billion Tata group, Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM; BSE: 500570 and 570001; NSE: TATAMOTORS and TATAMTRDVR), a USD 37 billion organization, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups, trucks and buses, offering extensive range of integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions. With ‘Connecting Aspirations’ at the core of its brand promise, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and amongst the top three in the passenger vehicles market.

Tata Motors strives to bring new products that fire the imagination of GenNext customers, fueled by state of the art design and R&D centers located in India, UK, US, Italy and South Korea. With a focus on engineering and tech enabled automotive solutions catering to the future of mobility, the company’s innovation efforts are focused to develop pioneering technologies that are sustainable as well as suited to evolving aspirations of the market and the customers. The company is pioneering India's Electric Vehicle (EV) transition and driving the shift towards sustainable mobility solutions by preparing a tailor-made product strategy, leveraging the synergy between the Group companies and playing an active role liasoning with the Government in developing the policy framework.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor To Showcase “Sustainable Mobility Solutions For All” At Auto Expo 2023

* Concept to convey Toyota’s vision of “The Thrill & Joy of moving together”

* Displays to include diverse range of green technologies including electrified vehicles as well as SUVs

As the country gears up for the Auto Expo 2023, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) is all set to be a part the mega event with its advanced technology and product line-up based on the concept of “The Thrill & Joy of moving together”. The exciting and distinctive displays are divided into three zones namely the Technology Zone, Emotional Zone and Environment Zone representing the overall concept  and key sections of the stall.

On display at the Technology zone include a range of Self Charging Strong Hybrid Electric vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, Flexi Fuel Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicles representing wide range of green technology line- up. Also on display is the Hydrogen concept technology. The Emotional Zone showcases youth connect through a thrilling SUV line-up including modified vehicles to appeal to our younger customers and audience. The Environment Zone embodies TKM’s efforts to build a sustainable society through People, Process and Product thereby contributing immensely to the country’s sustainable initiatives.

Over the years, TKM has been focusing on making even better cars for the rapidly expanding Indian market. With recent launches of Urban Cruiser Hyryder and  Innova HyCross we are  redefining the paradigm and redrawing boundaries of technological and product excellence, while taking customer experience to a new high  like never before.

Confirming participation at the Auto Expo 2023, Mr. Atul Sood, Associate Vice President, Sales, and Strategic Marketing, TKM said, “At Toyota, we are working towards bringing models which are environment friendly and based on customer feedback. With over two million happy customers, our focus in India continues to be the introduction of technologically advanced products that are safer and greener. Achieving carbon neutrality has been one of our biggest challenges and the fight against carbon will require multiple technology pathways and our latest offerings are another step in that direction.

In addition, through this event, TKM aims to showcase our holistic approach to reduce carbon through an array of advanced products, technologies and sustainable plant initiatives which are exciting to all our stakeholders. We are confident that our  unique range of exhibits will further strengthen our bond with customers thus enabling the creation of lasting and valuable associations.”

Currently, Toyota is focusing on embracing the shift towards sustainable mobility by bringing practical solutions, that best meets the customer needs and energy mix of the country towards achieving the national objectives of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”, “Mass Electrification” and “Carbon Neutrality”.

Friday, December 23, 2022

SIDBI Unveils Its First Platinum-Rated Green Building In Mysore

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has inaugurated its first green-rated building in Mysore, as part of its ambitious goal of achieving facility-level carbon neutrality commitment by 2024. Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann, CMD, SIDBI along with other officials inaugurated the platinum-rated Mysore Branch office awarded by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Mr. Ramann stated that SIDBI is taking pioneer steps in India to turn the Indian banking sector green and has also decided to reduce its carbon footprint in a phased manner and eventually become carbon neutral by December 2024 to lead by example. He further informed that SIDBI endeavors to position itself as the green bank of India attending to the green financing and non-financing needs of the MSME ecosystem. This includes direct and resources support to institutions focused on the green theme. SIDBI has already launched project GRiT for the sustainable emergence of artisan clusters. On the thought leadership front, SIDBI has set up GIFS and launched BEE Unnatee tool easing decisions by MSMEs to go green and also standardize energy audits.

IGBC is an associate of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) through its Green Interior Rating Program awards green certification based on eco-design approach, water conservation, energy efficiency, interior materials, indoor environment, and innovations in interior design. The certification is awarded under four broad categories such as (i) Certified – Best Practices, (ii) Silver – Outstanding performance, (iii) Gold – National excellence, and (iv) Platinum – Global Leadership. Out of the 4 levels of certification, the Platinum level is the top-grade rating.

Speaking on the occasion Shri K S Venkatagiri, ED, IGBC congratulated SIDBI for taking a lead in promoting the ESG goals. He also stated that they would want to have greater association going forward to ensure that together we contribute to the environment and reduction in carbon footprints.

The occasion was also graced by Shri Rajendra K V, DC, Mysuru who also appreciated the steps taken by SIDBI. He hoped that as anchor promoters of MSME ecosystem sidbi lead shall make others to follow and mainstream this greening strategy.

SIDBI has positioned itself as a Principal Financial Institution in the Green Finance Market of the country. The bank has been proactively pursuing a green investment portfolio in the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) lending in areas of energy efficiency, low carbon, and green financing projects across the MSMEs since 2005. Through its various Green Financing products and other developmental activities, SIDBI enables the manufacturers and service providers in the MSME sector to adopt green energy efficient technologies leading to a positive impact on the environment and sustainability. SIDBI has taken a number of proactive green measures recently including its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, in line with the Government of India’s ambitious climate ambitions and actions. The Bank has also constituted a Board level committee on Sustainable Development Goals to oversee its green initiatives.

About SIDBI:

Since its formation in 1990, SIDBI has been touching lives of citizens across various strata of the society through its integrated, innovative and inclusive approach. Be it traditional, domestic small entrepreneurs, bottom-of-the-pyramid entrepreneurs, to high-end knowledge-based entrepreneurs, SIDBI has directly or indirectly impacted the lives of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) through various credit and developmental measures.

For more information, visit: 

ASUS Strengthens Pan India Retail Strategy With The Launch Of Exclusive Store In Hubli

As a step towards strengthening the brand’s retail footprint across the country, ASUS India, Taiwanese tech giant launched an exclusive store in Hubli. The store is set to host an extensive range of electronics and computer hardware, including the ASUS flagship products such as VivoBook, ZenBook, Zenbook-Flip, desktops, and Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptops. Located at the heart of the city, the new exclusive premium store is spread across 400 sq. ft.

Talking about the expansion, Arnold Su, Business Head, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group, ASUS India, said, “We are delighted to announce the expansion of our retail footprint in India. Karnataka being an important market for us, the inauguration of the new brand store in Hubli will play a pivotal step towards empowering consumers across different regions of the country with a unique experience of our latest innovation. With a strategic retail expansion approach, we will continue to create more interaction and new touchpoints for our users.”

The new outlet takes the mark of the brand’s new retail store in Hubli and total 17 stores across state. The store features innovative demo zones to offer a premium experience and service to the consumers. They will create an interactive journey for the consumers by providing them with a first-hand feel of some of the most advanced and brand’s latest gaming and lifestyle products, ranging across PCs, desktops, and a wide range of accessories.

Address of the retail stores: F6, Urban Oasis Mall, Gokul Road, Hubli, Pin Code - 580030

About ASUS

ASUS is a multinational company known for the world’s best motherboards, PCs, monitors, graphics cards and routers. Along with an expanding range of superior gaming, content-creation and AIoT solutions, ASUS leads the industry through cutting-edge design and innovations made to create the most ubiquitous, intelligent, heartfelt and joyful smart life for everyone. With a global workforce that includes more than 5,000 R&D professionals, ASUS is driven to become the world’s most admired innovative leading technology enterprise. Inspired by the In Search of Incredible brand spirit, ASUS won more than 11 awards every day in 2019 and ranks as one of Forbes’ World’s Best Regarded Companies and Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies. 

Xiaomi India And YouWeCan Foundation Come Together To Fund Education For 200 Cancer Warriors

Xiaomi, India’s No.1 Smartphone and Smart TV brand, today announced its partnership with the YouWeCan Foundation to contribute towards education for 200 cancer warriors as a part of its #ShikshaHarHaath initiative. The partnership reiterates Xiaomi India’s commitment to giving back to society and empowering future generations with the life-changing gift of education.

Education has always been a facilitator of innovation and growth and with Shiksha Har Haath Xiaomi India aims to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of today's youth i.e. future of tomorrow. As part of the initiative, Xiaomi India has launched Mi Scholarship to support the dreams of these cancer warriors and help them achieve excellence in their educational journey.

Commenting on the partnership, Muralikrishnan B, President, Xiaomi India said, “The #ShikshaHarHaath initiative is aimed to bolster the nation's educational development agenda and enable the future creators and innovators. Through our partnership with YouWeCan Foundation, we are committed to equipping and nurturing the students to access the world of possibilities and charter a bright future for themselves. We are optimistic that this small step from Xiaomi India and YouWeCan foundation will encourage and help them shape their career trajectory in a positive direction.”

Yuvraj Singh, Founder at YouWeCan Foundation said, “We are thankful for Xiaomi India’s support in helping us extend this initiative to form the future of these cancer warriors. With this partnership, both organizations are committing to support the needy with a focus on providing them with access to education and empowering them to nurture their dreams.”

Video Message from Mr. Muralikrishnan B, Presindent at Xiaomi India and Yuvraj Singh, Founder at YouWeCan – Video Message

The Xiaomi #ShikshaHarHaath initiative aims to create young leaders of tomorrow by giving underprivileged students across the country access to the benefits of education. The goal is to enable the students and help them achieve their dreams.

About Xiaomi Corporation

Xiaomi Corporation was founded in April 2010 and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018 (1810.HK). Xiaomi is a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core. Embracing our vision of “Make friends with users and be the coolest company in the users’ hearts”, Xiaomi continuously pursues innovations, high-quality user experience and operational efficiency. The Group relentlessly builds amazing products with honest prices to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology. Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone companies. According to Canalys, the Group’s market share in terms of smartphone shipments ranked No. 3 globally in the third quarter of 2022. The Group has also established the world’s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform, with 558 million smart devices connected to its platform as of September 30, 2022, excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops. Xiaomi products are present in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In August 2022, the Group made the Fortune Global 500 list for the fourth time, ranking #266, up 72 places compared to 2021. Xiaomi is a constituent of the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, Hang Seng TECH Index and Hang Seng China 50 Index.

Xiaomi India is the number 1 smartphone player since Q3 2017 IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report.

Xiaomi India is the number 1 Smart TV brand since Q2 2018 IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tracker.

For more information about the company, visit

Airtel 5G Plus Services Now Live On 5G Smartphones In Pune

* Promises to offer massive speeds, best voice experience, will work on all 5G smart phones and be kinder to the environment

* No SIM change needed; existing Airtel 4G SIM is 5G enabled

* Existing data plans will work on 5G until roll-out is complete

* Airtel 5G Plus now works on all Android and Apple supported 5G devices

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s leading telecommunications services provider today announced the launch of its cutting edge 5G services in Pune.  

Airtel 5G Plus services will be available to customers in a phased manner as the company continues to construct its network and complete the roll out. Customers with 5G enabled devices will enjoy high speed Airtel 5G Plus network at no extra cost until the roll out is more widespread. Currently operational at Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Baner, Hinjewadi, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Kharadi, Model Colony, Swargate, Pimpri-Chinchwad and few other select locations. Airtel will augment its network making its services available across the city in due course of time.

Commenting on the launch, George Mathen, CEO, Bharti Airtel, Maharashtra and Goa said, “I am thrilled to announce the launch of Airtel 5G Plus in Pune. Airtel customers can now experience ultrafast network and enjoy speeds upto 20-30 times faster than the current 4G speeds. We are in the process of lighting up the entire city which will allow customers to enjoy superfast access to High-definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading of photos and more.”

Airtel 5G Plus will bolster the entire portfolio of services that Airtel offers. In addition, it will allow superfast access to High Definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading of photos and more. With this launch, India will get a fillip to economic growth as Airtel 5G Plus revolutionizes education, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, mobility and logistics.

In the last one year, Airtel has demonstrated the power of 5G with a host of powerful use cases that will change the way we lead our lives and do business. From India’s first live 5G network in Hyderabad to India’s first 5G powered hologram to India’s first recreation of a game changing world cup match played at a time when there was no TV coverage to India’s first 5G connected ambulance to India’s first private 5G network with Bosch for boosting manufacturing productivity, Airtel has been at the forefront of 5G innovation.

About Bharti Airtel Limited

Headquartered in India, Airtel is a global communications solutions provider with over 500 Mn customers in 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. The company ranks amongst the top three mobile operators globally and its networks cover over two billion people. Airtel is India’s largest integrated communications solutions provider and the second largest mobile operator in Africa. Airtel’s retail portfolio includes high speed 4G/5G mobile broadband, Airtel Xstream Fiber that promises speeds up to 1 Gbps with convergence across linear and on-demand entertainment, streaming services spanning music and video, digital payments and financial services. For enterprise customers, Airtel offers a gamut of solutions that includes secure connectivity, cloud and data centre services, cyber security, IoT, Ad Tech and CPaaS (Airtel IQ). For more details visit

First Advantage Releases Q32022 India Employment Screening Trends Report

* Manufacturing Sector Shows Major Discrepancy Trends in Q3-22.

First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ: FA), a leading global provider of HR technology solutions for screening, verifications, safety, and compliance, announced the publication of its India Employment Screening Trends Report. The 35-page document is a compilation of anonymized data and analytics from the Company’s background screenings performed for its customers in the Indian market in Q2-22.

In Q3-22, industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharma, Education, and Retail showed substantially greater discrepancy percentages than the overall average of 10.8%.

Other notable findings include:

·         Discrepancy percentage in the Manufacturing sector increased from 7.5 % in Q2-22 to 9.51 % in Q3-22.

·         Out of every 100 education checks verified in the BFSI sector, 15 were discrepant in Q3-22.

·         For Employment Verifications: IT, Manufacturing, and FMCG sectors have shown a higher inclination towards alternative modes of verification.

·         In Q3-22 sectors like IT, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Staffing are accepting a higher percentage of alternative modes for conducting address verifications.

“Since businesses are pursuing a variety of expansion strategies, organizations all around the globe have chosen digital transformations to increase the agility and speed of their operational processes.Businesses are looking beyond macro trends like managing company risk and assuring compliance in the recruiting process and focusing on micro-trends.,” Amit Singh, Head of Commercial at First Advantage said.

Further, he continued, “the importance of background verification, therefore, stands more pertinent than before in the light of the current market conditions where several large organizations have made employee KYC mandatory for hiring.”

About First Advantage:

First Advantage (NASDAQ: FA) is a leading global provider of HR technology solutions for screening, verifications, safety, and compliance. The Company delivers innovative solutions and insights that help customers manage risk and hire the best talent. Enabled by its proprietary technology, First Advantage’s products and solutions help companies protect their brands and provide safer environments for their customers and their most important resources: employees, contractors, contingent workers, tenants, and drivers. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, First Advantage performs screens in over 200 countries and territories on behalf of its more than 33,000 customers. For more information about First Advantage, visit the company’s website at 

GRG-ELGi Digital Innovation Dojo Felicitates First Batch of Young Women Students

Elgi Equipments Limited (BSE: 522074 NSE: ELGIEQUIP), one of the world's leading air-compressor manufacturers, along with PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, felicitated the first batch of thirty-two girl students who completed their three months internship at GRG-ELGi Digital Innovation Dojo at the valedictory ceremony held at Chandra Seminar Hall, PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore.

The event was presided over by Anvar Jay Varadaraj, Executive Director, Elgi Equipments Limited, in the presence of Dr. R. Nandini, Chairperson of the GRG Institutions. The students have worked on various projects across functions at ELGi, using the agile scrum framework. 

About ELGi: Elgi Equipments Limited is a global air compressor manufacturer with a broad line of innovative and technologically superior compressed air systems. ELGi has consistently ensured that its customers achieve their productivity goals while keeping the cost of ownership low. ELGi offers a complete range of compressed air solutions, from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors, and centrifugal compressors to dryers, filters, and downstream accessories. The company's portfolio of over 400 products has wide applications across industries. For further information on the organisation and its products, visit

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Deliveries For The New Range Rover Sport Begin In Indian Market

* Dynamic Luxury: The New Range Rover Sport combines dramatic modernity and distinctive character with enhanced levels of sophistication

* Pioneering drive: Dynamic Air Suspension with switchable volume air springs and twin-valve active dampers provide new levels of agility, control and composure

* Improved row 2 package: The New Range Rover Sport offers 21 mm of added leg room in row 2 along with front passenger seat away feature further enhancing rear seat comfort

* Seamless connectivity: 33.27 cm (13.1) floating Pivi Pro haptic touchscreen is complemented by 34.80 cm (13.7) Interactive Driver Display

* Powertrains: Available in 3.0 l diesel and 3.0 l petrol engines that deliver impressive performance coupled with outstanding refinement and efficiency

* Configure yours: The New Range Rover Sport is available to order with prices starting from ?164.29 Lakh, ex-showroom India, and can be configured by visiting

Jaguar Land Rover India today announced that it has begun deliveries of the all-New Range Rover Sport. The New Range Rover Sport is available with a 3.0 l diesel engine, delivering power of 258 kW and torque of 700 Nm and a 3.0 l petrol engine, delivering power of 294 kW and torque of 550 Nm. The New Range Rover Sport is available in Dynamic SE, Dynamic HSE and Autobiography specifications, with a First Edition available throughout the first year of production.

Rohit Suri, President and Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India, said: “The New Range Rover Sport builds on seventeen years of unparalleled sporting luxury by offering newer levels of sophistication and refinement to our highly discerning clients. The third-generation model is the most desirable, advanced and dynamically capable yet.”

Assertive, confident and muscular, the New Range Rover Sport delivers unparalleled road presence through its short overhangs, large wheels and unmistakable, dramatic profile. Range Rover Sport is built on the state-of-the-art MLA-Flex platform, which enables next-level capability, performance and handling, as well as greater efficiency.

Dynamic Air Suspension delivers unprecedented refinement while elements like Pre-emptive Air Suspension, Electronic Active Differential with Torque Vectoring by Braking and Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control, collectively increase all-round capability.

The interior of the New Range Rover Sport is modernist, reductive and sophisticated, creating an impression of lightness, strength and space. With additional space, seamlessly integrated and intuitive technology, plus intelligent connectivity, occupants enjoy exceptional levels of comfort, style and wellbeing. High-performance visibility is guaranteed with the new Digital LED Headlights featuring Adaptive Front Lighting, while new Low Speed Manoeuvring Lights provide ultimate convenience.

The award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment features a high resolution floating 33.27 cm (13.1) haptic touchscreen positioned at the centre of the modernist dashboard. Controlling everything from navigation to media and vehicle settings, it learns the user’s habits and intelligently personalises the onboard experience, becoming a truly intuitive personal assistant. Next-generation Cabin Air Purification Pro is available to create and maintain the perfect driving environment and ensures well-being of everyone on board.

For more details, visit

Jaguar Land Rover Retailer Network in India

Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are available in India in 21 cities, through 25 authorized outlets in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru (3), Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai (2), Coimbatore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Karnal, Lucknow, Mumbai (2), Noida, Pune, Raipur, Surat and Vijayawada.

Tata Motors Signs An MoU With Everest Fleet Private Limited For Delivering 5000 XPRES-T EVs

~As a part of this contract, 100 cars were handed over to the company for its cab services~

Keeping the vision of a clean & green environment alive, Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer and the pioneer of the EV evolution in India, today signed an MoU with Everest Fleet Private Limited for the delivery of 5000 XPRES-T EVs. Moving forward in its journey towards accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation, the company handed over 100 cars today, to mark this celebration.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ramesh Dorairajan, Senior General Manager, Network Management and EV Sales, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle Ltd. said, “We are delighted to associate with Everest Fleet Private Limited for the deployment of 5000 XPRES-T EVs electric sedans in their fleet. With enhanced safety, fast charging solution, a premium interior theme, and dynamic performance at an affordable price, the XPRES-T EV has created a new benchmark in India’s EV fleet segment with a market share of more than 90%. Through such partnerships, we are successfully moving towards enhancing EV adoption in India, thereby helping the country #EvolveToElectric.”

According to Mr. Siddharth Ladsariya, Founder, Everest Fleet Private Limited, “Everest Fleet is a purpose-led organisation with a deep focus on sustainable mobility solutions. At Everest Fleet, we are paving the way for a better India, one kilometer at a time. Time has come to now take our 100% CNG cars' fleet towards a greener and cleaner alternative - Electric Vehicle. We are really looking forward for this EV journey together with Tata Motors as a strategic partner.”

In July 2021, Tata Motors launched the ‘XPRES’ brand exclusively for fleet customers, and the XPRES-T EV is the first vehicle under this brand. The new XPRES-T electric sedan comes with 2 range options – 213km and 165km (ARAI certified range under test conditions). It packs a high energy density battery of 21.5 kWh and 16.5 kWh and be charged from 0- 80% in 90 mins and 110 mins, respectively, using fast charging or can also be normally charged from any 15 A plug point, which is easily available and convenient. It comes with zero tail-pipe emission, single speed automatic transmission, dual airbags, and ABS with EBD as standard across variants. The premium black theme interior with standard automatic climate control and Electric Blue accents across its interior and exterior will give it a differentiated presence from other Tata cars.

Tata Motors has been revolutionizing the Indian automotive market with its pioneering efforts and is leading the e-mobility wave in India with a commanding market share of 87% in FY’22 and over 50,000 Tata EVs rolled out from the plant to date in the personal and fleet segment. Furthermore, in an effort to make EVs even more accessible to all, Tata Motors is closely working with other Tata Group companies including Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, Tata Auto Components, Tata Motors Finance, and Croma, to contribute to the faster adoption of EVs in India through its EV ecosystem called the ‘Tata uniEVerse’.

For more information on the product, visit –

Bangalore Among Top 3 India Cities With Highest Crypto Adoption

India’s Portfolio 2022, an annual investor report by CoinSwitch, also show Bitcoin, the largest crypto asset by market capitalization, continue to be the most popular coin for retail investors in 2022.

Bangalore among top 3 India cities with the highest crypto adoption in India, measured in terms of value invested, an annual investor report by CoinSwitch, India’s largest crypto investing platform with over 19 million registered users.

The report, India’s Portfolio 2022, published on Wednesday, analyses the actual investing patterns of India’s crypto users, providing an insight into how the country responded to a year of rising inflation, market downturns, and landmark events such as the Ethereum Merge, the company said.

Highlights from India’s Portfolio 2022:

* Metros with the highest crypto adoption: Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad

* Tier-2 cities with the highest crypto adoption: Jaipur, Lucknow, Pune

* Coins that India holds the most: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum

* Share of women crypto investors in India: 7%

“2022 has had its share of economic, geopolitical, and market difficulties. It is important to understand how India’s investors responded to the changed circumstances. Did they diversify their portfolio? Were they reactive? India’s Portfolio 2022 provides a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of the investing patterns India followed in the year,” said Ashish Singhal, CEO and Co-Founder, CoinSwitch.

A unique insight from the report was that investing patterns followed by men and women were largely similar in India, though at 7%, women represent a small albeit growing pie of India’s crypto investors.

“At CoinSwitch, our mission is to make money equal for all—to give every Indian an equal opportunity to invest and create wealth. That India’s men and women follow broadly the same investing pattern shows we are on the right path: There is no information asymmetry; access to knowledge and tools to make wise investment decisions are equal for everyone on CoinSwitch,” Singhal added.

CRE8 or Crypto Rupee Index (CRE8) is India’s first benchmark index to measure the performance of the Indian Rupee-based crypto market. CRE8 comprises the top eight crypto assets with over 85% of the total market capitalization, and includes bitcoin and Ethereum. Decentralized Finance or DeFi utility tokens include Maker (MKR) and Sushi (SUSHI). Metaverse coins include Decentraland (MANA) and Axie Infinity (AXS). Ethereum Alternatives are Cardano (ADA), Cosmos (ATOM), Solana (SOL), among others. Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are Meme coins.

About CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is on a mission to Make Money Equal for All. India’s largest Crypto investing app and a Great Place to Work®, CoinSwitch is creating an ecosystem that simplifies Crypto and is trusted by over 19 million registered users. Founded in 2017 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar Tiwari, and backed by blue-chip investors including Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, Paradigm, and Coinbase Ventures, the company is evolving into a wealth-tech destination for every Indian. For more information, visit:

Blackberrys, India’s Leading Premium Menswear Brand Enters Nepal

Nepal:Blackberrys - India’s Leading Menswear Brand with a legacy of 30+ years of existence in partnering Men in their success journey, is now all set to enter the Nepal market.  Blackberrys held a grand opening press conference announcing the launch of two new stores Durbarmarg and Civil Mall  . The event marked the celebration of this special moment and was honoured by the presence of the Corporate Icon of Nepal, Anil Keshary Shah

Spread across 2000 sqft and 2700 sqft, both stores offer a wide assortment of Blackberrys range across suits, jackets, formalwear, casual wear, ethnic wear, footwear, accessories and much more.

The event also saw the unveiling of the season’s new arrivals for every occasion and to celebrate new beginnings. The new stores will showcase Blackberrys newest range of wedding collection, which is tailored to make men look impeccable and leave a lasting impression on their special days.  The exclusive range of suits, tuxedos, blazers, and ethnic wear is the perfect blend of sophistication and modernity. With a wide range of colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from, we have something for everyone – whether you're an ethnic wear enthusiast or a western lover. From two-piece and three-piece suits to bandhgalas and jackets, the range has something for every occasion.

From formal wear like trousers, suits, jackets and blazers, the brand also offers semi-formal and casualwear offerings such as khakis, shirts, denim, T-shirts and innerwear, and even shoes and accessories.  The store also offers Brand’s newest category, Tech-Pro, an all-new range which offers unrestricted movement that keeps men effortlessly stylish and comfortable through its stretchability, smarty dry and wrinkle resistant features

With the launch of its two stores in Nepal, Blackberrys is poised to become one of the leading Menswear brands in the country.

Speaking about the occasion, Mr. Nitin Mohan, Co-founder & Director – Blackberrys said, “We are excited to announce the launch of our new stores in Nepal. Blackberrys is committed to partnering Men to be loved by all and our new stores will truly enable this journey to make men look sharp & confident. Our consumers’ consider us as their ‘fit-experts’ as our products offer the perfect fit which have been loved for over three decades in India. Also, our customer-centric approach, unparalleled store experience make us unique and we are confident that our new stores will provide Nepal with world-class products and experience”.

The expansion into Nepal is a natural extension of Blackberrys' growth strategy. With two strong store openings in key locations, Blackberrys is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the growing menswear market in Nepal.

About Blackberrys

It has been 30 years since the brand's humble beginnings in the narrow streets of ChandniChowk, Delhi - 6. Since then, Blackberrys has risen by leaps and bounds to successfully redefine men's fashion.

The brand has adapted, evolved and innovated with the times to provide the best wardrobe choice for Men. Blackberrys identity ‘ the rising firebird’ symbolizes its role as the catalyst for success, fitting perfectly into the role of every man's partner in rising, as he sprints towards his ambitions with a burning desire to keep winning. The brand encourages its customers to celebrate new beginnings, break new grounds and stretch their wings along with the new tagline "Keep Rising".

With its deep understanding of modern Men, the brand promises to enable its consumer in writing his unique success story while keeping his look immaculately sharp and stylish. From formal wear like trousers, suits, jackets and blazers, the brand later added semi-formal and casual offerings such as khakis, shirts, denim, T-shirts and innerwear, and even shoes and accessories.


Mr. Mohan hails from a family with a proud history of over 130 years in the clothing industry and is connected with Sri Ram & Sons. Growing up around various kinds of fabrics piqued his interest in exploring the world of garments. An alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi, Mohan specialised in Garment & Textile Manufacturing.

In 1991, Nitin Mohan co-founded Blackberrys, India's leading men's fashion brand, along with his brother Mr. Nikhil Mohan. Today, more than 30 years after its inception, Blackberrys is set to rewrite the Menswear fashion industry in Nepal.

One of the reasons for its rising success is that he believes in delivering product excellence and to actualize that belief, he actively drives the operation strategy of the brand - right from the crafting of the product, to designing strategy, to ensuring smooth supply chain management. His active involvement is the reason the brand could progress from wholesale to retail, and finally, to the leading men's fashion brand it is today. The measure of his success is realized in his roles as an entrepreneur and a visionary. The Mohan brothers are committed to giving back through the multiple centres they have established under the Mohan Clothing Pvt. Ltd. roof, including NayiUmang in association with Sakshi -NGO, Pardada - Pardadi Educational Society. He is an avid traveller who loves spending time outdoors and is passionate about biking

5G In Healthcare: Airtel, Apollo Hospitals, AWS Carry Out India’s First 5G Driven, Artificial Intelligence Guided Colonoscopy Trial

Bharti Airtel, India’s premier communications solutions provider and Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s foremost trusted integrated healthcare group today announced that they have carried out India’s first 5G driven, Artificial Intelligence (AI) guided Colonoscopy trial.

The trial was conducted using AI on Airtel’s 5G technology with ultra-low latency and high processing capabilities as a result of which the colon cancer got detected much faster and with greater accuracy. HealthNet Global, AWS and Avesha are the other three companies that collaborated in this trial.

As a result of AI guided colonoscopy procedure, the image processing happened in real time without any lag even when the physician moved the scope through the colon for it to be overlaid on top of the right element of the colon. The advent of this technology enables an “extra pair of eyes” for physicians and improves the detection rate of polyps, thus saving lives and vastly improving patient care. The data was processed by Avesha edge inferencing applications on AWS platforms on a real time resulting in much faster analysis. AI assisted Colonoscopy Polyp Detection trial will help doctors to improve quality of patient care, improve accuracy of detection rates by capturing information correctly and reducing errors. 5G, Edge computing and Artificial Intelligence can significantly improve patient outcomes by assisting in proper and timely diagnoses.

As per current protocol, colon cancer is detected through colonoscopy procedure which is manual and requires great attention and time from medical practitioners for accurate detection. Currently, the procedure is performed using a device comprising of flexible tube with light, camera and tools at one end, which are used to extract samples to identify an infected polyp. Not only is the procedure long, its discomforting for patients and for the doctors and nurses who perform the procedure which takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

Speaking about the trial, Ajay Chitkara, CEO and Director, Airtel Business said “Ultra-fast, low latency 5G networks will transform the Healthcare sector in the country. At Airtel, we are geared up to lead this transformation and have demonstrated this by conducting India’s first colonoscopy trials. Healthcare is one of the most promising use cases for 5G, and we are delighted to collaborate Apollo Hospitals, AWS, HealthNet Global and Avesha. This is just the beginning, and I am certain we will bring many more innovative use cases that will help redefine healthcare in the country."

“By augmenting doctor's ability to detect, AI has been proved to improve physician’s accuracy. Early detection and removal of polyps can easily avoid them becoming cancerous. Apollo has always been a fore runner in adoption of technology. Our patient centric approach keeps us on an outlook for technologies which can make outcomes better.” said Dr. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group.

Vaishali Kasture, Head - Enterprise, Mid-Market & Global Businesses, India & South Asia – AWS India (Amazon Web Services India P Ltd) said “5G and edge technologies offer high speed and real-time data analysis that can help transform the delivery of healthcare. AI inference provides better insight and information to healthcare professionals to predict, diagnose, and treat patients more effectively. We are delighted to collaborate with Airtel and Apollo hospitals to bring AI-powered solutions with an aim to improve patient experience and healthcare service quality.”

Colonoscopy procedures for early detection and prevention of cancers is being advised for all men and women above 45 years of age. In India, where the target population is large in terms of numbers, solutions built on 5G and AI are key to assist doctors to bring quality care to the maximum population

About Bharti Airtel: Headquartered in India, Airtel is a global communications solutions provider with over 500 Mn customers in 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. The company ranks amongst the top three mobile operators globally and its networks cover over two billion people. Airtel is India’s largest integrated communications solutions provider and the second largest mobile operator in Africa. Airtel’s retail portfolio includes high speed 4G/5G mobile broadband, Airtel Xstream Fiber that promises speeds up to 1 Gbps with convergence across linear and on-demand entertainment, streaming services spanning music and video, digital payments and financial services. For enterprise customers, Airtel offers a gamut of solutions that includes secure connectivity, cloud and data centre services, cyber security, IoT, Ad Tech and CPaaS (Airtel IQ).

For more details visit

About Apollo Hospitals: Apollo revolutionized healthcare when Dr Prathap Reddy opened our first hospital in Chennai in 1983. Today Apollo is the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare platform serving over 200 million patients through 10,000 beds across 71 hospitals, 5,000 pharmacies and over 400 clinics and diagnostic centers as well as 150 telemedicine centers. It is the world’s leading cardiac center with over 160,000 surgeries and the world’s largest private cancer care provider. Apollo continues to invest in research to bring the most cutting-edge technologies, equipment and treatment protocols to ensure our patients have the best available care in the world. Our 100,000 employees are dedicated to bringing you the best care on earth and leaving the world better than we found it. 

Mr.Milkman By EverAg Reports An Increment of 12% In Its Milk Throughput This Year Compared To 2021

-       Among its top-selling value-added products are bread and buttermilk at 125% and 135% and coconut water at 300%

Mr.Milkman by EverAg, India’s leading SaaS platform empowering 125+ dairy players and milk brands with customer subscriptions and deliveries, has reported an increment of 12% in its milk throughput in 2022 compared to 2021. Last year, from January to December, the company facilitated the sale of milk worth INR117 Crores through its platform while, this year till December, they will be touching INR 130 crores.

Apart from milk, the top-selling value-added products for their clients have been bread and buttermilk, followed by ghee, dahi (yogurt), paneer, butter, and cheese.

Compared to 2021, Mr.Milkman by EverAg has reported an incremental jump in the sale of bread and buttermilk on their platform, which grew by 125% & 135%, respectively. Furthermore, the sale of ghee increased by 22.44%, dahi by 40%, paneer by 9.27%, butter by 29.10%, and cheese by 15.55%. With this Mr.Milkman records its highest sales recorded on its platform, post-pandemic.

Not only dairy products but the demand for coconut water also increased on the platform phenomenally this year. In 2021, the platform recorded a sale of INR 46.50 Lac worth of coconut water across India, and this year they have already accounted for INR 1.86 Cr, registering a jump of almost 300%.

“In the last two years, there was a significant drop in the consumption from higher-value dairy products to lower-value products across India. But this year has been good. Our revenues have gone up significantly. That is also because we invested heavily in upgrading our application to offer our customers a more dynamic user experience. In 2023, we will introduce new solutions to our software products.” Says the company’s Co-Founder & CEO, Samarth Setia.

Mr. Milkman by EverAg is one of the largest dairy tech player in India, having more than 100,000+ subscribers on their app today. From the farm to the end consumer, the real-time analytics platform easily tracks all sales data, provides a complete performance overview, and enables informed business decisions.

Auckland University of Technology Strengthens Partnership With IIT Madras And Signs New MOU of Partnership With IIT Hyderabad

Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-Hyderabad) to facilitate and promote cooperation between AUT and IITH through a joint research in disciplines of mutual interest.

This is to be noted that AUT is the first New Zealand university to have an existing collaboration with IIT Madras and again becomes the first New Zealand university to sign a MOU with IIT Hyderabad.

Speaking at the occasion of the signing ceremony in Hyderabad, Professor Guy Littlefair- the Pro Vice Chancellor International and the Dean of Design and Creative Technologies at AUT said “I have had a personal connection with IIT Hyderabad since 2014 and through this partnership there will be wonderful opportunities for students on both sides as well as faculty to collaborate on research platforms. Today, we signed a new MOU setting the bar even higher for our joint aspirations to form the strongest of strategic alliances. It’s an honour and privilege to be associated for so many years and I look forward to delivering significant outcomes from these partnerships”.

This was endorsed by Professor Tarun K. Panda , Dean of International Relations at IIT Hydearabad who said, “Today, i.e., 20.12.22 IITH & AUT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation and commitment to share the goal of developing both the universities on a global network collaboration. I wish this MoU would promote and expose its members, faculty and students to the realities of international practices, providing them a subsequent platform as well as exchange in knowledge between the two organization". 

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Hyderabad on 20th December 2022 in the presence of Dean from IIT Hyderabad and Pro Vice Chancellor International of AUT, New Zealand.

Recently, Professor Guy Littlefair, the PVCI of AUT re-visited IIT Madras campus on 19th December 2022 to discuss the status of MOU signed in 2020 with IITM and to build strategies on further course of action in progress of this partnership. The students at IIT Madras were extremely delighted to interact with Professor Guy and discussed PHD and Post doctorate opportunities available at international level.

Professor Guy Littlefair shares a long association with India since 1992 and wants to build up close and strategic collaboration with top technical institutions of India and AUT, New Zealand.

About the University

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has been officially recognized as the second highest ranked university overall in New Zealand by 2023 Times Higher Education (THE) University Rankings, and in the world’s top 300 and consistently ranked #1 in New Zealand for International Outlook and Global research Impact. AUT offers over 250 programmes, 2,200 academic staff, and more than 100,000 alumni all over the world.

adidas India Partners With Bangalore-Based Club - South United Football Club To Support & Help Drive The Sport At The Grassroot Level

* adidas sponsors SUFC for its upcoming A Division tournament

With the conclusion of arguably one of the greatest FIFA World Cups of all time, adidas, the leading sportswear brand is using this opportunity to promote football and build the sport in India.

The brand, who has been associated with FIFA for multiple decades, has joined hands with South United Football Club (SUFC), a Bangalore-based club to support & help drive the sport at the grassroot level.

Through an all-apparel deal with SUFC for the A Division tournament, adidas continues to support budding talent through its best-in-class performance product range.

Founded in 2012, SUFC has dedicated itself to carving pathways for youth in professional sports. The club has three Elite Youth Teams in the Under-13, Under-15, and Under-18 categories, men's senior team and is soon going to introduce its first-ever women’s football team. By collaborating with adidas, SUFC aims to recognize young talents and create an integrated community for football

WION Sweeps The Future Of News Awards 2022

* The leading international news channel from India has been honoured with 17 prestigious awards at the first edition of ‘The Future of News' Conference & Awards, curated by Afaqs!

WION - the leading International news channel from India, conferred 17 prestigious awards at the first edition of ‘The Future of News' Conference & Awards 2022, curated by Afaqs!. The on-ground awards and conference held on 21st December in New Delhi, rewarded outstanding broadcasters who made their mark in the business of breaking news, untapping the potential of digital platforms and content consumption as per the market demand.

The channel has been consistent in presenting reliable reportage of unfiltered truth of incidents on the hour, by the hour, unleashing the on-ground reality for a globalized united world. Its efficient team of journalists and series of prime time shows comprise of a strategic approach towards news consumption with the inclusion of gripping visuals, timely reporting, fast-paced news and strong content backed by research and investigation.

WION was honoured with nine prestigious awards for factual reporting and trending content:

·       Best Prime Time Show – WION Fineprint

·       Best Breaking News Story – Roger Federer’s retirement announcement

·       Best Breaking News Story – Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

·       Best Coverage of Entertainment – WION Wideangle- Stream or Screen: What’s the future of cinema?

·       Best Rural Reporting – Health Workers in Kashmir

·       Best Launch of New Show- World At War

·       Best Coverage of Social Issues- WION Wideangle- Disability: Special People, Special Stories

·       Best Follow-up Reporting –WION at Kabul

·       Best Inquiry into Fake News- The truth behind the military ‘coup’ against China’s president Xi Jinping

In addition to the above list, innovative design, packaging and presentation by WION, also resulted in winning:

·       Best Channel Packaging – WION

·       Best Show Identity – World of Africa

·       Best Use of infographics in a Business Story- India Budget 2022

·       Best Channel Promo (Single) – World Elections on WION

·       Best Channel Promo (Campaign)- WION Climate tracker

·       Most Innovative Promo- The Stickiest news brand

·       Best Programme Promo – World At War

·       Best Set Design- World at War

Commenting on this win, Madhu Soman, Chief Business Officer, said, “We feel honoured to be rewarded and receive national recognition for redefining The Future of News. It is a moment of pride and acknowledgment for the efforts put in by our entire team- be it shows and campaign ideation, packaging, market research for trending content consumption, etc. This also encourages us to deep-dive and explore potential opportunities through a detailed readers/viewers market study in 2023.”

About WION:

WION (World is One) is an English global news brand from Zee Media with a presence in over 190 countries. It focuses on delivering global news from an Indian perspective.


About Zee Media Corporation Ltd: ZMCL is one of India's leading media and entertainment companies with a strong presence in the news and regional entertainment genres with 13 news channels in 7 different languages, touching more than 528+ Million viewers through its linear and digital properties like,, and others.

Bangalore Emerges As The Top City To Place The Highest Volume Of Meat, Fish And Seafood Orders On FreshToHome’s Platform App

~ As per the FreshtoHome Statistics Report 2022, 68 orders have been made every minute and 3.6 crore deliveries were enabled ~

~Chicken Curry Cut (Skinless) continues to be the most popular SKU for 7 years in a row~

~Green Mussels, a rare seasonal exotic, went out-of-stock in less than 30 minutes after it was launched on the app~

FreshToHome (FTH), the world’s largest fully integrated online e-commerce brand in fresh fish and meat, has announced some fun facts and delightful trivia about its customers’ preferences in the platform that took the brand by storm and surprise this year!

For instance, the meat e-commerce marketplace & subscription app received over 68 orders per minute and enabled more than 3.6 crore deliveries this year across all product categories. That’s 3 times the population of Bangalore, clearly!

Bengaluru emerged as the top Tier I city to order the highest quantity of meat, fish and seafood products among all its peer cities. Among Tier II cities, Jaipur in the North and Vijayawada in the South emerged as the top cities that ordered the most on the marketplace compared to other Tier II cities. The meat lovers in Vijayawada pleasantly surprised FreshtoHome when the brand saw over 125% growth in two quarters!

Speaking of fast growth, the customer community of FreshtoHome knocked it off the park with its preference for ready-to-cook category. The newly launched category on the marketplace emerged as the fastest growing category with various cities having their preferred choices. If Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore repeatedly chose Spicy Chettinad Chicken, meat lovers in Chennai and Hyderabad were swooned over by Granny's Masala Fried Chicken, a bestseller on FreshtoHome’s platform. Evidently, Chennai and Hyderabad share a common love for good meat! In the land of Rice and Fish Curry, Handcrafted Chicken Dumplings was a hot pick this year, and Kerala subtly asked us to look beyond our stereotypes.

Speaking on the occasion, Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshToHome said, "Day after day at FreshtoHome we are driven to build solutions that will help our customers make easy, healthy food choices. For instance, the launch of India’s first E-range additives and preservatives-free ready-to-cook products in the frozen meat category in FreshtoHome platform registered 1.9 times growth during the year and emerged as the fastest growing category. Led by such positive customer feedback, we have expanded our geography spread by 60% in 2022. Such data also affirm that we are in the right direction in building a large customer community that will choose preservative-free and chemical-free meat with every purchase.”

North India relished its favorite Seekh kebabs, and Meaty Chicken Seekh Kebab raced against all other ready-to-cook SKUs to emerge as the most ordered product on the app. Cocktail Chicken Samosas emerged as a people pleaser with the product’s popularity crossing borders and it was the most preferred ready-to-cook product in the UAE region.

Some old charms did not lose their shine, as Chicken Curry Cut (Skinless) remains to be the most repeatedly ordered SKU in the last 7 years. Goat Curry Cut, Chicken Curry Cut, Chicken Breast Fillet, Rohu, Sardine, Prawn, and Baasa are the highest selling  products in the Meat, Chicken and Fish categories respectively.

Currently, FreshtoHome enables deliveries in more than 190 cities, comprising 8 international cities, 15 states & union territories and 2 countries.

Launched in 2015, FreshToHome is among the world’s favorite destinations for fresh, chemical-free fish, seafood, and meat and has over 2000+ varieties of products that can be conveniently ordered through the brand’s mobile app or the website. The platform offers a range of fish, poultry, seafood, goat, and lamb along with its ready-to-cook assortment.

FreshToHome’s technology-enabled platform, Commodities Exchange empowers fishermen and farmers to electronically auction their produce to vendors who sell on This process eliminates middlemen and ensures that the customers get the best products within 24 – 36 hours of sourcing. Additionally, an end-to-end cold supply and 100+ quality checks for standard chemicals, antibiotics, and preservatives, make FreshToHome the most reliable brand for the freshest fish and meat.

Furthermore, FreshToHome provides only safe and healthy products that adhere to FSSAI standards and are certified by TUV and other reputed agencies. These certifications are available on the brand's platform.

INT. Makes Strategic Investment In Remote Development SaaS Startup Codebuddy

INT. (Indus Net Technologies), India’s leading and trusted digital engineering and transformation service provider, today announced that it has made a strategic investment in Codebuddy, one of India’s fastest growing digital consultancies that enables SMEs and startups to build their businesses online and help them scale. The investment demonstrates INT.'s commitment to harness the benefits of emerging technologies to empower non-enterprise customers in a Connected Economy. 

Founded 4 years ago and now a committed team of 40+ experts, Codebuddy specialises in 360 degree software & product development, talent-augmenting strategic partnerships and remote development teams. Through its consultative and transparent approach, Codebuddy provides its customers with reliable and sustainable solutions to traditional as well as emerging business problems.

Abhishek Rungta, Founder and CEO, INT. said, “In the current environment, both startups and SMEs are manoeuvring through technology and talent gaps, to serve their end customers in a profitable manner. Keeping these demand and supply vectors balanced is a tall order today. Codebuddy has a proven track record of creating innovative, future-proof solutions for businesses. While INT. does not look beyond enterprise clients, Codebuddy extends our network and enables our vision to help organisations across diverse industries and geographies. I believe that our resources, knowhow and processes will help the Codebuddy team achieve their own vision in time. In short, we are like the wind in their sails.” 

Codebuddy was founded in 2019 by Abhishek Gupta, a CS graduate with an innate passion for creating technological solutions to business problems, and Sudipta Bhowmick, a programmer-turned-cofounder, with an eye for technical excellence. In the last 4 years of its journey, the firm has serviced over 100+ customers in SaaS, Insurance, EdTech and Legaltech industries. A majority of Codebuddy’s business comes from referrals and repeat business. 

Abhishek Gupta, Co-founder, Codebuddy said, "Codebuddy’s mission has always been to help SMEs and Innovative startups in building world class solutions. With a vision of 3Y->10X, i.e. 10 times growth in 3 years, we are growing at a very rapid pace. Joining forces with an industry leader like INT. will propel it further, with their experience in the Enterprise sector being a great value addition, in us realising that vision much faster than we imagined.” 

About INT. 

INT. (Indus Net Technologies) is an award-winning full-stack software engineering solutions company with a pioneering legacy spanning 25 years, over 500 clients, and 11,000 plus client projects. Today, after an eventful journey of two and a half decades, INT. stands for innovation, trust, and sustainability. 


- Are constantly innovating and adapting to the new opportunities that the digital world presents 

- Trust our clients, partners, employees and people-at-large 

- Are committed to Sustainability, as everyone needs an anchor to rely on, in such a fast-changing and uncertain world  

INT. operates at the confluence of technology, web 3.0, analytics, and marketing in the digital space with a team of over 850 experts.

Mphasis Ltd: Near-Term Pain; Medium-Term Growth Drivers In Place


CMP: Rs1959  

Target Price: Rs2500

* Furloughs, lesser number of working days, deferred spending, and continued weakness in mortgage (uptick in interest rates in the US) would weigh on the sequential revenue growth trajectory in Q3. Management expects Q4 growth to be better than Q3 growth.

* Exposure to the interest rate-sensitive portion of the business is in a low single-digit percentage of revenue; hence, the incremental impact will be limited. MPHL has exposure to home equity loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), which may come under pressure if home prices correct sharply.

* Mphasis remains confident of delivering EBITM within the guided range of 15.25-17% for FY23 (15.3% in H1FY23); however, the pace of margin expansion would be slower due to growth moderation.

* We have revised our EPS estimates by 0.1% to -2.7% for FY23E-25E, considering the revised forex assumption for H2FY23 (Rs81.5/$ vs. Rs80.25/$ earlier) and lower growth assumptions. We have rolled forward our TP to Dec-24 and lowered the target multiple to 22x (earlier 23x), factoring growth moderation. We maintain BUY with a TP of Rs2,500 at 22x Dec-24E EPS (earlier Rs2,600), considering reasonable valuation, steady wallet share gains, and expansion in addressable markets with competency build-up.

Yorkshire Water Selects LTIMindtree As A Strategic Transformation Partner

* LTIMindtree To Transform Yorkshire Water’s Core Business Leveraging SAP S/4HANA And Intelligent Technologies

LTIMindtree, a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, announced today that it has been selected as a transformation partner by Yorkshire Water, a leading UK utilities company, to modernise operations across its clean water, waste water, and asset management businesses. Yorkshire Water is the ninth largest water utility in the world and provides water and wastewater services to 5.2 million customers across Yorkshire.

As part of the engagement, LTIMindtree will help migrate Yorkshire Water’s core business systems to the SAP S/4HANA platform covering a wide range of areas such as work and asset management, complex scheduling, materials management, inventory management, health, and safety. By automating and simplifying processes, consolidating data, and modernising core systems using intelligent technologies, LTIMindtree will enable Yorkshire Water to boost operational efficiencies, augment capabilities, and enhance user experience. Unified management of assets, workforce, and finances will allow Yorkshire Water to drive integrated planning and scheduling of work, and dynamic asset maintenance across the organisation.

“This engagement is key to our ability to deliver water and wastewater services in a resilient, sustainable, and cost-effective manner,” said Lee Harris Head of Technology Change, Yorkshire Water. “Our services support not just the basic health needs of our customers, but also the long-term economic growth of the region. In LTIMindtree, we have a partner who brings a rich portfolio of innovative offerings, and proven track record of helping similar transformation programmes. This partnership will bring us closer to our vision of what shape our operations should take in the future for us to proactively address the economic, social, and environmental needs of tomorrow’s Yorkshire.”

“We are excited to partner with Yorkshire Water in helping millions of customers get access to clean water and safe sanitation, which are the cornerstones of human health, well-being, and development,” said Sudhir Chaturvedi, President and Executive Board Member, LTIMindtree. “By blending our next-generation ERP expertise and extensive industry experience with the advanced end-to-end capabilities of SAP S/4HANA, we look forward to accelerating the digital transformation journey of this critical national infrastructure and helping Yorkshire Water deliver services tailored to customer needs.”

About LTIMindtree

LTIMindtree is a global technology consulting and digital solutions company that enables enterprises across industries to reimagine business models, accelerate innovation, and maximize growth by harnessing digital technologies. As a digital transformation partner to more than 750 clients, LTIMindtree brings extensive domain and technology expertise to help drive superior competitive differentiation, customer experiences, and business outcomes in a converging world. Powered by nearly 90,000 talented and entrepreneurial professionals across more than 30 countries, LTIMindtree — a Larsen & Toubro Group company — combines the industry-acclaimed strengths of erstwhile Larsen and Toubro Infotech and Mindtree in solving the most complex business challenges and delivering transformation at scale. For more information, visit

Airtel 5G Plus Now Avialable Live In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

* Promises to offer massive speeds, best voice experience, will work on all 5G smart phones and be kinder to the environment

* No SIM change needed; existing Airtel 4G SIM is 5G enabled

* Existing data plans will work on 5G until roll-out is complete

* Airtel 5G Plus now works on all Android and Apple supported 5G devices

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s leading telecommunications services provider today announced the launch of its cutting edge 5G services in Vizag.  

Airtel 5G Plus services will be available to customers in a phased manner as the company continues to construct its network and complete the roll out. Customers with 5G enabled devices will enjoy high speed Airtel 5G Plus network at no extra cost until the roll out is more widespread. Currently operational at Dwarkanagar, Beach Road, Dhaba gardens, Maddilapalem, Waltair Uplands, Purna Market, Gajuwaka JN, MVP Colony, Ramnagar, Railway station road, Tenneti nagar and few other select locations, Airtel will augment its network making its services available across the city in due course of time.

Commenting on the launch, Shivan Bhargava, CEO, Bharti Airtel, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana said, “I am thrilled to announce the launch of Airtel 5G Plus in Vizag. Airtel customers can now experience ultrafast network and enjoy speeds upto 20-30 times faster than the current 4G speeds. We are in the process of lighting up the entire city which will allow customers to enjoy superfast access to High-definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading of photos and more.”

Airtel 5G Plus will bolster the entire portfolio of services that Airtel offers. In addition, it will allow superfast access to High Definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading of photos and more. With this launch, India will get a fillip to economic growth as Airtel 5G Plus revolutionizes education, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, mobility and logistics.

In the last one year, Airtel has demonstrated the power of 5G with a host of powerful use cases that will change the way we lead our lives and do business. From India’s first live 5G network in Hyderabad to India’s first 5G powered hologram to India’s first recreation of a game changing world cup match played at a time when there was no TV coverage to India’s first 5G connected ambulance to India’s first private 5G network with Bosch for boosting manufacturing productivity, Airtel has been at the forefront of 5G innovation.

About Bharti Airtel Limited

Headquartered in India, Airtel is a global communications solutions provider with over 500 Mn customers in 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. The company ranks amongst the top three mobile operators globally and its networks cover over two billion people. Airtel is India’s largest integrated communications solutions provider and the second largest mobile operator in Africa. Airtel’s retail portfolio includes high speed 4G/5G mobile broadband, Airtel Xstream Fiber that promises speeds up to 1 Gbps with convergence across linear and on-demand entertainment, streaming services spanning music and video, digital payments and financial services. For enterprise customers, Airtel offers a gamut of solutions that includes secure connectivity, cloud and data centre services, cyber security, IoT, Ad Tech and CPaaS (Airtel IQ). For more details visit

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Tata Power Delhi Opens A Vocational Training Cum Tutorial Centre For Aspiring Youth Residing In Daryapur Kalan Village, Bawana

•         The Vocational Training centres are a part of the ‘Unnati’ program

•         The vocational training cum tutorial centre will cater to more than 650 students annually, including youth and children from Daryapur Kalan and nearby villages

With an aim to enhance upskilling and boost employment opportunities for the underprivileged youth, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) inaugurated a Vocational Training cum Tutorial Centre at Daryapur Kalan Village- Bawana. The centre was inaugurated by Shri Jai Bhagwan Upkar, Hon'ble MLA- Bawana and Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

The Vocational Training centre will cater to more than 650 students annually, including youth and children from Daryapur village. Aspiring individuals will be provided with vocational training, upskilling courses which includes stitching, computer knowledge and beautician training. The newly built centre is disabled- friendly and will be run in association with Viklang Sahara Samiti Delhi. The training program is being taken up to ensure high placement prospects are being provided to the beneficiaries, encouraging them to start their own ventures.

As today’s youth need to get ready for industry-relevant competencies and secure a better livelihood, the courses under the Vocational Training program are selected as per need assessment surveys carried out by our NGO partners. These centres aim to provide a platform to the less privileged youth and to support them in learning the desired skill sets which will make them employable and empower them to earn their living.

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited said, “Tata Power-DDL believes in the overall socio-economic development of the underprivileged sections of the society. With this new Vocational Training centre, we plan to expand the reach of our literacy and vocational training programs for the youth, who are the torchbearers of a bright future of our country.”

This is the second vocational training centre inaugurated by the company in village area. The first VT Centre in this area was inaugurated earlier this year in Jaunti Village, Bawana.

These centres are a part of the ‘Unnati’ program under the Social Impact Initiative -‘Saathi’ and caters to around 220+ JJ clusters in its licensed area. 20 such vocational training centres have been setup by the company so far and have trained more than 10,000 youth till date. These programs are a small step towards the ‘Skill India Program’ which aims to equip the youth with industry-relevant competencies that will help them in securing a better livelihood.

Picture Caption- Shri. Jai Bhagwan Upkar, Hon'ble MLA- Bawana and Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited during the inauguration of the vocational training centre at Darya Pur Village, Bawana.

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