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A New Paradigm Of Caregiving And Parenting For Children Of Today, At ‘Get Set, Grow! 2023: Children’s Wellness Summit’

 * The Summit offered insights from educationists, psychologists, doctors, sports and finance experts as well as raw insights from adolescents themselves to shape the new role of parents and caregivers

Health and wellness knowledge platform, Happiest Health hosted ‘Get Set, Grow! 2023: Children’s Wellness Summit’, a day-long event at The Leela Palace, which demonstrated the wide range of expertise and mindfulness needed to raise happy children and confident young adults. Among the 250+ participants were parents, educators, medical professionals and psychologists, sports and wellness professionals… and many others. A series of talks by multi-faceted expert panels emphasised a holistic approach to parenting, education and caregiving.

The summit explored topics such as new-age career options, promoting balanced technology use, proper nutrition for children and tackling junk food temptations. Experts also covered the importance of play in children’s development, the need for finance management among adolescents, strategies for stress management, and bridging communication gaps between adolescents and parents. 

The event witnessed perspectives and knowledge from eminent experts in various fields. Speaking from a medical perspective were Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Coordinator of Service for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) clinic, NIMHANS, and Dr Supraja Chandrasekar, Paediatric Intensivist, Dhee Hospital. Representing education and career were experts such as Dr Florence D’Souza, Principal of Sherwood High, Ms Manju Sharma, Principal of Delhi Public School, Mysuru, and Poorva Ranade, Child Psychologist and Counsellor. 

At the summit, the findings of ‘Are You Listening? – Voices Of Adolescent Survey 2023’, a comprehensive research survey that voices the concerns of adolescents, conducted by Happiest Health, was released. This insightful survey draws from the perspectives of 500+ adolescents, aged 12 to 18 years, from across the country. The survey brought to light the uncharted new realities that young adults must navigate and highlighted the need for parents, schools and peers to acknowledge this and adjust their approach and role in raising adolescents. 

Various sessions delved into topical issues relevant to the times – such as reducing gadget time for kids, understanding money, exams and stress management in children and youngsters, and career options for the India of today and tomorrow, were discussed.  

Addressing the major challenge of parents and teachers today, that of technology addiction, Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Coordinator of SHUT Clinic NIMHANS, Bengaluru, said, “We need to look at 3As – Accessibility, Affiliation and Acknowledgement. Accessibility has become immense because of academic reasons and others. With families not spending quality time with each other, children get affiliation from online platforms, where social media platforms have become places where they can vent. And lastly, children feel they don’t get acknowledged.” He called upon parents to initiate the topic of reducing gadget time in a non-judgemental way and mentioned that working on family dynamics was essential. He advised children to do simple eye exercises, besides spending quality time with their families.

A well-rounded panel discussed the power of play and sports highlighted the developmental importance of allowing children to play, and its impact on physical and cognitive development, as well as confidence and social adjustment. Another thought-provoking panel deliberated on managing stress related to exams, academic pressure and choosing a career and other stressors that are experienced while stepping into adulthood. Dr Poorva Ranade, Child Psychologist and Counsellor, Mr Neeraj Kumar, Founder – PeakMind, and Mr Mahesh Yadav, Academic Head – South India, Allen Career Institute, shared their insights. Dr. Ranade said that for a child to attain well-being, there should be synchrony between the mind and body. “The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. We should really question if we have converted our experiences into learning,” she said. Concurring, Mr. Kumar said the ABC of stress management was, “Being aware of it, being beware of it and taking care of it.” An effective antidote to stress, Mr. Yadav said, was at least one-hour of physical exercise. “Parents should not focus too much on children’s academics. They must also teach children to embrace failures whenever they happen,” he added.  

While speaking about “Communication gaps between kids, parents and teachers and how to address them”, Ms. Manju Sharma, principal of Delhi Public School, Mysuru, maintained that active communication happened in schools all the time. “When we communicate with students it has to be at a different pace, and the way we communicate with children of different age groups is also different.” She went on to add that the emotional environment dictates communication in school. “A child can feel lonely in a class of 40 students. Affirmations are a fantastic way to begin the day. The most dangerous sign is when a child is responding in mono-syllables. Bridging the gap is to take into account their views and opinions,” she said and called upon teachers and parents to be empathetic with the children. 

Dr. Supraja Chandrasekhar, paediatric intensivist, Dhee Hospital, spoke about “Nutrition for children”. In her illuminating talk, she shed light on the fundamental role that diet plays in the lives of children. “We have gone from feeding our children wholesome food to processed food. We overfeed and undernourish our children. This has resulted in a spike in number of overweight children, which was not the case a decade ago,” she said and added that half the plate should be occupied by fresh fruits and vegetables, one quarter by grains and the remaining quarter by proteins.

The ‘Get Set, Grow! 2023: Children’s Wellness Summit’ summit successfully raised awareness on a topic that until now was considered to be something to go with the flow on, and raised the importance of multiple influences and various perspectives to be considered while raising or caring for children and adolescents. 

"Happiest Health is dedicated to transforming the ideas of wellness in India. Through the ‘Get Set Grow!’ summit, we hope to bring a new paradigm of nurturing and awareness to the systems that care for children. We want to challenge the age-old notions of parenting and education with up-to-date research and hearing about the realities of youth from their own experiences. These can inform our approach and define our roles as parents, caregivers and the institutions we create, to create the foundation of a strong and productive nation.", said Anindya Chowdhury, President & CEO, of Happiest Health.

About Happiest Health 

Happiest Health is a global health & wellness knowledge enterprise promoted by Ashok Soota. Happiest Health provides credible and trustworthy health and wellness knowledge with views from globally renowned experts and doctors. The primary knowledge platforms are the daily newsletter, knowledge website, and soon-to-be-launched monthly print magazine.

Happiest Health embraces scientific knowledge with a keen focus on medical breakthroughs providing kinder, gentler therapies including cell-based treatments. It also has deep coverage of integrated medicine including Ayurveda, homoeopathy and naturopathy. Happiest Health’s focus on wellness is holistic and energizing. They live by their Mission Statement: “Better Knowledge. Better Health.” and convey its benefits to all.

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Photo Captain: The summit aims to bring together renowned experts from various domains that intersect with children’s health and well-being..

IIIT-Bangalore Receives Prestigious 'Green University Award 2023' At NYC Green School Conference

In a remarkable achievement that underscores its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-Bangalore) was honored with the esteemed 'Green University Award 2023' during the 7th NYC Green School Conference held in New York on September 15, 2023. The award was received by Mr. Udaya Hegde, a Governing Body Member and Alumni of IIIT-Bangalore, on behalf of the entire IIIT-Bangalore campus community.

IIIT-Bangalore's exceptional dedication to fostering a green and sustainable campus environment stood out amidst the bustling energy of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The institution's commitment to reducing "3W" pollutions (weather, water, waste) and promoting eco-conscious practices has set a benchmark for educational institutions worldwide.

Key Highlights of IIIT-Bangalore's Sustainable Campus:

9 Acre Green Oasis: The campus, home to over 1500 students, faculty, staff, and others, boasts an expansive 41% green space, allowing nature to thrive alongside academics.

Solar Power Generation: IIIT-Bangalore harnesses solar power to meet 40% of its energy needs, with a 500KVA Solar Plant producing approximately 0.7 million KWH of solar power annually.

Water Conservation: The campus efficiently recycles 55,000 Kilo Liters of wastewater annually, meeting 50% of its water requirements while collecting rooftop rainwater to fulfill an additional 10%.

Waste Management: IIIT-Bangalore ensures 100% waste segregation at the source, operates a bio-gas plant, and composts wet and garden waste in-house, significantly reducing landfill waste.

Renewable Energy and Biodiversity: The campus is a haven for biodiversity, with 487 trees of 60 species attracting various birds and butterflies. Its design maximizes natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and fans.

Prof. Debabrata Das, Director, IIIT-Bangalore, said “IIIT-Bangalore's sustainability initiatives extend beyond the campus, as we encourage student community in green initiatives such as tree planting campaigns, marathons to promote environmental conservation and to donate their used apparel and footwear to those in need.”

The impact of IIIT-Bangalore's efforts is evident through its diverse bird population, which includes both resident and transitory species. The campus's lush green spaces, ponds, and vegetation have become a welcoming habitat for numerous bird species, emphasizing its commitment to preserving the environment.

Mr. Jagadish Patil, Chief Administration Officer, IIIT-Bangalore said, “In addition to the environmental initiatives, IIIT-Bangalore has embraced digital technologies to reduce paper usage and actively promote academic book swapping among students, contributing to a sustainable academic ecosystem.

Receiving the 'Green University Award 2023' underscores IIIT-Bangalore's steadfast commitment to forging a sustainable future, while simultaneously igniting inspiration within the global academic community to embrace this noble cause.”

About IIIT-Bangalore

IIIT-Bangalore is a premier institute focused on Post-Graduate IT education and research, located in the heart of Electronic City, Bangalore. IIIT-Bangalore is graded A+ by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). In the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) for 2022, IIIT-B has secured 74th ranking. The institute was ranked number 1 among India's Best Technical Universities (Private) by India Today. IIIT-Bangalore contains state-of-the-art infrastructure, eminently qualified faculty, a vibrant alumni community, cutting-edge research facilities, and close industry collaborations.

The institute’s specially designed courses make the students cognitive of the current technologies. Experiential learning and practices followed in the institute equip them with the tools and knowledge to solve contemporary real problems. IIIT-Bangalore has consistently achieved excellent placement records every year since its establishment in 1998, thanks to the unwavering support of the industry and the expanding pool of highly skilled alumni.

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Tata Motors Inaugurates State-Of-The-Art Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility In Surat

 * The world-class facility is set to recycle 15,000 vehicles per year

Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer, continues its commitment to sustainable mobility with the launch of its third Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF), in Surat, Gujarat. Named ‘Re.Wi.Re – Recycle with Respect’, this advanced facility was inaugurated by Mr. PB Balaji, Group Chief Financial Officer, Tata Motors. The state-of-the-art facility uses environmentally friendly processes and has the capacity to disassemble 15,000 end-of-life vehicles safely and sustainably each year. The RVSF is developed and operated by Tata Motors’ partner Shree Ambica Auto to scrap end-of-life passenger and commercial vehicles of all brands. This launch follows the success of the two facilities; in Jaipur and Bhubaneshwar, and marks another significant milestone for the company’s sustainable initiatives.

Commenting on momentous launch, Mr. PB Balaji, Group Chief Financial Officer, Tata Motors, said, “Sustainability is our driving force and serves as our compass, guiding our vision and actions. Today, I am delighted to witness the launch of the Re.Wi.Re. facility in Surat, as we make great strides on a transformative journey towards responsible end-of-life vehicle scrapping. With our globally benchmarked recycling processes, we aim to minimise waste for a brighter future. We are confident that these decentralised facilities will benefit our customers, foster economic growth, generate employment opportunities and fulfil the need of eco-friendly vehicle scrapping.”

A cutting-edge facility, Re.Wi.Re. is purpose-built for dismantling end-of-life passenger and commercial vehicles across all brands, with a focus on employing environmentally friendly practices. The fully digitalised facility is equipped with dedicated cell-type and line-type dismantling for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, respectively, and all its operations are seamless and paperless. Additionally, there are dedicated stations for the safe dismantling of various components, including tyres, batteries, fuel, oils, liquids and gases. Every vehicle undergoes a meticulous documentation and dismantling process specifically designed to meet the requirements of passenger and commercial vehicles. By doing so, the dismantling process ensures maximum attention to detail, guaranteeing the safe disposal of all components. Ultimately, the Re.Wi.Re. facility embodies a ground-breaking leap towards fostering sustainable practices within the automotive industry.

About Tata Motors

Part of the USD 128 billion Tata group, Tata Motors Limited (BSE: 500570 and 570001; NSE: TATAMOTORS and TATAMTRDVR), a USD 42 billion organization, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups, trucks and buses, offering extensive range of integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions. With ‘Connecting Aspirations’ at the core of its brand promise, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and amongst the top three in the passenger vehicles market.

Tata Motors strives to bring new products that fire the imagination of GenNext customers, fuelled by state-of-the-art design and R&D centres located in India, UK, US, Italy and South Korea. With a focus on engineering and tech enabled automotive solutions catering to the future of mobility, the company’s innovation efforts are focused to develop pioneering technologies that are sustainable as well as suited to evolving aspirations of the market and the customers. The company is pioneering India's Electric Vehicle (EV) transition and driving the shift towards sustainable mobility solutions by preparing a tailor-made product strategy, leveraging the synergy between the Group companies and playing an active role liasoning with the Government in developing the policy framework.

With operations in India, the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa and Indonesia, Tata Motors’ vehicles are marketed in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia and SAARC countries. As of March 31, 2023, Tata Motors’ operations inter alia includes 88 consolidated subsidiaries, 2 joint operations, 3 joint ventures and numerous equity-accounted associates, including their subsidiaries, in respect of which the company exercises significant influence.

TKM Flags Off its Third Zonal Drive Of The ‘Great 4X4 Expedition’, In The Northern Region of India

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) commenced the third leg of its thrilling 'Great 4X4 Expedition' today in the northern region of India. In May 2023, TKM marking its inaugural 4X4 Expedition started in Southern Region of India (Sakleshpur-Hasssan of Karnataka State), followed by the second drive held recently in West Region at Lonavala. Needless to mention, the recently concluded South and West based ‘Great 4x4 Expedition by Toyota’ were filled with unlimited excitement and adventure. Participants were treated to specially curated drives and the joy of breath-taking green landscape views. This initiative has been designed to unite and engage with motoring enthusiasts from all corners of the country - the regions of North, South, East, and West, thereby ensuring nationwide participation. Building on the success of the previous expeditions in the southern and western regions, TKM flagged-off its third 4X4 Expedition in the north region starting at Hoshiarpur, as a testament to Toyota's commitment to provide exhilarating experience to 4x4 SUV community, fuelling their passion for adventure, and promoting 'Mass Happiness and Mobility for All.'

The expedition features a convoy of remarkable 4-wheel drive SUVs, such as the iconic Hilux, the legendary LC300, the popular Fortuner and the Hyryder AWD (All Wheel Drive) and including the owners of SUVs from other brands as well, thereby fuelling their spirit of thrilling and adventurous 4X4 drive.

Starting from Gaj Retreat of Hoshiarpur in the northern region, the experiential drive will take participants through the challenging terrains, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of the 4X4 vehicles. As a unique element of this extraordinary expedition, TKM has thoughtfully curated a 4WD trail featuring natural obstacles like articulation, side inclines, rambler sections, deep ditches, slushy terrain, and rocky beds at Kikar. These carefully designed tracks promise an unmatched off-roading adventure, showcasing the versatility of the 4X4 vehicles. It goes without saying that Toyota places the utmost importance on customer safety and to ensure this, comprehensive safety measures have been meticulously put in place, wherein all the participants will be closely guided by the experienced 4X4 professionals throughout the entire expedition.

In addition to the thrilling adventure, participants will engage in a meaningful eco-activity, making a positive impact on the environment in line with Toyota's commitment towards sustainability and carbon neutrality goals. Each of the participating 4x4 enthusiast will also plant saplings at one of the identified locations during the expedition, which will be their contribution to enrich the biodiversity in the surrounding areas of Kikar, Hoshiarpur.

Commenting on the third edition of ‘Great 4x4 Expedition by Toyota’, Mr. Atul Sood, Vice President - Sales and Strategic Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said, “We believe that the 'Great 4X4 Expedition' isn't just about conquering terrains; it's about conquering hearts and inspiring a sense of adventure in everyone. With each of these 4X4 expeditions, we strive to connect people with their passion for 4X4 SUVs, foster unity and providing a joyful experience of indulging in 4X4 adventures. With this initiative, our aim is to ignite the spark of thrill in the hearts of participants, regardless of the 4X4 vehicle brands they own. It is a testament to our commitment, to not only provide delightful 4X4 experiences, but also to promote inclusivity and the spirit of exploration.

As we navigate through the 4X4 Expedition, we are reminded of our responsibility to leave a positive impact in the places we visit. Through the 'Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota,' we aim to inspire individuals to not only explore their passion for motorsports but also to build lasting connections, strengthen their culture of contributing to greener, more sustainable world through tree plantation activity.”

Stay tuned for the next ‘Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota’, being planned in the eastern region of India in the coming month.

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York University, Canada With O.P. Jindal Global University Aim To “Strengthen Higher Education In India”


* Progressive universities are essential to facilitate global engagement to address complex challenges facing the world, says Dr. Rhonda L. Lenton, Vice-Chancellor, York University 

O.P. Jindal Global University and Canada’s York University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for academic collaboration and supporting student mobility between the two countries. The MoU will grow the collaborations that they have in academic programming, research, innovation, entrepreneurship activities, and conferences. 

As part of the partnership, the two universities intend to focus on student and faculty exchange programs, short-term study abroad programs, dual-degree programs, and collaborative research projects.  

York University, Canada’s third largest University and ranked in the world’s top 40 for its impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, is proud to invest in several critical initiatives that will strengthen its ties with India and create mutually beneficial opportunities for talented students and researchers, including an India Immersion Programme with O.P. Jindal Global University as it’s important for Canadian students to understand India, its growth story and the impact of India on the world.  

The university is working in collaboration with partners around the world. It offers high-quality programs and leadership in world-class interdisciplinary research such as a CA$ 318-million Connected Minds Initiative that will enable industries to bring equitable technologies to market sooner and train the next generation of students.  

There will further be a Pan-India entrepreneurship boot camp that will expose talented students to the world’s largest business and consumer market; and the launch of a new global research seed fund that will invest in global research collaborations with leading universities, industries, government agencies and NGOs in priority countries such as India. Like many prestigious Indian industries and institutions, York is prioritizing teaching, research and knowledge mobilization in areas that will address equity and inclusion. York is the first Canadian University to have a United Nations CIFAL Training Centre dedicated to promoting intersectoral cooperation on policy development in areas such as disaster risk, emergency management and humanitarian actions; health, development, environment and climate change and equity, diversity, and inclusion. It is also the lead academic partner in a transformative new Global Water Academy that aims to tackle the water sustainability crisis in partnership with UNITAR.  

Prof. (Dr.) Rhonda L. Lenton, the eighth President and Vice-Chancellor of York University, and Prof. (Dr.)C Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University, announced a slew of joint initiatives as part of the MoU. These include the launch of an India Immersion Program for Canadian students to enable them to better understand India as a country and its growth story. 

Highlighting the importance of progressive universities in today’s world, Prof. (Dr.) Rhonda L. Lenton, said: “As the world recovers from a global pandemic, progressive universities like York University and O.P. Jindal Global University have an opportunity to play a greater role in facilitating global engagement to address incredibly complex challenges – from rising geopolitical tensions, economies destabilized by inflation, and surging temperatures that threaten the demise of our planet – all the while navigating the rapid deployment of advanced technologies such as AI and automation. India and Canada are natural partners to lead in this new global context. Moreover, India is one of the world’s fastest growing markets an having our students come here for short entrepreneurship study tours under partnerships is a crucial development.”  

Said Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar: “In India’s quest to create a global arena of knowledge exchange and opportunities, Canada is an important partner. The collaboration with York University, Canada’s leading university, is a significant milestone in our institutional journey. Recent data from the Canadian Bureau for International Education shows that nearly 34% of Canada’s international students come from India. There is a need to encourage growth in the number of Canadian students visiting India in near future. As India’s leading private university, this relationship will not only boost the association between our universities but also strengthen the long-term educational relationship between India and Canada.” 

He added: “In the field of education, India and Canada have a close and long-standing relationship. Higher education and research partnerships are a critical part of the Canada-India bilateral relationship. As is natural for two countries that share so many diplomatic and cultural associations, areas such as student mobility, research partnerships and educational exchanges are of ever-increasing productive cooperation. Since our founding in 2009, our vision has been focused on building India’s first ‘Global University.’ We have proven our commitment to this vision by instilling internationalism in every aspect of higher education, ensuring a global learning experience in an international setting. As India moves towards establishing a $5 trillion economy, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship going to become very critical and York and other Indian universities can be at the forefront towards advancing innovation, technology and promoting entrepreneurship.” 

Photo Caption : Professor (Dr.) Rhonda Lenton, President & Vice Chancellor, York University, Canada and Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, O.P. Jindal Global University, India .

Eminent Business Leader - Nitin Prasad Joins Cyient’s Board of Directors

Cyient, a global Digital, Engineering and Technology solutions company, announced that it has appointed an eminent business leader Mr. Nitin Prasad to its Board of Directors. Nitin is a dynamic and accomplished business leader who across his over 25 years of experience has delivered business turnarounds, high organic and inorganic growth across large organizations and developed, launched, and operated new business verticals in Semiconductors, Chemicals, Energy and Clean Energy across geographies spanning USA, Singapore, and India.

In his current role, as Chairman of Shell Companies in India, Nitin has oversight over all of Shell’s companies and investments and was responsible for the company’s presence, reputation and business development in India and was instrumental in building the capability and capacity of the company’s business and service centers.

He is passionate about building a sustainable, cleaner energy system and believes collaborations and partnerships are key to solving the energy transition and climate change challenges.

Prior to his recent role, Nitin was the Managing Director for Shell Lubricants for the cluster of India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh which was preceded by several other roles in Shell, including strategy, marketing, project delivery and supply chain in different geographies.

Talking about his appointment Nitin Prasad said “Cyient has delivered record results and built a compelling platform for accelerated growth across sectors with deep integration of core capabilities across engineering services, sustainability amongst others. This commitment to delivering unique and differentiated sources of value for customers aligns with my own emphasis of customer centric innovation. I look forward to working with the Board to help the company deliver its long-term strategic ambitions and build on its strong ESG credentials.”

Mr. MM Murugappan, Non-Executive Chairman, Cyient, expressed his delight at the appointment and said “We are excited to have Nitin join our board and look forward to benefiting from his expertise, as we continue to support our customers with the acceleration of the convergence of Digital, Engineering, and Technology. Nitin will provide a fresh perspective on solving sustainability challenges and his invaluable business experience will be beneficial to Cyient’s plans for accelerated growth. Please join us in welcoming Nitin to the Cyient family.”

Nitin completed his schooling from the Doon School, India before completing an engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and thereafter went on to complete his MBA from INSEAD.

3332 VST Power Tillers Distributed To Farmers By The Government of Tamil Nadu

3332 VST Power Tillers were distributed by the Agricultural Engineering Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu to small and marginal farmers across the state at a subsidized rate.  

VST Power Tillers are the most affordable and efficient farm equipment suited for small and marginal farmers in India. These machines can be used for bund formation, inter-cultivation, earthing up, & de-weeding, and puddling. It is a multi-crop specialist best suited for ginger, turmeric, sugarcane, vegetable crops, cotton, red gram, and horticulture crops. 

The power tiller delivery event was organized across the state with the aim of bolstering agricultural productivity, easing the challenges faced by farmers, and increasing small farm mechanization in the state. The delivery of power tillers was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Thiru. Mr. M.K. Stalin in Chennai. Ministers, MPs, MLAs, and local body representatives participated in the mega-delivery event across Tamil Nadu. The Farmers selected for this program are from the beneficiary villages of the 'Kalaignarin All Village Integrated Farm Development Scheme (KAVIADP).'

VST Tillers Tractors Limited was established in the year 1967 by the VST Group of companies. With a legacy of more than 55 years, VST continues to drive farm mechanization and empowerment of Indian farmers. The organization is the largest Indian manufacturer of Tillers, and 4WD Compact Tractors, and amongst the leading producers of the other category of Tractors, Engines, Transmission, Power Reaper, and Precision Components. VST also exports products to European, Asian, and African markets.

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Skincare As A Love Language: Nurturing A Deeper Connection With Your Baby This Monsoon

The bond between a mother and her newborn baby is a special connection that forms through love and care. While this bond can be immediate for some, for others, it may take time to strengthen. Hence, building a strong foundation of love and connection during a child's early stages is crucial. One way to achieve this is through the power of gentle touch and a nourishing skincare routine. This is especially crucial during the present monsoon season, when we become overwhelmed with bacteria that cause infections that make your babies vulnerable. Here are a few tips from the Cetaphil Baby Skin Experts on how you can use skincare rituals to bond with your little one while also keeping them safe.

Make skin-to-skin contact a routine: This is a wonderful practice that promotes bonding, calmness, and a sense of security for both you and your child. By making skin-to-skin a routine, you can reap the benefits of this exercise. During, monsoon it tends to get a little chillier so wrap your little one in warm and snuggly clothes to ensure that your baby doesn’t catch a cold. To keep it more engaging, take the opportunity to sing lullabies and talk to your baby while gently massaging their skin. Consider using Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion with Organic Calendula, as it provides long-lasting moisturization, hydration, and protection for your newborn’s delicate skin for up to 24 hours.

Bond through massage: Massages not only allow you to connect with your little one on a deeper level but also offer physical and emotional benefits—such as improved sleep patterns. Your gentle touch during a massage will make your baby feel loved and cared for. It will also help soothe them and alleviate any discomfort that may be caused by rashes and allergies often brought on by the rains. Remember to enjoy the experience and focus on the time spent with your little one; massages can become a delightful way to bond.

Use gentle, natural products: The humid weather, especially during the monsoon season, causes newborns to sweat more. Babies' skin is more sensitive, and delicate, therefore requiring special care. To protect them against infection you should keep your baby dry and bathe them once or twice a day, warding off any germs. It is essential to choose skincare products that are gentle and free from harmful chemicals to protect the skin. It is advised to opt for natural ingredients like calendula flower, sunflower oil, almond oil, and glycerin, as they are excellent choices for soothing and nourishing your child’s skin.

Create a calm environment for your baby to sleep: Putting newborn babies to sleep can be a challenge for mothers. Creating a quiet and cozy atmosphere around them can significantly improve their sleep quality. Start by preparing a lovely warm bath, followed by a comforting bedtime routine. You can pacify your infant by patting, snuggling, and providing warmth. Also, make sure to invest in a mosquito net to place above the cot to protect your baby from pesky disease-carrying insects. Establishing a consistent sleeping pattern will help create a sleep cycle for your little one.

Take time to connect: Finally, it is important to have time dedicated to your child to help build a stronger bond and by incorporating a skincare routine you will enhance this experience. Use this hour, to gaze into your baby's eyes, talk to them, and express your love. You can even look out the window together and enjoy the bliss of monsoon while being warm and dry. These moments will help strengthen the emotional connection between you and your newborn.

Skincare serves as a love language enabling you to create a strong and emotional bond. By establishing a gentle, nourishing, and protective skincare routine for your little one, you are forming an environment that will get them through the current seasonal changes and benefit them for years to come. Every mother wants the best for their baby, and prioritizing proper skin care is vital for their well-being. Embrace this special time together and let skincare become your love language.

Black Box Strengthens India Presence With New Center of Excellence

* Will create 500 additional jobs in India as part of their Global expansion plan~

Black Box Limited (formerly AGC Networks Limited) (BSE: BBOX and NSE: BBOX), a trusted IT solutions provider, announced the inauguration of its new Center of Excellence located in Bengaluru, India. Black Box is one of Essar’s key investments in the technology and retail sector.

This state-of-the-art facility represents a significant upgrade, providing employees with an unparalleled environment for collaboration and optimizing business operations. Encompassing an impressive 50,000 square feet, it boasts cutting-edge R&D Labs, Command Centers, client-tailored Offshore Delivery Centers, and dedicated discussion rooms, all designed to foster teamwork across teams and regions.

With the introduction of this new facility, Black Box is poised to expand its service portfolio, covering Program Management, Solutions Engineering, Managed Services, and serving as a Global Response Center, ensuring an even wider array of services for its valued customers.

Commenting on the new center Mr. Sanjeev Verma, Executive Director of Black Box Limited and President and CEO of Black Box Corporation said, "We are committed to delivering excellence in digital infrastructure solutions, and these are exciting times at Black Box as we look forward to servicing our global clients from this strategic center.”

This Center of Excellence will enable employees to perform their functions more efficiently and support customer excellence. As part of its global expansion plans, the company will be creating 500 additional jobs in India, thus enhancing its services for the growing needs of the customers. The new center is expected to increase the margin of the company by around Rs 50 crore in the near term.

Black Box offers cutting-edge services in Digital Infrastructure, Enterprise Networking, and Digital Collaboration, aligning seamlessly with the ever-evolving demands of modern businesses. The company is gearing up to fortify its presence in crucial domains such as Data Center services, Networking solutions, and Cyber Security offerings. With a strong focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and comprehensive solutions, the company is well-poised to redefine industry standards and emerge as a technology and communications leader.

About Black Box:

Black Box® is a trusted IT solutions provider delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and world-class consulting services to businesses around the globe. For more information, log on to    

About Essar:

Essar Global Fund Limited (EGFL) is a global investor which invests in building and nurturing world-class assets diversified across the core sectors of Energy (comprising of Energy Transition, Exploration & Production, Refining & Marketing and Power businesses), Infrastructure & Logistics (comprising Ports, Projects and Green Mobility businesses), Metals & Mining (Green Steel project and DRI pellets) and Technology & Retail (comprising Shipping, Oilfield services, Technology Solutions and FnV Retail). EGFL portfolio companies have aggregate revenues of US$15 billion and employ over 7,000 people. Its investments are managed by Essar Capital that monitors the entire portfolio of investments owned by EGFL.

Biggest (Dating) Flex For Gen Z Bengalureans: Self-Care And Authenticity


* Tinder’s Future of Dating Bengaluru Edition reveals that 87% of Gen Z in Bengaluru believe they are challenging the traditional relationship goals and dating standards that were passed down to them from previous generations1

Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app for meeting new people, has released new insights about how 18-25-year-old young singles in Bengaluru are supercharging dating by challenging traditional relationship goals and gender stereotypes and embracing fluidity and innovation in dating. Dating apps have become a bonafide stepping stone into the dating pool for many singles, with Tinder standing out as the #1 most-downloaded dating app amongst 18 year olds globally to forge authentic connections that reflect their individuality.2

More than half (55%) young adults in Bengaluru believe that dating apps allow them to meet people they would otherwise never have met – even those outside their social circle opening them up to a world of endless possibilities.1 To uncover the current landscape of dating, Tinder’s Future of Dating, Bengaluru edition shares insights on how young singles in the city navigate romance and meaningful connections with a fresh and fun approach.

Quote on behalf of Aahana Dhar, Director of Communications, Tinder India, “We are excited to reveal new insights about how the future of dating is shaping up in Bengaluru. This generation of young adults in Bengaluru knows exactly what they’re looking for when considering someone’s profile with shared interests and dating intent outweighing everything else. Whether it's finding love through a mutual taste for music or placing a strong emphasis on self-care and mental well-being, they're at the forefront of redefining modern romance. Tinder is proud to be a part of their journey and no matter what kind of connection they are looking for, it starts here. It Starts with A SwipeTM.

6 Dating Trends in Bengaluru from Tinder

Dating starts with ME: Gen Z in Bengaluru is willing to be more real and more honest about their relationship with mental health and the need to prioritize it. Close to 79% young singles in Bengaluru find matches who prioritise their mental well-being more attractive.1 Even if many young singles are prioritizing other parts of their life, relationships are a big part of their journey to self discovery and improvement. 77% say that having a partner who values self care is critical to a happy relationship and 78% say they will never compromise on self-care practices or boundaries for a relationship.1 This is a cohort that’s prioritizing qualities like intentionality and transparency, with self-love and personal fulfillment being a primary consideration.

AI plays Digital wingmate: Technology continues to positively disrupt how people meet with more than half (52%) of the young singles in Bengaluru using dating apps.1 Technology is redundant unless it meets and satisfies a need, Gen Z tells us so. While this young generation of singles is excited about the opportunities that AI may bring, it won't be at the expense of realness. Gen Z is happy for AI to help them build out a dating profile (58%) but at the same time there’s little interest in using AI to help write responses to a match on a dating app (19%).1 Perhaps AI's potential will be to act like a coach in helping young singles authentically highlight their unique qualities.

Music - the love language of young Bengalureans: For young singles in Bengaluru, shared interests such as a music taste is one of the top factors that make a match more attractive.1 With 32% agreeing that music taste determines a partner’s personality type and an equal number agreeing to using music to express their emotions and feelings to a date, Bengaluru’s young singles are tuning into a unique language of love.1 In fact, music concerts or karaoke are few of the top picks for first date activities that young Bengalureans like to go for with a match.1

Aparna Jayabal, a 22-year-old Tinder user from Bengaluru shares his story, “I'm all about meeting new people and making new friends, and that led me to my most epic Tinder date! We both had a thing for the quirkiest, most offbeat music you can find – the kind that might make some people cringe. And our first date was completely off the charts! We managed to snag tickets to a live jamming session and kicked off the night at Bob's, Bengaluru’s famous restobar. From there, we hit up Souljams, where we sang our hearts out. It turned out we didn't just share a love for music; we were also into discovering new microbreweries and stuffing our faces with street food. The best part – we were totally upfront about wanting to connect as friends and it made our journey super honest and relaxed. No mixed signals, and no drama."

Commitment is not a one-size-fits-all:  Gen Z in Bengaluru know exactly what they’re looking for when considering someone’s profile with the most important factor being dating intent (68%).1 They prefer to use terminology that doesn’t try to define a connection before they’re ready to, or even want to –  hence terms like vibing, kicking it, deep liking, and of course the word of the season - situationship - aligning more with how 18-25 year olds perceive the dating process. In fact, 43% young singles in Bengaluru pick situationships (a relationship without any pre-set agendas centered around transparency and freedom)1 as their current dating preference1. Tinder offers young singles a world of dating possibilities and the most popular Relationship Goals for Bengalurean Tinder users on the app are ‘long term relationship’ and ‘figuring it out’.3

Inclusivity is limitless: Gen Z is challenging long standing views of sexuality, gender and also ethnicity, culture and geographical restriction. Gen Z’s rejection of traditional gender roles is validated by their dating patterns as 76% young singles in Bengaluru agree that their generation is challenging traditional gender stereotypes that were passed down from previous generations.1 Moreover, 54% of young Bengalureans are open to dating someone with a diverse gender, sexuality or identity and 39% singles are open to dating people from other races and cultures.1 With 32% of young singles in Bengaluru open to finding love in another city or making meaningful connections across borders, distance is no match for the kind of match they want to vibe with.1 46% of passport users globally use Tinder’s Passport but don’t travel to the place they have passported to directly after, which suggests that Tinder members have a strong interest in exploring possibilities outside their immediate network. 18-25 year olds passported on average 9 times a month.4 (Top destinations where young singles in Bengaluru passport to added below)

Prioritising safety with fun: In a city where love meets technology, young singles are prioritizing their personal safety while dating. Before taking the plunge into in-person dates, 49% check if their online date has a verified profile, while 46% look over their social media profiles for any red flags.1 Young Bengalureans are also making dating from home a whole lot simple with 31% of them scheduling a video call with their online match before meeting.1 The three ‘must-have’ safety features for young singles in Bengaluru while dating online are features that help in maintaining privacy, that help authenticate the profile of their matches and features that help promote good behavior.5 This blend of playful and smart-dating precautions showcases Gen Z Bengalureans approach to finding love in the digital age.

1 A study of 1000 18-25 year old dating singles across Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kochi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Guwahati between April - May 2023 conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Tinder

2 Tinder internal Swipe & Match data 2023.

3 Tinder internal data from Relationship Goals profile feature 2023

4 Internal Tinder data from the Passport feature (Tinder Gold subscription feature) 2023

5 Research conducted by YouGov - survey of 1,018 Indian young adults (18-30) across  Delhi, Bombay, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad in August 2022.

Tanishq Relaunches Its Grand Store In Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata has expanded its retail footprint in Jayanagar, Bengaluru with the re-launch of its grand store today. The store was inaugurated by Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, Director, Tata Sons Private Limited and Mr. Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Titan Company Limited, Jewellery Division at 5:00 PM. As part of the inauguration, the brand is running an irresistible offer wherein customers can get free Gold coins* with every jewellery purchase. This offer is valid from 22nd to 24th September 2023. The store is located at Tanishq, No.3, (old no 18), 9th Main, diagonally, opposite Pai Viceroy's hotel, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011.

Spanning across, 12000 sq.ft., the store presents an extensive selection of iconic Tanishq designs across vibrant colour stones, dazzling gold, shining diamonds, exquisite polki, and precious kundan jewellery. Each piece comes with an intricate work of art, rich in splendour and unique design sensibilities. The store also has an Exclusive High-Value Studded Zone along with a special zone which caters to wedding customers and is exclusively equipped with stunning jewellery pieces from Rivaah- a dedicated wedding jewellery sub-brand of Tanishq. Rivaah is designed keeping in line with the sensibility of Indian women from across the country and has evolved as a one-stop destination for wedding shopping. Additionally, the store features a wide range of plain and studded jewellery designs from Mia by Tanishq with unique inspiration and excellent craftsmanship.

Speaking on the relaunch, Mr. Vasudeva Rao, Regional Business Manager, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited said, “We take immense pride in reintroducing our grand store in Bengaluru today. At Tanishq, customer satisfaction drives at every step we take. As the nation's most cherished jewellery brand, our continuous aspiration has been to remain within reach for our customers. Our store showcases an exquisite array of jewellery designs in Gold, Diamond, Polki, Kundan and Bridal collections, catering to a variety of preferences. We are filled with great enthusiasm as we augment our existing footprint within the Garden City of India. We anticipate that our customers in Bengaluru will embrace and relish the unparalleled journey we've crafted within this expansive store."

*T&C apply.

High Performance Safety. Grand Appearance of BMW M Safety Vehicles At MotoGP™ In India

* BMW M2, BMW M3 Touring, BMW M5 CS And BMW M 1000 RR Are Official Safety Vehicles

* Exclusive access and experience for BMW Excellence Club members.

* #BMWM #BMWIndia #BMWMotorrad

BMW M cars and bikes are the official safety vehicles at the first MotoGP™ Bharat in India. Four new safety vehicles made their appearance at MotoGP™ Bharat: three safety cars and one safety bike. Together, the BMW M2, BMW M3 Touring, BMW M5 CS and BMW M 1000 RR will kick off the race. These safety vehicles will undertake various tasks that are important to ensure that practices, qualifying sessions and races run smoothly such as technical test laps etc.

Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India, said, “For over 25 years, BMW M Safety Vehicles have always taken the lead as the world’s best motorcycle riders compete at MotoGP™. We are thrilled with the debut of MotoGP™ in India. It offers a unique opportunity for motorsports fans to witness the BMW M Safety Vehicles in action along with their favourite riders on the racetrack. An exceptional experience is also in store for BMW Excellence Club members with first-class hospitality, racetrack laps in BMW M MotoGP Safety Vehicles and a MotoGP Bharat weekend full of high-voltage excitement and BMW M Power.”

An unforgettable weekend for BMW Excellence Club members.

BMW Excellence Club members can get a weekend full of adrenalin and get to be at the heart of all action in MotoGP™. The BMW M guest program offers a close look behind the scenes with a chance to run into MotoGP™ riders and motorsports legends. The program includes first class hospitality services, watching the race from the best vantage point, guided paddock tours, exclusive motorsport insights from BMW M MotoGP™ experts and get up close opportunities with the mechanics as they perform their duties in the pit lane. The main highlight – a never before racetrack lap experience as a passenger in one of the BMW M Safety Cars.

The new BMW M2 MotoGP™ Safety Car

The new BMW M2 impresses with the traditional characteristics of a high-performance sports car – in a concentrated form and with state-of-the-art technology. With its compact dimensions and the 460 hp TwinPower turbo in-line 6-cylinder engine, the new BMW M2 is the perfect basis for a BMW M Safety Car. The car is kitted out with various safety car elements for its deployment on MotoGP™ racetracks. These elements include a roll bar, RECARO seats, 6-point racing harness, a fire extinguisher, the safety car roof bar and the matching front light.  Several M Performance parts, such as exhaust system, chassis, carbon wing mirror covers, diffusor, and rear wing have also been installed. The BMW M2 MotoGP™ Safety Car will have the standard BMW M safety car livery.

The first-ever BMW M3 Touring MotoGP™ Safety Car

This safety car is based on the first-ever BMW M3 Competition Touring with M xDrive. It combines the high level of technological capability, performance and know-how of the BMW M3 and BMW M4 family with the practical nature of a five-door touring model. The visual appearance of the new BMW M3 Touring MotoGP™ Safety Car is a tribute to 50 years of BMW M and to the decades of partnership with MotoGP™. The safety car sports a special 50 Years of BMW M Livery, and all MotoGP™ safety cars from 1999 to the present day are listed on the car.

The BMW M3 Touring MotoGP™ Safety Car is equipped with the entire product range from BMW M Performance Parts for its appearance on the racetrack. Further modifications to the MotoGP™ safety cars include Recaro race seats, 4-point harness, safety cross beam, roof lights, front flashes, emergency disconnector and a fuel extraction system.

The BMW M5 CS MotoGP™ Safety Car

The BMW M5 CS safety car is in special paint finish Frozen Deep Green metallic. BMW M livery is puristic, classic safety car look, highlighting the paint finish and at the same time underlining the typical safety car look. Thanks to the M Power under the bonnet, the BMW M5 CS sprints from 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.0 seconds, and from 0 – 200 km/h (124 mph) in 10.3 seconds. Top speed is an electronically governed 305 km/h (189 mph). The high-performance engine teams up with an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic and uses the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system, which also offers a 2WD mode for pure rear-wheel drive, to channel its power to the road. With the BMW M5 CS, BMW M GmbH has focussed on consistently lightweight design. The chassis has also been adapted to the weight of the car, which is lighter than other M5 models, with retuned bearing springs at the front and rear axle, and further refined damper control. The stainless steel M5 CS sports exhaust has four unadorned tailpipes. Other features include the M Carbon ceramic brakes.

The BMW M 1000 RR MotoGP™ Safety Bike

The new BMW M 1000 RR MotoGP™ Safety Bike is ideally equipped for its outings on the racetrack. The BMW M 1000 RR is the superbike homologated for racing. It was perfected in the wind tunnel and further developed on the circuit. It has optimised aerodynamics and uses carbon, resulting in a significantly higher top speed of 314 km/h. Its engine and chassis remain as powerful and direct as ever. The BMW M 1000 RR stands for absolute performance and exclusivity down to the last detail. Just the typical M.

BMW M in MotoGP™

A partnership that spans over two decades, BMW M is a long-term partner of MotoGP™. 2023 marks the 25th season of BMW M being “Official Car of MotoGP™. Since 1999, MotoGP™ and BMW M work hand in hand, sharing the same attributes: high performance, adrenalin and motorsports genes. The Safety Cars are high performance BMW M cars with outstanding driving dynamics.

Tata Motors Charges Up Nepal With The Game-Changing Ace EV

* The first fleet of zero-emission, e-cargo solution was delivered to customers in Kathmandu

Tata Motors, one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today took a significant leap forward in promoting sustainable mobility with the launch of the new, revolutionary Ace EV in Nepal, with its sole authorised distributor, Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. The new Ace EV, an advanced, zero-emission, four-wheel small commercial vehicle (SCV), is a green and smart transport solution ready to serve a wide variety of intra-city applications. The launch of Ace EV in Nepal marks its debut in the global market and promises to redefine eco-friendly transportation. The first fleet of the revolutionary Ace EV was delivered to its customers in Kathmandu. The electric version of the ever-popular Ace is an eco-friendly mobility solution for environmentally conscious companies.

Commenting on the momentous occasion, Mr. Anurag Mehrotra, Head – International Business, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle Business, said, “Electrification of passenger and cargo transport is an irreversible trend. At Tata Motors, our commitment to accelerate the adoption of cleaner and greener transport solutions is gaining greater strength. The introduction of the Ace EV marks a major milestone in our journey to deliver zero-emission cargo mobility in Nepal. With Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd.’s strong sales and service expertise and their dedicated support for many decades, the electric commercial vehicle will play a pivotal role in shaping net-zero goals of businesses in Nepal. The Ace EV is designed and engineered to perfectly suit the requirements of intra-city cargo transportation and will deliver superior value proposition to all stakeholders who are driving towards a carbon-neutral future. Nepal flourishes with clean electricity through its hydroelectric projects, and the launch of the new Ace EV will further complement the country’s stride towards clean energy. We are much encouraged with the support and response received from our customers in Nepal, with whom we begin this journey of zero-emission cargo mobility.”

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Siddhartha SJB Rana, Executive Chairman, Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are delighted to launch the Ace EV with Tata Motors and it marks the beginning of the new era in Nepal’s eco-friendly transportation. For decades, Tata Motors and Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd. have been working together to deliver quality-led mobility solutions in Nepal, and consistently delivering outstanding vehicles that have earned the trust of the Nepalese market. Tata Motors has always been ahead of the curve in delivering top-of-the-line products. Ace EV embodies our shared vision for a sustainable future in the country. We are confident that this remarkable vehicle will contribute towards a cleaner, greener Nepal.”  

The new Ace EV, co-developed in rich collaboration with its users and supported by a diligently curated ecosystem, offers a holistic solution for e-cargo mobility. In addition to addressing the core need of timely cost-effective and efficient last-mile deliveries, the Ace EV also serves the future commitment and aspirations of its conscientious customers to achieve net zero carbon footprint. The fleet of Ace EV will be supported by a dedicated team of experts for 24x7 support and state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle Support Centres (EVSC). The vehicle also comes equipped with a feature-rich telematics system for real-time vehicle tracking and efficient fleet management.

The Ace EV is the first product featuring Tata Motors’ EVOGEN powertrain that offers an unparalleled certified range of 154 kilometres. It delivers a safe, all-weather operation with an advanced battery cooling system and regenerative braking system to boost the driving range. The vehicle allows regular and fast charging capabilities for high uptime. It is powered by a 27kW (36hp) motor with 130Nm of peak torque, to ensure highest cargo volume and grade-ability of 22% allowing easy ascend in fully-loaded conditions. The Ace EV’s container is customised specially to perfectly suit the requirements of Nepal.

About Tata Motors

Part of the USD 128 billion Tata group, Tata Motors Limited (BSE: 500570 and 570001; NSE: TATAMOTORS and TATAMTRDVR), a USD 42 billion organization, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups,  trucks, and buses, offering an extensive range of integrated, smart, and e-mobility solutions. With ‘Connecting Aspirations’ at the core of its brand promise, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and ranks among the top three in the passenger vehicles market.

Tata Motors strives to bring new products that captivate the imagination of GenNext customers, fueled by state-of-the-art design and R&D centres located in India, the UK, the US, Italy, and South Korea. By focusing on engineering and tech- enabled automotive solutions catering to the future of mobility, the company’s innovation efforts are focused on developing pioneering technologies that are both sustainable and suited to the evolving market and customer aspirations. The company is pioneering India's Electric Vehicle (EV) transition and driving the shift towards sustainable mobility solutions by developing a tailored product strategy, leveraging the synergy between Group companies and playing an active role in liaising with the Government of India in developing the policy framework.

With operations in India, the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa and Indonesia, Tata Motors markets its vehicles in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the SAARC countries. As of March 31, 2023, Tata Motors’ operations include 88 consolidated subsidiaries, two joint operations, three joint ventures, and numerous equity-accounted associates, including their subsidiaries, over which the company exercises significant influence.

Glenmark Pharma Announces Proposed Divestment Of Majority Stake In Glenmark Life Sciences

·      Glenmark Pharma agrees to divest 75% stake in its subsidiary Glenmark Life Sciences to Nirma Limited, at a price of INR 615/- per share implying an equity valuation of INR 75,354 mn.

·       Glenmark Pharma will continue to own 7.84% in Glenmark Life Sciences.

·      Pursuant to the transaction, Nirma Limited will make a mandatory open offer to all public shareholders of GLS.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Glenmark Pharma”), a research-led, integrated, global pharmaceutical company has entered into a definitive agreement with Nirma Limited to divest 75% stake in its subsidiary, Glenmark Life Sciences Limited (“GLS”), at a price of INR 615/- per share for an aggregate consideration of INR 56,515 mn, subject to closing adjustments. Glenmark Pharma own 7.84% in GLS after the divestment. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions precedent, including receipt of regulatory and shareholder approvals.

Pursuant to the transaction, Nirma Limited will make a mandatory open offer to all public shareholders of GLS.

Commenting on the divestment, Glenn Saldanha, Chairman and Managing Director, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited said, "We are pleased to announce this strategic transaction with Nirma Limited, which marks a significant milestone in shaping an independent growth trajectory for GLS. This deal aligns with our strategic intent of moving up the value chain to become an innovative/brand led organization, with continuous focus on our core therapeutic areas of dermatology, respiratory and oncology. It also presents an opportunity for us to strengthen shareholder value through deleveraging and enhancing our overall return profile.”

Speaking on the announcement Dr. Yasir Rawjee, Managing Director and CEO, Glenmark Life Sciences Limited said, “Today’s announcement marks the next step in the journey of the company, one that will accelerate growth and help create more value for our stakeholders in the long term. We will continue to operate as an independent API company under the new ownership of Nirma Limited. I see this as an opportunity to further strengthen our position in the API industry and continue the growth trajectory.”

Glenmark Pharma will continue to focus on consistent growth across its key markets whilst having a strong emphasis on return ratios with net cash positive balance sheet, ultimately creating value for its shareholders.

Kotak Investment Banking acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Glenmark Pharma and GLS on this transaction. S&R Associates acted as legal advisor to Glenmark Pharma and Trilegal acted as legal advisor to GLS.

About Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited (BSE: 532296 | NSE: GLENMARK) is an integrated, research?led, global pharmaceutical company, having a presence across Branded, Generics, and OTC segments; with a focus on therapeutic areas of respiratory, dermatology and oncology. The company has 10 world-class manufacturing facilities spread across 4 continents, and operations in over 80 countries. In Vivo/Scrip 100 positions Glenmark amongst the Top 100 Companies Ranked by R&D and Pharmaceutical Sales, 2021; while Generics Bulletin/In Vivo places it in the Top 50 Generics and Biosimilars Companies Ranked by Sales, 2021. The company has also been Great Place To Work® Certified™ in India. Glenmark’s Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction targets have been approved in 2023 by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi), becoming the second Indian Pharmaceuticals company to achieve this approval. The organization has impacted over 2.9 million lives over the last decade through its CSR interventions. For more information, visit You can follow us on LinkedIn (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals) and Instagram (glenmark_pharma).

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Riders – Fabio Quartararo And Franco Morbidelli Meet Yamaha Employees At Surajpur Factory

Date: September 21, 2023

Yamaha Motor India Group of companies


India Yamaha Motor hosted a sensational meet & greet event, electrifying the hearts of over 1000 employees of the company on the eve of MotoGP Bharat 2023. The event, held at Yamaha’s Surajpur Plant in Uttar Pradesh, showcased the world-class talents of Yamaha's racing stars, offering a unique opportunity for Yamaha employees to interact with their racing idols.

The Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP riders, including the illustrious Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli, engaged in spirited discussions about their journey in the thrilling world of MotoGP, shared insights on their racing strategies, and signed autographs, leaving the intrigued Yamaha employees with cherished mementos of this unforgettable evening. The event not only deepened the connection between the riders and their fervent Indian fanbase but also showcased Yamaha's unwavering commitment to bringing the excitement of MotoGP closer to enthusiasts in the region. Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP riders and India Yamaha Motor expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the Indian fans, promising an exhilarating show in the upcoming MotoGP Bharat 2023 race.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Boeing Outlines Aatmanirbhar Bharat Future For P-8I Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

* Indian Navy's P-8I fleet maintains exceptional mission readiness with more than 40,000 flight hours

* Boeing projects a potential $3.2 billion economic impact by 2032

Boeing [NYSE: BA] today highlighted the substantial indigenization achieved in the manufacturing and sustainment of its P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft and briefed media on the outlook for the platform, suggesting an increase in investment and economic impact as part of its Aatmanirbhar Bharat strategy. Twelve P-8Is already serve the Indian Navy’s reconnaissance and surveillance needs in the Indo-Pacific region.

Boeing has already generated a substantial economic impact, amounting to $1.7 billion to support the current P-8I aircraft fleet in service with the Indian Navy. Furthermore, Boeing envisions that increasing the P-8I fleet to 18 aircraft will increase investments, approximately $1.5 billion, while creating further indigenization opportunities within India's aerospace and defense sector by 2032.

“Boeing's commitment to advancing the Aatmanirbhar Bharat vision drives our dedication to the P-8I fleet. As we respond to the Indian Navy's need for more P-8I aircraft, we're actively looking to enhance engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment capabilities in India, for India, and the world, benefiting both Indian and global customers,” said Salil Gupte, president of Boeing India.

Since its induction in 2013, the P-8I aircraft, based on the 737 Next Generation platform, has become an integral part of the Indian Navy’s fleet and has surpassed 40,000 flight hours with high mission readiness rates. Boeing played a pivotal role in establishing the Ashok Roy Training Simulator Complex at INS Rajali, and the Kochi training complex, inaugurated in April this year, features a state-of-the-art simulator for P-8I aircrew and technical team training. This ground-based training reduces on-aircraft training time, boosting mission proficiency and aircraft availability for the Indian Navy.

“We’re proud to partner with the Indian Navy on the exceptional capability that the P-8 delivers as a proven multi-mission aircraft while enhancing the interoperability and maritime security requirements for India and the Indo-Pacific,” said Dan Gillian, vice president and general manager, Mobility, Surveillance and Bombers, Boeing Defense, Space & Security. “Boeing is also committed to expanding its P-8 supplier network in India, which presently includes 15 public and private Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises that are part of Boeing’s global supply chain and are delivering critical parts, components, and services for the P-8.”

The globally proven P-8 fleet, over 160 aircraft in service that have accumulated more than 500,000 mishap-free flight hours around the globe, includes allies such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, and Germany.

About Boeing in India

Boeing is focused on delivering value to Indian customers with advanced technologies and is committed to creating sustainable value in the Indian aerospace sector – developing local suppliers, and shaping academic and research collaborations with Indian institutions. Boeing has strengthened its supply chain with more than 300 local companies in India and a joint venture to manufacture fuselages for Apache helicopters and vertical fin structures for the 737 family of airplanes. Annual sourcing from India stands at over $1 billion. Boeing currently employs over 5,000 people in India, and more than 13,000 people work with its supply chain partners. Boeing’s employee efforts and country-wide engagement serve communities and citizenship programs to inspire change and make an impact on more than 500,000 lives. Learn more at

Motorola Launches “edge 40 neo” – World’s Lightest 5G Smartphone With IP68 Underwater Protection Now At A Special Festive Price

motorola edge 40 neo comes in three exquisite PANTONE™ curated colours: Black Beauty, Soothing Sea, and Caneel Bay. 

The motorola edge 40 neo is the World’s Lightest 5G* smartphone featuring IP68 underwater protection. 

This device is the world's first smartphone powered by the   MediaTek Dimensity 7030 Processor, a 6nm chipset. 

Featuring the segment’s first 6.55” pOLED curved display with a refresh rate of upto 144Hz and support for 10-bit billion colors. It also supports a peak brightness of 1300nits. 

It comes with a 50MP Ultra Pixel Night Vision camera with OIS capability for stable 4K videos and All-Pixel Focus technology for 32x more focusing pixels. 

The motorola edge 40 is priced at Rs 23,999 for 8GB+128GB and Rs 25,999 for 12GB+256GB. However, this phone will be available at a special limited period festive price of just Rs.20,999 for 8GB + 128GB and just Rs22,999 for 12GB + 256GB variant. It will go on sale from 28th Sep, 7pm on Flipkart, and leading retail stores.  

Consumers can also avail exchange bonus offer of Rs 1000 or an instant bank discount of Rs 1000 making the net effective price start at Rs 19,999 for 8GB + 128GB. Additionally, consumers can get No Cost EMI starting at Rs 3500/month from leading banks. 

Motorola, India’s best 5G smartphone brand announced the launch of its latest offering in the edge series, the “motorola edge 40” neo. A device that embodies the edge family’s mission to develop state-of-the-art technology and provide users with marquee features at cost-effective prices. 

Staying ahead of the curve, the motorola edge 40 neo is a true headturner as it has been launched in PANTONE™ curated trend-setting color options, in an elegant, thin endless edge design. This device inspires individuality and encourages personal style through the powerful shades of Black Beauty, Soothing Sea, and Caneel Bay. The motorola edge 40 neo is equipped with the segment’s first IP68 underwater protection and can effortlessly withstand dust, dirt, and sand, along with up to 30 minutes of submersion in 1.5 meters of fresh water. The smartphone is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable companion even on an adventurous day. In fact, this smartphone is the World’s Lightest 5G Phone with IP68 Underwater protection. This 172g ultra light and 7.79mm ultra-thin body with a contoured endless edge design makes it exceptionally tactile and provides a great in-hand feel. The smartphone has a premium vegan leather finish providing a soft tactile touch along with a solid grip  . It also comes with an option of 3D PMMA acrylic glass finish in black beauty color. 

Furthermore, users can binge-watch movies, the latest shows and play games on the incredibly vivid, segment 1st 144Hz 6.55” pOLED curved display with support for a billion colors. This curved edge borderless display is complemented by a 144Hz refresh rate which makes the UI super smooth and fluid, making it an effortless process to switch apps and swap windows. Videos radiate a heightened vibrancy and lifelike quality, owing to the 10-bit colour and DCI-P3 offering an extensive palette of over a billion shades that meet cinematic excellence. Additionally, the motorola edge 40 neo boasts an impressive 1300nits of peak brightness, ensuring users a comfortable fatigue-free visual experience even in bright sunlight. Motorola edge 40 neo with its curved display brings the interesting feature of edge lights which light up the curved edges in different ways to let you know about a new notification, an incoming phone call, and more. It supports dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos making it a true head turning entertainer. 

The motorola edge 40 neo is a processing powerhouse, boasting the World’s 1st MediaTek Dimensity 7030 lightning-fast processor which is a 6nm chipset supporting Wi-Fi 6e for incredible speeds and has MediaTek HyperEngineTM game Technology for the best gaming experience. Owing to this, users can experience endless hours of gaming and the incredible performance of 5G networks anytime anywhere. It also boasts cloud gaming, through which users can leverage their phone as a hand-held console and play powerful games right from the cloud. This processor enhances the user experience, productivity, and bandwidth, all while lowering latency to provide peak performance.  Devices support 14 5G bands which is the highest in the segment. 

The motorola edge 40 neo is the go-to device for photography enthusiasts who are on a budget.  With its 50MP Ultra Pixel Night Vision primary camera, this is the perfect device for night photography, eliminating any challenging lighting conditions. The Auto Night Vision technology captures pictures up to 16x faster than its predecessor. Its Instant All-Pixel Focus technology for 32x more focusing pixels, results in faster, impeccable performance in any light, and OIS, lets in more light by stabilizing hand movement, allowing longer exposure times for spectacular shots. Not just that, the rear camera system also has a 13MP secondary camera which supports an ultra-wide-angle lens along with Macro Vision and Depth segment in 1 camera itself. On the front, users are presented with a 32MP selfie camera with quad-pixel technology which guarantees remarkable selfies in all lighting conditions. Additionally, there are multiple flagship-grade camera features such as Horizon Lock Stabilization, Video Portrait, Audio Zoom, and Vlog Mode for users to explore their creativity without boundaries. The horizon lock feature is another segment first and advances the level of OIS which impeccably captures action shots, keeping the camera stable even while rotating up to 360 degrees thus avoiding shaky videos. Additionally, the processing occurs in real-time, without latency, ensuring clear image. 

The device comes equipped with a massive 5000mAh battery with a 68W TurboPower™ fast charger included in the box, charging the battery to 50% in just 15 minutes. With such an impressive battery backup, users can enjoy uninterrupted usage throughout the day, stream, work, play, and stay connected without the constant need to worry about recharging the device.   

The motorola edge 40 neo's software capabilities are as impressive as its hardware. Its numerous software offerings such as Family Space, Moto Secure, and My UX give users an optimized smartphone experience that users can customize. The Family Spaces feature allows a Motorola user to remotely control another Motorola smartphone user's screen for remote guidance, selecting the interface of certain apps, exercising parental control, and managing the timing of other users, especially kids, using the apps. Moto Secure allows users to manage network security, control app permissions, and even create a secret folder for their most sensitive data, making it a go-to destination for all the vital security and privacy features on the smartphone. The Moto Connect and Ready For feature lets users connect their smartphone wirelessly to a TV to play mobile games, make video calls, and use the smartphone’s apps on a big screen. With My UX, the smartphone can be customized to create a one-in-a-million look ensuring that the device reflects their individual style and preferences like no other. While the device runs on Android 13 with no bloatware and Motorola has assured 2 OS upgrades and 3 years of security upgrades. 

Mr. Prashanth Mani, Executive Director - Motorola Asia Pacific, said, "We are excited to launch the Motorola Edge 40 Neo in India, which showcases our dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovation. This impressive device sets new standards with its segment-first features across design, display, battery life, and performance. The edge 40 Neo is the World’s Lightest 5G smartphone with IP68 Underwater Protection, comes with a 144Hz curved display with billion colors, the World’s 1st MediaTek Dimensity 7030 processor with up to 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, plus an ultra-premium design that makes it a head turner in its truest sense. Additionally, it comes in a range of Pantone™ colors that embody Motorola's signature style. We are certain that this smartphone will set new benchmarks and encourage users to explore new levels of creativity, connectivity, and convenience." 

Availability & Pricing  

The motorola edge 40 neo is available in three stunning PantoneTM colour variants, Caneel Bay and Soothing Sea in vegan leather finish and Black Beauty in PMMA (acrylic glass) finish. The smartphone will go on sale from 28th September 2023, 7PM on Flipkart, and leading retail stores including Reliance Digital.  

For 8GB + 128GB variant,  

Launch Price: INR 23,999  

Special Festive Launch Price: Rs 20,999 

For 12GB + 256GB variant,  

Launch Price: INR 25,999  

Special Festive Launch Price: Rs 22,999 

Affordability Offers: 

Consumers can choose from the following two offers to purchase the device making the effective price of the product starting at Rs. 19,999 (for 8GB+128GB) and Rs 21,999 (for 12GB+256GB) 

Rs. 1,000 Additional bump-up on exchange 

Rs. 1,000 Instant bank discount on select bank 

Additionally, consumers can also avail No Cost EMIs up to 6 months on leading bank cards – making the effective ownership cost starting at Rs.3,500/month. 

To know more about the product visit:   

Flipkart - 

Motorola website - 

Operator Offers: 

Consumers can avail additional benefits worth Rs. 10,000 from Reliance Jio.    

This includes Cashback worth Rs 2,000 (Rs 50 x 40 months) on prepaid plan of Rs 399 along with additional partner offer like Ajio, Yatra, Swiggy, AbhiBus and Net Meds worth Rs 8000 

To know more about the offer:

Experience The Future of Refrigeration: LG Launches With New Wi-Fi Convertible Side By Side Refrigerator

LG Electronics India, India's One of the leading consumer durables & air conditioner brand, is set to redefine how we experience refrigeration with the launch of its revolutionary Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator which allows users to convert the freezer section to a fridge from anywhere using LG ThinQ App. This cutting-edge appliance promises a new era of convenience and control in home appliances.

The 2023 Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator range currently offers 9 models, available in both Matt and Glass finishes, complete with chrome-finished door handles and exquisite metallic decorations inside. The refrigerator models will be available with a capacity of 650 litres.

As part of LG's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that cater to diverse needs, the Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator range will be priced from INR 122,999 to INR 152,999/-.

Embodying LG's commitment to innovation and sophistication, the 2023 range of LG Wi-Fi Convertible Side-by-Side Refrigerators boasts a sleek, minimalist, flat design adorned with metallic decorations. The refrigerators effortlessly blend functionality with elegance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any modern kitchen. With its standout feature of remote operation via the LG ThinQ app, users can effortlessly control settings and temperatures from anywhere, minimizing cold air loss. This innovation redefines convenience, allowing users to remotely convert the freezer into a fridge with unparalleled ease.

Commenting on the launch, Hyoung Subji, Director Home Appliances & Air Conditioners, LG Electronics said," Today, we are thrilled to introduce the LG Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator, a testament to our commitment to innovation and convenience in home appliances. With the ability to be operated remotely through the LG ThinQ app, this refrigerator ushers in a new era of flexibility and control. Whether converting your freezer to a fridge while at work or adjusting temperature settings from the comfort of your couch, the Wi-Fi Convertible Refrigerator seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle. This launch reaffirms LG's dedication to providing solutions that simplify our customers' lives while bringing an exquisite blend of design and functionality to modern kitchens."

The latest LG Refrigerators also come with Smart Learner powered by AI, which analyses the usage pattern of the refrigerator and optimizes cooling accordingly. With the help of various algorithms, the latest range of LG Refrigerators monitors the hourly, daily and weekly data to deliver long-lasting freshness for fruits and vegetables.

The Side by Side Refrigerators are also furnished with Hygiene Fresh+ air filter. As validated by the third party TUV Rheinland, this cutting-edge technology reduces activity of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

Moreover, these refrigerators are loaded with functionalities like DoorCooling+™, ensuring faster cooling than traditional systems and prolonging the freshness of stored food items. LG's exclusive DoorCooling+™ innovation considerably narrows the temperature difference between the inner compartment and the door side, utilizing dedicated vents on the door shelves to cool beverages stored there efficiently.

The Smart Diagnosis technology packed in the refrigerators enhances troubleshooting and maintenance by allowing the fridge to communicate directly with the LG customer support centre. This results in quicker issue resolution and minimized downtime. The Smart Inverter Compressor optimizes cooling performance by adjusting its speed according to the cooling demands. This enhances energy efficiency and ensures quieter operation and a longer compressor lifespan.

LG's multi-air flow system guarantees uniform refrigerator cooling by effectively distributing cool air in every corner. This helps maintain consistent temperatures and prevents temperature fluctuations, preserving the quality of stored foods and beverages.

The refrigerator's dedicated wine rack also provides a designated space to store your favourite wine bottles securely. This feature is designed to prevent any unnecessary movement while opening and closing the refrigerator doors, keeping your bottles safe and easily accessible.

About LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd               

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. (LG Electronics), a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics, South Korea was established in January 1997 in India. It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics, home appliances*, HVAC, IT hardware. In India, LG Electronics has earned a premium brand positioning and is the acknowledged trendsetter for the industry. LGEIL's manufacturing unit at Greater Noida is one of the most eco-friendly units among all LG manufacturing plants in the world. The second Greenfield facility is located at Ranjangaon; Pune has the capacity to manufacture LED TVs, air conditioners, commercial air conditioning systems, washing machines, refrigerators, and monitors.

*Home Appliances include- Refrigerator; Washing Machine, AC, Water purifier, Microwave, Fan, Dishwasher & Air purifier

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