Monday, December 12, 2022

FTH Daily Facilitates State-Of-The-Art Warehouse Launch Spanning Over 75000 Sq.ft. In Bangalore

* The massive warehousing facility is built to accommodate more than 70,000 SKUs

* FTH Daily enables 2 million deliveries per month across 3 cities 

FTH Daily, the subscription-based e-grocery initiative of FreshToHome, through partners launched a state-of-the-art warehousing facility spanning up to 75000 sq. ft. in Bengaluru.   

Built with a capacity to hold more than 70,000 SKUs across 100 categories including farm fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, household essentials, dairy, among others, the warehouse will play a vital role in the operative procedures of an efficient supply chain.     

With an advanced grading process unit that is exclusively set up to follow the 25+ quality control protocol, the warehouse adopts a three-point grading system to segregate, grade, and approve the farm fresh fruits, vegetables, and green leafy vegetables that are directly sourced from farmers. 

To sustain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, green leafs, FTH Daily, through its partners, has geared all its processes for quick turnaround from the source to the customers doorstep. At 6 PM, the harvest that is at the farm is delivered before 7.30 AM next morning to the customers. 

In its vision to enable easy access to farm fresh fruits and vegetables to millions of families, FTH Daily has facilitated its vendors to partner with a community of over 1200 farmers. More than 150 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and greens are available on the app at mass market prices. 

Speaking about the new facility centre, *Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshToHome, said, “FTH Daily* has been a key enabler in making daily nutrition accessible to lakhs of families. Our community of FTH Daily customers has grown from 10,000 families to 1.5 lakh families who trust us for quality, affordability, and wholesome nutrition. It’s our turn to extend appreciation and thankfulness to our customers, and build infrastructure solutions that will help us reach them faster, while their orders are farm-fresh. The launch of the new warehouse facility is being facilitated at a time when we are looking at expanding the platform’s product portfolio, and enable the launch of new categories that will further our vision to make daily nutrition accessible and affordable to all.” 

With a new user-friendly feature that enhances customer shopping experience, FTH Daily has launched several virtual economical stores that cater to the daily essential needs of every household. Along with this, no minimum order value for free delivery, over 75+ milk varieties, and delivery before sunrise are some of the key propositions of FTH Daily.

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