Thursday, December 15, 2022

Adar Poonawalla-Backed homiHydrogen, To Set Up An Integrated Manufacturing Facility For Electrolysers In India

~The 50 million USD project is expected to open a gateway to 300 Green jobs, while building critical capacity to meet green hydrogen requirement set by GoI~

homiHydrogen, a joint venture between, h2e Power Systems Private Limited, BlueBasic AMA Engineering (H2energy, Italy) and Greenstat Hydrogen India, has well begun its journey to a green tomorrow with the ambition of setting up a 1.5GW per Annum Manufacturing Facility for electrolysers in India to the benefit of domestic and export markets. Budgeted at 50 Million USD, the new project is a stepping stone to make India a hub for Green Hydrogen technologies & contribute to the NetZero commitment made by our Honorable Prime Minister, while creating about 300 green new jobs to meet ambitious green hydrogen targets set by the Government of India.

An offset of India’s first end-to-end fuel cell and electrolyser company, h2e Power System, homiHydrogen, harbors value and expertise to become the first company to provide all four commercially available electrolysers. The venture will manufacture state-of-the-art, efficient and cost effective Alkaline, AEM, PEM and SOE electrolysers in India. HomiHydrogen has presence in the entire value chain of Electrolysers required for producing Green Hydrogen.

With this composition, homiHydrogen stands in solidarity with the National Hydrogen Mission announced by our Honourable Prime Minister. It aims to make India a global manufacturing hub for Electrolysers and the production of Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia.

Mr. Siddharth R Mayur, Founder & Managing Director of h2e Power said, “homiHydrogen is an initiative to build an ethical, sustainable, inexpensive & a state of the art electrolysers that will cater to the domestic needs and exports. homiHydrogen stands unique with its focus not only on electrolysers but also critical components like rectifiers & transformers, R&D and last mile solutions. The name homiHydrogen is a tribute to the great Indian Scientist Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha.”

Commenting on the joint venture Dr. Sturle Pedersen, Chairman of GreenStat Hydrogen India said, “GreenStat is excited to be a partner in India’s journey to become a Green Hydrogen hub. homiHydrogen is distinctive as we will produce a bouquet of electrolyser technologies, which will cater to a wide range of market segments. This joint venture reinforces our commitment to Indo-Norwegian partnership.”

 Dr. Prashant Kamath, Managing Director BlueBasic Engineering India further said, “We are extremely proud that we are able to bring global technologies to India and manufacture them with the local Indian innovation to create a built to last product. BlueBasic is looking forward to contribute to homiHydrogen with the most innovative electrolyser technologies, which will be a fitting tribute to the Great Dr. Bhabha.”

homiHydrogen will start production in 2023 and will deliver a 100% Made in India product realizing the vision of an Atmanirbhar India. The company also announced it association with OIL India Ltd, the nation’s second-largest national oil and gas explorer to build an effective green hydrogen value chain in the country, progressing the vision further.

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