Monday, December 12, 2022

Antier Is Celebrating Christmas’22 In Metaverse; Users Can Join Anfestier Via Web3 Or Browser

* Manifesting the real spirit of Christmas in virtual space  through Metaverse, the Anfestier Christmas celebrations on 21st and 22nd December are harnessing futuristic-tech to bring the world closer

* Eliminating technological disadvantage at user-end, Anfestier Christmas will be apt for both Web3 and Browser, thereby ensuring everyone’s participation in activities like Christmas tree décor competition, bowling (tenpins), Christmas carol, dance party

* There are other secret elements that will be unravelled once you join these celebrations of a lifetime

A glittering ornamented tree, sparkling lights, games, gifts and, yes, a heavenly spell of snow are just some of the things one associates with Christmas! While some of us would have had the opportunity to enjoy Christmas festivities with all pomp and show, there are many still waiting to experience the true ‘Spirit of Christmas’ in all its splendour.

Harnessing the goodness of technology to ensure that people across the world soak up the real ‘Spirit of Christmas’ in the virtual space, leading blockchain development firm Antier is manifesting Christmas to the world through Metaverse with its Anfestier Christmas celebrations.

Inviting the world to join the Anfestier Christmas festivities, Antier has come up with a Christmas Carnival on Metaverse replete with fun games, music, dance and an exciting opportunity to have your own Metaverse Avatar.

“We are ready to provide a unique opportunity to the global audiences to enjoy amazing immersive experiences in the virtual world by bringing Christmas on to the Metaverse,” says Mr. Vikram Raj Singh, Founder & CEO, Antier. “The technological highlight of Anfestier Christmas on Metaverse is that it will be suitable for both Web3 and browser, allowing everyone to be a part of these unique celebrations,” he says.

Once participants enter Anfestier Christmas in Metaverse after registration, they can create their own Virtual Avatar and roam around enjoying all kinds of fun activities created by Antier. From Christmas Carol and dancing to bowling (tenpins) and participating in a Christmas tree decoration competition, there is something for people of all age groups, including kids and the elderly. One moment you could be dancing like Michael Jackson or moving like Mick Jagger and the next moment you could be enjoying the fireworks! There are some secrets awaiting you to unravel once you join the Anfestier Christmas celebrations on 21st and 22nd December.

Moreover, this is a great opportunity to not only celebrate Christmas with people from all over the world who log into Anfestier Metaverse, but also to bring your family and friends together, particularly those who are settled in distant places, to celebrate Christmas in close proximity through the Metaverse.

The Anfestier Christmas is open to the public with a provision for 500 people to join the event at a time.

Antier continues to surprise the world by introducing new use cases of the Metaverse. The tech team uses innovative ideas to provide thrilling immersive experiences. The company can offer Metaverse solutions for different niches like real estate, fashion brands, education, social media, finance, entertainment, and defence, to name a few.

Being a Blockchain evangelist, Antier also deals in NFT development, Web 3 solutions, Crypto banking, DeFi and DAO solutions, crypto coin and token development, crypto exchange and wallet development, and much more. 

Now, it’s creating a fantasy world of Christmas inside the Metaverse, which will enable the common man to get a first-hand experience of Christmas festivities with this unique technological innovation.

Antier has made logging into its Anfestier Christmas on Metaverse extremely simple. After completing the registration process through a link which will help you book a slot, a unique link will be generated for each individual, which will be shared through the registered email ID. Clicking on the link will give easy access to the Anfestier Christmas extravaganza in the awe-inspiring world of Metaverse.

About Antier:

Founded in 2011, Antier is a blockchain development company which has created a niche for itself by coming up with many scalable and saleable solutions that are poised to cause disruption in the fintech world. The exceptional biometric-enabled Android and iOS mobile wallet apps developed by Antier have set a new industry benchmark. Its service basket includes blockchain development, metaverse development, mobile app development, digital wallet, smart contract development, DeFi, crypto banking, NFT development and digital marketing.

Having a global presence in the UK, US, Canada and India, Antier is empowering gaming companies to use blockchain and build better metaverse gaming products. The company has taken upon itself to help businesses adopt new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Its rigorous research, design thinking-driven approach and unmatched solutions in strategy, consulting, technology and operations have created an innovative roadmap to enable the smooth transition of enterprises from conventional technology platforms to blockchain-driven systems.

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