Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adarsh Credit Co-Op Implements SAP Financial To Stengsthen Customer Engagement

SAP India has announced that Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd, a leading multi-state credit co-operative society, has chosen SAP solutions for financial services with clear goals: faster development and introduction of new products and meet increasing customer demands by shaping solutions to fit the realities of the modern-day financial service institution.

This implementation enables Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd to improve the accessibility of customer information and empower its customers to conduct financial transactions on a user-friendly and cost-efficient application platform. Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. becomes one of the front running customers to leverage the strength of SAP solutions for the financial services institutions.

 With a reach of over a million members across India through its branches and advisors network, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd serves customers based in remotest areas of India. They needed technology solutions that supported their vision of financial inclusion at any time or place across India. Their team already runs SAP Mobiliser that helps them empower the low income population with simplified cash collection procedures and secure transactions conducted over mobile device.

The financial services sector has always been a key focus for SAP India to deliver innovative products and services which can further upward organizations to unlock growth opportunities and better serve customers with new-age technology. SAP solutions for the financial services sector are designed to support customer centricity, real-time processing and standardization while enabling faster product innovation.   

Monday, April 27, 2015

New HP’s FunDex To Help Businesses Win in Mobile App Economy

HP has announced new software releases designed to help organizations deliver mobile applications that delight customers and score 5-star ratings. The innovations harness HP’s unique assets in big data analytics,application lifecycle management, IT operations management and security to enable organizations to accelerate the delivery of every phase of the mobile app lifecycle, from creation and pre-production, to delivery and post-production management.

“HP allows us to take big data and make it actionable, so we can deliver exceptional user experiences on our mobile speech translator app,” said Yan Auerbach, COO, SpeechTrans (@SpeechTrans), a leading speech translation company. “Previously, it took us up to three weeks to fix an app issue and now we can address any problem in less than 2 days. Leveraging HP software has enabled us to achieve consistent 5-star ratings in mobile app stores – a key driver of new customers and revenue.” Video: learn how SpeechTrans uses HP Software to increase their number of downloads, boost their Android ratings, and go from three to five star reviews in the app store.

Mobile applications are increasingly becoming the “front door” for a company’s brand, and future revenue and market share often depends on an end user’s immediate overall app experience. Mobile application users expect world-class performance, availability, security and quality, as well as contextual understanding that delivers the right content at the right time.

However, delivering an enjoyable and useful user experience is a non-trivial task – mobile developers, testers, and IT management must contend with a complex and constantly changing web of challenges. These include developing apps for a constantly expanding array of devices, operating systems, networks, and platforms, understanding and acting on the massive volumes of user and device data, and accurately predicting scale and usage levels to enable peak app experience.

HP’s latest innovations are designed to address these challenges by combining its proven assets in application development testingmonitoring and systems management with HP Haven analytics, HP security software, and elegant SaaS-based interfaces. Together, these capabilities result in solutions that help make designing, delivering, and managing mobile applications an intuitive, collaborative and fun process. Businesses can use HP’s solutions to accelerate application delivery, test and monitor apps across multiple devices and operating systems, and provide mobile users with exceptional and secure experiences.

Continuously Improve the User Experience to achieve a 5-Star Mobile App
HP has released a unique new offering that leverages the HP Haven big data platform to allow businesses to gain visibility into the health of their mobile apps and measure overall user experience. HP App Pulse Mobile constantly monitors and analyzes performance, stability and resource usage on mobile apps. The tool provides a “FunDex” score that provides a top-level view of problems that negatively impact the user experience with recommendations to explore and fix the root cause of each issue.

Accelerate Application Delivery with the Power of Big Data
HP has released a new version of its Agile project management software to assist mobile teams in adopting Agile practices and delivering high-quality mobile applications faster:
·         A new version of HP Agile Manager supports real-time integration with HP’s  Application Lifecycle   Management software so that no matter how fast Agile teams deliver, they can have data-driven insights that facilitate quality assurance with each release  
·         HP has also released an enhanced version of Application Lifecycle Management that greatly simplifies the task of defect and test management across fast-moving mobile dev and test teams and extends support across a wide array of browsers and platforms.

Test across Multiple Devices without Compromising Time to Market
HP has delivered new updates to its mobile testing software designed to help customers automate realistic performance and functional testing and manage their mobile test lab to accommodate for network behavior, regardless of constraints:
·         The new version of HP Mobile Center speeds and simplifies app testing on real devices supporting both native iOS, Android and hybrid applications including common JavaScript frameworks such as JQM, Angular and Sencha, and adds support for seven different languages (English, French German, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese)
·         A new version of HP Network Virtualization, with an enhanced user interface and updated performance optimization capabilities helps app development teams incorporate real mobile network conditions in development and testing, ultimately enabling the delivery of apps with an ideal user experience. 
·         A new version of HP Service Virtualization provides critical capabilities for driving mobile development without delays, by extending support for popular protocols such as Websphere MQ, SAP RFC/IDOC.

Deliver Beautiful Experiences that Perform and Scale
HP has unveiled new performance engineering solutions designed to help teams continuously scale mobile apps in the face of peak user loads and maintain availability and responsiveness:
·         Supporting mobile performance testing, new releases of widely adopted HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center are now integrated with HP Mobile Center, giving mobile QA and development teams’ continual access to real devices in their performance test scenarios.
·         New updates to HP’s cloud-based load testing service: HP StormRunner Load improves performance analytics, extends international geographic coverage to create local load, and supports additional native languages (adding both Chinese and Japanese).  HP StormRunner Load’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to scale both web and mobile load tests to over one million virtual users.

Deliver Secure Mobile Applications that Protect End Users
Just as mobile applications are the front door for a company’s brand and path to revenue, they also serve as an entry point for hackers and security breaches. To help deliver secure mobile applications, HP provides application development and testing that infuses security into coding and testing processes. The new releases of HP Application Lifecycle Management solutions are fully integrated with the HP Fortify application security suite, which is designed to assess and test security at every step of the application development lifecycle, and is continually updated with state of the art algorithms and programming practices.   

“As businesses get serious about their mobile application strategy, they realize that point solutions fall short in helping them to quickly create and deliver amazing mobile experiences that are secure, high-performing, and beautiful,” said Saurabh Saxena, Country Director - India, HP Software. “HP is uniquely positioned to lead in the mobile market by bringing together our proven assets in application development, operations management, security, and big data to help businesses deliver winning mobile apps that delight customers and positively impact their brand, revenue, and market share.”    

Carriers Advance Initiative to Scale Ethernet Service Interconnectivity

Following its GEN14 announcement of the project launch in November, the MEF has now approved the next phase of the MEF Ethernet Interconnect Points (EIP) project to standardize guidelines for current and future Ethernet Carriers around the globe.  In a first for the MEF, the organization has assembled some of the largest Ethernet Operators, all under one roof, for the purpose of streamlining how they interconnect their Carrier Ethernet services. The EIP project complements a separate, newly introduced MEF initiative – the Services Interconnect Program (MEF-SI) – that will give hundreds of small wholesale Carrier Ethernet Operators the opportunity to offer standards-compliant Carrier Ethernet services quickly for their customers.

The EIP project will provide rapid feedback from prototyping to help the project participants agree on a common approach to interconnecting by using MEF specifications. EIPs comprise all aspects of Ethernet interconnect – including all the requirements needed to provide a customer with an end-to–end Ethernet service spanning multiple operators. Specific aspects include: location selection, External Network-to-Network Interface (ENNI) parameters, and alignment of business processes.

With more than 50 current MEF specifications for Carrier Ethernet architectures, connectivity services, and service lifecycles – and many more in the pipeline to cover the emerging area of Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) – demand for implementation guidelines for multi-carrier environments is growing rapidly. The EIP project is developing use cases representing topologies and service characteristics typically used by carriers that interconnect their Carrier Ethernet services with one another to create end-to-end Carrier Ethernet services.    

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