Thursday, January 5, 2012

Digit Meego AppMania Contest

Hi friends,

Do you think creating apps is FUN? If your answer is yes, then we assure you of raw fun with MeeGo AppMania contest. Register for the contest, create some interesting apps and you could win 10 Meego tablets and 50 x Rs. 5000 worth of SodexHo gift vouchers.

Once you have created the Apps and published them on Intel AppUp, kindly let us know the names of all "Meego Apps" that you have created and published on Intel AppUp developer program by replying to this thread. This will complete your participation in the Meego App Mania contest.

So, what are you waiting for? Do your tech laces and gear up for one of the most exciting app development contest.


* All developers who submit 3 valid Apps will get one Windows Mobile each
* Microsoft will reimburse the Developer Sign Up Fee in the form of Rs. 5,000 worth of gift vouchers to all successful developers who submit 3 Apps.*
* The developer who submits the maximum number of Apps in the month of January stands a chance to get featured in the March Issue of Digit Magazine and the Digit website (*
* Every participant who submits 6 valid apps would be given a six-months subscription to Digit worth Rs. 1000/-*
* Every developer who submits 6 valid Apps stands a chance to win an exciting windows phone accessory.*

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