Friday, October 5, 2018

Verisign Releases DDOS Trends Report of Q2 2018 Globally

Verisign Distributed Denial of Service Trends, observed attack trends of July – September, Q2 2018. This report provides a unique view into the attack trends that include attack statistics, behavioural trends and future outlook. Compiled on the basis of observations and insights about attack frequency and size obtained from mitigations enacted on behalf of customers from Verisign DDOS Protection Services.

Verisign observed the following key trends in Q2 2018:

•      Number of attacks - 35% increase as compared to Q1 2018 (April 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018)

* Peak attack size - (Volume) 42 Gigabits per second (Gbps), (Speed) 4.7 Million packets per second (Mpps)
* Average peak attack size – 5.7 Gbps which is 111% increase compared to Q2 2017, but a 49% decrease in the average of attack peak sizes, 26% of attacks over 5 Gbps
* Most common attack mitigated - 56% of attacks were User Datagram Protocol (UDP) floods; 20% of attacks employed multiple attack types with 52% of attacks employed at least two different attack types

DDoS Attacks Increase in Size and Number

Verisign observed that 58% of DDoS attacks were over 1 Gbps.  When comparing Q2 2018 to Q1 2018, Verisign saw a 35 percent increase in the number of attacks, and a 49 percent decrease in the average of attack peak sizes. Year-over-year the average of attack peak sizes increased 111 percent.  Verisign additionally observed that 62 percent of its customers who experienced DDoS attacks in Q2 2018 were targeted multiple times during the quarter. Overall, DDoS attacks remain unpredictable and vary widely in terms of speed and complexity.

Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks Remain Constant

52% of DDoS attacks mitigated by Verisign in Q2 2018 employed multiple attack types. Verisign observed attacks targeting networks at multiple layers and attack types that changed over the course of a DDoS event. Today’s DDoS attacks require continuous monitoring to optimize mitigation strategies.

Types of DDoS Attacks

UDP flood attacks were the most common attack vector in Q2 2018, accounting for 56 percent of total attacks in the quarter. The most common UDP floods included Domain Name System (DNS), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) amplification attacks.

Largest Volumetric Attack and Highest Intensity Flood Attack

The largest volumetric DDoS attack observed by Verisign in Q2 2018 was a UDP fragment flood that peaked at approximately 42 Gbps and 3.5 Mpps and lasted approximately 3 hours. The highest intensity DDoS attack observed by Verisign in Q2 2018 was a multi-vector attack that peaked at approximately 38 Gbps and 4.7 Mpps and lasted for approximately 2 hours. The attack consisted of a wide range of attack vectors including DNS, NTP and SNMP Amplification attacks and TCP SYN and TCP RST floods.

Tata Motors Wins the RE Excellence End User Award at the Renewable Energy India Awards 2018

Tata Motors, one of India’s leading automobile companies, announced today that its Pune plant has been awarded the prestigious ‘Renewable Energy Excellence End User’ Award 2018 at Renewable Energy India Awards 2018, Asia's largest Renewable Energy Expo organized by UBM India.

The Tata Motors Pune Plant was adjudged under the ‘RE Excellence End User’ category, which recognized the company’s commitment to the ‘RE100 initiative’ and its work towards mitigation of climate change. Tata Motors’ Pune plant garners up to 51% of its annual power demand through the use of renewable energy including wind power and rooftop solar power.

Nitin Tilak, Head of TS, CVBU Pune and Vivek Joshi, Head of CMS, CVBU Pune presented the best practices adopted at the plant. Sudhir Bhale, Head, CPED Electrical collected the Award in a ceremony in September 2018 held at Greater Noida. The assessors congratulated the enthusiastic team of Pune plant employees and lauded their efforts to promote non-conventional sources of energy.

Speaking on the occasion, Satish Borwankar, COO & ED, Tata Motors said, “With rapidly evolving automobile landscape, it is vital to have a comprehensive approach for sustainable development of the entire ecosystem. Tata Motors has been paving the way for technology changes in the industry while at the same time striving hard to imbibe sustainable practices in every aspect of the business. We are pleased to have our work at the plant recognized and will continue to invest in building a sustainable future for our employees and our communities.”

The REI awards showcase the best practices adopted by the thought leaders in various categories of participants who propagate the idea of excellence & innovation in the field of Renewable Energy. This year about 50 Indian companies had participated in REI Awards 2018 in 17 different categories of excellence. The eminent jury included representatives from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), Central Electricity Authority (CEA), ONGC Energy Centre, Indo German Energy Forum (IGEF) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Greenpanel Launches Customised New Range of Plywood for Homes and Offices

GREENPANEL (part of Greenply Industries) – India’s largest manufacturer of wood panels and the pioneers in medium-density fibreboard (MDF) launched a new range of plywood. GREENPANEL is committed to building a portfolio of the most advanced products to cater to the rapidly evolving needs of India’s interiors industry. From leading architects, interior designers and dealers to your wood contractors, GREENPANEL products are a trusted choice for everyone.

Greenpanel MR Grade Plywood (Moisture-Resistant)

Superior-quality plywood, Greenpanel MR Grade Plywood is ideal for usage in panel doors, partitions, panelling, cabins and false ceilings. Resistant to moisture, termites and borer, MR Grade Plywood is suitable for all interior applications where durability and economy are equally important.

Greenpanel Marine Grade Plywood (BWP)

A premium product, Greenpanel Marine Grade Plywood is ideal for offices, indoor furniture and panelling. Being Boiling Water Proof (BWP Grade), it can withstand variations in climate and humidity.

Greenpanel Club Plywood

The perfect plywood for premium applications including stretched skin panels and plywood web beams, Greenpanel Club Plywood is a high-density, premium-grade structural plywood that can handle heavier loads.

Smart Asia India Expo/Summit Inaugurated by Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy in B’luru

The Smart Asia India Expo & Summit, which is the largest smart cities event in south India, was unveiled on Thursday at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC). Organised by the Taipei World Trade Centre (TWTC), the Expo was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy, alongside James CF Huang, Chairman of the Taipei World Trade Centre, Shekar Viswanathan, Chairman of FICCI Karnataka State Council and Anjum Parwez, UD Secretary of Karnataka.

At the inauguration, CM HD Kumaraswamy said, “It gives me great pleasure to inaugurate the SMART ASIA India Expo and Summit. With rapid urbanisation and growing population, it is high time we plan our cities for sustainable growth. Urban local bodies need to enhance their efficiency in functioning and cater to the needs of the ever-increasing population. We are implementing smart city projects in 7 cities of the state and hence, I believe that this expo is the need of the hour. I thank James C Huang, Chairman, Taipei World Trade Centre, for building his relationship with the state of Karnataka and he will have our complete support.”

The Expo and Summit is positioned to offer more comprehensive solutions from the smart city domain. This year’s show features four exhibition areas and summit themes including: ‘Smart Transportation’, ‘Smart Energy & Water Management’, ‘Smart City Development & Environmental Sustainability’ and ‘IoT Solutions’. These themes are being brought to life by 50 outstanding exhibitors in 100 booths. Heavyweight visitors include Urban Development Department of Karnataka, Coir Board of the Indian government, TATA Group, Lodha Group, Mizuho Bank, Indian National Informatics Centre, Nashik Engineering Industrial Cluster, among others.

Commenting on the occasion, James CF Huang said, “It’s a memorable moment having Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy and other Indian honoured guests on the same stage in Bangalore, Karnataka. I believe that together, we can make this energetic and innovative city incredible. I have no doubt that SMART ASIA India will generate countless mutually-beneficial opportunities, forge even closer ties between India and Taiwan and become another milestone between the two countries.”

This year’s key exhibitors include Advantech, which is among the world’s top three intelligent system suppliers, exhibiting smart EV charger, medical and retail equipment; and ACER ITS, the largest bus ticket system supplier in Taiwan with a market share of 70%, providing e-ticketing and parking solutions. Ever-Clear Environmental Engineering Corporation and Optol Technologies Pty. Ltd. will showcase their cutting-edge smart utilities solutions, including water treatment equipment and smart LED lighting. Other experienced companies specialising in smart cities development and IoT solutions, including Avision, MOXA, HPB, Edgecore Networks, to name a few, will also exhibit their state-of-the-art products and services, and contribute to India’s ‘Smart Cities Mission’.

One of the major highlights of the event is the ‘India Taiwan Smart Cities Summit’. Organised by TWTC and co-organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), the Summit will welcome panelists from both India and Taiwan, who will discuss new technologies and applications, as well as the latest trends for optimising India’s infrastructure. It will also include representatives from Asian Development Bank, TATA Group, Amazon and others.

The opening day of the Summit, which will run till October 6, featured the ‘India-Taiwan EV Business Opportunities Forum’, where the Taiwanese EV company JS Power signed an MOU with its Indian partner, to set up a joint venture and cash in on the rising demand for lithium batteries.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

PayPal India Launches its First Merchant App - PayPal for Business

Global technology platform and digital payments leader, PayPal, today announced the launch of its first merchant-focused app in India, PayPal for Business. This app will help small/medium merchants and freelancers conduct their domestic and cross border business on the go backed by PayPal’s robust risk and security platform.

Being agile is one of the key requirements for small/medium businesses and freelancers, and the app makes available to them computed sales insights, professional invoicing capabilities and scope to accept payments in multiple currencies from across the world.

Key features of the app:
- Single app for domestic and cross- border transactions – ability to view multi-currency balance
- Ability to generate invoices on the go
- View sales insights on the go
- Issue refunds in a timely manner

Speaking on the app launch, Narsi Subramanian, Director -Growth, PayPal India, said, “Our focus is to enable payments in a convenient and safe manner and help merchants and freelancers grow their business. The PayPal for Business app solves some of the most common problems faced by SMEs and freelancers. It empowers them to run their business seamlessly and goes beyond just processing payments. India has the second-highest number of freelancers in the world, and the SME sector is growing rapidly as the spirit of entrepreneurship continues to soar. With the penetration of smartphones and internet connectivity, our merchants are increasingly adopting a mobile-first go-to-market strategy. PayPal for Business is aimed at catering to these merchants in making their lives easier and helping them conduct their business on the go.”

PayPal New App Aims to Tackle the Entire Backend of Small Businesses Through Technology

Some of the key features of the PayPal for Business app are:

Sales Insights: A dashboard which helps merchants track their business performance, review their comparative performance year on year, number of transactions and average order value among other details.

Invoicing: Merchants will be able to easily create, draft, preview and send invoices on the go, helping them receive payments in a timely manner and avoid delays.

View multi-currency balance: Merchants can view their balance in all currencies, enabling a single integration for domestic and cross-border payments.

Issue refunds: The app enables merchants to issue refunds, ensuring a better experience for their customers.

PayPal for Business is available for download on Android and iOS.

Indoor Plants and Planters as the New Ideal Gifts and Decor Items this Festive Season

The festive season has knocked the doors with new trends, styles and gifting options. Green Carpet, The Garden Centre synonymous with the concept of offering complete gardening solutions is offering an exclusive range of Indoor Planters, Plants and decor accessories to discerning customers across India. With the love for Nature and Environment, Indoor plants and planters are trending as the new ideal gifts and decor items this festive season and Green Carpet offers a wide range of indoor ceramic planters, self-watering planters, lightweight fiber pots, ceramic pottery, and mosaic planters as the ideal gifts during this festive season.

The company is offering designer indoor ceramic pots as ‘galaxy’ along with their huge collection of indoor planters. Green Carpet also proposes beautiful ‘Ceramic’ and ‘Mosaic’ pottery in bright shades of blue, green, grey, copper, red, pink, and white to celebrate the festive nuances. The company believes that a thoughtful gift offered to the right person can strengthen friendship and cement the bond between family members. With the vision of universal brotherhood and love for nature, Green Carpet has showcased an exclusive range of garden accessories and planters that can add a dash of flair and panache to the indoor areas. 

Excited about the arrival of Festive Season, Myna Batavia, the founder of Green Carpet says “We think that planters are among the most thoughtful gifts a person can give to another. They are aesthetically beautiful and enrich the ambiance inside and around a house by adding to it a touch of added charm. The new trend of gifting plants and planters has been redefined with our exemplary range of designer products created and curated from across the world, which can make the living spaces alive. We have also introduced ‘Nido Hanging Planters’ and ‘Self Watering Planters’ that can be a perfect gift for your beloved and close ones this year.”

Green Carpet has also showcased decorative planters in designs of hedgehog, raccoon, squirrel on a shoe that makes the indoors and gardens bespoke. The company is committed to bringing greenery as a way of life to every doorstep and to help convert dream of their customers of living in a clean environment into a reality. Also, the innovative concepts and great designs make Green Carpet planters an excellent gift this upcoming festive season.

Workplace Tech Trainings Vital to Growth of Indian Businesses: Accenture Research

Only 20% of Indian Business Leaders Believe their Workforce has Skills Needed to Work with Advanced Technologies like AI: Accenture Research  

Although the vast majority of Indian organizations believe that advanced technologies will be crucial for future growth, few plan to increase their training investment significantly in the next few years, thereby limiting their ability to harness the potential of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), according to new research from Accenture.

Accenture’s Future Workforce Study, based on a survey of 1,100 workers across skill levels in India and a survey of 100 senior executives in India, found that while 69 percent of the senior executives agreed that adopting intelligent technologies will be critical to their organization’s ability to differentiate in the market, none said their organizations plan to increase their training investments over the next three years. This, despite 59 percent of the executives identifying skills shortages as a critical hindrance to future growth.

At the same time, the vast majority of workers expressed the need for training, with 93 percent saying it will be important to learn new skills if they are to work with intelligent technologies in the next three to five years, and even more (95 percent) saying they believe that AI will help them do their job more efficiently.

Vivo Expands Y-Series Portfolio; Launches Exciting Offers for the Festive Season

Vivo, the global innovative smartphone brand, today announced the launch of Y81 (4GB) variant which comes equipped with fingerprint unlocking and FullViewTM Display 2.0 and will be available from today, at an MOP of INR 13,490. Celebrating the festive spirit, Vivo has also announced exciting new offers across various products in the Y-Series portfolio including the Y71i, Y83Pro, Y81 and the newly launched Y81 4GB variant. The latest Y81 (4GB) will be available on Vivo India e-store, Paytm Mall and across all offline channels pan India.

The Y-series portfolio has been specially designed to cater to the day-to-day needs of the Indian consumer, who is leading a fast-paced life and is looking for a powerful smartphone at a competitive price point. The newly Y series devices provide an immersive viewing experience to the consumers and come equipped with a FullViewTM Display and great camera capabilities.

With a commitment to the ‘Make in India’ program, all these devices have been manufactured at Vivo’s Greater Noida facility.

In a pursuit to increase the festive cheer amongst its customers, consumers will get an array of attractive offers,*both online and offline. Such as:

·         Flat 5% cash back on HDFC Bank credit & debit card, EMI, Credit card regular transaction and consumer loans

·         Paytm cashback coupon up to INR 1,000

·         Jio: Enjoy instant benefits worth INR 4,050

o   Jio Vouchers worth INR 1,950 (39 Vouchers of INR 50/- each)

o   Jio Platinum Device Security (Device Theft & Malware Protection)

o   Myntra, Paytm & Swiggy - Partner Coupons worth INR 2,100

·         No Cost EMI options available starting from INR 916 per month

*terms and conditions apply (valid till 15 November 2018)

Commenting on the launch, Jerome Chen, CMO, Vivo India said, “2018 has been a very successful year for Vivo owing to great consumer response for our breakthrough and innovative smartphones. We want to continue the momentum and further enhance the customer experience by kick-starting the festive season with attractive offers that add to the happiness to our consumers.” 

Y81-3GB and Y81-4GB Variant

The Y81 4GB variant is a spiritual successor to the Y81 (offering 3GB RAM). Powered by the MediaTek OctaCore (Helio P22) processor, the devices come equipped with a 15.46cm (6.22) FullViewTM Display providing an immersive viewing experience. The smartphones also provide fingerprint unlocking which adds to the security of the device. With a 13MP (f/2.2) rear and a 5MP (f/2.2) front camera, the devices offer extensive image capturing capabilities like HDR, Portrait Bokeh, AI Face Beauty, Palm Capture and Group Selfie mode amongst others to elevate the user’s photography experience. The devices are available in Black and Gold colour variants with a 3260 mAh battery.

Y81 3GB variant – INR 11,990
Y81 4GB variant – INR 13,490

Y83 Pro 

The Y83 Pro comes equipped with dual rear 13MP + 2MP (f/2.2 & f/2.4) camera supported by an 8 MP (f/2.2) front camera. The device’s powerful 8MP front camera makes it the perfect selfie companion that allows users to click crisper images with portrait, Face Beauty, HDR and Take Photo modes. Its sleek and sturdy design houses a 15.46cm (6.22) FullViewTM Display powered by 4GB RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and an internal memory of 64GB. The device is available in Nebula Purple, Black and Gold colour variants with a 3260 mAh battery.

Price – INR 15,990


Y71i is a budget offering for consumers looking for great functionality and seamless user performance. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 with a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor, the device offers smooth performance and further enables the users to multitask easily with various applications. At a competitive price, it comes equipped with face access and a powerful 3360 mAh battery. With a 15.21cm (6.0) FullViewTM Display, the device is a path-breaking offering, which provides an enhanced and seamless experience. Y71i offers 2GB RAM along with 16GB storage and is available in Gold and Matte Black colour variants. 

Price: INR 8,990

iVVO Launches its Online Store with Free Delivery Across India

Taking its vision to digitize India one step further, iVVO – a pioneering communications brand and the latest entrant in the Indian mobile phone industry – has now announced the launch of its e-commerce operations to more than 19,000 PIN codes across India. iVVO customers can now also purchase its smart feature phone offerings digitally via in addition to its offline retail stores.

As part of the initial rollout, iVVO is currently offering 6 smart feature phones from its four product categories, namely Beatz, Primo, Selfee, and Tuff. The current product line-up includes IV2401 (Beatz), IV1806 (Primo), IV2401s (Primo), IV24872 (Primo), IVBFLY (Selfee), and IVRUG (Tuff). BRITZO has enabled delivery to even rural hinterlands of India by covering the entire stretch of the country. The MRPs of individual products listed on the website are inclusive of taxes and are subject to zero shipping costs despite iVVO’s prices starting from Rs. 849.

On the launch, Pradipto Ganguly - CEO & Co-Founder – Britzo (iVVO Mobile Phone) said, “Though our network of channel partners is growing on a pan-India level, we want to spare no effort to equip our customers even living in the remotest of locations. It delights us to announce the launch of our e-commerce operations. We are confident that these operations will not merely add to our brand presence, but also to our brand salience across the rural geographies via easy orders and quick deliveries.”

iVVO is a revolutionary Indian mobile phone brand whose parent organization, BRITZO, recently became popular for spearheading multiple state-of-the-art innovations with rural-first approach. BRITZO also plans to mobilize Rs. 100 crore to ‘Make in India’ initiative for indigenous manufacturing and R&D operations.

InterraIT, AutonomIQ Partner to Deliver New AI Solutions for Test Automation

AutonomIQ, a cloud platform that uses AI and machine learning for autonomous testing is partnering with leading systems integrator InterraIT to bring autonomous testing solutions to market for large public and private clients. Partnering with leading SI's pairs AutonomIQ's Autonomous Testing Platform with world class delivery expertise, global enterprises will be able to realize value from their digital initiatives much faster, with much higher quality.

“The burgeoning AI disruptions can be difficult to navigate as the vendor landscape raises across the industries and applications,” said Asoke K. Laha, Founder & CEO InterraIT Inc. “With decades of experience, InterraIT is well positioned to lead the way in helping businesses make smarter decisions through the adoption of AI tools, and our partnership with AutonomIQ only enhances this".

"InterraIT has a strategic focus on extreme automation and AI in development, testing, business process and infrastructure and cloud and security space," says Ranjan Guha, President of InterraIT’s North America Operations, "Robotic test Automation with AutonomIQ plays right into our sweet spot to provide our customers faster time to market solutions and services."

Today, enterprises must spend hours writing and maintaining test scripts, keeping them from realizing the true value of continuous testing. Using AI and Machine Learning to create and maintain testing assets, allows enterprises to realize the full benefit of autonomous testing at scale.

"Global enterprise rely on systems integrators as their trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions that solve business problems," says Ram Shanmugam, Co-Founder and CEO of AutonomIQ. "By adding Autonomous Testing to their tool belt, our partners will be able to deliver solutions much faster, with much higher quality.

Canon India Intensifies its Environmental Initiatives; Organizes Cleanliness Drive in Maheshwari Village

Furthering its vision of creating a sustainable future for the present and future generations, Canon India, one of the leaders in the imaging space, announced today a slew of initiatives, as part of its umbrella CSR programme ‘Canon India Involve’. Environment is a core element of Canon’s ‘4Es’ policy of CSR, which focuses on Environment, Education, Eye Care and Empowerment. The organization has always been at the forefront of driving various sustainability initiatives aimed at conserving the environment and thereby, building awareness to facilitate a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

As part of the initiative, the innovation leader has installed eco-friendly dustbins in the school premises of all its four adopted villages. Further, Canon also conducted a cleanliness drive in one of the adopted villages - Maheshwari village, located in the Rewari district of Haryana. The initiative witnessed active participation from 10 Canon employees, wherein they took up the responsibility of cleaning up the village roads. The initiative was supported by the village Sarpanch along with the school management and other government representatives from the village. Canon’s CSR endeavors are driven by their corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’, which means spirit of living and working together for the common good.

Speaking on the initiative, Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India said, “At Canon, we are profoundly engaged in meaningful, welfare driven initiatives that impact lives  especially in the areas of Environment, Eye care, Education and Empowerment. A cleaner and greener environment generate numerous health benefits as well, paving way for the holistic development of the villages. We are proud to not only have taken further steps in our mission to create sustainable livelihoods for our communities, but also to have active and voluntary participation from our employees. Taking up initiatives like these further help us to build a close connection with the villagers and develop the vibrant culture of social responsibility that already exists within the company.”

Canon employees across the country, frequently engage with residents in the adopted and SOS homes as part of Canon’s CSR initiatives, expanding their social trajectory. Canon India has three more adopted villages presently under its flagship CSR initiative – ‘Adopt a Village’. These include Village Maheshwari in Haryana, Karanjoti Village in Mumbai and Sol Gohalia in Kolkata. Canon has adopted these villages with an aim to bring developments in the areas of 4Es -Environment, Education, Eye care and Empowerment.

Epsilon Embraces Juniper Networks’ Metro Fabric Solutions for 100GbE Global Network Expansion in the IoT Era

Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced that Epsilon, a global communications service provider, has deployed Juniper’s Metro Fabric solutions to support its global network upgrades to power future IoT applications and robust enterprise services.

As part of its rapid worldwide expansion, fueled by the explosion in growth of big data, IoT and cloud demands on a global scale, Epsilon required a network that would scale seamlessly for Infiny by Epsilon – its on-demand, self-service Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform; offering a comprehensive set of enterprise data and voice global connectivity services.

Epsilon required seamless integration with their existing network for optimized network management and the ability to quickly scale for service expansion and speed of delivery. These requirements will also enable end-to-end service level agreement (SLA) visibility, a key differentiator that will support web-based on-demand provisioning.

After an extensive evaluation process, Epsilon found the solutions required for its 100GbE-ready infrastructure, enabling simple service delivery across multiple complex metro locations – through a combination of routing and optical capabilities, uniquely offered by Juniper Networks.

100GbE-readiness with flexibility in the underlay: Epsilon required an open solution that supported packet-optical convergence for the upgrade of its global backbone. Through a combination of the MX10003 5G Universal Routing Platform as the MPLS transport core, and Metro Fabric solutions from Juniper consisting of the ACX5048 Universal Metro Router and BTI Packet Optical Transport Platforms, Epsilon is able to provide a variety of connectivity options across 1GbE/10GbE/100GbE, tailored to individual market requirements.

Interoperability, automation and a single-pane-of-management: Across the stack, network management is now significantly streamlined, while offering end-to-end visibility and increased automation capabilities. Enabled by the interoperability of Juniper’s solutions and the open APIs provided by the Junos operating system, Epsilon now has the crucial end-to-end SLA visibility to eventually support on-demand provisioning across its end users.

Forward-looking scalability to support IoT and big data applications: With Epsilon’s ongoing growth and expansion, the networking infrastructure powered by Juniper provides a clear path to continued upgrades of the MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform and ACX Series Universal Metro Routers, offering the current and long-term scalability and investment protection required to service more than 100 points-of-presence across the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Supporting Quotes

“We have been evolving our infrastructure gradually over the last decade in anticipation for the massive traffic growth driven by innovations in cloud, big data and IoT. By upgrading our network to offer 100GbE on-demand around the world, we are helping not only our existing partners but also new customers to benefit from hyper-scalable connectivity that is designed to support services of the future. We are pleased to partner with Juniper to realize our vision for flexible, fluid and intelligent global networking.”

- Jerzy Szlosarek, chief executive officer, Epsilon

“We are delighted to have been selected to power Epsilon’s worldwide network expansion. In an era of explosive big data analytics, IoT and cloud growth, customers increasingly demand not just world-class performance, but also seamless networking scalability for future expansion. We are committed to helping Epsilon engineer network simplicity across all fronts and to continue powering their tremendous growth momentum for years to come.”

- Ang Thiam Guan, vice president & general manager, ASEAN, Juniper Networks

“The exponentially growing demands of today’s and tomorrow’s networking traffic is a continuously-evolving challenge for our customers. As we continue to address these and other networking complexities, we are proud to have found an outstanding long-term partner in Epsilon. Their rapidly growing global platforms demand a stellar foundation of powerful and reliable network infrastructure solutions that are adaptable to future requirements – and we are delighted to continue providing them with the critical technology differentiators crucial for their continued growth and success in the long-term.”

- Sally Bament, vice president, service provider marketing, Juniper Networks

QuEST Global Partners with Airbus to Foster Innovation Among Engineering Students in India

QuEST Global, the pioneering engineering services provider, has joined hands with global aerospace pioneer Airbus to foster innovation among engineering students in India through their flagship annual applied engineering contest Ingenium. Aiming to build enthusiasm and passion for engineering among the academic community, Ingenium encourages engineering students across the country to demonstrate their innovative ideas and creative potential. The grand finale of this one-of-its-kind event will be held on October 5, 2018 at Bengaluru.

More than 4,500 students from various engineering colleges in the country have registered for this year’s Ingenium, which intends to be a melting pot of the brightest engineering minds. In the eighth edition of the India-wide talent search competition, aspiring engineers will showcase ingenious ideas to solve the various challenges around Industry 4.0 revolution. The winners of Ingenium will be entitled to a jackpot of exciting prizes, including a visit to the Airbus facility in Wichita, USA, along with a cash prize of INR 1 lakh, and to top it all, an opportunity to work with QuEST.

Lauding QuEST’s initiative to promote young engineering talent, John O’Leary, Vice President, Airbus Americas said, "We are delighted to partner with QuEST for Ingenium and extend our support to nurture the vast engineering talent in India. Events like Ingenium can unearth the hidden gems among the student community and help them showcase their innovative ideas to the world. Airbus has been associating with QuEST for Ingenium ever since they launched the event, and we are happy to see this platform acquire fresher dimensions and grow by geometric proportions every year.”

Commenting on how the event is helping engineering students, Dr. Ramdas M Pai, President and Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal said, “Ingenium gives students the best opportunity to solve complex engineering problems using their own innovative ideas. In an earlier edition of Ingenium, our students won the first prize for a Solar Electric Road Vehicle. Constant interactions with the engineering fraternity during the event, and the constructive feedback from industry experts have helped them widen their perspective on the subject, and thus expand their career horizons.”

Dr. Ajay Prabhu, Chief Operating Officer, QuEST Global, said, “Over the years, Ingenium has acquired the momentum to create a positive impact on India’s future engineering talent. Every year, we get to see top talents from across the country in the event, and we are proud to facilitate global exposure for them, and to bring them the opportunity to be hired by world’s leading engineering companies. This is among the several initiatives QuEST Global organizes globally, wherein we work with the academia to make the next generation of engineers ‘future-ready’.

RVCE Wins Local Round of Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz 2018

The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz 2018 - Bangalore City Round. Gender balanced teams of three from colleges and universities can participate. To register, visit

Genuine interest for mutual exchange and collaboration mark the focus for the Indo-Swedish relations. Look closely, and you realise Sweden is not as far as it seems....

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This Friday, October 5, 02:00 pm, The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz 2018 - Chennai in Chennai
This Saturday, October 6, 02:00 pm, The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz 2018 - Hyderabad in Hyderabad
Next month, November 1, 09:00 am, The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz 2018 - Delhi in New Delhi

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

TECNO Unveils High Tech Smartphone - CAMON iCLICK2 with 24MP AI Front Camera, 6.2’’ HD+ Notch Display Priced at Rs 13,499

TECNO Mobile, the premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION India is set to double the festive excitement of TECNO fans as the brand announces its first flagship ‘CAMON iCLICK2’ in India. The flagship smart phone was unveied at Bangalore and flaunts many features which will change the game in the sub 14K segment such as 6.2” HD+ screen, 19:9 Super Full View notch display, 24MP AI selfie, 13+5MP Dual rear AI camera, Dual SIM, Dual VoLTE (4G+4G), 3750mAh and AI Face Unlock. The launch follows an efficacious launch of new CAMON AI series consisting of 3 smartphones last week. 

With a promise to provide an exceptional photography experience, CAMON iCLICK2 priced at Rs 13,499 is the perfect smartphone for people who love to live in the moment. The smartphone is available in three trendy colours of Aqua Blue, Hawaii Blue (Gradient) and Midnight black. The flagship goes on sale this week and will be available across 35000+ offline retail stores.

Commenting on the flagship launch of the year, Arijeet Talapatra, CEO TRANSSION India said, “We at TECNO have a clear goal in mind of bringing exceptional camera-centric devices across key price segments which empower our customers with premium smartphone camera experience sans the premium pricing. New TECNO CAMON AI series is a validation of the same. Our first flagship CAMON iCLICK2 would change the game under 14K smartphone segment by offering combination of features at a price point not seen before in the category. The CAMON iCLICK2 combines best-in-class design & display by taking it a notch higher with 6.2” HD+ Super full view notch display with one of the finest 24MP selfie and 13MP+5MP dual rear camera in the segment.” 

Gaurav Tikoo, CMO, TRANSSION India said, “We are a consumer centric brand and want to add value to their lives, understand their sentiment and be with them culturally. Our new range of TECNO CAMON AI series reaffirms our commitment to revolutionising the Best Any light photography experience. To strengthen the recently launched portfolio consisting of four new smartphones including flagship for the festive season we are launching a brand campaign #HarSuratKhooburat 2.0 from mid of October. We are celebrating the beauty of every Indian face through TECNO’s AI-powered camera that clicks exceptional pictures ensuring every surat looks khoobsurat in any light.”

The new range of TECNO CAMON AI series consist of 4 smartphones – CAMON iAir2+ priced @8999, CAMON i2 @10499, CAMON i2X @12499 & CAMON iCLICK2 @ 13499.

Key USP’s of CAMON iCLICk2:

If selfies tickle your fancy, this is surely your gadget to go by. CAMON comes with 24MP selfie camera with large 1.8um pixel, f/2.0 aperture and front flash for stunning selfies. Furthermore, iCLICK2 comes with further optimized AI beauty algorithm that scans up to 298 facial points to create a more natural and beautiful selfie for you no matter what kind of scenes and light conditions you are in. Its front camera is also equipped with AI Bokeh mode.

The fun doesn’t stop here the CAMON iCLICK2 is packed with an integration of 13MP primary camera with a larger aperture of F/1.8 capable of capturing outstanding details in every shot. Whereas 5MP secondary camera captures the depth of field. The advanced AI based Auto Scene Detection (ASD) feature enhances overall photography experience in outdoor scenario. When taking pictures, the smartphone automatically detects the scene details like lighting condition, brightness etc. and with the help of its deep learning algorithm based on 100000 Indian profile pictures, it intelligently matches the best camera parameters to the current scene, producing a perfect photo. It also comes with AI Bokeh and Super Pixel mode for high quality photography.
* Another aspect of CAMON iCLICK2 that catches the eyes is its 6.2” HD+ Super Full view notch display. It’s large screen size with 88% screen to body ratio gives more screen space that allows users to see more. In landscape mode watching movies, TV shows, and games becomes much more engaging.  
* The smartphone carries a premium stylish design with optimized body arc curvature, rounded corners and an elegant 3D back cover design. The smartphone is light weight at just 145 gms and 7.8mm thickness that brings a smoother and comfortable grip in the hands

Powered by a 2.0GHz Octa-Core Helio P22 processor with latest Android Oreo 8.1 operating system and customized HiOS 4.1 user interface is snappy and runs efficiently without any lag. The smartphone comes with 4GB + 64GB RAM/ROM with 3-in-1 card slot wherein you can put Dual Nano SIMs along with a dedicated SD card which is expandable up to 128GB.
The devices also bring Dual SIM, Dual VoLTE solution wherein consumers can enjoy 4G VoLTE services on both SIM simultaneously.  To enhance the device security system, it comes with superfast Fingerprint sensor which unlocks the device in half a second as well as AI Face unlock which recognizes the 1024 facial points.  
* CAMON iCLICK2 comes with a massive 3750mAh battery capacity which empowers users to stream content without interruption. Once fully charged the users can enjoy 2-day battery life on a single charge. Moreover, the battery comes with AI power management which tracks the consumer usage pattern of the smartphone and optimizes the battery life according to the usage.

Extending more power in the hands of customers, all TECNO smartphones comes with a unique promise of “111” under which it offers 1-time screen replacement in one year, 100 days’ free replacement, and 1-month extended warranty on all three devices. TECNO will be present across 7000+ retail touchpoints and 45+ service touchpoints in the state. All buyers of the new range of TECNO phones will be entitled to 50 GB Jio 4G Data & additional benefits of Rs. 2250.

Jet Airways Receives its 5th Boeing 737MAX to Existing Fleet of Aircrafts

Jet Airways, India's premier full-service international airline, has received its fifth Boeing 737 MAX, as part of its fleet modernisation plan in line with its commitment to offer its guests a considerably superior and differentiated flying experience.

Since the induction of the airline’s maiden 737MAX (registered as VT-JXA) on June 28, 2018, another four _ have joined its fleet. The latest MAX – the airline’s fifth, with registration VT-JXE – is part of 11 MAX aircraft that Jet Airways will be inducting this fiscal year. Another 220 MAX aircraft are expected to join the airline’s fleet over the course of the next decade, as it expands its footprint and refreshes its in-flight experience on the back of a completely modern and contemporary product. Jet Airways remains the first and only Indian carrier to operate these advanced single-aisle fuel-efficient aircraft in the Indian skies.

Equipped with a new and unique CFM LEAP-1B engine, the 737MAX is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability with a fuel efficiency of up to 15 per cent that translates into a lower seat per mile cost as well as an extended range. It delivers a comparatively lower noise footprint (nearly 40 percent less) along with lower carbon emissions. The proposed induction of the 737MAX will enable Jet Airways to not only simplify its fleet structure but even reduce maintenance costs.

Commenting on the additional inductions of the airline's 737 MAX, Vinay Dube, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Airways, said, “The 737MAX is a critical part of our strategy owing to its exceptional performance and its growing numbers in our fleet reflect our enduring commitment to Indian aviation and our determination to offer our guests an unmatched travel experience, together with the operational reliability expected of us.”

Jet Airways' 737 MAX is replete with numerous features that provide guests with a truly delightful flying experience. Guests stepping onboard the new MAX are greeted by a customizable and an eye-catching Sky Interior featuring modern-sculpted sidewalls, anti-glare LED lighting and other appealing improvements to both form and function. Redesigned overhead bins enable larger and convenient storage space for cabin baggage, facilitating faster boarding and on-time departure.

Like the 737NG, the 737MAX offers a two-class configuration of two variants. One comprising 12 Première and 162 seats in Economy, and another with 12 Premiere and 156 Economy class seats. Premiere seats are equipped with in-built USB ports, laptop chargers, portable electronic device holders and a generous legroom for an appropriate mix of productivity and comfort. Economy guests can also enjoy extra-wide seats with easy recline, USB ports, portable electronic device holders as well as coat hooks emphasising the sense of empowerment and convenience.

The all-new MAX have been delighting guests on both domestic as well as international sectors including Aurangabad, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mangalore, Mumbai, Patna, Goa, as well as Dhaka, Colombo and Dubai.

Since their induction, Jet Airways’ 737MAX fleet has already completed over 2500 hrs of flying with the airline, connecting over 165,000 guests via more than 1100 departures till date.

WROGN is the Official Lifestyle Partner of the Bengaluru Football Club

Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd (USPL), the celebrity-led fashion retail company, today announced the association of its leading celebrity breakaway youth fashion brand, WROGNTM as the ‘Official Lifestyle Partner’ of the Bengaluru Football Club (BFC), the city-based franchise of the Indian Super League, in a deal that will run over the next three seasons.

Wrogn, a trendy, irreverent and quirky brand, is the ideal choice for BFC. Nicknamed ‘Blues’ by its fans, BFC has a very similar attitude. And just like Wrogn, BFC is also a fan favourite. Wrogn’s crazy cool style will add the right Wrogn touch of style to BFC.

Anjana Reddy, Founder, USPL, said, “This is an exciting time for all of us. We are delighted to be associated with the country’s foremost football club. Wrogn’s attitude and BFC’s ideology will go hand in hand in creating a memorable partnership. And that means fans of BFC have one more big reason to cheer! We wish the team all the best in the upcoming season of ISL.”

With domestic matches getting more and more popular, there is expected to be a jump in television and digital viewership. That can only mean more fans. BFC has some of the most active fan clubs in the country, fiercely devoted to the team, with West Block Blues being the biggest. All these fans, and customers of Wrogn, will have opportunities to engage with the team, and watch them in action at the stadium.

Wrogn has planned exciting, funny and quirky content featuring BFC to draw in the fans. With Wrogn’s trademark humour and attitude joining hands with BFC’s fierce spirit and love for the game, fans are in for a season of fun and football. Wrogn plans to build a massive engagement campaign with its customers and fans of BFC across all their outlets in the country, and the various digital properties of both the brands.

Mustafa Ghouse, COO of Bengaluru FC, said, “Every season at Bengaluru FC, we look to raise the bar on all fronts, and that includes our associations. We are glad to have Wrogn on-board for the next three seasons. The brand and the club have much in common and this association also includes plans for our fantastic fans which makes it even more interesting.”

CAMS Launches ‘CAMServ’ Chatbot to Enhance ‘Customer Experience’ for Mutual Fund Investors

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), India’s Premier, IT enabled service partner and Mutual Funds Transfer Agency, today announced the launch of ‘CAMServ’, a self-serve chatbot for mutual fund investors.  The first of its kind initiative in the industry will provide digital real time Customer Experience (CX) for investors who have investments in CAMS serviced mutual funds. ‘CAMServ’ will cover both Financial Transactions and Non-Financial Transactions (NFTs) related to mutual funds.

CAMServ, the chatbot introduced on CAMS website ( aims at helping users get real time view of various investments, update contact details, make scheme related changes, update bank account, order a wide range of statement of accounts, initiate nominee details up-dation and perform financial transactions. Investors can also get real-time access to information on Mutual Fund purchases, SIP details, Dividend, FATCA or KYC related queries.

With the Mutual fund industry seeing rapid scaling in new investors with over a million new SIP registrations each month, investor service requests has also been steadily increasing. CAMServ brings a contemporary edge to investor services offering personalization, ease of access to services across multiple mutual funds serviced by CAMS, real time response experience and anytime, anywhere convenience.

Speaking on the occasion, Anuj Kumar, President and Chief Executive Officer – CAMS (Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.) said, “We are happy to announce the launch of CAMServ, an interactive interface for most frequently used mutual fund services. CAMServ is a result of our focus to continually enrich customer service leveraging technology. The solution has been designed after extensive study on service demand patterns and service channel preference of investors. CAMServ empowers investors to get their service requirements done using a single window, single session solution unlike the traditional methods of email and physical requests.”

CAMServ uses the guided navigation method to ensure the investors can complete the service request using a pre-defined flow rather than an open-end chat model.  This eliminates the frustration that customers often go through when the bot does not understand the requirement.  Real time fulfillment such as up-dation of details, statements delivery etc. are uniquely offered by CAMServ in a secure manner. To initiate communication with the chatbot, investors need to validate by entering PAN and OTP.

CAMServ was initially launched on, it will soon be available on the myCAMS mobile app, which is used by over 2 million investors and popular social media platforms.

Acer is Partner and Official Monitor Provider of League of Legends World Championship 2018

Acer has been named Proud Partner and Official Monitor Provider of the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, marking the third consecutive year the company is supporting one of the top esports events in the world. Acer will provide Predator XB1 (XB241H) gaming monitors for the LoL Esports competitions, held across multiple cities in South Korea. Sponsored events include the 2018 League of Legends World Championships Play-in Stage, Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Finals held at the Incheon Munhak Stadium.

“As enthusiastic supporters of professional esports, we are proud to provide our battle-tested Predator gaming monitors as the official monitors of the 2018 League of Legends World Championship event in Korea,” said Tiffany Huang, President of Corporate Marketing, Business Planning and Operations, Acer Inc. “This is a chance to let our gaming-optimized monitors shine on stage at a premier competitive global esports event.” 

The sponsorship is a continuation of Acer’s ongoing partnership with Riot Games, which started in 2016 and included Worlds and All-Star 2016, NA LCS, EU LCS, Worlds, MSI and All-Star 2017, and NA LCS, EU LCS, Worlds, MSI, and All-Star 2018.

The Predator XB241H gaming monitor, front and the center in the action, features a Full HD 1080p display with NVIDIA® G-SYNC™, a quick 1 ms response and up to a fast 144 Hz refresh rate for rendering fast-moving action and dramatic transitions without smearing or ghosting. For enthusiasts and professionals who like to push gaming to extremes, the Predator XB241H can be overclocked up to 180 Hz. It also provides wide viewing angles with accurate colors from up to 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically.

2018 League of Legends World Championship

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship, or Worlds, is an international tournament that takes place over five weeks of competitive play. The top 24 teams from around the world who have conquered their regional leagues come together to compete on the international stage, including teams from North America, Europe, Korea, China and more. Worlds will be held from October 1, 2018 in the South Korean cities of Seoul, Busan, Gwangju and Incheon.

Coffee House Er Adda Emerges Winner at Naya Bharat: Coffee Par Soch Quiz in B'lore

Naya Bharat: Coffee Par Soch, is a innovative quiz organised by the Coffee Board in Bangalore to mark International Coffee Day on October 1, 2018. The event held at Shangri-La Hotel witnessed 19 teams that participated including a four-member team of bureaucrats from the Karnataka government. The idea was to help consumers appreciate coffee and celebrate those who are a part of the farm-to-cup journey of Indian coffee.

Eight teams made it to the finals. Coffee House Er Adda emerged as winner, walking away with the prize money of Rs 1 lakh. The team comprised journalist Sreshth Shah, molecular biologist Berty Ashley, freelance translator Akhila Phadnis and Preetham Upadhya, a student of PES University. 

While the first runner-up was Team Frappelicious, winning the prize money of Rs 80,000 the second runner-up was the team from Government of Karnataka. They won a stay for two nights and three days at Plantation Trails.

The quiz was conducted by Vikram Achanta, CEO of Tulleho, a beverage and training consulting firm. One of the most fun rounds was a taste test where contestants were given Espresso Martini, Caffe Coretto and Irish Coffee and were asked to identify the ingredients. This had a dessert segment too, where people had to identify the percentage of coffee in Tiramisu and Coffee Chocolate Cake.

Bestselling Author Ajay K Pandey’s Book ‘A Girl to Remember’ Released in Bangalore

The fourth book by the bestselling author – previously authored You are the Best Wife, Her Last Wish, You are the Best Friend. Ranked bestseller #1 in Indian Literature in just 24hrs of going on pre-order on Amazon India.

After having sold more than a lakh copies of his books, A Girl to Remember was welcomed by readers with great expectations.

‘A Girl to Remember’ a book by an IT professional and travel enthusiast turned bestselling author Ajay K Pandey was released at Sapna Book House at Residency Road in Bangalore. The book was unveiled by the author and Mr Arup Bose, Publisher, Srishti Publishers & Distributors in the presence of a huge gathering of fans and readers.

The author, Ajay K Pandey aspired to be a teacher, but destiny brought him to the IT field. He currently works with Cognizant in Pune and makes time to follow his passion for writing. Ajay Pandey’s new book ‘A Girl to Remember’ is published by Srishti Publishers, India’s leading publication house, and is priced at Rs. 195 /- 

‘A Girl to Remember’ is a roller coaster of emotions and explores relationships from the perspective of a teenager, a young man, and a widow quite older to him. In a country where social taboos and social image change the course of lives, Ajay’s book makes the reader stop and think of where we need to change. A story of love at its very core, it’s an electrifying read that shows us how confession can be the best punishment. It also explores passionate romance, loss, and infatuation in a polished narrative that leaves you asking for more. The characters are lovable, hatable and even relatable, but most of all – they are one among us, and a truly thrilling read. 

‘A Girl to Remember’ will be available at all leading book stores across the country. Interested readers can also order their copies on amazon at a special price - Interestingly, Ajay Pandey’s ‘A Girl to Remember’ was ranked #1 in Indian Literature within a day of opening of pre-orders, reflecting the among all books available on The book has maintained a consistent position on all leading online portals ever since.

“I have been getting messages from the readers about how the story has made them laugh, cry and smile all the way. It’s a delight to know that people are liking this rare story that tells us how faith works wonders. This book is very different from the previous books I have written, and I hope more and more readers like it. Plus, working with Srishti again has been a great experience,” said Ajay Pandey.

Ajay’s first book You are the Best Wife was published by Srishti Publishers in 2015, and went on to become a bestseller. It was based on his real life story and made it straight to the hearts of his readers. One of the rare titles to retain 4.5 stars after close to three thousand reviews, Ajay’s stories have continued to charm his readers. His second book Her Last Wish only expanded the fan base and made his place in the bestseller list unmovable. Charmed by his writing style and sensitive treatment of stories, his readers have applauded his next You are the Best Friend and are eagerly awaiting the next one.

“We have been getting great response on this book from sellers and readers alike. Ajay has always written stories of love, and we are glad that it was on #1 bestseller on Amazon after pre-orders opened. It is already on its way to top various other bestseller charts across online and offline stores, and we hope it continues to charm readers”– Arup Bose, Publisher at Srishti Publishers

Ajay is fond of travelling, trekking, and teaching, and is deeply associated with various social work organizations. He makes it a point to individually connect with  and respond to all his readers, making him a personal favourite for many, and introducing several others to the world of reading too.

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