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5 Sustainable Smartphones To Help You Celebrate Earth Day Responsibly

As Earth Day approaches, it's important to consider how our everyday choices can impact the environment. One area that often gets overlooked even when we make Sustainable switches is our smartphones. With their short lifespan and constant need for charging, smartphones can contribute to electronic waste and energy consumption. However, there are sustainable smartphones available in the market now that offer a more eco-friendly alternative. In this listicle, we'll introduce you to 5 sustainable smartphones that can help you celebrate Earth Day responsibly.

* Nokia X30 5G

The Nokia X30 has finest look with its recycled aluminium frame, which is 100 % recycled aluminium frame with a 65% recyclable plastic back. It offers a nice in-hand feel, which you will be hard-pressed to find in any other eco-friendly smartphone out there. With its flat edge and relatively thin design, the handset is easy to handle. The handset also promises to offer “the best PureView photography” with its “best-ever low light imaging.” 

* Nokia G60 5G

Nokia G60 5G is specifically built to last longer, using 60% recycled plastic. It has 2 years of warranty and OS upgrades, so you can rest assured your Nokia G60 5G remains cutting-edge. Having premium looks it also delivers premium performance. Plus, the 6.58” FHD+ 120 Hz display gives you a super-smooth everyday smartphone experience, all at an easy-to-hold size. With Nokia G60 5G HMD Global focuses on reducing environmental impact, Nokia G60 5G is built from a high percentage of recycled materials bringing longevity and durability promises to many.

* Fairphone 4

The Fairphone 4 is a sustainable smartphone that's designed to be easily repairable, with modular parts that can be easily swapped out if they break or need upgrading. It's also made with responsibly sourced materials and has a longer lifespan than most smartphones, helping to reduce electronic waste.

* Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung has made eco-conscious efforts with this smartphone. The entire product life cycle from sourcing, production, distribution, and product use to disposal and recycling. Galaxy S23 Ultra has garnered UL’s ECOLOGO certification and Carbon Trust’s Carbon Footprint certification. This certification implies that a product has a reduced environmental impact based on environmental performance criteria throughout its life cycle, and production process, including energy reduction, environment, manufacturing, and operations.

* Realme GT 2

Realme GT 2 Pro has a sustainable design, the company claims that the back cover on the smartphone uses a bio-polymer material that serves as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil raw materials that contribute to global warming.

These are just a few examples of sustainable smartphones that can help you celebrate Earth Day responsibly. By choosing a sustainable smartphone, you can reduce your carbon footprint and support companies that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

udChalo Introduces Revolutionary Electric Bicycle – ‘VirBike’, To Revolutionize India's Transportation Sector

~Celebrates Earth Day with the launch of a ground-breaking electric bicycle that passes all endurance tests - Ip rated 65 and 67, lightweight, and performance-oriented~

~Available in defence colour options- army olive green, naval white, air force blue, commando black, and infantry grey~

~ The all new electric bicycle is a gift for generations, with the option to personalize by stickering  your defence service ID - a symbol of the selfless sacrifice to protect our nation's sovereignty ~

udChalo, a leading consumer tech firm, launched a path breaking electric bicycle named "VirBike". The company has introduced this eco-friendly vehicle to offer sustainable and affordable transportation options for all Indians inspired by the armed forces. The name "VIR" is inspired by V=IR which is Ohm's law in physics. It denotes the relationship between “voltage, current and resistance” in an electrical circuit. Also ‘VIR’ is said to be someone who is ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’ like our soilders.

Speaking about the E-Bike, Mr. Sahil Uttekar, Co-founder R&D Head, VirBike said, “VirBike” is a high-performance electric bicycle designed to provide a comfortable and smooth ride. The bike is not only eco-friendly but also designed to withstand harsh conditions. It is Ip rated 65 and 67. With a durable lightweight frame, disc brake with electric cut off, and an adjustable seat, VirBike is also lightweight making it an ideal choice for everyday use. All parts are built in India in line with the hon'ble PM’s ‘Make In India’ initiative.”

In addition to being durable, VirBike is also pocket-friendly. It is an affordable mode of transportation, and its low maintenance cost makes it an excellent option for budget-conscious consumers. An E-Bike will enable a soldier save up to 15 lakhs throughout his career. Moreover it doesn’t require a number plate, unlike any other vehicle for which ‘Fauji’s’ face RTO challenges with constant change in postings. With its sleek and stylish design, the bicycle is an ideal choice for people who want to make a statement while protecting the environment. Each ebike can reduce 240 kilograms of CO2 per year. Customers can now own the VirBike under the easy finance option available on the website.

Speaking about the launch, Ravi Kumar, CEO at udChalo, said, "VirBike is a proud innovation purely conceptualized and developed in India, reflecting our commitment to indigenous research and development. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with sustainable, affordable, and durable transportation options, and VirBike is a significant step towards that goal. Our mission at udChalo is to make life more comfortable for our soldiers, and the VirBike is one-step towards achieving that goal. The VirBike comes in five attractive colors, including a special Olive Green edition, exclusively available to the armed forces as a tribute to their bravery and sacrifice."

VirBike is available for purchase on, and the company is offering attractive launch offers to its customers. The bicycle comes with a one-year warranty, and udChalo has an extensive network of service centers across the country to ensure that customers have a hassle-free experience.

With the launch of VirBike, udChalo has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing innovative solutions to its customers. The company has already established itself as a leading player in the consumer space, and with the introduction of VirBike, it is set to make a mark in the electric vehicle space as well.

About udChalo:

udChalo is a national start-up award winning leading Consumer Technology Company for the Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces and their Dependants offering Travel, Financial Services, Group Housing, Consumer Electronics and Utility Bill Payments and is in the process of integrating additional services into its portfolio for Making Life Simpler for Our Soldiers.

Rooted in its ambition to serve the Services, udChalo is the creator of its category. The Company began its operations in 2012 by the alumni of the Army Institute of Technology and Stanford Graduate School of Business (Seed).

udChalo through its website (, App platform and 70 Outreach Centers caters to more than 2.8 million serving Defence Personnel and additionally to Veterans and their families. It has grown with a CAGR of over 450% in the last 5 years.

udChalo is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It holds ERI License from Department of Income Tax and OTA licence from Ministry of Tourism. udChalo has been a recipient of CRISIL Rating of CCAS2. The company was recently recognized by Guinness World Records for participation in two record-breaking cycling events. It was certified as Great Places to Work for three consecutive years. It also ranked 4th at the Economic Times ET Rise awards among India’s Fastest Growing MSME 2020 and was certified as Best Employment Generating MSE at SIDBI ET India MSE Awards 2019.

For more details visit the website -

Mother Dairy Kindles ‘Promises’ In Its New Ice Creams Campaign

*    Introduces new campaign for ice creams – led by two TVCs – under the thought of #MotherPromise.

*   Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, the six week-long campaign encapsulates the essence of integrity and purity of its products, that consumers too can swear upon.

We often land into situations wherein we ask someone to make a promise. We even prod at times, seeking the highest level of commitment for us to be completely assured. ‘Mother Promise’ is accorded as one of the highest level of commitments amongst promises. Why not make a Mother Promise over a Mother Dairy Ice Cream, which stands for superior taste and quality? Taking this insight to the creative board, Mother Dairy, country’s beloved milk and milk products major, is all set to roll out a new Ice Creams campaign – #MotherPromise – targeting consumers across varied age groups.

The campaign, conceptualized by Ogilvy India, comprises of two TVCs that distinctly curate the thought of making a superlative commitment. The six week-long campaign quirkily passes on the thought of making promises over an ice cream while standing up to the promise of offering best-in-class milk-based ice creams to its consumers.

Talking about the new campaign, Mr. Manish Bandlish, Managing Director, Mother Dairy, said, “At Mother Dairy, we take pride in offering 100% milk-based ice creams made with best-in-class ingredients. We have always assured our consumers of a superior taste experience & unmatched quality from all our offerings, and we stand by it. For decades, our consumers have reciprocated this trust with love & conviction. The new campaign is our attempt to live up to our promise and further strengthen the trust in a way that even our consumers can stand by, similar to honouring the highest decree of assurance – a ‘Mother Promise’. Going forward, we will be integrating the campaign thought of ‘Mother Promise’ across various categories of our dairy portfolio.”


We swear on our mothers as the strongest way of assuring that we mean what we say. It's a test of integrity and purity. Because Mother Dairy products are the best, made from pure milk and all its goodness, they're also something you can swear by.


TVC I – Showcases an elder sister and her younger brother on their way back home after school. While on the return, the sister asks the brother to keep up a secret and not reveal it to their mother. The brother with a mischievous spark in his eyes is prodding her sister not to lie. It is then the sister offers him a Mother Dairy Kulfi; however, to keep up the promise, the brother keeps demanding for other flavours. Leading into the situation, the younger one later agrees to keep the secret with an assurance of a daily treat, which the sister agrees to with a promise, which is anxiously looked up by the brother. And to reaffirm her this commitment, she immediately follows with saying Mother Promise swearing by Mother Dairy Kulfis. Leading by example, Mother Dairy also makes a promise of offering rich, creamy and tasty kulfi to its consumers.

TVC II – Comprises of a distinct setup of a young couple, wherein the guy is sulking as he had to wait for long for his partner to come. The girl sensing the situation comes with a smile holding Mother Dairy Cones, using each of the flavours prompting him to smile and cool down. During her persuasion, she promises for being on time, which is very sweetly confronted by the boy and to repeat her promise she swears by Mother Dairy Cones by saying Mother Promise. With distinct flavours of cones, the boy eventually melts down leading to happy moment between them. Leading by example here, Mother Dairy also makes a promise of offering 100% milk-based ice creams to its consumers.

“Mother Dairy has always been a nurturing brand with high product ethos and social commitment. We wanted to communicate these timeless values in a contemporary way.”, said, Mr. Rohitash Srivastava, Head of Strategy & Planning, Ogilvy India (North).

Stepping in the summer season of 2023, Mother Dairy is introducing over 10 new ice cream variants comprising of Kulfis (Shahi Malai Kulfi, Shahi Phirni Kulfi, Shahi Paan Kulfi, Shahi Pista Kulfi, etc.), Cones (Koko Karamel Kore, Choco Coffee Crunch, Black Forest Cone and Chocolate Fudge Cone), Bars (Berry Blast & Coco Sparkle) and Lemon Ice Candy.

The TVCs can be viewed at:

TVC I (Kulfi)        :     

TVC II (Cone)      :     

Avail The Benefits Of Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP); Invest In Your Sleep

Today consumer perception has evolved with people investing by insuring their life and health. With changing lifestyle, it has become more than imperative for people to also invest in a sound sleep for a good health. With this in mind, Magniflex India (Made in Italy), a luxury mattress company with a legacy of over 60 years, today launched – Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP)

The strategic MIP by Magniflex aims to inspire the consumers of our country to invest in their health by opting for a high-tech & good quality mattress, which will take care of their spine and address other health issues like sleep deprivation. This can be availed through Magniflex’s interesting EMI options for across their category of products.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Anand Nichani, MD, Magniflex India said, “People have always invested in a variety of insurance schemes with a view to build their wealth and safeguard their future expenses on health. Today’s evolved consumers have realised the importance of investing in healthy living to avoid future health problems. Our EMI based Magniflex Investment Plan aims to cater all our aspiring consumers who wish to invest in a good high-quality mattress to ensure having a sound & quality sleep.”

Sleep is a crucial element in our day-to-day existence that significantly affects both our physical and mental health. The issue of sleep deprivation has become widespread, and recent research has revealed that Indian adults have been experiencing sleep-related disorders since the onset of the pandemic. According to several studies, a substantial proportion of the population (37%) struggle to fall asleep, while 27% find it challenging to remain asleep. This erratic and hectic lifestyle along with sleep deprivation is leading to experiencing health issues such as back pain and other orthopaedic problems. 

People tend to invest more in their homes, luxury cars, world tours, and so on, while ignoring their most basic need, which is their health. Investment in health should not be jeopardised.

Our health is dependent on how much sleep we get. A good mattress can also help you get a good night's sleep. Magniflex’s goal is to encourage people to begin investing in their health through the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP).

Cosmo First Joins Hand With Indian Army To ‘Go Green’ – Plants 10,000 Trees

* The tree plantation drive is part of the Cosmo Foundation’s Go Green Initiative which focuses on ‘Invest in Our Planet.’

As a part of Earth Day celebrations, Cosmo Foundation, the community outreach initiative of Cosmo First Limited, planted 10,000 trees at the AAHWAN Centre, Delhi Cantonment. Mrs. Archana Pande, President AWWA, join hands with Cosmo Foundation in their efforts to build a better and more sustainable future. This year’s Earth Day theme “Invest in Our Planet” calls for collaborative action for a better and safer tomorrow.

As per the World Weather Attribution, climate change has made heatwaves in India 30 times likelier due to the increase in average annual temperature. The urban environment, with temperatures often 2°C higher than in rural areas, exacerbates the situation, particularly in Indian cities. Cosmo Foundation's tree planting drive as a part of its Go Green Initiative aims to mitigate these impacts of climate change, promote sustainability, and create a greener, healthier future.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Archana Pande, President AWWA said, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to environmentally responsible businesses like Cosmo First Limited for their unwavering commitment to sustainability. This massive tree plantation drive will not only heal the lungs of the city but will set a precedent for other businesses. These efforts towards preserving the greenery of Delhi will undoubtedly have a positive impact on local communities.”

The tree plantation drive at the AAHWAN Centre is being carried out using the Miyawaki technique, a pioneering method for restoring forestry cover in urban spaces. This technique allows for faster growth and denser plantation, creating a thriving green cover. It involves planting dozens of native species in the same area to lessen maintenance. Cosmo Foundation has already planted 55,000 saplings in Delhi, Gujarat & Maharashtra region. In addition to the tree plantation drives, the Foundation has also invested approximately INR 1.12 Cr in providing clean and accessible water to communities in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi. These efforts have directly benefited over 15,000 beneficiaries, positively impacting their lives by ensuring access to safe drinking water. With its unwavering commitment to sustainability and community welfare, Cosmo Foundation continues to make a meaningful difference in creating a sustainable future for communities across India.

On this occasion, Ms. Yamini Kumar Jaipuria, Managing Trustee, Cosmo Foundation said, “Earth Day serves as a powerful reminder of our responsibility to work together towards a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Cosmo Foundation is proud to lead the way in promoting sustainability through Cosmo Go Green Initiative and creating a healthier world. With the help of local communities, we aim to create a greener, healthier, and more sustainable planet for present and future generations.”

About Cosmo Foundation:

Cosmo Foundation was established in 2008 as the community outreach initiative of Cosmo First Limited. The Foundation works closely with less developed communities around its manufacturing units on several development programs aimed at English and computer literacy, life skills development, hygiene initiatives and environmental awareness.

Cosmo Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of people through its various efforts in education, health, and environmental initiatives. Through its programs, the foundation has already benefited over 6,50,000 people and educated more than 62000 children. Cosmo Foundation deep dives to engage with communities and identify problems at the local level, offer tactical solutions to address them—some examples include education, sanitation, and the environment—and lead social transformation by allocating resources in the most effective ways. The Foundation has also helped families affected by COVID-19 all throughout the nation.

The parent company, Cosmo First Limited, is also dedicated to empowering individuals in and around its manufacturing operations. Through various development initiatives, Cosmo works closely with underdeveloped communities located near its manufacturing units in Vadodara and Aurangabad. Employing innovative techniques and environmentally friendly products and processes, Cosmo First strives to enhance the sustainability of its products and reduce their environmental impact. This includes measures such as optimizing power, water, and gas consumption, implementing rainwater harvesting and effluent water reuse, and exploring alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind power. By prioritizing environmentally responsible practices, Cosmo First is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

About Cosmo First Limited:

Established in 1981 and founded by Mr. Ashok Jaipuria, Cosmo First is a global leader in specialty films and an emerging player in specialty chemicals (Masterbatches, Adhesive, Coating & Textile chemicals) along with a digital-first Omni channel Pet care business under the brand name ‘Zigly’.

With engineering of innovative products and sustainability solutions, Cosmo First over the years has been partnering with worlds’ leading F&B and personal care brands and packaging & printing converters to enhance the end consumer experience. Its customer base is spread in more than 100+ countries with sales & manufacturing units in India and Korea and additionally sales & distribution base in Japan, USA, Canada, and Europe.

Mivi Launches K1 Duopods - A Perfect Combination Of Convenience And Performance

Mivi, India’s leading homegrown electronics company, has unveiled the latest addition to their K Series lineup - the K1 Duopods. The K1, available in Black, Beige, Pink & Blue - is the second product in this series and is designed to be small and compact, while delivering a powerful audio experience. The compact and portable TWS, a Made-in-India product, can be carried around in your pocket or bag and is available for INR 999 on Flipkart and Mivi websites.

The highly-portable K1, featuring 10.5 mm drivers, is designed to offer an exceptional audio experience with powerful bass. The latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, provides a range of up to 10m/30 feet allowing for easy pairing and uninterrupted connectivity for a seamless audio experience.

The K7 supports AAC and SBC audio codecs and comes equipped with AI ENC noise cancellation, which ensures higher call clarity and HD voice quality. At mid-volume, the earbuds offer a whopping 42-hour playtime, thanks to the 35*2mAh battery capacity and the 380mAh battery capacity of the capsule.

Ms. Midhula Devabhaktuni, Co-founder and CMO of Mivi, said, “Our mission has always been to provide exceptional audio experiences to our customers, and the K1 Duopods are no exception. These Duopods are the culmination of years of hard work and dedication from our team. We have pushed the boundaries of technology to deliver a product that is both innovative and of the highest quality. At Mivi, we understand that our customers lead busy lives and need products that can keep up with them. The K1 Duopods are designed to be compact and easy to carry around, making them the perfect accessory for anyone who is always on the go. We are confident that the K1 Duopods will exceed our customers' expectations and elevate their audio experiences to new heights. We are excited to share this product with the world and can't wait to see the impact it will have on our customers' lives.”

The TWS takes only one hour to charge fully with the Micro USB charging cable provided. The K1 Duopods are designed with a sleek and stylish finish that makes them an attractive accessory to match any style. The earbuds come with dual microphones that allow for clear communication and voice assistant access to enable easier navigation of sound controls for users who choose to personalize their preferences.

The IPX4.0 rating makes the TWS resistant to sweat, water, and dust, making it suitable for workouts and outdoor activities.

Stylish and portable, the K1 is the perfect companion for the audiophile seeking exceptional sound quality in a compact package.

About Mivi

Founded in 2016, Mivi, the brainchild of Viswanadh Kandula and Midhula Devabhaktuni, strives to take the Indian electronic gadgets industry to the next level by fulfilling the need for high-quality electronic gadgets at affordable prices in the Indian market. Mivi is a one-of-a-kind company specializing in the audio category, from TWS to sound bars, which have gone from a luxury to a necessity for everybody with a smartphone. The brand aspires to create a difference in the Indian electronics market by introducing high-quality ‘Made in India’ products coming from its Hyderabad manufacturing factory. Mivi currently has a 1500+ strong team and is looking to expand its presence PAN India – from tier 1 to tier 4 cities.

IIFL Finance Duly Repays $400 Million Maiden Dollar Bonds Issue On Maturity

Fairfax-backed leading Mumbai-based non-banking financial company (NBFC) IIFL Finance has fully repaid its maiden dollar bonds issue due April 2023 along with interest upon maturity. IIFL Finance, which is one of India's largest retail-focused NBFCs had raised $400 million through a medium-term note (MTN) program in February 2020.

Mr. Kapish Jain, Group CFO at IIFL Finance said, " The company successfully concluded its maiden MTN program and timely completed all its obligation towards the same with full payment of $400 Million to all its investors a portion of which was prepaid earlier in fiscal 2023 itself. This is a demonstration of strong treasury management capabilities and financial strength of IIFL Finance group. This has also established a strong track record for the company in international bond market."

On April 6, Moody’s upgraded IIFL Finance’s credit rating from B2 to B1, retaining ‘stable’ outlook on the company which also includes the MTNs. Moody's said the upgrade has been driven by factors such as higher share of off-balance sheet loans; further fortifying its asset-light business model and improvement in the company’s key metrics of funding, profitability. 

Earlier this month, IIFL Finance also secured $100 million in long-term funding, jointly, from Export Development Canada (EDC) and Deutsche Bank.

IIFL Finance is one of the largest retail-focused non-banking financial companies in India with a loan AUM of Rs 57,941 crores at the end December 2022. The company is rated AA/Stable by CRISIL, ICRA and CARE and A1+ by CRISIL and ICRA. The company’s consolidated core business segments include home loan, gold loan, digital loan and micro finance loans catering to mostly unbanked and underbanked customers. At the end of December 2022, the company at consolidated level has free cash and undrawn lines worth Rs 8,562 crores providing adequate liquidity buffer to services all commitments for the long-term.

Renault India To Organize Nationwide Summer Camp From April 24-30, 2023

* A week-long initiative "Renault Summer Camp” will be conducted across all Renault Service facilities across India from April 24 till April 30th, 2023 

* Along with comprehensive vehicle inspections, special offers on parts and accessories as well as complimentary gifts, several customer interaction events are planned 

With an objective to continue its commitment to enhance customer satisfaction, Renault, the number one European automotive brand in India, has announced the commencement of a nationwide after-sales service initiative, “Renault Summer Camp”. The service camp will be conducted across all Renault Service facilities across India from April 24 - April 30, 2023. 

The optimal performance of the cars is the main goal of organizing the servicing camp. The vehicles would receive expert attention from trained and skilled service technicians. According to the regulations set forth by Renault India, the Renault Summer camp will provide a thorough automobile check-up, including a free car top wash, for Renault owners. This will allow a close evaluation of all the car's critical components. Such routine inspections guarantee all required measures for improved vehicle performance and give customers a satisfying ownership experience. 

As part of the Renault SummerCamp, Renault India customerscan also avail upto 25% discount on Engine oil replacement, 10% attractive discount offers on select parts & accessories, 15% on labor charges. Renault India will also provide 10% discount on Extended Warrantyand Road-Side Assistance Program.  

Currently, Renault India has a widespread presence of close to 500 sales and 530 service touchpoints across the country with benchmark sales and service quality. 

In addition to the comprehensive car check-up facilities along with a host of other value-added benefits like special offer on tyres (select brands), several fun-filled activities will be organized for customers with assuredgifts, making it an excitingand cherishing experience for the customers. All these novel after-sales, initiatives of Renault are testimonies of providing utmost customer satisfaction. 

Renault has undertaken many first-of-its-kind after-sales and customer centric initiatives to offer a seamless brand ownership experience to its customers. These include – Renault SECURE, Renault ASSURED, Renault ASSIST, Renault EASY CARE, Workshop on Wheels (WoW), MY Renault App and regular customer service camps. In a decade of its presence in India, Renault has made significant progress which includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a world-class technology centre, logistics and design centre in India. This strong foundation backed by its unique product strategy and pioneering customer satisfaction initiatives have been instrumental for Renault’s successful journey in India.  

ChatGPT’s Rapid Growth Puts Instagram To Shade: “Infosys Co-Founder Gopalakrishnan” At GIM Convocation

* 480 students were awarded PGDM certificates at GIM's annual convocation ceremony 

* Disruptive technologies to help India reach $10 trillion economy 

* With the accreditation by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) from the United Kingdom (UK), GIM had joined an exclusive club of 296 institutions worldwide ~ 

Artificial intelligence bot ChatGPT’s rapid growth has put to shade social media behemoths like Instagram and Tiktok, according to Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan, who has also claimed that disruptive technologies will help the Indian economy reach the $ 10 trillion mark.  

Gopalakrishnan, chairman of Axilor Ventures, was a chief guest at the annual convocation ceremony organised by the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) during which certificates were formally handed over to 480 students spread across five management programmes who completed their post graduate diploma in management.  

15 medals were awarded to students who made a significant mark in academics as well as extracurricular activities, while awards were also given to students with best academic performances in the respective programs.  

In his address during the ceremony, which was also attended by Ashank Desai, chairman of the GIM governing board and the B-school’s director Dr. Ajit Parulekar, Gopalakrishnan spoke about the rise of ChatGPT and the transformation which the AI chatbot was about to unleash worldwide.  

“It's one of the fastest growing apps or tools ever. Within two months after its launch… GPT had 100 million monthly active users in contrast to Instagram which took two and a half years to reach 100 million users,” he said, adding that the chatbot was “evolving faster than any technology introduced or invented by humans to date”.  

“We are finding new capabilities every single day. Chat GPT democratised access to artificial intelligence machine learning models and helps with a wide range of tasks such as reading x-rays, essay writing, poetry, summarizing information and documents and testing code segments etc. It shows human-like capabilities, but at an amazing speed of response. Clearly this disruption will have a significant impact on every aspect of our life,” Gopalakrishnan said.  

Gopalakrishnan also said that disruptive technologies would transform India’s industrial landscape and help the country to accelerate its Gross Domestic Product.  

“I believe that disruptive technologies will transform all industries and this gives India an opportunity to accelerate GDP growth and become the second or the third largest economy in the world. A few IT companies have demonstrated this in the last 45 years. There is tremendous wealth to be made in India, as India grows to become a five trillion dollar economy or a 10 trillion dollar economy,” he said.  

Director Parulekar, who presented the Director's Report on the institute’s performance for the last academic year, said that with the accreditation by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) from the United Kingdom (UK), GIM had joined an exclusive club of 296 institutions worldwide, which received the prestigious endorsement. After the IIMs, the GIM is the second institution in the country to be accredited by the Business Graduates Association, a UK-based global membership organisation of Business Schools.  

“This year, we received a record-breaking number of applications: 13,320 unique applications as compared to the year prior which was 8,730. This translates to a 53 percent increase in applications across all four full-time PGDM programmes,” he also said.  

15 medals were awarded to students who made a significant mark in academics as well as extracurricular activities. Awards were given for ‘best academic performance’ in the respective programs.  

WinZO Launches “Cybersecurity Program” To Build Open Source Technologies To Tackle Cyber Vulnerabilities

* There was an 8% spike in cybercrime in Asia Pacific Regions in 2021.  

* This program is aimed at developing freely accessible tools & resources for our Nation that are needed to defend against threats that can disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services 

* Globally, 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs are available 

* Plans to scale the programme to 100 colleges in two years including a curriculum to co-create cyber security technologies

WinZO, India’s largest social gaming and interactive entertainment technology platform, has announced the launch of its “new cyber security challenge programme”, Code Health and Security Evaluation (CHASE) - (WinZO CHASE) in partnership with Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D), Delhi Technological University (DTU), Netaji Subhash University of Technology (NSUT), and IIID. The programme aims to invest in and develop open-source technology and best practices that can be used by businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to protect against cyber actors who exploit vulnerabilities to steal information, and money, and are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services. As most solutions are now delivered in a digital environment, it becomes the most important vulnerability and National Security threat.  

Through this program, WinZO along with the partnered institutes aims to develop open-source technologies for cyber security: information and event management, endpoint detection & response protocols, security orchestration, encryption, and penetration testing and detection technology. The first phase of the program would also be extending a scholarship of Rs.5 lacs to the winners. Top-performing participants are also eligible for internships and pre-placement interviews at WinZO. 

WinZO has a 100 million registered user base and facilitates over four billion micro-transactions per month. In this biggest micro-transaction economy of the country, the safety of transacting users and the integrity of data is most important. Since its launch on 7th April, WinZO has seen over 1000 registrations for the challenge and has already started receiving submissions. 

Paavan Nanda, Co-founder of WinZO said: “We aspire to build world-class technology and solutions out of India and extend our solutions to the entire ecosystem to scale the impact, that is the role of any platform business. Preventing attacks or mitigating the spread of an attack as quickly as possible is of utmost importance for a platform that scales across over 100 million users, 20% of which are making their first digital payments. Any cyber-attack, no matter how small, is a threat to our national security and must be identified, managed, and shut down. Young engineers need to develop an early outlook for security threats and solutions that can help organizations stay ahead of emerging threats.”  

Launched in early 2018, WinZO hosts over 100 skill-based games in 12 vernacular languages. It has a registered user base of over 100 million, of which around 90% hail from tier II and beyond. The company facilitates over four billion microtransactions and gameplays per month. In addition to the CHASE programme, WinZO actively engages the student community across various streams be it technology, business, design or security. Recently, the company wrapped up the second season of Battle of Super Scholars (BOSS) in IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Lucknow that saw participation from more than 1,000 students across campuses.  WinZO also conducts a yearly hackathon across college campuses with the most relevant and modern problem statements to encourage the next generation of talent to build large scalable consumer technology companies made in India to solve for the world.  

WinZO aims to scale its CHASE programme to 100 colleges in two years.  

Link to WinZO CHASE - 

HCL Foundation With Centre for Environment Education Launches “Generation For Climate Action” Initiative For School Children

HCL Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of HCLTech, today launched a national-level “Generation for Climate Action” (GENCAN) initiative in partnership with the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) for promoting awareness and knowledge on climate action in schools through its flagship program, HCL Harit – The Green Initiative. 

Marking the Earth Day celebration, the initiative was inaugurated in the presence of esteemed dignitaries such as Dr. Nidhi Pundhir, Vice-President, Global CSR & Director, HCL Foundation, Shri Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director CEE, Dr. Sunita Farkya, Professor & Head, Department of Education in Science and Mathematics, NCERT, Dr. Ashok Khosla, Chairman, Development Alternatives, Dr. Pratibha Singh, WASH, Sustainability and Climate Change Specialist, UNICEF India and Mr. Sam Barratt, Chief of the Youth, Education and Advocacy Unit, UNEP.  

Over 200 students participated in this national launch. In addition, an interactive panel with nine students took place where students shared about the actions that they are taking at home and school towards a greener planet.  

Generation For Climate Action Initiative is a 10-month school-based climate education and action learning program for grades 6 to 12. The program will begin in April-May 2023 and conclude in February 2024 with the announcement of the winners.  

This initiative will involve 50 – 70 government schools spread across India targeting about 2,500 – 3,000 children. 

The program seeks to provide school children with the required knowledge and skills on climate change and take individual and collective actions towards carbon footprint reduction of the school.  

The initiative will also boost teachers’ ability to successfully engage students in carbon-neutral practices in their daily lives.  

As part of the program, students will be provided with the right skills to become 

Climate Literate - Build knowledge, attitude, and values about climate change science and concerns 

Climate Detective - Explore and discover the school’s carbon footprint 

Climate Hero - Prepare a school climate action plan and act to offset its carbon footprint 

Climate Reporter - Document and report on the events 

Based on various themes like water, energy, waste, biodiversity, and sustainable practices, one teacher from each participating school will serve as the program’s coordinator and will work with a group of 5-8 students from 6th to 12th standard. 

The Challenge procedure will take 8-9 months to complete. Once the school has registered, 1 or 2 mentor teachers must be nominated for the training, which is followed by multiple rounds of discussions and interactions with other Youth Climate leaders before the final evaluation is submitted. 

Exemplary work will be recognized with the yearly ‘Harit Climate Leadership Awards’, and an annual camp will be conducted for Harit Climate Leaders. A compendium of best practices, solutions, and case studies on climate action will also be published. A certificate of participation will be given to all student leaders, teaching and non-teaching staff, and schools.  

“As the world grapples with the implications of climate change, it is important that we educate and instill the right values in our school children to lessen the impact of this global issue. HCL Foundation has been working tirelessly to conserve the environment and our partnership with Centre for Environment Education extends our commitment to climate change mitigation through community involvement. The initiative will promote positive thoughts and activities on sustainability in a generation that will inherit our legacy,” said Dr. Nidhi Pundhir, Vice President, Global CSR, HCL Foundation. 

“Our mission through this initiative is to support and equip schools, teachers, and students to address today's climate challenges. The initiative is being launched at the right time when the role of sustainability and climate change education has been recognized at the national level in its education policy and other government initiatives,” stated Shri Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director CEE  

Precision Farming Gets A Boost With IIIT-B And IIHR's IoT-Based AutoGrow System

Indian Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) is partnering with the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) to create an IoT-based Data Sensing System for AutoGrow, an Autonomous Green House System for Precision Agriculture. This project aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry by creating a fully automated and self-regulating farming system.

The system will shortly be inaugurated as a laboratory entitled, "AutoGrow Laboratory”.

"At IIITB, we are excited to be a part of the AutoGrow project, which has the potential to transform the agricultural industry. The IoT-based data sensing system and AI/ML techniques will enable the AutoGrow system to make real-time decisions based on data, optimizing crop yield and resource usage. We believe that this system will play a crucial role in ensuring food security and sustainability for future generations. We are proud to be working with IIHR on this interdisciplinary project and look forward to seeing its impact on the agricultural industry,” said Prof. Debabrata Das, Director, IIITB.

The IoT-based data sensing system and AI/ML techniques will enable the AutoGrow system to make real-time decisions based on data, optimizing crop yield and resource usage.

The AutoGrow system has three different configurations: hydroponics, open grow farming, and vertical setup. The project team has been studying these configurations to optimize the system for precision agriculture. “The final goal is to deploy the sensor system and an AI/ML model into the open farm, which will control water flow, add minerals, and record data such as temperature, humidity, and water flow.”, said Dr. Ramesh Kestur, the project Principal Investigator (PI), IIITB

The AI/ML model will also enable the system to make self-decisions to control the farm, using a novel Wick irrigation system. “Wick irrigation can save up to 60% of water compared to traditional drip irrigation systems.”, said Dr. Aswath C.R, Principal Scientist, IIHR.  This system can also be adapted to terrace farming, which can help optimize space and improve crop yield.

AutoGrow project represents a significant advancement in precision agriculture. With the use of IoT and AI/ML techniques, the system will be able to make real-time decisions based on data, optimizing crop yield and resource usage. This has the potential to revolutionize the way we grow crops and ensure food security for future generations.

IIHR is providing biological support for the project, while IIIT-B is working on the IoT and AI/ML techniques that will enable the system to be deployed in biological systems. The team has successfully built a greenhouse in IIIT-B and is currently working on the three different configurations of the AutoGrow system.

As the project continues to develop and the AutoGrow system is deployed in the field, it has the potential to significantly improve crop yields, reduce waste, and ensure food security for future generations. The collaboration between IIITB and IIHR represents a significant advancement in interdisciplinary research and highlights the importance of technology and biology working together to tackle global challenges.

About IIIT Bangalore

IIIT Bangalore is a premier institute focused on Post-Graduate IT education and research, located in the heart of Electronic City, Bangalore. IIIT Bangalore is graded A+ by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and remains top 70 in the National Institutional Ranking Framework for the last four years. The institute was ranked number 1 among India's Best Technical Universities (Private) by India Today. IIIT Bangalore contains state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class faculty, a vibrant alumni community, cutting-edge research facilities, and close industry collaborations. 

The institute’s specially designed courses make the students cognitive of the current technologies, experiential learning and practices, thereby equipping them with the tools and knowledge to solve contemporary real problems. Since the founding of the Institute in 1998, IIIT Bangalore has enjoyed 100% placement every year on account of the strong support of the industry and the growing base of talented alumni.

Rapido prioritizes Passengers’ Road Safety With Seatbelts In Bengaluru Auto-rickshaws In A Nationwide Campaign

·         #RapidoSafetyFirst campaign launches nationwide, beginning with seatbelts for auto-rickshaws in Bengaluru

·         Four-step background verification process ensures rider safety with qualified captains

·         Information-masking feature protects female passengers’ privacy and identity for enhanced safety

·         Real-time ride tracking and 24/7 on-ground support provide passengers peace of mind, particularly during odd hours

·         Rapido committed to promoting road safety awareness via mandatory safety training and regular vehicle maintenance checks

·         Acting like a family member, Rapido Customer Care keeps a check on the completion of rides taken during odd hours (10:00 pm to 6:00 am)

Adding another feather to the road safety initiative, Rapido – India’s leading auto-tech aggregator – is introducing a nationwide safety campaign, #RapidoSafetyFirst. The campaign aims to raise awareness about road safety, promoting Rapido’s daily ride safety features nationwide.

As part of its campaign, Rapido is equipping auto-rickshaws in Bengaluru with seatbelts to reduce the risk of accidents, fatalities and injuries during sudden stops or collisions. The company has also ensured rider safety by implementing a four-step background verification process for its captains. Additionally, it uses a unique information-masking feature to protect the privacy and identity of female riders. Rapido also offers live ride tracking with access to granular latitudinal and longitudinal data and 24/7 on-ground support for shared rides.

Speaking at the launch, Pavan Guntupalli, Co-founder of Rapido Auto, emphasised the importance of road safety and Rapido’s commitment to promoting awareness and minimising accidents and fatalities. “Being a responsible service provider, we truly believe that road safety is an important concern today, so running an awareness campaign to taking strict training sessions for captains is part of our policy from day one. The #RapidoSafetyFirst campaign covers seatbelts and 360-degree solutions for customer data and safety. The Rapido app’s safety features ensure passengers feel safe, secure and well-protected throughout their ride. Since road accidents in India have startling statistics, Rapido’s initiative seeks to reduce fatalities and injuries,” said Guntupalli.

Rapido Auto has also implemented several safety measures to facilitate safe travel for riders and passengers. These include mandatory safety training for riders, regular vehicle maintenance checks and real-time tracking of rides to monitor safety compliance. Furthermore, all Rapido Captains must complete a Learning Module System and Training Exercise learning customer-appropriate behaviour, road safety training and operational training.

Moreover, Rapido Auto has conducted safety awareness programs in collaboration with city traffic police departments across India. These initiatives involved CPR and basic life support training for their captains and a mime program to demonstrate the criticality of road safety at heavy traffic junctions in cities such as Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Vijayawada and Madurai. Rapido will continue collaborating with the police and allied stakeholders to develop a comprehensive road safety program that transforms road safety norms.

As road safety remains a monumental challenge pan-India, initiatives such as these are the need of the hour for minimising accidents and fatalities. The #RapidoSafetyFirst campaign intends to boost Rapido’s Safety-First approach nationwide with multiple initiatives.

About Rapido Auto 

Rapido Auto is one of the leading auto-taxi aggregators spread widely across the country. The app allows passengers to book bike and auto taxis with minimal wait times and maximum safety while being super-easy on commuters’ pockets. 

Rapido rides are booked via its iOS/Android app. On booking, the amount and captain details appear immediately on the homepage while captains reach the pick-up location at the earliest. 

For more information, contact: and

Urbanization & Sustainable Development Expert Madhav Pai Is CEO, WRI India

Sustainable development expert, Mr. Madhav Pai has been announced as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), WRI India. In his new role, Pai will lead and oversee the organization’s strategy, operations and activities. Pai, who had also been serving as the interim CEO for the last few months, has spent 15 years with the institute and has played an important role in developing its strategy, structure and growth. He succeeds Dr. OP Agarwal, former CEO and currently a senior advisor with the organization. This announcement comes in the run up to World Earth Day which is celebrated on April 22. WRI India works on projects to transform Indian cities, food, land, water and energy systems to spur India on in its transition to a low-carbon economy.

Under Pai’s leadership as the Executive Director of the Sustainable Cities Program, WRI India helped inform national and sub-national policies on urban transport, urban development and electric mobility. These include the motor vehicle amendment act, national electric bus program and the green hydrogen mission. During this time, Pai also helped expand the portfolio of the program to support partnerships with government bodies in the form of Bengaluru Municipality restructuring, Mumbai Street Lab, Mumbai Climate Action Plan, Surat Clean Air Plan and technology roll-out for city bus systems.

Welcoming Pai as the CEO of the organization, Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman of the Board, India Resources Trust, said “I feel confident that Madhav will continue to do for the institution what he has done for the Sustainable Cities Program and that his leadership will enable a strong, collaborative, and dedicated effort to turn ideas into action and build transformative solutions for the planet and its people. I look forward as he brings his knowledge of system design, years of experience in positions of leadership as well as his long-standing association with the institution to ensure that we continue to improve on our path to help foster environmentally sound and socially equitable development.”

Earlier as Director of the EMBARQ program at the World Resources Institute, he was responsible for lending support to landmark initiatives like Indore Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Raahgiri and BusKaro. He is a published author and has written several research papers for renowned journals and articles and books on urban transport, urban planning, resilience and clean air. A wildlife enthusiast and a believer in the public transport system, he credits his interest in the environment and the development sector to the constant loss of playgrounds that he witnessed growing up.

Taking up the reins of the organization, Pai said, “The recent IPCC report urges us to take urgent action to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. This makes it extremely important to support India’s commitments to achieve net zero by 2070 which will require us to transform energy systems, food system and our current approach to urbanization. At WRI India we are committed to support national and state governments to drive these system transitions by bringing high-quality evidence and research, and working in partnerships with the private sector, peers and community organizations.”

Pai earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from University of Mumbai and holds a master’s degree in Transport Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. He joined the institute as CEO on 19 April 2023, and is based in Mumbai.

About WRI India

WRI India, an independent charity legally registered as the India Resources Trust, provides objective information and practical proposals to foster environmentally sound and socially equitable development. Our work focuses on building sustainable and liveable cities and working towards a low carbon economy. Through research, analysis, and recommendations, WRI India puts ideas into action to build transformative solutions to protect the earth, promote livelihoods, and enhance human well- being. We are inspired by and associated with World Resources Institute (WRI), a global research organization with more than 400 experts and other staff around the world.

Earth Day Celebrations At GE: Contributing Towards ‘70K Acts Of Service’

GE teams at the India Technology Centre in Bengaluru (also known as JFWTC) celebrated Earth Week, starting Apr 17 2023, with great enthusiasm by participating in varied acts of service to protect the environment. These activities were tied to the larger initiative taken up by the GE Power employees across the world - all adding to ‘70K Acts of Service’.

At JFWTC, the employee volunteers participated in seed-ball making activity and made hundreds of them with their hands using manure and earth. These seed-balls were then kept safely to be later used for replantation in the Bandipur forest area. Apart from this, global GE leaders, at the centre, shared about the latest interventions around innovation and sustainability in the energy space while briefing the teams about various initiatives that GE Gas Power is working upon currently to decarbonize the power sector and investing in developing carbon-capture technologies. Employee engagement continued with other activities such as team building, plant-a-sapling, quiz competition and cultural events. In one of the team activities, a canvas of 14 ft (W) X 10 ft (H) in size was painted in parts depicting various concepts around Earth Day.

Shilpa Gupta, GM – India Engineering, GE Gas Power, said “Our teams are passionate about contributing to the society at large and this attribute is present in GE’s DNA since its inception. Our employees run various initiatives around education, helping the under-privileged, extending support during national calamities etc. in order to serve communities. From a technology standpoint, GE remains committed to sustainability and we will become carbon neutral in our facilities and operations by 2030. We continue to work closely with industry stakeholders to address their needs related to energy transition and climate change by offering sustainable and reliable powering solutions.”

HCL Technologies Ltd; Slight Miss In Q4 Operating Performance; FY24 Guidance Better Than Expectations


CMP: Rs1038  

Target Price: Rs1150

HCLT delivered a tad weaker-than-expected operating performance in Q4FY23 due to weak discretionary spending. Revenue declined 1.2% CC QoQ, impacted by seasonality in Software (-14.6% CC QoQ) and decline in ER&D (-3.8%). Services revenue grew by 0.6% CC QoQ in Q4, led by Financial Services (6.9%), HLS (3.6%) and Retail and CPG (0.6%), while Telecom (-5.6%), Manufacturing (-3.5%) and Technology (-1.6%) remained weak. Net new deal intake remained healthy at USD2.07bn in Q4, led by operating model transformation, cloud adoption and vendor-consolidation deals across Financial Services, Manufacturing and HLS. HCLT has guided 6-8% CC revenue growth for FY24 (implied CQGR of 1.4-2.1% over Q1-Q4) and EBITM of 18-19%. Management has guided for 6.5-8.5% growth in Services business in FY24, implying 1.4-2.2% CQGR over the next four quarters. It observed project cancellations and delays in decision-making/ramp-ups in discretionary spending, while RTB spending has not seen much stress. HCLT is well-positioned to weather the storm, given its comprehensive service offerings and well-balanced portfolio across RTB and discretionary spends. We have cut our earnings estimates by 1.9-2.8% for FY24E/25E, factoring in Q4 miss and higher ETR. We maintain our BUY rating with a TP of Rs1,150/share at 17x Mar-25E EPS (earlier 1,160).

Results summary: Revenue declined by 0.3% QoQ to USD3.24bn (-1.2% QoQ/+10.5% YoY CC), below our estimate of USD3.27bn. EBITM fell by ~150bps QoQ to 18.1% on account of seasonality in the software business (-120bps) and a dip in services margin (-30bps). The services business’s EBITM declined by ~30bps QoQ to 17.4% due to decline in ER&D margin (-50bps), partially negated by efficiencies in the IT business (+20bps). Net profit stood at Rs39.8bn, higher than our estimate, due to higher other income and lower ETR. HCLT signed 10 large services deals and three software deals with a total new deal TCV of USD2.07bn in Q4. Financial Services grew by 6.9% CC QoQ on account of large deals ramp-up and strong demand for IT modernization and cloud. Manufacturing performance was subdued (-3.5%) due to the completion of projects. What we liked: Strong growth in Financial Services and America, better-than-expected guidance, healthy deal intake, moderation in attrition and healthy cash generation (OCF/EBITDA at ~130% in Q4). What we did not like: Weakness in ER&D and softness in manufacturing, tech and telecom.

Earnings call KTAs: 1) ER&D revenue declined in Q4 primarily on account of cut in discretionary spending and delay in deal ramp-ups in telecom and hi-tech verticals. 2) Net new deal intake remained healthy and well diversified across geographies and verticals at USD2.07bn, up 6.6% YoY (ACV up 4.3%). 3) Software business’s ARR crossed USD1bn, 5.2% CC YoY. 4) The company highlighted that its exposure to low-rated/troubled banks is <1% of its Financial Services’ revenue. The Financial Services vertical continues to have a promising outlook with capital markets and insurance driving growth. 5) Performance in Europe was weak due to slower decision-making and lower bookings. Management expects Europe to grow at a slower pace than the U.S. in the near term. 6) FY24 EBITM guidance remained lower than pre-Covid margin range, considering the exit quarter’s margin, macro uncertainties and likely business mix. Management aspires to return to the 19-20% EBITM trajectory. 7) Fresher intake stood at a record high of 26,734 in FY23 compared to 22,859 in FY22. HCLT plans to add 15,000 freshers in FY24. 8) IT services’ LTM attrition moderated to 19.5% in Q4FY23 vs. 21.7% in Q3FY23. Management indicated that quarterly annualized attrition has moderated to almost half in Q4FY23 compared to Q1FY23. 9) ETR is expected to increase to 25.5-26.5% for FY24 due to some units seeing movement across SEZ tax slab benefits; however, cash tax outgo is expected to be 5% lower.

Zee Business’ Special Show To Empower And Educate Citizens On The Relevance Of Safe And Stable Investment Options

* Akshaya Tritiya is a highly auspicious and sacred day! 

* As per an age-old Hindu tradition, people believe that buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya is an invitation to prosperity, good luck and riches. Taking into consideration the relevance of this day, Zee Business will be airing a special show scheduled to go on air on 21st April 2023 at 4 pm. 

Zee Business’ special show will include insightful discussions among dignitaries like Ghazal Jain (Fund Manager, Quantum AMC), Surendra Mehta (Secretary, IBJA), Kumar Jain (Chairman, Umedhmal Tilokchand), Harshal Barot (Senior Consultant, South Asia, Metals Focus), Saiyam Mehra (Chairman, GJC) and Ajay Kedia (Kedia Commodity) on the importance of investing in gold, drawbacks, risks involved, portfolio diversification etc. This panel discussion will closely be monitored by Mrituenjay Kumar Jha, Commodity Editor, Zee Business. 

Gold is considered to be a safe and stable investment option in India. However, storing physical gold can be expensive and cumbersome, as there could be higher chances of theft or loss. looks forward to drive the attention of citizens, on highlighting why they should carefully consider their financial goals and tolerance before investing in gold on Akshaya Tritiya or any other time. Besides gold, citizens can also consider other investment options and diversify their portfolios to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Speaking on the conceptualization of Anil Singhvi, Managing Editor, Zee Business said, “Akshaya Tritiya is considered ideal for initiating investments and purchases of valuable assets like gold and property. However, the focus of the majority of Indian households has been on heavy investments in gold, without realizing the relevance of diversifying investments. We, at Zee Business, believe in responsible journalism and presenting factual information. Hence, was born the idea of rolling out the special show to guide investors across the country.”

“"We believe our comprehensive content offering under 'will offer a compelling platform for our partners to connect with the consumers although the mood in the bullion market is sombre,” added Madhu Soman, Chief Business Officer, Zee Business & WION.

About Zee Media Corporation Ltd: About Zee Media Corporation Ltd: ZMCL is one of India's leading media and entertainment companies with a strong presence in the news and regional entertainment genres with 14 news channels, touching more than 528+ Million viewers through its linear and digital properties.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Sales Of Technical Consumer Goods To Pick up in 2023 as inflationary pressures soften in Asia: GfK

* Although inflationary pressures and rising costs hit record high in 2022, despite market volatility, Asia’s relative stability offers opportunities 

The Asia Pacific market for Technical Consumer Goods faced some challenges in 2022 owing to the impact of global economic situation, with inflation topping the list. With a number of issues continuing to weigh on economies and impact consumers, GfK forecasts 2023 to be a stable year backed by value seeking consumers driving revenue growth.  

Facing various challenges in 2023, the brands and manufacturers need to consider the criticality of inventory management and pricing pressure. To achieve competitive advantage, brands need agility in production cycles and innovation in product offering and marketing. This will lead to the conception of smart devices and premiumization product offerings.  

“India and Southeast Asian markets, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, continue to demonstrate opportunities with stronger growth, continuing the momentum from loosening lockdown restrictions. Additionally, overall sales of TCG goods are declining across most regions except for Emerging Asia recording year-on-year growth for five consecutive quarters.” said Mukund Tripathi, Head of Market Intelligence, APAC, GfK.  

Rise in sales of photo and gaming products  

Sales of photo products grew alongside the post-pandemic tourism recovery due to the reduction in Covid-19 travel restrictions, especially in Singapore and Malaysia at 33.1 per cent and 32.8 per cent respectively.  

The gaming industry was also amongst the biggest beneficiaries during the pandemic, with lockdowns creating new gamers and expected to accelerate hardware expenditure and growth in 2023. Southeast Asia displays strong growth as a good potential market despite weathering the pandemic, experiencing the highest growth rate at 51 per cent in 2021 and 12 per cent in 2022 compared to other regions in Asia Pacific. 

Online sales continue to gain significance post-pandemic 

TCG goods sales keep growing across all sectors in Emerging Asia, with online channels outperforming offline ones for IT products and office equipment. In Japan, online sales rose for most sectors except for Major Domestic Appliances, while offline sales fell.  

Sustainability is a priority among consumers  

Sustainability is a key trend in the TCG sector that sets brands and manufacturers apart. Communicating sustainability actions is essential to connect with environmentally minded consumers. This was also highlighted at the GfK Insight Summit 2022, where consumers’ monetary concerns influence their buying attitudes. This means that brands can charge more for being green. 

Looking ahead 

Brands and manufacturers can benefit from more opportunities and favorable external forces in 2023. A tourism recovery in the post-pandemic world, a decrease in transportation and shipping costs, and the opening of the Chinese economy will enable growth with product innovation and differentiation that yield higher profits.  

GfK. Growth from Knowledge. 

For over 85 years, we have earned the trust of our clients around the world by solving critical business questions in their decision-making process around consumers, markets, brands, and media. Our reliable data and insights, together with advanced AI capabilities, have revolutionized access to real-time actionable recommendations that drive our clients and partners' marketing, sales, and organizational effectiveness. That’s how we promise and deliver “Growth from Knowledge”. 

Demand Outstrips Supply To Push Residential Rents 15.3% YoY: Magicbricks Rental Housing Index (January-March 2023)

* Rental demand surged 7.3% QoQ and 3.3% YoY   

* With offices opening, IT hubs Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai witnessed highest traction   

* The Pan India rental housing availability declined 5.7% QoQ and 17.8% YoY  

Magicbricks, India's premier online real estate platform, released its latest Rental Housing Index (January to March 2023) report, highlighting a 4.1% QoQ and 15.3% YoY surge in average residential rents across the country. The report further observed that after a decline over the past two quarters, the rental demand increased 7.3% QoQ and 3.3% YoY, while the supply reduced by 5.7% QoQ and 17.8% YoY. 

IT hubs Chennai (14.3%), Bengaluru (12.2%), and Hyderabad (10.8%) recorded the highest growth in rental demand. Furthermore, out of the 13 cities tracked, all except Noida observed a decline in supply of rental housing. 

"The Indian rental housing market is demonstrating a buoyant revival and the macroeconomic trends affirm that this is expected to persist through the coming quarters," said Sudhir Pai, CEO, Magicbricks. "It is noteworthy that major southern cities have exhibited resilience as they continue to attract talent from across the country. Gurugram and Pune are other notable cities with promising rent-trends as they continue to attract a migratory talent pool. Overall, these market dynamics suggest a swift progression towards "business as usual scenario" for the real estate industry and sustained growth trajectory of the Indian rental housing market." 

The report also revealed that while 2BHKs continued to be the most preferred rental properties, the demand for 3BHKs grew by almost 6% QoQ, indicating an increasing preference for spacious homes.  

Great Lakes Launches “ENCORE” - A Platform For Women Who Want To Re-Start Their Careers

* Professional Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing and Professional Certificate Programme in Product Management are the two courses being offered to women re-entering the workforce. 

Great Lakes Institute of Management launched ENCORE – a platform offering job returnship programs for women. The ENCORE platform offers short courses spanning 3 months’ duration. The programs will have 150 hours of learning across online and face to face modules delivering functional skills, soft skills, life-skills and career assistance to start a new chapter in your professional career. In order to further support women in taking up the programs, the Institute  is also offering merit and means based Great Lakes ENCORE Scholarships. 

The platform will have two courses: i) Professional certificate programme in Digital Marketing and ii) Professional certificate programme in Product Management.  

For the launch, eminent guests - Ruchita Tandon - Head - Alliances and Partnerships at Aspire for Her; Sukhpreet Singh - CEO at TANSAM; Deepa Raj - Client Experience Lead at Accenture and Sridevi Pasupuleti - Vice President at LTIMindtree were present.  

Dr Suresh Ramanathan, Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai said “Launching the ENCORE platform reiterates the principles of our institute which is inclusivity, diversity of thought and opportunity for all.  It is important to bring more women back into the workforce and I am sure these programs will act as a catalyst for the same. The best-of-best faculty will impart functional skills, while taking efforts to boost the self-confidence of women entering the workforce,” he said.  

Prof. K. Rajeshwari, Area Chair - Marketing and Head of the ENCORE platform launched this initiative and shared insight into the collaborations that Great Lakes has with Accenture and LTIMindtree for placement assistance. In addition to these, organizations like TCS, TANSAM, Cognizant and others have shown active interest in partnering with this platform.  

Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, CEO, TANSAM, talking about the new launch, said "The increasing role of women in leadership positions and enterprising roles will furthermore bring impetus to this positive impact in the statistical data and build a strong success story for us in the global business landscape." 

Deepa Raj - Client Experience Team at Accenture shared personal anecdotes and  encouraged women to dram big and set targets. She also said, “The world is ready to welcome women. It is the right time to self-introspect and identify your passion. Career gap is not bad but the thought of getting back to work is important”.  

Ruchita Tandon - Head - Alliances and Partnerships at Aspire for Her, shared that she successfully returned to the workforce even after a long gap of 22 years.  “The right attitude is important and aptitude is there in all of us. Upskilling is needed and ENCORE provides the right opportunity for that ,” she said.  

The launch of the ENCORE platform is one that is of utmost importance to Great Lakes and the values that the brand upholds. For anyone interested in knowing more about the ENCORE platform and the Digital Marketing & Product Management programs, visit the web page at (or)  

Ecom Express Limited Launches “3 New Services For Faster Deliveries”

~Same Day Delivery, Same Day Delivery+ and Next Day Delivery to grow customer base~ 

Ecom Express Limited, a leading end-to-end technology-enabled logistics solutions provider, announced the launch of three new services, Same Day Delivery (SDD), Same Day Delivery+ (SDD+), and Next Day Delivery (NDD) to cater to the growing demands of e-commerce players in India. With the launch of these services, Ecom Express aims to improve the customer experience by offering faster and more reliable deliveries, thereby increasing their customer base. 

One of the major concerns of e-commerce players, especially D2C brands, is faster delivery. The solutions not only enhance the overall customer experience by offering better speed but also increase seller revenue through reduced returns. Ecom Express's Same Day Delivery (SDD) service aims to address this concern with its key features such as cut-off time of 5 AM and 11 AM for receiving the orders, guaranteed same-day delivery in key cities, and customized cut-offs as per the requirements of customers.  

Ecom Express' SDD+ is designed for high selling SKUs, which are kept and fulfilled through micro-fulfillment centers placed within cities. With a cut-off time as high as 2 PM, the service assures faster parcel deliveries to customers. 

The Next Day Delivery (NDD) service offered by Ecom Express aims to provide assured delivery for interacity with a cut-off time of 12 PM for the next day. This service highlights improved customer experience, reduced return of goods, and reduced customer acquisition cost, thereby benefitting both the customers and the e-commerce players. 

K Satyanarayana, Co-founder, Ecom Express Limited said, "We are excited to launch Same Day Delivery, SDD+, and Next Day Delivery to our customers and with the launch of these new services, the company aims to strengthen its position as the preferred logistics partner for e-commerce players in India. We believe that our investment in technology and infrastructure will enable us to deliver an unparalleled experience to our customers via these faster transit time products." 

With the growth of e-commerce and D2C ecosystem over the last couple of years, need for faster deliveries across categories such as electronics, beauty and cosmetics, fashion and apparels are emerging as a success enabler for customer experience. Leveraging the needs of the industry, the company had recently launched ExpressPlus which is a multi-modal shipping product at the back of air transportation and now with these newly launched services have curated a network that seamlessly connects the country’s demand and supply hotspots for a shortened transit time.  

Celebrate Akshaya Tritiya With Tanishq, India’s ‘Stunning Every Ear Collection

Gold has riveted various cultures around the world and it signifies auspiciousness, grandeur and purity. On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata has launched a collection with a wide array of exquisite modern earrings across gold and diamonds called ‘Stunning Every Ear’.

With this new launch, the brand has expanded the designs and variety of earrings offering something for every woman's style. Each pair of earrings has a story to tell and a personality of its own making it a perfect match for all. The new collection offers a wide range of beautifully crafted earrings, designed to suit every taste, style, attire and occasion. The collection features elegant studs, contemporary drop earrings, classy climbers, traditional jhumkas and much more. Each piece is crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, comprising of extensive designs and craftsmanship in 18Kt and 22Kt gold.

This Akshaya Tritiya, glow with prosperity and elegance with mesmerizing earring designs from Tanishq along with irresistible offers ahead of the festivity. Tanishq is running a 20% off* on making charges of gold jewellery and diamond jewellery value from 14th to 24th April, 2023

?Ring in a new dawn of abundance this Akshaya Tritiya with Tanishq’s exciting new collection – Stunning Every Ear. Tanishq is offering an exciting offer wherein customers can unlock the old gold sitting in their locker and own stunning designs without spending extra. Customers can exchange their old gold bought from any jeweler and get 100%* exchange value.

Speaking on the launch of the collection, Mr. Ajoy Chawla, CEO – Jewellery Divison at Titan Company Limited said “We are witnessing and expecting a positive consumer sentiment this Akshaya Tritiya festive period particularly in the last 4-5 days post the offer period rolled-out. To enable customers to purchase with peace of mind amidst a volatile gold price environment, Tanishq has also launched a gold rate protection plan for this month, allowing them to book in advance and shield themselves from this volatility. In a high gold rate regime, we also see "old gold exchange" and focus on "light weights" as important levers to help solve for customers' budget constraints, thereby enabling them to take advantage of this auspicious period to purchase precious jewellery. We are delighted to launch a very exciting earrings collection ‘Stunning Every Ear’, in both 22kt gold and diamond studded offerings. Overall, we remain optimistic about the Akshaya Tritiya festive period retail sales outlook.”

?With a range of designs and styles to choose from, customers can find the perfect pair of earrings to complement their attire and make a statement at any event. Visit a Tanishq store near you and avail the benefits of Gold Rate Protection wherein customers can book in advance and stay protected against increasing gold rates till 30th April, 2023.

The Stunning Every Ear collection is available at select Tanishq stores and on Tanishq’s e-commerce enabled website

Suzuki Motorcycle India Achieves A Significant Milestone, Rolls Out 7 Millionth Unit

* V-Strom SX Became Suzuki’s 7th Millionth Celebratory Unit Manufactured At The Gurugram Plant

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. (SMIPL), the two-wheeler subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation has achieved a remarkable milestone by rolling out its 7 millionth vehicle from its Kherki Dhaula plant situated in Gurugram. Suzuki’s versatile sports adventure tourer, the V-Strom SX, in its vibrant Champion Yellow No. 2 colour became the 7 millionth celebratory unit.

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Kenichi Umeda, Managing Director, Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are delighted to accomplish 7 millionth production landmark. The company began its operations in February 2006 and has been delivering superior value products since its inception. This is a testimony of our commitment to India and we wish to achieve many such milestones in the future. In the financial year ending March 2023, we achieved a record sale of 9.38 lakh units and year-on-year growth of 24.3% as compared to FY 2021-22. We thank our valued customers, business partners, associates, and all my colleagues for this remarkable feat.”

For the last 17 years since its origin in India, Suzuki embodies excitement, sportiness and the spirit of youthfulness. Suzuki Motorcycle India retails V-Strom SX, Gixxer SF 250, Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF, Gixxer, Access 125, Avenis, Burgman Street and Burgman Street EX as a part of its domestic product portfolio and Suzuki Hayabusa, V-Strom 650XT and Katana under its big bike product portfolio.


Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan wherein they have the same manufacturing philosophy of PRODUCTS OF SUPERIOR VALUE right from the inception. SMIPL manufactures two-wheelers best suited for valuable Indian customers. The Company started its India operation in February 2006.

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