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ShapeUpIndia Launches Natural, Patented Liquid BioCellLife Oral Collagen Essential For Healthy joints And Skin

* Breakthrough in the field of Regenerative, Sports and Aesthetic Medicine

* Product to make ligaments, tendons stronger, enhance skill, improve performance

Maintaining active joints and younger-looking skin is essential for healthy aging. Chronic degenerative conditions are becoming more prevalent due to micronutrient, malnutrition, environmental toxicity and increasing number of uninsured &unsecured ageing population living under stress.

In a major breakthrough, doctors of regenerative medicine, dermatologists, general physicians, orthopedic consultants and physiotherapists from across India, along with Ms Margie Aliprandie, Health & Wellness Consultant from USA had a brainstorming symposium on this which culminated in the launch of a revolutionary oral collagen – Liquid BioCell Life in Bengaluru today.

Shape Up India, a non- profitable organization and a leading health services provider, launched this innovative, natural and patented product.

“Liquid BioCell Life is a delicious liquid nutraceutical that promotes healthy aging, active joints, and younger-looking skin. It provides a unique and proprietary combination of science-substantiated ingredients and antioxidant-rich phytonutrients that synergistically support a healthier life,” explains Margie Aliprandie.

The product claims to be helpful for millions of chronic degenerative cases and sportspersons.

“Liquid BioCell Life contains a number of health-promoting, functional ingredients. They include patented Liquid BioCell, resveratrol, and 13 superfruits known to contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. Scientific studies on individual ingredients suggest that it can synergistically promote the overall health of aging people,” adds Dr Srinivas Murthy, specialist in regenerative medicine.

About Liquid BioCell Life oral collagen

Only Liquid BioCell Life contains multi-patented Liquid BioCell, which has constituents such as collagen, hyaluronic acid (HA), and chondroitin sulfate (CS), which are proteins and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) all essential for healthy joints and skin. It is blended with resveratrol and 13 exotic, antioxidant-rich fruits from around the globe, including blueberry, mangosteen, açai berry, noni, and pomegranate.

“The phytonutrients, including vitamins, flavonoids, polyphenols, and dietary fibers.contained in the fruits possess multiple health-promoting, biological activities.The flavor is so unique, you will remember exactly where you were the first time Liquid BioCell Life touched your palate,” adds Margie

Liquid BioCell Life is not a prescription product and can be consumed like a health drink.

About ShapeUpIndia

ShapeUpIndia, a non- profitable organization started 18 yrs ago by a group of medical experts and healthcare consultants.ShapeUp India involves in identifying & promoting high quality, innovative, economical safe and natural nutritional products from all over the world and to provide preventive health care services at community & corporate level through dynamic social marketing entrepreneurs.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Nazara Technologies Limited IPO Fixed at ₹1,100-₹1,101 Per Equity Share; To Open From March 17, 2021

* Price Band fixed at ₹1,100 to ₹1,101 per equity share

* Offer to remain open from Wednesday, March 17, 2021 to Friday, March 19, 2021

Nazara Technologies Limited (the “Company’), the leading India based diversified gaming and sports media platform with presence in India and across emerging and developed global markets such as Africa and North America, and offerings across the interactive gaming, eSports and gamified early learning ecosystems including World Cricket Championship (WCC) and CarromClash in mobile games, Kiddopia in gamified early learning, Nodwin and Sportskeeda in eSports and eSports media, and Halaplay and Qunami in skill-based, fantasy and trivia games, will open the initial public offer of equity shares of face value of ₹4 each (“Equity Shares” and such initial public offer, the “Offer”) on  March 17, 2021. The Offer will close on March 19, 2021. The Price Band of the Offer has been fixed at ₹1,100 to ₹1,101 per Equity Share.

Risks to Investors:

* The Four Book Running Lead Managers associated with the Offer have handled 29 public issues in the past three years out of which 10 closed below the issue price on listing date.

* The Price/Earnings of Nifty Fifty as on March 10, 2021 is 41.33. The Price/Earnings Ratio of the company cannot be computed as both basic and diluted EPS for the financial year ended for March 31, 2020 are negative.

* Average Cost of acquisition of Equity Shares by the Selling Shareholders ranges from ₹ Nil to ₹730.95.

* Weighted Average Return on Net Worth for Fiscals 2020, 2019 and 2018 is 1.30%.

The Offer comprises initial public offering of up to 5,294,392 equity shares of face value of ₹4 each (“Equity Shares”) of Nazara Technologies Limited (“Company” or “Issuer”), through an offer for sale of by the selling shareholders, comprising of up to 1,267,435 equity shares by IIFL Special Opportunities Fund, up to 1,036,286 equity shares by IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 4, up to 873,989 equity shares by IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 5, up to 816,804 equity shares by IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 2, up to 691,900 equity shares by Mitter Infotech LLP (the “Promoter Selling Shareholder”), up to 393,349 equity shares by IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 3, (IIFL Special Opportunities Fund, IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 4, IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 5, IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 2 and IIFL Special Opportunities Fund - Series 3 together, referred to as the “Investor Selling Shareholders”), up to 150,000 equity shares by Good Game Investment Trust, up to 25,000 equity shares by Seedfund 2 International, up to 23,725 equity shares by Porush Jain, up to 14,959 equity shares by Azimuth Investments Limited and up to 945 equity shares by Seedfund 2 India (Good Game Investment Trust, Seedfund 2 International, Porush Jain, Azimuth Investments Limited and Seedfund 2 India together, referred to as the “Other Selling Shareholders, and together with the Promoter Selling Shareholder and the Investor Selling Shareholders, referred to as the “Selling Shareholders”). This offer includes a reservation aggregating up to ₹20 million for purchase by eligible employees (the “Employee Reservation Portion”). The offer less the employee reservation portion is hereinafter referred to as the “Net Offer”. The Company, the Promoter Selling Shareholder and the Investor Selling Shareholders in consultation with the BRLMs, may offer a discount of up to 10.00% to the Offer Price (₹110 per share) to Eligible Employees Bidding in the Employee Reservation Portion (“Employee Discount”).

Bids can be made for a minimum of 13 Equity Shares and in multiples of 13 Equity Shares thereafter.

The Offer is being made through the Book Building Process, in terms of Rule 19(2)(b) of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957, as amended (“SCRR”) read with Regulation 31 of the SEBI ICDR Regulations and in compliance with Regulation 6(2) of the SEBI ICDR Regulations wherein not less than 75% of the Net Offer shall be available for allocation on a proportionate basis to Qualified Institutional Buyers (“QIBs”) (the “QIB Portion”), provided that our Company, the Promoter Selling Shareholder and the Investor Selling Shareholders in consultation with the BRLMs may allocate up to 60% of the QIB Portion to Anchor Investors on a discretionary basis. In the event of under-subscription, or non-allocation in the Anchor Investor Portion, the balance Equity Shares shall be added to the QIB Portion. One-third of the Anchor Investor Portion shall be reserved for domestic Mutual Funds, subject to valid Bids being received from the domestic Mutual Funds at or above the Anchor Investor Allocation

Price. 5% of the QIB Portion (excluding the Anchor Investor Portion) shall be available for allocation on a proportionate basis to Mutual Funds only, and the remainder of the QIB Portion shall be available for allocation on a proportionate basis to all QIB Bidders (other than Anchor Investors), including Mutual Funds, subject to valid Bids being received at or above the Offer Price. However, if the aggregate demand from Mutual Funds is less than 5% of the QIB Portion, the balance Equity Shares available for allocation in the Mutual Fund Portion will be added to the remaining QIB Portion for proportionate allocation to QIBs.

Further, not more than 15% of the Net Offer shall be available for allocation on a proportionate basis to Non-Institutional Bidders and not more than 10% of the Net Offer shall be available for allocation to RIBs in accordance with the SEBI ICDR Regulations, subject to valid Bids being received from them at or above the Offer Price. Further, Equity Shares will be allocated on a proportionate basis to Eligible Employees applying under the Employee Reservation Portion, subject to valid Bids received from them at or above the Offer Price. All Bidders (except Anchor Investors) are required to mandatorily utilise the Application

Supported by Blocked Amount (“ASBA”) process providing details of their respective bank account (including UPI ID for RIBs using UPI Mechanism), in which the corresponding Bid Amounts will be blocked by the SCSBs or the Sponsor Bank, as applicable. Anchor Investors are not permitted to participate in the Offer through the ASBA process.

ICICI Securities Limited, IIFL Securities Limited (in compliance with the proviso to Regulation 21A of the SEBI (Merchant Bankers) Regulations, 1992, IIFL Securities Limited will be involved only in marketing of the Offer), Jefferies India Private Limited and Nomura Financial Advisory and Securities (India) Private Limited are the Book Running Lead Managers to the Offer. Announces ‘Apple Days’ Until March 17 Across India Market

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Customers can get iPhone 12 mini at an amazing price of INR 67,100 with a discount of INR 2,800. Further, customers can avail an additional discount of INR 6,000 on HDFC Bank Credit Cards. iPhone 11 Pro will be available at an exciting price of INR 79,900.

During Apple Days, customers can enjoy attractive deals on the latest Apple products by saving up to INR 9,000 on iPads inclusive of an instant discount of INR 3,000 on HDFC Bank Debit and Credit Cards.


The marketplace is operated by Amazon Seller Services Private Ltd, an affiliate of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN). seeks to build the most customer-centric online destination for customers to find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online by giving them more of what they want – vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience; and provide sellers with a world-class e-commerce marketplace.

Karnataka LSA Of The Dept of Telecommunications Organised Online Awareness Workshop On EMF Radiation

The Karnataka Licence Service Area (LSA) unit of Department of Telecommunications (DoT) organised an “Awareness Workshop on EMF Radiation” in Bengaluru, on 12th March 2021. The session was organised as part of DoT’s public advocacy programme to dispel myths around EMF radiation and address unfounded fears of citizens by presenting credible scientific evidence.

An expert panel comprising of senior officers from the telecom department along with doctors, addressed concerns of citizens while also debunking myths and misinformation related to health hazards connected with radiation from mobile towers.

The workshop was attended by government officials, general public, residents’ welfare associations, students, doctors, telecom service providers, infrastructure providers and other officials. The eminent key speakers at the event were Shri HK Verma, Advisor, DoT Karnataka LSA,DDG – Compliance, Dr. TK Joshi, Advisor to Health Minister, Govt of India, Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor, NIMHANS, Bengaluru,Director Compliance,and  Assistant Director Compliance of DoT Karnataka LSA..

Shri H K Verma, Advisor DoT, Karnataka LSA spoke about the importance of mobile towers and why well-entrenched telecommunications infrastructure is a must have for streamlined network connectivity. Addressing concerns, he added, “ EMF radiation norms for India are 10 times stricter than the limits prescribed by the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and are in adherence to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Extensive research on EMF signals have not been able to establish any injurious effects on human health from mobile tower radiation.He also spoke about PM WANI and national broadband mission(NBM) projects launched by Gov. Of India.”

Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor, NIMHANS, Bengaluru said “Extensive scientific research on the subject has been unable to find a connection between mobile tower radiation and human health. Following investigations, the WHO has concluded  that there is no risk to human health from mobile tower radiation..”

DDG - Compliance, said “The DoT monitors the EMF emission levels from towers across India and ensures compliance with emission norms across the country through its field units. LSA also conducts physical audits of sites by selecting them randomly and testing the power of the available EMF signals at different probable locations near the site. Further, Karnataka DoT’s LSA unit addresses all complaints received from the public either through email, PG Portal or dak with respect to EMF emissions.DoT Karnataka LSA has tested 6317 BTSs from Jun 2020 to Feb 2021  in Karnataka and all BTSs have found compliant as per DoT Norms.”.

Dr. TK Joshi,said that Citizens need not worry about the adverse effect of mobile tower EMF radiation as they are been strictly monitored and evidence from credible sources have repeatedly ruled out the possibility of any impending health hazards emanating from EMF radiations

‘The misconception with our population in villages in Karnataka on EMF emission is wrong and installation of towers should be allowed in their respective localities There are checks and balances in places to ensure telcos adhere to the norms set by the Government. The Government of India follows 10 times more stringent norms than what has been prescribed by ICNIRP and recommended by WHO-told by Assistant Director Compliance,DoT Karnataka LSA.

Mobile connectivity is the need of the hour for all sections of society. There is a need to realise  the importance of mobile towers in order to maintain the standard of this essential service; however, due to misconceptions and myths, mobile towers were removed at several places after installation, resulting in poor connectivity. This programme will help address such issues.

During Q&A session, the panellists responded that Network Connectivity is authoritative for a connected future and a healthy infrastructure will support the advancement of many technologies, which in turn would enhance the way we all live and work.

The level of exposure near a cell phone tower typically is many times lower than the exposure from using a cell phone. DoT and Telecom Operators are fully committed and equipped to ensure compliance of guidelines. These guidelines are designed to safeguard the concerns of citizens on EMF exposure norms are adhered as to safeguard our beloved citizens.

Mobile radiation check: Type *#07# on mobile to check mobile-specific absorption rate (SAR). The SAR value, which is the radiation emitted by a cellphone, will have to be displayed on mobile handsets. The 1.6 watts/kg averaged over a mass of 1 gram human tissue are only permitted to be manufactured or imported in India for the domestic market.

Traditional Agarbathies Back Again In Vogue! Across Indian Maket

* In spite of COVID the demand for Masala Agarbathi has grown by 25% in the last one year states All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association (AIAMA)

COVID has impacted our buying patterns in many a ways. According to All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association (AIAMA), the pandemic has revived the interest in nostalgic experiences including Masala Agarbathies significantly. As per the association, the demand for Masala Agarbathies has grown by 25% in the last one year. Masala Agarbathi is a traditional variety of Agarbathi that uses resins, spices, herbs and other natural materials and are made through hand rolling. The traction is not just restricted to metros even in rural areas the demand for Masala Agarbathies have been growing steadily. As per AIAMA even in the international market the interest in Masala Agarbathies have increased by 30%. United States of America is one of the leading markets that has embraced the fragrance of Masala Agarbathies in a big way.

Elaborating on the growing market for Masala Agarbathies, Mr. Arjun Ranga- President, AIAMA, said, “Indian Agarbathi is the fragrant ambassador of our Nation and Masala Agarbathies have become the change makers. Masala Agarbathies releases a very unique yet soothing fragrance and this seems to have caught the attention of consumers. In fact, Masala Agarbathies have helped the industry to move beyond prayer. It has helped the industry to tap into new customer bases and increase the market penetration, both domestically as well as internationally.”

“The growing demand for Masala Agarbathies have also helped in reviving the traditional form of Agarbathi making. Masala Agarbathi requires skilled talent with a know-how of hand rolling. The growing interest has helped in encouraging more number of people to learn the skill and join the industry. Today more than 25,000 women from across the heartlands of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat are engaged in making Masala Agarbathies and the industry is helping them with gainful employment.” added Mr. Arjun Ranga.

With CAGR of around 3.6% the Indian Agarbathi has been growing significantly over the years.  The current retail value of the industry is around INR 7,500 crores and with a revenue of INR 1000 crores the industry is also one of the leading exporters in the county. Despite COVID induced challenges like lockdowns as well as logistic hurdles the industry has managed to maintain its sales and has been instrumental in providing gainful employment to the industry. The growing acceptance of different variety of Agarbathies will enable the industry to scale its growth.

About All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association (AIAMA):

Established in the year 1949 as MOMA (Mysore Oodabathi Manufacturers’ Association) by seven founding members, AIAMA has been working tirelessly towards encouraging the growth of Agarbathi industry and allied products in India. In the early 80’s, with increased interest and participation of manufacturers from other Indian states, MOMA was renamed to ‘All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association’ (AIAMA). With head office in Bengaluru, at present more than 800 Agarbathi manufacturers across India are life members with AIAMA. The association has been aggressively working with the industry peers, policy makers and government bodies to address various issues of the Agarbathi and allied industries. Association’s efforts are not only restricted to the support and growth of Agarbathi industry in the domestic market, but also to drive for demand growth in the international markets.

Testbook Launches Betiyan Banegi Memsaheb Initiative To Help Women Become Govt. Officers

* 1000 daughters of nation to get year-long free access for job-preparation to become government officers, Rs 40-lakh worth scholarships, scooters, 4G data vouchers for a year, HD tablets, the edtech platform that aims at turning India's examination preparation landscape for public sector jobs into a tech-driven, automated system where students can learn at their own pace, announces Betiyan Benegi Memsaheb initiative to democratising access to education in Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Testbook’s Betiyan Banegi Memsaheb initiative aims to remove all possible constraints a girl student faces when preparing for a government exam like- lack of resources, lack of access to quality education, social barriers of moving out of home town for preparation and many more. Testbook aims to empower every girl and woman to land a respectable government job and stand on her own feet.

The daughters of the nation will be selected through a nation-wide quiz competition. The awards of the initiative include more than Rs 40 lakh worth of scholarships, 365 days of access for government- job preparation for a year for 1000 women, scooters, HD tablets, 4G data vouchers for 365 days. More than a lakh registered participants of the initiative will be provided with free access to job preparation for a month on the Testbook App.

Says Ashutosh Kumar, Founder and CEO,, “At, we believe that in order to educate and empower the whole nation, we need to start empowering our daughters as they are the backbone of not just each family but the entire nation. The mission of the initiative is to empower every woman aspirant to land a respectable government job.”

He continues, “Through this initiative, Testbook aims to contribute to the full yearly expense of online exam preparation enabling girl students and women to prepare for online government examinations for a whole year using’s technology and quality content. The participants can register through the link, BBM Scholarships or through our official handles on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.”

A nation-wide online test will be held on 20 March 2021 and the awardee list will be published on 27 March 2021. During the period, celebrates the women government officials by providing the aspirants an opportunity to meet women officers in government, listen to their experiences and success stories of achieving their positions through multiple live sessions. also provides training for in-demand skills such as digital marketing, data analytics, programming, content writing, accounting, and MSOffice skills such as Advance MS Excel through its App.

About, incorporated in 2014 by four alumni from IIT Bombay, Ashutosh Kumar, Manoj Munna, Praveen Agrawal, and Narendra Agrawal, is an edtech on a mission to reshape the process of how students prepare online for competitive examinations in India. A market leader in the $5 billion examination-preparation industry in India, the company provides an innovation-driven, online learning and assessment platform that has been instrumental in providing a full-stack portal to prepare for public-sector employment from anywhere in the country. serves more than 90 million applicants who vie for a fraction of available jobs with a success rate of 7% as compared to the national average of less than 1%. It has produced more than 38,000 selections during the past 3 years. It has 15 million registered users and 900k+ active paid subscribers throughout the country who are utilizing the services to crack more than 250 central and state government examinations that are being conducted online.

Swarup Kumar Saha Appointed As Executive Director Of Punjab National Bank

Shri Swarup Kumar Saha assumed the charge as Executive Director of the Punjab National Bank. Before taking up this assignment, he was Zonal Manager (Chief General Manager), Lucknow in Punjab National Bank.  

In a career spanning over 30 years, he has worked in different capacities and has worked across the country. He has wide exposure in Human Resource Development, Treasury, International Banking, Credit, Risk Management, Organization Restructuring and Board matters. During his tenure at Head Office of erstwhile Oriental Bank of Commerce, he headed Treasury and International Banking, Human Resource Development Division and Board Division.  

Shri Saha, a graduate in Science from University of Calcutta, Kolkata, started his career in Banking in erstwhile Oriental Bank of Commerce in the year 1990 as Probationary Officer. He is a Certified Associate member of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB). He also holds a Diploma in Treasury, Investment and Risk Management (DTIRM) Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) and Certificate in Risk in Financial Services from IIBF in collaboration with CISI, London along with various certifications related to IT Security, Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management. 

He was one of the participants for the flagship Leadership Development Program of Banks Board Bureau (BBB) in 2019 conducted through IIM, Bangalore. Shri Saha has also participated in Advanced Management Program conducted by CAFRAL/Stern Business School, New York and Leadership Development Program conducted by NIBM & Kellogg School of Management, USA. 

Abbott New Pandemic Defense Coalition: Expert Collaborate To Help Prevent Future Pandemics, Including COVID-19 Variants

* The Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition is a first-of-its-kind global scientific network dedicated to the early detection of, and rapid response to, future pandemic threats

* The coalition builds on Abbott's decades of leadership in virus surveillance and helps to analyze virus samples for unknown diseases and detect mutations and variants including for COVID-19

* Abbott is bringing together global collaborators specializing in identification of unknown diseases, surveillance, virus sample collection, testing and sequencing

* Abbott will rapidly develop tests that can be used to help identify, isolate and contain outbreaks when potential new virus threats are identified

Abbott today announced the formation of the Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition, a first-of-its-kind global scientific and public health partnership dedicated to the early detection of, and rapid response to, future pandemic threats. By connecting global centers of excellence in laboratory testing, genetic sequencing and public health research, the program will identify new pathogens, analyze potential risk level, rapidly develop and deploy new diagnostic testing and assess public health impact in real time.

The coalition is designed to help the global scientific and health community identify new viral threats, take quick action when one is discovered, and help prevent future pandemics. The sequences of the viruses that are found will be published in a public database so that health officials and laboratories can work together to identify if it’s a novel strain, or a virus that has previously been detected. This program expands upon the viral surveillance and discovery work that Abbott has performed over the last three decades.

"We cannot fight what we cannot see coming. This program establishes a global network of 'eyes on the ground' that are always looking for threats, which helps the global health community to stay one step ahead of the next viral threat, and allows us to utilize Abbott's expertise and technology to quickly develop tests to address them," said Gavin Cloherty, Ph.D., head of infectious disease research at Abbott. "The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated a clear need for advanced surveillance and viral sequencing – and the critically important role of testing. Understanding what pathogenic threats are emerging will help us test, diagnose and hopefully help prevent the next pandemic." 

Abbott is helping look for COVID-19 variants and ensuring COVID-19 tests are effective

Abbott is playing an important role in helping to monitor for new variants or mutations to the virus that causes COVID-19. The company is collecting virus samples from around the world and looking for any changes (mutations) to the virus's genetic sequencing.

With decades of experience in viral surveillance, Abbott specifically designs its tests, including COVID-19 tests, with viral evolution in mind. As new strains are discovered, Abbott vigorously analyzes them so it can ensure its diagnostic tests can detect them. The coalition provides the network to collaborate with other leading institutions on this effort.

A global force of scientific experts focused on outsmarting viruses 

The new Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition consists of global collaborators specializing in virus identification, surveillance, sample collection, testing and data analytics. The process to identify potential new viral threats begins with physicians across the network identifying patients with unknown conditions that they cannot treat or diagnose. Next, patient samples are tested by our partners on a global scale, followed by genetic sequencing and analyses to spot trends and identify peculiarities that may indicate an emerging threat or outbreak. If a potential threat is discovered, Abbott will quickly develop diagnostic testing to assist in containment efforts. 

Abbott is in talks with additional non-governmental organizations, governments and research centers of excellence regarding participation and collaboration.

“We already have a robust collaboration with Abbott related to HIV and viral hepatitis among vulnerable Indian populations. As part of these collaborations the Abbott team trained several Indian researchers in cutting-edge molecular epidemiological methods that have not only helped track evolution of these viruses but could also inform design of public health programs,” said Dr. Sunil Suhas Solomon, Chairman YRG CARE, India. “We look forward to expanding our work and contributing to a sophisticated network like the Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that borders and countries only exist on maps. Viruses and pathogens transcend all these man-made boundaries highlighting the need for establishing a global network to monitor for emerging and re-emerging threats.”

A history of hunting viruses around the globe – and a future dedicated to further advancing this vital work  

As a leader in blood screening and infectious disease testing, Abbott created its Global Viral Surveillance Program more than 25 years ago to monitor HIV and hepatitis viruses and identify mutations, which helps ensure the company's diagnostic tests remain up to date and enable researchers to proactively evaluate and solve infectious disease challenges. This surveillance program will now be a part of the Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition.

Through its surveillance efforts, the company recently announced the discovery of a high prevalence of HIV Controllers – a group of people living with controlled HIV without antiretroviral medications in the Democratic Republic of Congo1, which could hold the key to a cure. Abbott also announced the finding of a new strain of HIV in 20192. 

And looking ahead, Abbott will focus on testing and digital solutions accessible to more people in more places for many of the world's most pressing health challenges, including infectious diseases. This work also is an important part of Abbott's 2030 sustainability strategy which includes a focus on transforming the care of infectious diseases. Across its business and through collaboration, Abbott will create new technologies to detect and monitor infectious diseases such as COVID-19, HIV, malaria and hepatitis, as well as tomorrow's pandemic threats.

About Abbott

Abbott is a global healthcare leader that helps people live more fully at all stages of life. Our portfolio of life-changing technologies spans the spectrum of healthcare, with leading businesses and products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals and branded generic medicines. Our 109,000 colleagues serve people in more than 160 countries.

Bentley Systems Sign $1.05 Billion Agreement To Acquire Seequent, Global Leader In 3D Modeling Software For The Geosciences

* To Advance Environmental Resilience by “Deepening” Infrastructure Digital Twins!

Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY), the infrastructure engineering software company, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with investors led by Accel-KKR to acquire Seequent—a leader in software for geological and geophysical modeling, geotechnical stability, and cloud services for geodata management, visibility, and collaboration—for $900 million in cash, subject to adjustment, plus 3,141,361 BSY Class B shares. The acquisition of Seequent is expected to initially add approximately 10% to each of Bentley Systems’ key financial metrics (ARR, annual revenue, and EBITDA) and is expected to be measurably accretive to Bentley’s organic growth rate. Most significantly, the combination will deepen the potential of infrastructure digital twins to help understand and mitigate environmental risks, advancing resilience and sustainability.

The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, including New Zealand Overseas Investment Act consent as well as clearance under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act. Upon closing, Seequent will operate as a stand-alone Bentley subsidiary, with Seequent’s current Chief Operating Officer Graham Grant, succeeding its retiring CEO Shaun Maloney, reporting to Bentley’s Chief Product Officer Nicholas Cumins.

Seequent, founded and headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, has more than 430 colleagues in 16 office locations, serving geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists, geotechnical engineers, and civil engineers in over 100 countries, and the world’s top mining companies. Its established presence in mineral-intensive geographies such as South America and southern Africa is expected to accelerate Bentley’s overall opportunities in these regions with significant infrastructure requirements. In turn, Bentley’s established presence in China, and its mainstay reach across civil engineering sectors, is expected to accelerate Seequent’s expansion in new markets.

Subsurface conditions comprise the “infrastructure of our infrastructure” and literally underlie the earth’s major environmental risks. Bentley’s current offerings enable digital twins to incorporate what’s constructed “near surface,” including foundations, drainage facilities, buried utilities, tunnels, and subsea structures. The addition of Seequent will now make it possible for infrastructure digital twins to reach full subsurface depths, augmenting environmental resilience against flood, seismic, climate, and water security threats.

Seequent first applied implicit modeling technology to geological science more than 15 years ago, using mathematical tools to derive and visualize 3D geological models from measured data and user interpretation. This software advancement caused a “leapfrogging” paradigm shift in the understanding of the earth’s subsurface and has been increasingly adopted by geoscientists and researchers around the world to uncover and visualize valuable insights about environmental conditions and challenges.

Seequent’s products include Leapfrog, its leading product for 3D geological modeling and visualization, Geosoft for 3D earth modeling and geoscience data management, and GeoStudio for geotechnical slope stability and deformation modeling. Bentley’s complementary geotechnical engineering software portfolio, including PLAXIS, gINT, and OpenGround, will be integrated in due course to support open digital workflows from borehole and drillhole data to geological models and geotechnical analysis applications.

The mining industry, with its economic sensitivity and environmental responsibilities, was the first and fastest to adopt 3D earth modeling, superseding traditional 2D processes to speed and improve decision cycles. A mine is at once a never-ending and continuously changing infrastructure construction project, and a valuable and environmentally critical infrastructure asset. Seequent recognized the potential, for ALL major infrastructure engineering projects and assets, to likewise “leapfrog” traditional 2D subsurface modeling and simulation processes. Leapfrog’s usage, often in conjunction with Bentley’s software offerings, has been growing consistently in civil infrastructure sectors.

The integration of Bentley’s and Seequent’s solutions, for deeper infrastructure digital twins, can contribute a multiplied “ESG handprint” to improve the world’s environment while improving the world’s economies. While Seequent’s products aren’t appreciably used in oil and gas exploration or production—which is served by its own dedicated industry of specialized geophysical software—imperatives for energy transition present new opportunities, even beyond the expansion of mining to produce the materials needed for widespread electrification. Seequent is a leader in 3D modeling for geothermal energy sources, and its software and cloud services provide the important geosciences context for water resources simulations and environmental engineering.

Bentley’s CEO Greg Bentley said, “We can be very confident about Seequent’s contribution to our shared future not only because of our product synergies, but because we recognize in Seequent’s trajectory an echo of the playbook that made Bentley Systems successful—except they have grown faster! They have made farsighted decisions to benefit the future at every stage: identifying and then laser-focusing on the 3D “vertical” opportunity in earth modeling, institutionalizing a subscription commercial model from the outset, directly populating the appropriate global markets, acquiring and consolidating the best software for adjacent disciplines, and bringing it all together with cloud services, ready for digital twins advancement together. I can think of no greater compliment than our determination to leave intact Seequent, as a Bentley Company, entrusting its management with greater responsibilities to continue their dynamic momentum. I congratulate retiring CEO Shaun Maloney on the quality of the business and the team he has developed, and we will warmly welcome his established successor Graham Grant, and all Seequent colleagues, to our shared values and endeavors in advancing infrastructure.”

Tom Barnds, co-managing partner at Accel-KKR and Seequent board member, said, “We had been looking forward to Seequent’s IPO this year, but we are so convinced of the logic of this combination that we are glad to anticipate instead becoming BSY shareholders. The Seequent board congratulates and thanks Shaun Maloney for his long service and remarkably consistent success in growing this great business, its great management team, and this great outcome for Seequent investors and colleagues.”

Shaun Maloney, chief executive officer of Seequent, said, “By ‘leapfrogging ahead’ with Bentley to align geosciences with infrastructure engineering through deeper digital twins, Seequent underscores our conviction that better understanding of the earth creates a better world for all. Users and accounts of Seequent, as a Bentley Company, can expect business as usual, with many product and commercial synergies eventually forthcoming. For my Seequent colleagues, I am confident that the future is in safe hands with like-minded Bentley Systems and our COO Graham Grant, so this presents a timely moment for me to announce my planned retirement. For all, our new larger scope presents a great opportunity for shared advancement.”

Bentley’s CFO David Hollister said, “The transaction is expected to close in Q2, with the cash consideration settled via a combination of cash on hand and availability under our undrawn $850 million revolving credit facility. We expect Seequent to contribute in excess of $80 million to our ARR during this year. Seequent impressively has a historical and current organic revenue growth rate which, coupled with an operating margin profile similar to ours, makes Seequent accretive to our financial model. Our financing of this transaction is facilitated by having issued, earlier this year, $690 million in convertible debt, due 2026. Our deleveraging target—to reduce our total net leverage multiple of Adjusted EBITDA from under 4.0x post-closing, to about 2.5x over the next two years—could be accelerated by any future equity offerings.”


BofA Securities is serving as financial advisor, and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP and Bell Gully are acting as legal counsel, to Bentley Systems. Goldman Sachs is serving as financial advisor and DLA Piper is acting as legal counsel to Seequent.

Conference Call

A call for investors will be held on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. To register for the investor call, click this link:

About Seequent

Seequent is a world leader in the development of 3D geological modelling and visual data software for understanding subsurface geoscience and engineering design solutions.

Our solutions enable people to analyze complex data, manage risk and ultimately make better decisions about earth, environment, and energy challenges.

Seequent software is used on large-scale projects globally, including road and rail tunnel construction, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration, subsea infrastructure mapping, resource evaluation and subterranean storage of spent nuclear fuel.

Seequent’s global footprint includes its Christchurch-based HQ and R&D center, and a network of offices across Asia/Pacific, Africa, South America, North America and Europe servicing blue chip companies and customers with leading subsurface solutions in over 100 countries.

About Bentley Systems 

Bentley Systems (Nasdaq: BSY) is the infrastructure engineering software company. We provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment. Our industry-leading software solutions are used by professionals, and organizations of every size, for the design, construction, and operations of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, and industrial facilities. Our offerings include MicroStation-based applications for modeling and simulation, ProjectWise for project delivery, AssetWise for asset and network performance, and the iTwin platform for infrastructure digital twins. Bentley Systems employs more than 4,000 colleagues and generates annualized revenues of more than $800 million in 172 countries.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Bata Appoints India’s Heartthrob Kartik Aaryan As Face Of The Brand


Footwear major Bata India Limited has announced Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan as the company’s new brand ambassador. Carrying forward Bata’s fashion-forward narrative, Kartik will be seen promoting popular brands under the Bata umbrella.

The young actor is currently one of the most sought after and celebrated actors in the industry. Kartik has a great knack for fashion and is regarded a trend-setter. Owing to his stature as a youth icon, Kartik has amassed a huge fan following in a short span of time.

The association will begin with the launch of new campaign by Bata. Kartik will be seen in a series of advertisements across television, digital and other mediums. 

Mr. Anand Narang, VP-Marketing, Bata India Limited said: “We are happy to have Kartik Aaryan on board as our new ambassador. At Bata, we have been transforming the brand by making our stores more inviting & changing our portfolio to have more casuals, sneaker & fashion styles to attract more millennials. Kartik with his positive energy and easy-going approach relates very well with the youth today. Our association with Kartik will help in further strengthening our connection with the youth and bringing to fore our younger brands like Bata Red Label, North Star, Power & Hush Puppies.”

On associating with Bata India, Kartik Aaryan said: “I am delighted to be associated with an iconic brand like Bata. As a child I remember Bata being the ultimate choice for footwear for everyone and the brand still has the same impact. It has always remained trendy and relevant to its time. I am impressed with the way Bata has revamped its image to emerge as a youth-centric, fashion-forward brand. I am excited to collaborate with Bata and create something special together.”

About BATA:

Bata has held a unique place in the hearts of Indians for more than 85 years. Probably the only footwear brand that offers footwear and accessories for the entire family, Bata has redefined the modern footwear industry in India. It has established a leadership position in the industry and is the most-trusted name in branded footwear. It sets more than 47 million pairs of footwear every year and serves 120,000-plus customers almost every day.

Bata India is the largest footwear retailer in India, offering footwear, accessories and bags across brands such as Bata, Hush Puppies, Naturalizer, Power, Marie Claire, Weinbrenner, North Star, Scholl, Bat a Comfit and Bubblegummers, to name a few. It retails in more than 1600 Bata own and franchisee stores, on and in thousands of multi-brand footwear dealer stores pan-India. To make its products accessible to millions of Indians, Bata has evolved its channels and has recently launched new channels like Bata Chat Shop, Bata Home Delivery and Bata Store-on-Wheels for neighborhood communities.

Racing Team India Secures Provisional Le Mans 24 Hours Entry

Racing Team India is set to become the first all-Indian-driver team to race in the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans, after having been granted a provisional entry for this year’s edition of the twice-round-the-clock classic.

The team, which features an all-Indian driver line up of Narain Karthikeyan, Arjun Maini and Naveen Rao, will compete in the LMP2-AM category of the iconic race.

The #74 car will be prepared and run by Eurasia Motorsport, making it a true-blue Asian effort.

Padma Shri Awardee and India’s first Formula One driver Narain Karthikeyan said, “This is a proud moment not just for our team, but for our nation as a whole. Racing at Le Mans with an Indian team is a dream I have nurtured since 2009 when I first visited the Circuit de la Sarthe. I would like to thank all of our sponsors and partners, and especially the ACO and the Asian Le Mans Series team, without whose support this wouldn't have been possible. It’s been a long time coming but finally we’re all set to put Indian motorsport on the global endurance racing map.”

Racing Team India was formed in 2021 with the express aim of becoming the first Indian team to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The team made its racing debut last month, competing in the Asian Le Mans Series where it finished fifth in the standings.

The 2021 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 89th running of the race at the Circuit de la Sarthe, is scheduled for August 21st & 22nd, 2021.

Mobile Premier League Announces End-To-End Vaccination Drive Plan For All Its Employees

* The drive will cover all MPL employees plus 3 dependents across the country

Mobile Premier League (MPL), Asia’s largest esports and mobile gaming platform announced on Thursday that it will undertake an end-to-end vaccination drive for all its Indian employees and their dependents (upto three). The company has already partnered with a healthcare service provider and it plans to commence the drive as soon as the necessary Government protocols and regulations for vaccination of the general public are announced.

The planned vaccination drive will not be limited to just covering the cost, but will also take care of the entire process, including pre-vaccination medical opinion, inoculation as per the protocols, as well as post-vaccination observation of the individuals by doctors.

Sai Srinivas, Co-Founder and CEO of Mobile Premier League said in a statement, “At Mobile Premier League, we have always prioritised employee welfare and wellness. Through the initiative of providing the COVID-19 vaccine for all our employees and their families, we aim to strengthen our commitment to our employees and place a firm emphasis on their safety and security.”

The vaccination drive will be voluntary for employees and their immediate families, who can avail of it in major cities such as Kolkata, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. Thus, more than 2000 people comprising self and three dependents of current employees can avail of this plan.

About Mobile Premier League (MPL)

MPL is Asia’s biggest eSports and mobile gaming platform, with over 60 million users in India and 3.5 million in Indonesia. MPL has worked with numerous game developers and on-boarded over 70 games on its platform. It was founded in 2018 by Sai Srinivas and Shubh Malhotra. The gaming platform currently employees over 500 personnel with offices in Bengaluru, Pune, Jakarta, and Singapore.

Registration For LSAT—India 2021 March Session Ends On March 14

Registration for the March 25, 2021 administration of the Law School Admission Council’s (LSAC) LSAT—India 2021 exam will be remain open until March 14, 2021. Candidates who have yet to register for the LSAT—India exam can do so online by visiting After the closure of this registration, test takers will receive instructions on how to take the online, remotely proctored exam to ensure a seamless experience.

For students who wish to take the LSAT—India before the CBSE board exams, LSAT—India had announced an administration date of March 25, 2021. Aspirants who choose this option can take the test in March and can use these scores for their law college application. Aspirants can also re-test in June administration of LSAT—India, which will take place during the week of June 14, and have their best score reported for their preferred college for admissions. The registration for the June administration will close on June 4, 2021. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the LSAT—India will be administered through an online test delivery system utilizing artificial intelligence-assisted remote proctoring to ensure the integrity and validity of the test.

The LSAT—India is being used by many top law colleges in India as the entrance exam for securing admission to their law programmes. The LSAT—India allows students to take a single test to apply to many top law schools, so the LSAT—India is a great choice for students who want to maximize their opportunities and save time, stress, and money.  The list of colleges accepting LSAT—India as one of their key admission criteria can be accessed at

Applicants can prepare for the test using the material that is free to download from the Discover Law website ( or they can opt for a self-guided and more robust preparation experience through LSAC LawPrep, a new exam preparation program available through

About LSAT—India

LSAT—India is a standardised test adopted as an admission criterion by multiple law colleges across India. It measures skills that are considered essential for success in law school. LSAT—India is specially created for admission to law schools in India by the Law School Admission Council, USA (LSAC). The LSAC has been helping law schools in various countries evaluate the critical thinking skills of their applicants for more than 70 years.. 

With 12 Million Known And Over 90% Undiagnosed Cases, India May House World’s Largest Number Of Glaucoma Patients”: Expert

“India can easily be the world’s capital of glaucoma, a group of eye disorders that leads to irreversible blindness, with the disease affecting 12 million people, and remaining undiagnosed in over 90% of the cases. Increasing population of senior citizens, diabetics and people with refractive errors, the known potential risk factors, are set to make glaucoma a rapidly emerging non-communicable ocular disease in the country, which already houses 20% of the world’s blind,” said Dr. Bindiya Hapani,  Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, India’s largest chain of eye hospitals. 

She added that there are no known measures to prevent glaucoma. The only way to prevent blindness from glaucoma, which shows no symptoms in the early stage, is early diagnosis and treatment that could halt the progression of this silent thief of sight. 

In a press release, issued in connection with the World Glaucoma Week 2021, being observed from March 7-13, 2021, Dr. Bindiya Hapani,  Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, said that nearly 40 million people in India, including 1.6 million children, are blind or visually impaired. Next to cataracts, and untreated refractive errors, glaucoma is the third leading cause of blindness in India. However, glaucoma is more complex and dangerous as the sight loss caused by it is progressive and, unlike cataract, is irreversible. Glaucoma is both under-diagnosed and under-treated. It occurs when the pressureinside the eye (intraocular pressure) increases. The pressure is normal so long as the rate of production of aqueous humor, the clear liquid inside the front part of eyes, matches the rate of its drainage. However, when the channels carryingthis fluid get blocked, the pressure insidethe eye increases. This increased pressuredamages the optic nerve, which passes the visual messagesto the brain. 

Dr. Bindiya Hapani,  Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, said that there are two major types of glaucoma: open angle glaucoma, and close angle glaucoma. Open angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma. It accounts for at least 90% of all glaucoma cases. It progresses very slowly and the patient may not feel any loss of vision until it affects the central vision. This results in permanent damage if the patient does not get an eye check-up. 

Glaucoma can strike one at any age - it is reported that people have about 2.3% lifetime risk of glaucoma. However, those who are over 40 years, and who have a family history of glaucoma, and diabetics, and people with refractive errors and those who take steroid medications, eye drops, pills, inhalers, and skin creams are considered at risk populations. They should screen for glaucoma, every year. 

Dr. Bindiya Hapani,  Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, said that when diagnosed early, glaucoma can be treated effectively to avoid or minimize visionloss. Diagnosis is divided into two categories: clinical examination and diagnostic testing. Clinical examination involves the assessment of the eye with specialised equipment such as slit lamp biomicroscopy, tonometer, and gonioscopy. Diagnostic tests include perimetry, pachymetry, photography of the optic nerve head, optical coherence tomography, scanninglaser polarimetry and confocal laser scanning ophthalmoscope. 

Since intraocular pressure is the only modifiable factor in glaucoma,treatment modalities revolve around normalisation of this pressure. Typesof treatment can be medical(eye drops, tablets) laser therapy (aimed at opening of blocked channels) and surgical (aimed at the creation of new channels for draining the fluids inside the eye). Surgical correction also includes a variety of devices that can be placed to help with the drainage from the eye. 

The main objective of World Glaucoma Week is to eliminate glaucoma blindness by motivating people to have regular eye check up, including optic nerve examination. The 2021 themeis “The world is bright, save your sight!” It reflects the hope that with regular testing, people continue to see the world around us: full of beauty, charm, and adventure. 

Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital, through its network of hospitals, is creating awareness among the public that clinical examination is the only way to catch glaucoma and early detection and treatment will preventvision loss. And with promptattention from the patients and with contribution from the primary care physicians and prompt referrals to the ophthalmologist, glaucoma can be controlled and kept in check. 

About Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals: 

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital a comprehensive eye hospital offering a one-stop solution for eye ailments; was started in the year 1957. Now the hospital is in its 61st year of offering quality services in eye care. It has 80+ hospitals across India. With a visible footprint in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andaman, West Bengal, and Rajasthan. A tertiary eye care centre at Mauritius marks its first step towards establishing an international presence extended up to 13 branches covering the Indian Ocean region, African countries and East Asia. 

Solving The Unemployment Crisis: How Finway FSC Managed To Create 10000’s Of Jobs Amid The Pandemic!

One of India’s most reputed financial services companies, Finway FSC has created several job opportunities for people during this time of crisis and unemployment with the help of its FLAP (Finway Loan Assist for Partners) mobile app. The mobile application allows people from all walks of life (salaried/self-employed/freelancer/student) to become its business partners and enhance their monthly income. The only eligibility criterion is that the aspiring entrepreneurs should be at least 21 years of age. With this initiative, Finway FSC has been able to achieve monthly disbursements of more than Rs 20 crores and has made a total YTD of 40% increase from the previous years. 

The business partners, or finpreneurs, as the organization likes to call them, connect Finway with the potential customers looking for a loan or any other financial services like Credit Cards, Insurance, or Investments. After making contact and reviewing the application, the loan can be transferred digitally through the app itself. Thanks to the FLAP app, the organization was able to disburse more than Rs 100 crores worth of loans during the pandemic year, easing liquidity crisis for people who lost their jobs or were facing a downfall in their business.

It is a win-win situation for the borrowers as well as the channel partners, as the borrowers get the loans that they desperately need, given the turbulent financial scenario that is prevailing currently, and the partners can earn 1% to 3% commissions for every successful disbursal. 

One of the agents at FLAP App, Mr.Ashish Ingale from Pune expressed, “Working with Finway FSC has been an exceptional experience. During the lockdown, my income decreased drastically and I was looking for a better-earning opportunity elsewhere. That is how I came to know about Finway’s FLAP App. I started as an agent with Finway, and within 1 year, my income increased with each lead that I generated for them. I have worked with several other companies in the domain, however, I have found Finway to be the most creative of them all; through this app, they encourage us to generate leads and pay every time with each lead. FLAP app gave a lot of relief in terms of movement. I didn’t have to rush from banks to banks to check my earnings, especially during pandemic. The app is very transparent and convenient. I used to check my status every time I generated any lead; the case details and progress were available on the app itself so it was always easy to keep track of everything. So it helped me to know how much I have earned and how much I will be getting for my work. This was true for all other agents as well. 

Mr.Ingale has now come on board with Finway FSC and is working as a Senior Sales Manager. 

Addressing how the launch of the FLAP app has brought a monumental change in the lives of Finway’s partners, Mr.Rachit Chawla, founder, and CEO, Finway FSC, said, “With our FLAP app, we’re trying to create employment opportunities for people, while at the same time, making sure that it also becomes easier for people to avail the loans if and when they need them. If anything can save us from the negative effects of this pandemic, it is innovation. Being a financial services organization, we are well aware of the plight of the people during these difficult times. Many agents have either lost their jobs during the lockdown period or are living in dread that they may lose their job any day – which is not good for their financial and mental health. So far, we’ve received an overwhelming response from agents all over the country and we’ve amassed close to 3000 partners. Our target is to provide support to 10,000 partners by end of this year, pan India, at the soonest, and we’re dedicating all our energies towards the realization of this dream.” 

“We are currently leveraging all the technologies at our disposal to make the lending process as efficient, smooth, and seamless as possible. So far, we have developed and deployed products like Personal Loan, Business Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Credit Cars, and Investment on our FLAP platform and we are looking forward to adding several other products shortly. Hopefully, our efforts would pay off and we will be able to get a step closer to realizing our dream of making India financially independent,” Mr. Chawla further added..

Accenture Completes Acquisition Of Imaginea To Expand Its Global Cloud First Capabilities

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has completed its acquisition of Imaginea, a cloud native product and platform engineering firm that helps companies drive innovation through disruptive technologies to transform their businesses digitally and capture new opportunities. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

With headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., and offices in London and throughout India, Imaginea excels in using its world-class product and platform engineering skills and leads with a design-thinking approach steeped in innovation. The company currently advises more than 200 global clients to deliver cloud-first transformations. The acquisition adds approximately 1,350 cloud professionals to Accenture, bringing a highly skilled, cloud native, full stack engineering team with cloud data and cloud modernization skills across multiple platforms from Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Imaginea will further enhance the global capabilities of Accenture Cloud First. Powered by 70,000 cloud professionals, and a $3 billion investment over the next three years, the Accenture Cloud First group brings together unmatched depth and breadth of cloud expertise, industry cloud solutions, ecosystem partner capabilities, and assets that help clients realize greater value from cloud at speed and scale.

About Accenture

Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries, we offer Strategy and Consulting, Interactive, Technology and Operations services — all powered by the world’s largest network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers. Our 514,000 people deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity every day, serving clients in more than 120 countries. We embrace the power of change to create value and shared success for our clients, people, shareholders, partners and communities. 

MultiLiving Launches Propel App, An End-To-End Property Management App For Homeowners

MultiLiving, India’s first residential real estate technology platform, has launched Propel, an app designed to provide hassle-free end-to-end residential property and tenancy management services. The services range from tenant acquisition, tenancy management, documentation & contract management, maintenance support and supervision and quarterly inspections to protect and improve the value of the residential asset. MultiLiving was recently invested in by Tomorrow Capital, a consumer business focused Venture Capital Fund.

On the white-space opportunity of Propel, Pankaj Singh, Founder & CEO, MultiLiving Technologies explained, “While land appreciates, building depreciates over time. Maintaining the asset value of a residential property has always been difficult and cumbersome for homeowners. Finding good tenants, managing the documentation and the tenancy is a challenge for residential property owners. Also, from plumbing to wiring, painting to structural repairs, a homeowner has neither the complete knowledge nor network of good service providers for the upkeep of all aspects of the property. Propel solves these universal problems, with complete convenience to the homeowner. It has all aspects of tenancy and property management under a single umbrella.”

Pankaj Singh added on the need for the app and averred, “In a Covid impacted world, residential property owners have been severely affected by not being able to find tenants, lower rentals, and poor upkeep of the property leading to asset value and revenue leakage. Propel’s quarterly home audits, a 75+ pointer comprehensive home survey report, gives owners an opportunity to take timely action for maintenance helping restore the health of the home infrastructure like electricals, drainage, structure among others, much before these problems cause extreme damage to the residence. Such audits and early corrections allow the homeowner to get better payouts from tenancy or resale of the property. Further, the required property services are provided by a set of pre-verified, trained, blue-collared service providers who are a part of the Propel ecosystem, eliminating the pain of the home asset owner of finding, verifying, and negotiating with such vendors.”

The app is free-to-download and is available in Android and iOS formats.

About MultiLiving:

MultiLiving is the brainchild of a group of IIM and IIT educated entrepreneurs and real estate veterans who came together to reinvent and streamline the home renting and management process for maximum convenience, both for tenants and homeowners. Set up by Pankaj Singh, CEO, and Founder in June 2019, MultiLiving is a real estate platform, which raised $6 million (approx Rs 45 crore) of funding in March 2020 from Tomorrow Capital. Abhinandan Lodha has been named on board of advisors. MultiLiving is a real estate platform that sources apartments from homeowners and offers the homes multiple services to potential tenants. MultiLiving is looking at overcoming problems faced by tenants and property owners in the rental eco-system and aims to streamline the home renting space for urban families.

LTI Tops Everest Group’s IT Services Challenger For 2021 List

* Listed as the Star Performer of the Year for Banking and Financial Services

Larsen & Toubro Infotech (BSE: 540005, NSE: LTI), a global technology consulting and digital solutions company has topped the list of ‘IT Services Challenger 2021’ in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the YearTM Awards. LTI is also listed as the Star Performer of the Year for Banking and Financial Services. Additionally, LTI’s rank in the overall PEAK Matrix® for IT services improved from #16 last year to #11 this year, the highest leap registered by any player.

LTI has been categorized among the best in ITS Challenger 2021 list based on PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 undertaken across services such as – Advanced Analytics & Insights, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-native Application Development, Internet of Things, Application and Digital Services in Life and Annuities and Capital Markets, Next-generation Application Management, Insurance Business Model Innovation Enablement, Cloud Hyper scalers etc.  

Sanjay Jalona, CEO & Managing Director, LTI, said: “At LTI, we take pride in cultivating a beginner’s mind and challenging the status quo. This recognition is a true indicator of our aspiration and commitment to be the leader across a wide range of industries and services offerings. This accomplishment inspires us to continue building capabilities and investing in-line with customer expectations.”

The latest rankings acknowledge LTI’s above industry performance on parameters such as - operational matrix, innovation, expansion in delivery footprint, scope of services offered and Technology / domain specific investments during the year.

Chirajeet (CJ) Sengupta, Partner, Everest Group, commented: “As enterprises try to accelerate their digital journeys in an uncertain world, agility often matters more than scale. Market challengers are important for enterprises because they tend to question the status quo and help drive transformational change. LTI’s commitment to its customers’ change agenda, and its focused investments in next generation capabilities have helped it cement the position of Challenger of the Year in our 2021 list.”

Everest Group’s evaluation spans 26 segments across Healthcare, Life Sciences, BFSI, Insurance, Cloud & Infrastructure, Application, Digital and Enterprise Platform Services. The Challengers list compares players with less than $2 billion in annual revenues. 

About LTI

LTI (NSE: LTI) is a global technology consulting and digital solutions Company helping more than 400 clients succeed in a converging world. With operations in 31 countries, we go the extra mile for our clients and accelerate their digital transformation with LTI’s Mosaic platform enabling their mobile, social, analytics, IoT and cloud journeys. Founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited, our unique heritage gives us unrivalled real-world expertise to solve the most complex challenges of enterprises across all industries. Each day, our team of more than 33,000 LTItes enable our clients to improve the effectiveness of their business and technology operations and deliver value to their customers, employees and shareholders. 

Keysight Launches Test Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging and Grid-Edge Applications

* New Scienlab Regenerative AC Emulator Enhances Existing Solution For Testing EV And EVSE Charging Standards And Interoperability

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, has launched the SL1200A Series Scienlab Regenerative 3-Phase AC Emulator. It is a comprehensive one-vendor solution consisting of hardware, software, consulting and support services for electric vehicle (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) charging applications and grid-edge applications.

Keysight’s SL1202A Scienlab Regenerative AC Emulator (right) with SL1040A Scienlab Charging Discovery System (middle) testing an EV’s onboard charger (left)

Energy infrastructures are changing, and in the automotive industry, the electrification of vehicles is expected to create significant charging demands on the grid, while expanding the opportunity for energy storage through vehicle-to-grid (V2G) power applications. Variable renewable energy (VRE) and distributed energy resources (DERs) in the form of solar, wind and battery storage are the dominant theme in global grid modernization initiatives to help meet increased demand. The evolution and increased complexity of the grid leads to test challenges within EV/EVSE charging and grid-edge applications.

Keysight’s SL1200A series handles 3-phase AC test needs up to 1,200 voltage alternating current (VAC), from 30 kVA to 630 kVA, without the need for a transformer. Two voltage ranges are available. The 600 VAC is ideal for low voltage inverter test, as well as EV and EVSE charging test applications. The 1,200 VAC allows for high voltage ride through (HVRT) testing without the need for a large, complex test setup.

“Keysight’s new SL1200A series extends Keysight’s EV and EVSE charging and grid-edge test portfolio,” said Thomas Goetzl, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions business unit. “Along with the company’s SL1040A and SL1047A Scienlab Charging Discovery System, it provides a complete solution that enables our customers to create real-world charging scenarios with confidence in the ability to meet global standards.”

Keysight’s SL1200A series delivers the following key customer benefits:

* High-power, 3-phase AC and DC power source integrates with EV/EVSE charging and inverter test solutions for complete test of devices.

* DC output (Option SDC) enables high-power DC charging test, up to 1,000 V DC and 120 kW; eliminating the need and expense for extra equipment.

* 100% regenerative (bidirectional) power solution with > 85% efficiency to reduce the cost of test with highly integrated capabilities.

* Achieve 1200 V line-to-line (L-L) at full specifications without extra equipment to reduce cost, increase performance and save space.

About Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) is a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight's solutions optimize networks and bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost with offerings from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimization in networks and cloud environments. Customers span the worldwide communications ecosystem, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics end markets. Keysight generated revenues of $4.3B in fiscal year 2019. 

Tata Motors Unveils Ultra Sleek T-Series Range Of New-Generation, Smart Trucks

* Available in three models – Ultra T.6, T.7 and T.9 for versatile urban applications

Key highlights:

* Comes with the new Ultra Sleek 1900mm-wide cabin for easy manoeuvrability and lower turnaround time

* Crash-tested cabins, built using state-of-the-art technology for high reliability and durability

* Built on a modular platform, with various deck lengths and 4/6-tyre combinations catering to a wide range of applications

* Offers industry-best payload capacity and provides the best-in-segment operating economics and fuel efficiency, with low maintenance cost

Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled its newest range of intermediate and light commercial trucks (I&LCV), the Ultra Sleek T-Series, designed and engineered to suit contemporary demands of urban transportation. Available in three models – T.6, T.7 and T.9, the all-new Ultra Sleek range is available in varied deck lengths from 10 to 20 feet to adapt to all the required applications. A sleek 1900mm-wide cabin provides superior driver comfort yet swift movement in confined city spaces, and smart features provide for easy manoeuvrability. This new-generation range of future-ready vehicles further endorses Tata Motors well acknowledged ‘Power of 6’ philosophy, of superior vehicle performance, driving comfort, convenience and connectivity, along with safety – all with lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Launching the Ultra Sleek T-Series range, Mr. Girish Wagh, President, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors said, “Being the leader in the commercial vehicles domain, Tata Motors has consistently set new benchmarks by introducing smarter, future-ready products and solutions across its various segments. The launch of the Ultra Sleek T-Series range marks a new landmark in urban freight transportation. These trucks are sleeker and smarter enabling faster movement and hence higher utilisation and revenue with more trips. Built on the internationally recognised Ultra platform, the trucks are engineered to cater to a diverse set of applications.”

The Ultra Sleek T-Series range combines futuristic styling with comfort, provides significantly lower Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels, ease of movement on congested and narrow roads and a fatigue-free driving experience. The walk-through cabin is rigorously crash-tested for superior safety and comes equipped with adjustable seat height, tilt-and-telescopic power steering, and a dashboard-mounted gear lever. The addition of an in-built music system, USB fast charging port and liberal storage space offers enhanced comfort, while air brakes and parabolic leaf suspension provide better safety and control with clear-lens headlamps and LED tail-lamps improving night visibility.

Affirming its versatility, Ultra Sleek T-Series has variants available in 4-tyre and 6-tyre combinations and varied deck lengths, the range is curated to suit diverse transportation needs. It is equipped to cater to a wide variety of applications, such as transportation of e-commerce products, FMCG, industrial goods, LPG cylinders, and refrigerated containers for transportation of Covid-19 vaccine, pharmaceuticals as well as food items such as eggs, milk and fresh farm produce.

Powered by the future-ready BS6 4SPCR engine, with a 100hp power and a torque rating of 300Nm, the range provides optimum power and best-in-class fuel efficiency. The range is fortified with a strong modular chassis designed for better durability, and radial tyres with low-rolling resistance to further boost the fuel economy.

With Fleet Edge, a next-generation connected vehicle solution, Tata Motors offers telematics to optimise fleet management, with informed decision making. This solution gives fleet owners the vital insights on vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour, which help in better fleet utilisation. The Fleet Edge solution is relevant and beneficial across varied fleet sizes.

It also comes with an offering of a comprehensive set of fully-built solutions, with multiple advantages like better financing terms, nationwide service warranty, and higher resale value, thus making a much better value proposition, through the life cycle, for its customers.

Adding to these lucrative offerings, the Tata Motors I&LCV range comes with an unmatched warranty of 3 years/3 lakh kilometres. Tata Motors also offers Sampoorna Seva 2.0 and Tata Samarth – the company’s commitment to commercial vehicle driver welfare, uptime guarantee, on-site service and customised annual maintenance and fleet management solutions with each I&LCV Truck.

About Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM; BSE: 500570 and 570001; NSE: TATAMOTORS and TATAMTRDVR), a USD 35 billion organization, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups, trucks and buses. Part of the USD 113 billion Tata group, Tata Motors is India’s largest and the only OEM offering extensive range of integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions. It has operations in India, the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, and Indonesia through a strong global network of 103 subsidiaries, 10 associate companies, 3 joint ventures and 2 joint operations as on March 31, 2020.

With a focus on engineering and tech enabled automotive solutions catering to the future of mobility, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and amongst the top four in the passenger vehicles market. With ‘Connecting Aspirations’ at the core of its brand promise, the company’s innovation efforts are focused to develop pioneering technologies that are sustainable as well as suited to evolving aspirations of the market and the customers. Tata Motors strives to bring new products that fire the imagination of GenNext customers, fueled by state of the art design and R&D centers located in India, UK, US, Italy and South Korea. Internationally, Tata commercial and passenger vehicles are marketed in countries, spread across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Australia, CIS, and Russia.

Skill-Based Gaming Can Improve Mental Health In Post Pandemic Era

* Online skill-based games provide healthy competition and fulfilment that is crucial to boost mental & emotional health

To combat the emotional and psychological burden of the pandemic, and to boost mental health, skill-based gaming could be used to provide the excitement of real-life sport and competition at home, according to Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, Industry Expert and Chief of Corporate & Public Affairs, Zupee.

The conference, “FIT WOMEN, FIT FAMILIES, FIT INDIA”, organized by FICCI in association with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Ministry of Women and Child Development saw top policy makers, sportswomen and renowned names from technology, news and entertainment industry get together to discuss how women against all adversity, have risen in the field of sports, both within the country as well as on a global level.

Speaking on the Fit India Movement panel, Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, said, “Skill-based educational games are carving a new segment in online gaming as they offer healthy competition and incentivized learning to the users. While the pandemic has rendered a lot of us home-bound, the spirit of sport, gaming and competing has been kept alive by companies like Zupee. Now, the focus is on gamification of education, healthcare, governance and strategy to offer valuable solutions to the problems of unemployment, skilling and literacy. While physical health is definitely important, we cannot ignore mental and emotional health & I believe tech-led innovation is the way forward”.

Stress is one of the primary catalysts for the deterioration of mental health. While both men and women face stress, women are more susceptible to it due to the repetitive nature of their work (in most cases) and the lack of power and appreciation, which men get at work. Because of social situations, women have to find unique ways to cope with stress, experience healthy competition and success.  It has been shown that the right set of skill-based gaming in a competitive environment can activate reward centers in the brain and cure depression. This is quintessential for the high stress multitasking roles that women often play in work and home environments.

Speaking about the importance of wellbeing and mental health, Ms. Anju Bobby George, Ex-Olympian, advised women, “Indian genes make us very strong and we can handle any tasks. But we avoid ourselves and focus on the families or jobs, instead of our wellbeing. Without a fit body and a fit mind, it is impossible for us to support our families and people. So, take care of yourself first”.

Ms. Deepa Malik, President, Paralympic Committee of India, further added, “I think I am fortunate that I had sports and fitness as culture in my family. I am happy that this culture was introduced at home and that is how I could defeat the taboos surrounding disability. It was all because fitness and sports in my life and that’s precisely the reason that I am here as a fit person and not a paralyzed body”.

A number of startups are working on innovations in the online skill-based gaming, with Zupee leading the way.

Dr. Subi Chaturvedi further added, “The idea is to create new applications that can engage, empower and entertain users. We are committed to the vision of creating an empowered India, fit India (Swasth Bharat) and a self-reliant India (Aatmanirbhar Bharat). With these innovations, we are looking at a new industry segment that will create employment opportunities and help with educating and skilling the workforce of the new India. We need to bridge the digital divide & improve access through better technology adoption & tech-led innovation, which'll ensure better outcomes at personal, societal & national levels.”

About Zupee

Zupee is a skill-based gaming platform that aims to engage, empower and entertain through their gaming innovations. The platform places mission like importance on bringing positive and engaging experiences to its users. Relying on knowledge across a host of topics, strong returns, high user engagement, and sound tech, Zupee has been winning hearts and minds in a game of skill. It's Zupee's mission to improve people’s lives by improving their learning ability, skills and mental aptitude through scientifically designed mental exercises, applications and gamification of day to day activities. Zupee has already helped over 10 million people improve their general knowledge, critical thinking and competitive skills.

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