Thursday, September 14, 2023

Voltin And IREP Join Forces To Reshape Building Inspection Technology For India's Real Estate Property Market

~ Collaborative Endeavor Seeks to Elevate Building Defect Detection Standards in India and Beyond ~

Voltin, a Queensland-based building defect detection technology solution company, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with International Real Estate Partners (IREP), a global real estate management organization. This collaboration with IREP will help Voltin to extend its footprint to over 80 international markets, including India and in turn, IREP will gain early access to the technology.

Specializing in visual data capture and AI-driven photogrammetry modelling software for precise building defect identification, this noteworthy partnership underscores Voltin's dedicated focus on India's thriving real estate sector with the support of IREP’s global reach, marking a pivotal step in enhancing automated building inspection and defect analysis technology in the country.

Embracing a future-forward perspective, TIQ envisions this partnership as a conduit for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, transformative practices, and cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to redefine the traditional paradigms of real estate inspection and analysis. Through this collaboration, Queensland businesses has strengthened its pivotal role in shaping the global narrative of real estate development and showcases its relentless pursuit of synergies that amplify economic growth and drive prosperity not only in Queensland but also on the international stage.

Mr. Abhinav Bhatia, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner-South Asia at Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ), expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating: “Queensland sees India not merely as a market, but as a partner in progress. At Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ), we are ardently committed to advancing Queensland companies like Voltin into India's vibrant landscape. Their alliance with IREP signifies the commencement of a promising odyssey into the future of real estate technology — a realm teeming with potential. We're confident that this partnership will revolutionize the building defect detection ecosystem.”

The Voltin System, a cutting-edge development, has already proven its worth in Australia, successfully evaluating commercial buildings and identifying defects within industrial properties, and multi-story residential apartments. A standout feature of Voltin is its ability to operate an automated façade inspection device in high-density areas, bypassing the need for air safety approval. The system delivers a new age digital assessment of a building exterior, revealing previously unseen flaws and precise defect location. The versatile technology is proficient in detecting more than 50 types of building defects, ranging from water penetrations and thermal losses to cracks, corrosion, and paint peeling. The system operates effectively on diverse surfaces like concrete, cladding, glass, and metallic composites. This translates into swifter, more cost-effective, and highly accurate automated building façade defect detection reports and remediation plans. It also saves on time, resources and is much safer than traditional inspection methods – a boon for facilities managers, property owners, energy auditors, and building managers.

Stephen Thornton, Managing Director of Voltin, shared his enthusiasm: “This collaboration between IREP and Voltin holds immense promise, particularly for India's burgeoning real estate sector. IREP's robust belief in the power of technology aligns seamlessly with our innovative offerings, which are poised to revolutionize facility management solutions for Indian clients. Our joint venture has the potential to transcend regional boundaries, catering to the distinctive needs of clients across India and the broader South Asian region. As we move ahead into the latter part of 2023, we anticipate embarking on project development ventures in partnership with IREP in the Middle East and South Asia, including India, further cementing our commitment to enhancing real estate practices and efficiencies.”

IREP operates in over 80 countries and manages portfolios for some of the world’s largest brands in industries spanning across multiple sectors. This strategic partnership will enable IREP to incorporate external building structure and fabric data into the company’s analytical framework. This integration is set to provide valuable analytical insights, enhancing efficiencies, and driving cost reductions across the entire real estate asset for our clients.

John Weber, IREP's Head of Asset & Energy Management, expressed the significance of this collaboration: “This partnership holds paramount importance for India's real estate landscape. IREP's substantial investment in digitizing data sources, spanning energy meters, IoT sensors, air quality and occupancy sensors, as well as asset maintenance, leasing, and finance aspects, has positioned us as trailblazers in harnessing technology's potential. With our partnership with Voltin, we now bridge a crucial gap by incorporating external building structure and fabric data into our analytical framework. This seamless integration is poised to empower our clients in India with invaluable insights, propelling efficiency gains and cost reductions across their entire real estate assets.”

Notably, Voltin's technological prowess stands out as only a handful of companies globally offer similar software service platforms for façade inspections. Unlike these counterparts, Voltin's approach negates the need for free-flying drones which are usually restricted in downtown CBD areas or near airports, expanding the possibilities of application. It is also AI compatible and provides integration into a client's own systems. 

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