Friday, September 15, 2023

Happiest Health’s Children’s Wellness Summit - Get Set, Grow! To Provide Complete Health And Well-Being Advice For The Young

Modern technology, societal pressures, and a competitive environment are radically disrupting the lives of children of today. In this context, access to focused advice can greatly benefit children and their families in making choices that can create an environment of optimal holistic health and well-being. In line with this, the inaugural Get Set, Grow! conference from Happiest Health will convey appropriate advice from renowned experts in ensuring long-term health and wellness for children during their formative years.

The Children’s Wellness Summit, Get Set, Grow! which takes place on 22nd September at The Leela Palace will address a variety of relevant topics for them to be a catalyst for their child’s brighter future. Hosted by Ashok Soota’s health and wellness venture, Happiest Health, the summit will invite experts, psychologists, educators, paediatricians, and other professionals to share their knowledge and insights during the discussions. Interactive sessions will engage children and adults, making the event both educational and enjoyable. For parents who are located outside of Bangalore, the event will be live streamed for virtual attendance.

The summit will also unveil findings on Are You Listening? - Voices of Adolescent Survey. This survey which is being conducted by Happiest Health involves over 500 children in the age group 12-18 years. It will convey their thoughts and concerns, for attendees to feel the pulse of children for a greater understanding of their challenges. The summit will aim to promote the overall well-being of children and provide valuable insights to parents, caregivers, educators, and anyone else involved in the lives of young ones. It will address various aspects of children's health, development, and happiness.

The day will be packed with educational seminars, panel discussions, and small group breakout sessions led by a high-impact roster of professionals and educators. There will be discussions on a variety of health topics and conversations with experts on building resilient kids, and the value of nutrition and sleep among others such as:

Reducing Gadget Time in Kids by Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Coordinator Service for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) Clinic In NIMHANS

The Power of Play for Kids by Florence D’souza, Principal of Sherwood High and Dr Ayyappan Nair, Consultant, Shoulder Surgery, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Manipal Hospitals

Nutrition for Children by Dr Supraja Chandrasekar, Pediatric Intensivist, Dhee Hospital, Bengaluru

Stress Management in Children by Dr Poorva Ranade, Child Psychologist and Counsellor, Mr Neeraj Kumar, Founder – PeakMind, and Mr Mahesh Yadav, Academic Head – South India, Allen Career Institute

Understanding Money - Making Adolescents Finance Savvy by Ms Aparna M, Associate Vice President, Certified Chartered Financial Analyst, PeakAlpha

Youngsters & Career Options in The India of Today & Tomorrow by Mr Srinath Deshakulkarni, Founder of Academics & Beyond Ready to speak to Media, Mr Ravi Kallayil, Founder of Plaeto and Dr Jahnavi Phalkey, Dir. Bangalore Science Center.

Are you listening? by Maryanne Pais, St Joseph’s College of Commerce, HOD Psychology; Akash Ryall - Founder And CEO, Bethany Education Institutions, Bengaluru, and along with a Parent.

Overall, the "Get, Set and Grow!" children's wellness summit will have the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of children and those who care for them. It's an impactful way to bring people together to learn, share, and support each other in creating a healthier and happier future for our young ones.

About Happiest Health

Happiest Health is a health and wellness knowledge enterprise founded by Mr Ashok Soota in 2022. With its foundation as a highly differentiated source of credible and trustworthy health and wellness knowledge in the digital space, Happiest Health has now expanded into print, Health Summits and Wellness Programmes. In 2024, the next expansion would be into technology led Healthcare services which would include Preventive tests, Nutrition Consulting services and other areas like online patient monitoring and others. The vision of the organization is to be India’s topmost source of trusted health and wellness knowledge in the next 3 years and to be amongst the top 10 in the world by 2030.

Happiest Health embraces scientific knowledge with a keen focus on medical breakthroughs providing kinder, gentler therapies including cell-based treatments. It also has deep coverage of integrated medicine including Ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy. Happiest Health’s focus on wellness is holistic and energizing. They live by their Mission Statement: “Better Knowledge. Better Health.” and convey its benefits to all.

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