Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Uber Partners With Indian Navy To Offer Mobility & Tech Solutions

Uber, India’s leading ridesharing app has partnered with the Indian Navy to become its exclusive mobility partner to offer transportation solutions for official travel and commute of naval officers, staff, and families across the country. This partnership will deliver reliable, convenient, and safe mobility solutions to the esteemed Indian Navy officers, staff and their families.

Through this partnership, the Indian Navy will seamlessly integrate Uber’s advanced ride-sharing technology via a seamless platform - Uber for Business into the Naval ecosystem. The partnership will help streamline the travel experiences of the Naval workforce, making their travel smoother and the process more efficient. As part of this collaboration, Uber aims to drive effective change management for both official travel and commute and also bring curated enterprise benefits for the Indian Navy.

Speaking at the MoU signing, Abhinav Mittoo, Sr. Country Manager, Uber for Business, Uber India, South Asia & Egypt said, “We are proud to partner with the Indian Navy that has truly embraced digitalization. This partnership signals an important stride towards digitalization as we embrace shared mobility options. Through this MoU, we aim to contribute to the Indian Navy’s larger vision of embracing technology for transformative change.”

CNS Admiral, R Hari Kumar, Indian Navy said, “This partnership originated from a need to find a solution and help officers and their families for their travel requirements, and avail the benefit from the IT revolution and digitization in the country. Uber has revolutionized travel and stands for comfort, reach, and reliability today. This MoU holds great promise and represents a significant milestone in our sustained efforts towards ensuring 'Happy Personnel.' This is a crucial element of the SHIPS FIRST approach, adopted by the Navy, keeping the needs of our operational platforms first - every time and everywhere. In that regard, I am glad to note that the MoU covers not only the men and women in whites but also their dependents. I am also told that the dedicated account for Indian Naval personnel would have additional benefits such as zero cancellation fees, special vehicle category, and premium customer support, amongst many others. We will look to further extend this association to our veterans and sister services and believe that Uber’s large pool of green vehicles will reduce carbon footprint and make travel seamless.”

This collaboration between Uber and the Indian Navy highlights the power of Uber for Business in delivering unique transformative solutions tailored to enterprise needs. Uber’s proven success story in the US, where it partnered with the federal government to offer transportation services, reinforces its expertise in seamlessly integrating rideshare services into daily operations.

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