Tuesday, October 19, 2021

PhonePe Pulse Unveils Digital Payment Trends For Q3 2021

●     Money transfers and merchant payments each hit a new milestone of 200+ crore transactions in Q3 2021

●     The number of registered users grew by 7.5%

●     Chandigarh topped the charts in transaction growth, while Karnataka & Maharashtra showed the highest growth in number of users

PhonePe, India’s leading fintech platform, today announced key digital payment trends from PhonePe Pulse’s Q3 (July - September) 2021 data. The new data shared on the Pulse website, and as part of the Pulse quarterly report, shows the tremendous pace at which digital payments continued to grow in Q3 2021.

The key highlights of the quarter were:

The Total Payments Value (TPV) of transactions processed grew 23.3% QoQ to INR 921,674 Cr while the number of transactions grew by 33.6% to 526.5 Cr transactions. The continued growth in both these metrics is a clear indication of increasing consumer trust in digital payments.

For the first time ever, money transfers with UPI and merchant payments hit a new milestone of 200 Cr.+ transactions clocking 221 Cr. and 231 Cr. transactions respectively.

Offline merchant payments grew faster than online merchant payments registering a QoQ growth rate of 65% which is an indicator of recovery post the second wave of the pandemic and stores rapidly opening up.

Furthermore, the trend of digital payments becoming a Pan-India habit also continued, with 720 out of 726 districts in the country registering positive growth in digital transactions volume. This is also shown in the number of registered users which grew from 30.5 Cr. to 32.8 Cr.

Geographically, Chandigarh topped the growth charts with 50%+ QoQ transaction volumes growth, while Karnataka and Maharashtra topped the charts in terms of increase in QoQ transactions volume with both registering a 22 Cr. increase.

Speaking on the release of the Q3 2021 Pulse insights, Karthik Raghupathy, Head of Strategy and Investor Relations at PhonePe said, “When we launched PhonePe Pulse, we committed to publishing data periodically, and we are delighted to share the insights from the first Pulse data refresh. The rapid growth we are seeing quarter on quarter is a strong indicator that digital payments are truly penetrating across the length and breadth of the country. It is going to be an exciting next quarter with the festivities and the holiday season, we are already looking forward to interesting insights and trends from Q4 2021.”

Launched in September 2021, PhonePe Pulse is India’s first interactive website with data, insights and trends on digital payments in the country. The PhonePe Pulse website showcases more than 2000+ Cr transactions by consumers on an interactive map of India. More details and some interesting fun facts are available on pulse.phonepe.com.  

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