Friday, October 22, 2021

Curefoods Acquires 7 Food Brands To Expand Its Cloud Kitchen Footprint In India

• Curefoods has added multiple popular D2C brands to its portfolio and is becoming a major player in India’s booming cloud kitchen segment

• It is looking to on-board 25 more brands of which 15 LOIs have already been signed

• Curefoods’ domain expertise and tech-driven farm-to-fork model will give a major push to these brands and help them expand kitchens across India

Curefoods, a leading cloud kitchen company which operates brands like EatFit announced its acquisition of multiple D2C food brands across the country. Currently, Curefoods has 10 brands in its portfolio, of which 7 are new acquisitions featuring the likes of CakeZone and MasalaBox.

It has also acquired exclusive online franchising rights for 3 brands namely YumLane, Sharief Bhai, and Aligarh House.

Tapping further into India’s booming cloud kitchen segment, Curefoods is looking at on-boarding a total of 25 brands. The company has already signed 15 more letters of intent (LOIs). Typically, it follows a 21-day period of end-to-end closure while on-boarding such brands.

Curefoods is leveraging its end-to-end farm-to-fork technology and highly adept consumer-facing marketing stack to integrate these brands into the business. Moreover, Curefoods’ expertise in running significantly advanced central kitchen facilities allows it to power these food brands and help them grow at a faster rate.

Curefoods’ acquired brands include the following –

• MasalaBox, which includes subscription-based home-cooked meals, is currently present in Bengaluru and Kochi with Hyderabad added post its acquisition. MasalaBox’s business model provides entrepreneurial opportunities to passionate home-cooks and the product has successfully been scaling since it was acquired in June;

• Paratha Box is a Bengaluru-based brand specialising in all-day Indian breakfast meals. Since acquisition, it has scaled from 3 to 35 kitchens across multiple cities by the end of October;

• Cake Zone is one of India’s largest online confectionary chains. While currently focused in southern India, Curefoods aims to take CakeZone to the northern and western Indian markets and achieve a 10x growth projection in the next five years;

• Ammi’s Biryani is a Bengaluru-based brand serving up one of India’s most popular dishes – biryani. After a complete brand buyout, Curefoods will be rebuilding the brand and relaunching it soon;

• Two Hyderabad-based pizza brands - Olio and Crusto’s are also now part of Curefoods’ roster and will see their business expand rapidly in coming months;

• Chaat Street, Bengaluru’s leading online ‘chaat’ brand has joined the Curefoods umbrella to scale its operations to multiple cities.

Aside from these, brands that Curefoods has obtained exclusive online franchising rights for include –

• YumLane, a Mumbai-based Pizza cloud kitchen brand which has scaled from 15 to 40+ outlets since it was acquired by Curefoods;

• Aligarh House, an Indian and Mughlai food cloud kitchen delivering in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Mysore;

• Sharief Bhai, a popular brand known for its fragrant biryanis which aims to now open 100 new cloud kitchens under Curefoods.

Commenting on these developments, Ankit Nagori, founder, Curefoods, said: “We are on a mission to make good food easily accessible at affordable prices, and to do this, we are acquiring a host of brands that people recognise and love. Given the accelerated growth of cloud kitchens in India, especially since the pandemic, we want to leverage our market expertise and advanced technology in order to elevate and amplify the experiences these brands offer. By having them under the Curefoods banner, we will be able to ensure the creation of a highly standardized, efficient, and hygienic kitchen network across the nation. We are excited to have all the newly acquired brands on board and look forward to serving India some really great food.”

Gokul Kandhi, Business Head, Curefoods, added: “We are thrilled to have on board some really great food brands that are serving up delicious meals across geographies in India. Now, having them as part of our network, we will be doubling down on improving scale, operations, technological integration, and marketing for each of these. We are already seeing some of these companies grow much faster with us than they did before the pandemic. This is a pattern we hope to see for each brand that we integrate into Curefoods. We look forward to working with them and becoming a major contender in India’s growing cloud kitchen segment.”

About Curefoods:

Curefoods is a leading cloud kitchens operator in India. It commenced its operations in 2020. It operates brands like EatFit, Yumlane, Aligarh House Biryani, CakeZone and Masalabox. It has over 50 kitchens across ten cities in India. Additional information on Curefoods is available at

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