Monday, May 8, 2023

Multidisciplinary Approach Essential For Scientific Research – Message To Young Graduates At Manipal School of Life Sciences, Manipal

Scientific and technological improvements continue to grow at a much faster rate in the contemporary world and youngsters must focus on multidisciplinary research work to gain a holistic understanding of life, and to improve the quality of life. This was the message conveyed to the student community of Manipal School of Life Sciences (MSLS), MAHE, Manipal during the seventeenth Annual Day celebrations on May 4, 2023, by Dr L.S. Sashidhara (Director, National Centre for Biological Science, Bengaluru). Addressing the vibrant crowd, he appreciated the institution for demonstrating excellence in scaling up of operations without compromising on quality. He focussed on the need for a global connection of scientific research and also an integrated or systems biology approach for improving the quality of life.

Dr Sudha N Rao (Co-Founder Director, Genotypic Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru), a chief guest of the event, reminisced about her visits to Manipal since 2010 and the improvements she has observed over the years. She spoke on the genesis of her company to cater to an unmet need in genomics technology at the time and mentioned that the field of genomics has seen vast developments while insisting that continual pursuit of excellence is necessary for achieving success. Commending the student community at the School for their good ‘soft skills’ training sought after in the corporate world, she asked them to continue improving their creativity and risk-taking ability on their way to success.

The event was presided by Lt. Gen. (Dr) M.D. Venkatesh (Vice-Chancellor, MAHE). Dr Venkatesh reiterated the views of the guests, saying “Today is about multidisciplinary research and technology integration. We need to be ready, aware, and, equipped to deal with the new realities of life”. He suggested that as the world relies on young scientists and their contributions to society, one must be open to multidisciplinary ideas and adopt technology. He lauded the efforts and the laurels that the students and researchers at MSLS have brought to the institution and wished for further achievements in the future.

Earlier, Dr B.S. Satish Rao, Director of MSLS presented the achievements of the School during the previous academic year. Dr K.P. Guruprasad, Associate Director-Research at MSLS, welcomed the gathering and Dr Padmalatha S Rai, Associate Director-Academics at MSLS thanked all the invitees, MAHE officials and the various support team. Dr Sharath K Rao, Pro-Vice Chancellor-Health Sciences, MAHE along with dignitaries presented several awards to the distinguished achievers among students, staff, researchers, and faculty. The seventeenth Annual Day of MSLS concluded with a lively and varied entertainment performance by students and staff.

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