Monday, August 28, 2023

Ambuja Cements & ACC Hold “Concrete Talk” With Leading Engineers And Architects


* ‘Concrete Talk’ is Ambuja Cements and ACC’s outreach initiative to help customers make the right choices when they buy cement and other related building materials.  

Ambuja Cements and ACC host workshops to assist construction industry professionals understand the value of composite cement in construction.  

Ambuja Cements and ACC, the cement and building material companies of the diversified Adani Group,as part of its initiative to support professionals from the construction industry held “Concrete Talk”, a day-long workshop focused upon value of composite cement, concrete technology, and aimed to educate engineers and architects regarding sustainable concrete with mineral admixture. 

‘Concrete Talk’ is a part of Ambuja Cements and ACC’s outreach programme that aims to help customers take informed decisions when they buy cement and other building materials.  The companies expect to achieve this objective by educating engineers and architects about products and best practices that will deliver better results for their customers in terms durability and environmental sustainability. 

These workshops focused on utilising composite cement in Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure by using Pozzolanic and GGBFS to build a durable structure and foundation and on sustainable concrete with mineral admixture highlighting the effects of this mixture on durability.  

Mr. Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said, “Through initiatives like ‘Concrete Talk’, we help cement buyers to take well-informed decisions and train them to use our products for achieving best results. We believe this can be best achieved by educating professionals in the construction industry like architects and engineers understand our products better. We are also using it as an opportunity to help cement buyers understand the use of eco-friendly products and educate on sustainable construction practices.” 

The strength of Ambuja Cements and ACC brands have been recently validated when TRA Research recognised them as India’s ‘Most Trusted Cement Brands’ in its 2023 Brand Trust Report. 

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