Thursday, August 31, 2023

Cyient DLM Honoured With The Supplier Excellence Award From Honeywell Aerospace

Cyient DLM, an integrated electronics manufacturing company, announced that it has been awarded the Supplier Excellence Award by Honeywell Aerospace, a leading provider of aerospace systems, products, and services at the Honeywell Supplier Event held at Bengaluru.

The award recognizes Cyient DLM's outstanding contributions in fostering a strong partnership and engaging in the early stages of product development. This collaborative approach has played a crucial role in driving the success of various projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality aerospace solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

"We are honoured to receive the Supplier Excellence Award from Honeywell Aerospace. This recognition underscores our dedication to excellence, innovation, and close collaboration with our partners. By actively engaging in the early phases of product development, we can better understand and address the unique challenges of the aerospace industry, ultimately delivering superior solutions", said Ram Dornala, COO, Cyient DLM on receiving this award.

Cyient DLM's expertise in design to manufacturing, combined with Honeywell Aerospace's commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology, has resulted in the development of cutting-edge products that advance the industry. The award acknowledges the mutual efforts of both organizations in driving innovation and achieving operational excellence.

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