Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Terribly Tiny Tales partners With AJIO To Launch Its Raksha Bandhan IP ‘Tied For Life’ S1, Celebrating The Reality Of Siblingship!

As the festive fervour of Raksha Bandhan envelops the nation, Terribly Tiny Tales, India’s most loved content company has launched its first-ever Raksha Bandhan IP, titled ‘Tied For Life S1’ with a human touch, in collaboration with AJIO. This light hearted campaign celebrates the timeless bond of sibling love and encapsulates the spirit of Raksha Bandhan with real and memorable stories. 

The hero piece of the campaign is a 90-seconds Instagram video, directed by Shubham Sinha and produced by Sharanya Rajgopal and Anuj Gosalaia along with Executive Producer, Pracchi Batnagar. Amazingly cinematographed by Arindam Bhattarjee, the film is beautifully penned by Ritu Mago.

Featuring the sibling duo Pooja Gor and Darsheel Safary, the film highlights the everyday special moments that siblings share striking a relatable chord with the viewers. Released on 26th August, the film showcases the fun banter, the feeling of belonging shared by siblings, and especially, the unexpressed, underlying love between the duo. By introducing these incredibly talented actors and showcasing nuanced insights, the film definitely enraptures the audience, leaving them craving for more! While beautifully delivering the message that the festival is not just about the gifts but the expressed gestures as well, the film also fosters the celebration of love, protection, compassion, support, and a memorable, life-long relationship. Tied For Life S1 is styled by AJIO, infusing the campaign with charm and a high fashion-quotient.

Link to the film:

A Rakhi is not merely a thread; it symbolizes feelings intertwined with everlasting affection. Constant brawls, a never-ending desire to kill each other, and the buried emotion hidden behind walls all dissipates during the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Reflecting on these moments and emotions and encouraging everyone to cherish this invaluable relationship, TTT through this campaign, elevates the celebration spirit for brothers and sisters in the country inviting the audience to gift their siblings something special from @ajiolife’s stunning collection, this Raksha Bandhan.

Anuj Gosalia, CEO, TTT perfectly captures the campaign, “Raksha Bandhan is one festival that’s unlike any other. Of course it’s beautiful, full of love and emotional but most of all, it’s playful! Just like the relationship between siblings. 

With Tied For Life S1, we bring to life the mischief, the love, that is expressed through indirect ways and the comfort of siblingship. The campaign celebrates the everyday-ness of the bond and truly captures the reality of Raksha Bandhan. It’s taken many notches up being styled by AJIO's stunning collection making it a fashionably festive season.”

TTT has been constantly building its own IPs, powered by various brands. To break through the noise, TTT has always leaned more towards human and real storytelling for festive campaigns that are closer to the sentiment of the community. This time, the platform has raised the creative ante to take the Raksha Bandhan occasion beyond #SiblingLove by crafting several bite-sized tales and snackable videos of siblinghood with thoughtful approaches while highlighting the multifaceted relationship between all brothers and sisters. Check them out by clicking on the following links -

So, join TTT and AJIO in celebrating this incredible bond on Rakhi and stay tuned for a memorable journey reminding us of the enduring power of sibling relationships!

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