Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Miror In Association With Soham Foundation® Join Forces With The National Health Mission For Empowering Women

Miror Therapeutic, an innovative FemTech company in association with Soham Foundation®, a charitable trust, has embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with the National Health Mission (NHM), Karnataka, marked by the signing of an MoU unveiling 'Miror-Menopause Awareness for All'. This pioneering initiative is set to address a crucial yet often overlooked facet of women's health – Menopause (Peri, Pre, and Post)– and the significant impact of Hormonal health on Indian women.

With a remarkable 7.58% surge in female life expectancy in India, 'Miror-Menopause Awareness for All' responds to the growing number of women entering the Peri menopausal phase and beyond, ensuring they are equipped with knowledge along with solutions to help them through this critical phase of life. The program centers on the training of competent support staff on the ground level and then empowering them to become catalysts of awareness, support, and solutions in the form of Treatment and Therapies across Karnataka for now and in time, India.

The comprehensive training modules, developed in collaboration with certified doctor/s from the Indian Menopause Society, offer a multifaceted understanding of health concerns and the numerous (over 35) painful symptoms that women going through Peri-Menopause and beyond. This initiative goes beyond mere awareness and education, by aiming to make available to women the knowledge of numerous choices in treatment. Crucially, this collaboration underscores the impact of hormonal changes on women's health which at times can prove to be fatal. Peri Menopause and beyond, a phase often accompanied by various medical conditions, necessitates a nuanced approach to care. By fostering understanding, awareness and solutions available, this partnership intends to enhance women's ability to navigate and prosper through this phase confidently.

Mr. Sanjith Shetty, CEO & Founder of Miror& Trustee- Soham Foundation, emphasized the collaboration, stating "Empowerment thrives on knowledge, and the 'Miror-Menopause Awareness for All' initiative epitomizes our commitment to empowering women Pan India, with not only awareness but also medically proven solutions, during this pivotal yet often overlooked life phase. Through spreading knowledge of related ailments, and robust training of support network on the ground level on perimenopause and beyond, we strive to offer women all over Karnataka and later India, vital information and support during this transformative period. This venture embodies collaboration, compassion, and progress. In partnership with the Soham Foundation and the National Health Mission Karnataka, Miror’s efforts promise a lasting impact, fostering improved well-being and elevated knowledge of treatments and therapies available.”

For further information: https://miror.in/

Photo Caption: Mr. Sanjith Shetty from Miror signing MoU with National Health Mission (NHM), Karnataka..

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