Friday, September 1, 2023

AG-365S Of Marut Drones becomes first DGCA Type Certified Drone For Dual Sector Usage: Agriculture And RPTO Training

“AG-365S kisan drone is India’s first Multi-utility Agriculture small Category Drone to receive the prestigious DGCA approved type certificate. AG-365S has highest endurance of 22 minutes, equipped with high end sensors for smooth operations and tested extensively for best quality. Marut Drones already boasts a Multipurpose Medium category agricultural drone and multiple RPTOs in partnership with prestigious institutions across India.” 

India’s leading drone manufacturer “Marut Drones” has become the first player to have DGCA type certification in both small and medium category battery operated drones. Marut Drones received the Type Certification approvals from the Director General of Civil Aviation for their extensively tested and robustly designed multi-utility agricultural drone in small category (less than 25kg) AG-365S. As per UAS Rules-2021, Drones with UIN numbers are only allowed to fly in Indian Airspace. 

DGCA certification is provided based on quality checks and is issued after a rigorous testing process of unmanned aerial vehicles in various NABL accredited testing labs. This makes UAV go through a series of material, environmental, operational tests for safe, secured and reliable operations. The certification enables the Hyderabad-based firm to bring the users their agricultural drone technology which can revolutionize Indian Agriculture.  

Marut Drones Founder, Mr Prem Kumar Vislawath, said, “Marut Drones has been taking steps in line with its vision of Advancing Agriculture. Manual spraying in agriculture have caused huge negative health impact on operators. And a mindless repetition of these sprays is inhumane exposing the operator to chemicals and leading to cancers. With both type certification and RTPO approvals by DGCA for small category drones, the manual inhumane operations can be easily performed by drones making it safe to the operator. This also creates new job opportunities in rural areas. A drone entrepreneur using this drone can earn anywhere between Rs.40000 to Rs.90000 enabling him to work at comfort of his home making a positive impact on farmers". 

AG-365S is designed and developed for Indian conditions and can be used for multiple purposes giving a higher RoI to the user. AG-365S drone is compact in size yet delivers, with 22-minute endurance ensuring users maximum returns. AG-365S is equipped with advanced obstacle and terrain sensors which enables safe and smooth operations even in rough and patchy terrains. 

AG-365S is equipped with multiple payloads and one AG-365S can be used for spraying pesticides, granular spreader and also for running RPTO drone training academies. AG-365S is extensively tested for more than 1.5 lakhs acres and optimized for performance to be used in agriculture. Further, extensive research is undergone with AG-365S for development of crop specific drone spraying SOPs in collaboration with prestigious agriculture universities and research institutes.   

Having been awarded type certificate for AG-365S model, Drone is now eligible for ? 10 lakh unsecured loans from the Agri Infrastructure Fund at a minimal 5-6% interest. Further, AG 365S is covered by comprehensive insurance protecting the customers from any unforeseen incidents giving them peace of mind. 

Marut Drones have been accorded RPTO approvals which enables training and capacity building of drone pilots focused on safe agriculture operations, repair and maintenance. Marut Drones has trained more than 800 pilots through its academies and tying up with major universities and establishing training academies to enable drone pilots with highest quality training and with this, it sees a vision of development of 5 lakh drone entrepreneurs in countryside.  

Currently Marut has Pan India presence and partners with exclusive dealers across country in order to reach its vision of serving kisan across country. The extensive dealer network supports Marut to take its products to the end farmers and provide highest support to the customers with warranty, repair and maintenance. The partnerships ensure Marut to take its technology across country and reach its vision of building the agricultural infrastructure of the next 100 years that will provide the world with sufficient, diversified, and safe food. As a Research focused company, Marut is also establishing multiple R&D partnerships with likes of IIT Guwahati, IIIT Hyderabad, IIITDM Kurnool, IIT Hyderabad on product development and ICRISAT, PJTSAU and ICAR institutions on agriculture application development. To take the drone technology to India’s powerful youth, Marut is entering partnerships with premier educational institutes to establish training academies and Center of Excellence (CoEs) in Drone Technology. 


Marut Drones is India’s leading drone technology manufacturer with a focus on developing drone based solutions to persistent societal problems. Established in 2019 by three IIT graduates, Marut Drones has a vision to Advancing Agriculture. It aims to build the agricultural infrastructure of the next 100 years that will provide the world with sufficient, diversified, and safe food. 

Marut Drones recently commenced its $4 million investment round for rapid adoption of this technology in agriculture and help farmers.  

Photo Caption:  Co-founder, Marut Drones  - Co-founder Mr. Suraj Peddi; CEO & Founder Marut Drones - Mr. Prem Kumar Vislawath and Mr. Sai Kumar Chinthala, Co-founder

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