Wednesday, August 30, 2023

UPL SAS Introduces Need Control Solutions, Fascinate Flash For Sustainable Tea Farming In India

UPL Sustainable Agri Solutions (SAS), an integrated AgTech platform of UPL Ltd., has introduced Fascinate Flash, a safe to use, sustainable and innovative solution to redefine weed control practices in Indian tea plantations.

With its rapid action, extended residual control, and crop safety features, Fascinate Flash revolutionises weed management, positively impacting the economic and environmental aspects of tea farming.

Fascinate Flash swiftly penetrates weed leaves, leading to rapid withering and elimination within just four hours of application. In addition to eradicating existing weeds, Fascinate Flash inhibits the germination of weed seeds, maintaining a weed-free environment, and reducing the need for frequent applications of herbicides. The decrease in herbicide usage not only lowers product and labour expenses but also amplifies the return on investment for tea estate owners. This contributes to the sustained economic advancement of the industry over the long run.

Ashish Dobhal, CEO of UPL SAS, said, "With the launch of Fascinate Flash, we are confident in delivering advanced sustainable weed management for tea plantations. This marks another stride in our commitment to empower farmers with solutions that enhance productivity, nurture sustainability, and generate exceptional returns on investment, all while maintaining the balance of our environment."

For optimal results, it is recommended to use Fascinate Flash at the 3-4 weed leaf stage. UPL SAS is aiming to treat 20,000 acres of tea estates in India with Fascinate Flash in 2023, exemplifying our endeavour to the tea industry's growth through innovative solutions.

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