Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“My Blue Dart” App Now Enables Customers To Book & Digitally Pay For The Shipment

Blue Dart Express Limited, South Asia's premier express air-integrated transportation and distribution express logistics company announced the tech upgrade of ‘MY BLUE DART’ APP. The app has some new additions with respect to Personal User, Guest and Business Login Features. The user-friendly, secure and reliable mobile application will further enhance the experience for customers and can be accessed on both the iOS or Android app stores. 

Technology has always been a major pivot at Blue Dart, and the pandemic has only helped catapult its innovation further to enhance the customer experience. Blue Dart’s innovation has always remained consistent in devising technology-led future ready solutions that would sustain the supply chain even in the event of another unprecedented crisis. 

Manoj Madhavan, Chief Information Officer, Blue Dart says, "Over the last 39 years, Blue Dart has achieved and set a plethora of benchmarks across industries as we continue to sustain our position as the nation’s Most Preferred Logistics Service Provider. One such milestone was the launch of ‘My Blue Dart’ app, with an aim to fulfil any and all of our customers’ logistics requirements whilst providing individualised solutions on-the-go. Since we are trailblazers in the industry, it was imperative to take a leap and upgrade the app for better customer usability." 

The pre-existing features and the upgrade have been listed below for reference: 

Personal User Features:  

This feature exclusively provides personalised access to non-account holders. 

In addition to scheduling a pick-up, the app now enables a customer to book a shipment & also digitally pay for the freight.  

Guest Features 

TrackDart: Enables the customer to track their shipment anywhere, anytime. 

Location Finder: Benefits the customer by helping them find the nearest Blue Dart store across our 55400+ locations. 

Transit Time & Price Finder: Provides the customer with a user-friendly method to find out the best rate while sending/receiving a shipment.  

Contact Us: To help our customers connect with our reliable, responsive and resilient Blue Darters eager to provide solutions to any queries they may have.  

Scan and Track: Will assist the customer to scan the AWB/Ref No/Barcode and track the status of their shipment. 

Business Login Features 

Address Book: Designed to capture both the respective shipper and consignee addresses as required. 

Book a Shipment: This provides online services which will assist in booking a shipment. 

Reprint AWB: This feature will enable the customer to reprint a PDF of the AWB  

Schedule a Pick-up: This function will enable an online pick-up for all services which need door-to-door pick-up. 

Users can download the app in the iOS or Android app stores. To learn more about the upgrade, visit: 



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