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Goodknight Gold Flash And Kareena Kapoor Khan Partners For Digital Film, Urges Protection Against Malaria And Dengue

Goodknight, India's leading household insecticide brand, has partnered with actress Kareena Kapoor Khan for a new digital film to create awareness around mosquito-borne diseases. The film was showcased for the first time on Kareena’s Instagram account. Through this initiative, Goodknight and Kareena wants people to be cautious against malaria and dengue. The film features Goodknight Gold Flash which is India’s most powerful liquid vapouriser that protects against mosquitoes, hidden in the corners of homes, threatening the health of families.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most followed superstar in India. A protective mother and wife, the actress is extremely cautious about the health and wellbeing of her entire family.  Kareena herself is a regular user of mosquito repellent solutions for her family.  Thus, the partnership between Kareena and Goodknight works well as the brand itself is committed to ensure families are protected against mosquitoes. 

Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, the digital film features Kareena in her original avatar- being concerned about her kids. She talks about how stepping out without a mask is dangerous as we are still fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s equally important to stay protected indoors from a hidden enemy- mosquitoes. Even though you can’t see them, they are hidden in corners of your house and their one bite is enough to cause diseases like dengue and malaria. However, the actress reveals her solution to keep her home protected. She relies on India’s most powerful liquid vapouriser - Goodknight Gold Flash, which ensures the elimination of mosquitoes through its unique technology which automatically releases flash vapours to knock down mosquitoes.

Commenting on this collaboration, Sunil Kataria CEO - India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Kareena Kapoor Khan for this awareness driven piece of communication which is credible and effective. Mosquito-borne diseases are currently surging across the country and what people don’t realise is that even one mosquito can be a threat to the family’s heath. Through this film, our intent is to reach out the masses across target groups and create awareness. Simultaneously highlight how Goodknight Gold Flash can help and empower households against mosquitoes. Apart from being one of India’s most followed and revered celebrity, Kareena symbolizes a commitment to ensure her family is healthy and protected. As a brand, we too share similar vision to ensure happy moments of families are protected uninterrupted.”

Sharing her perspective on the association, Kareena Kapoor Khan, said, “The pandemic has taught all of us to put family and health first above everything else. Seeing any family suffering from dengue and malaria pains me the most. I wouldn’t want my family or anyone else to go through the illness. Creating awareness and cautioning people is my humble effort along with Goodknight Gold Flash to ensure that people stay safe. I urge people to adopt basic precautions that can go a long way to make the country free of mosquito-borne diseases.”

Commenting on the film concept, Steve Priya, VPs & Executive Creative Directors, Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, said, “We’re all constantly aware of the invisible threat outside. And we will take every single precaution to stay protected for quite some time to come. But we forget that inside our homes too there’s a threat that’s constantly hiding. The dengue causing mosquito. And we may not even be able to spot it.We collaborated with one of India’s most loved and famous mom to create awareness and share our message of protection. To make sure that every home stays truly safe by switching on Goodknight every day.”

With upgraded heating technology and visible efficacy, Goodknight Gold Flash is a game changer in the liquid vapouriser category in India. The product comes with normal and flash mode, backed by a unique chip-based technology that switches between these modes automatically. Goodknight Gold Flash releases vapours for the first 30 minutes and then, automatically switches back to normal. The powerful yet simple repellent guarantees protection against mosquitoes, hidden in secret corners of homes, threatening the health of families.

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