Saturday, June 8, 2019

LogMeIn Launches AI-Powered Bold360 Suite to Enriches Interaction

Today, LogMeIn introduced the new Bold360 family of products, enabling businesses around the world to create next-level CX wherever the customer needs it most. Bold360 Advise and Acquire join the flagship Bold360 Customer engagement platform to deliver purpose-built AI-powered solutions that help organizations deliver impactful customer experiences from the very first engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

“Customer experience isn’t just about post-sale support,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Customer Engagement & Support Solutions at LogMeIn. “Companies have an opportunity to make a lasting impression at every point in the customer journey.  We’re expanding Bold360 to deliver the technologies needed to humanize every interaction and create a seamless experience across channels – both digital and physical.  This new suite of solutions helps bring the best of AI powered bots and live agents to all the places customers need it most.”

The new Bold360 offers more streamlined integration between proactive sales, customer service and agent assistance, extending the impact of AI from the web and call center through to the front lines so both customers and employees are better supported whether online or in-person.   The new suite includes:

Bold360 Service

Bold360 Service allows companies to support every customer in the channel of their choice – live chat, messaging, email, SMS, social and a conversational chatbot.  From AI-powered self-service that drives improved operational efficiency and faster resolutions to personalized engagements with human agents that builds deeper customer relationships -- Bold360 Service offers the best of AI and agent technology in one solution.

Bold360 Advise

Bold360 Advise empowers all customer-facing employees including care representatives, in store and field teams to make the best decisions for their individual customers by making centralized information accessible to everyone.  It removes the friction associated with finding and leveraging job-critical information so employees can spend more time focusing on the customer and delivering a truly personalized and consistent customer experience.

Bold360 Acquire (Coming Soon)

With Bold360 Acquire, conversational chatbots proactively guide website visitors through personalized shopping experiences, accelerating product selection and answering buyer questions in real-time. By developing personalized experiences from the start and facilitating the purchase process with product discovery and education, Bold360 Acquire helps companies leverage AI to accelerate growth by increasing conversion and decreasing cart abandonment.

The updated Bold360 empowers companies to provide the customer experience of the future today. Whether it’s empowering front-line employees, helping customers seamlessly move through the sales cycle or helping customers answer questions in near real-time, the Bold360 family puts AI at work so human intelligence can reach new heights.

“There is no shortage of data in our digital world, and customers and employees alike often feel overwhelmed by the information available when making decisions,” says customer XX. “In this environment, a personal touch is one of our most important differentiators. Whether it’s the very first interaction or ongoing support, Bold360 helps us deliver amazing self-service for simple requests and arms our employees to better and more quickly manage more complicated inquiries. It allows us to work smarter to assist our customers wherever they are, rather than harder.”

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