Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Here is the Top Three Solutions to Smarten-Up Your Business in India

Operating in a globally competitive world, businesses of today have been hard-pressed to optimise processes, streamline workflow, and achieve unprecedented efficiencies. The emerging technologies of today, especially in the field of data analytics, enterprise communication, and artificial intelligence, are paving the way for businesses growth and optimisation. However, these technologies can be hard to adopt for enterprises of varying scale, lacking the threshold investments or technical know-how. In order to combat such bottle-necks and democratize the reach of cutting-edge business solutions, smart technology providers are offering solutions to help businesses smarten up their processes and be ushered into unprecedented efficiencies. Let’s check them out:

1.       Qlik: Data management & business analytics

It is important for businesses to make sense of important data, and to the same end, Qlik has come up with a smart platform taking care of business intelligence, data management, and analytics. The solutions offered play a crucial role in helping businesses delve deeper into better understanding consumer behaviour. The understanding leads to process improvements and discovery of newer revenue streams for businesses, carefully balancing the risks and rewards.

Qlik has been coming to the aid of businesses through Qlik Sense® Enterprise and Qlik Sense® Cloud. Qlik Sense® Enterprise gives businesses a full-spectrum of flexible and scalable analytics use-cases on a modern multi-cloud platform. Additionally, Qlik Sense® Cloud allows teams or groups to get analytics up and running fast.

The solutions offered by Qlik have been used by well-established and emerging businesses in key verticals like Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, BFSI, amongst others. Present across 100 countries and having services over 48,000 customers, Qlik has services clients like TCS, United Nations, HDFC Life, Lupin Pharmaceuticals and more.

2.       Telebu: Easy One-Stop-Solution for Group Communication

The need for timely and streamlined communications can never be overstates, especially for present day businesses operating in a globalised scenario, spread out to various cities or countries. To the same end, Telebu has built products for enterprise communication, removing any lags or delays.

One of its marquee products, grptalk, supports easy audio conferencing between 3 to 10,000+ participants. Through dial-out calls,  grptalk removes any lags in starting conference calls, enabling participants to connect simply by answering bridge calls, without requiring any passwords or pin-codes. Making use of PSTN network lines, grptalk offers seamless connectivity even in low network coverage areas.

Other solutions by Telebu include bulk text and voice SMS solution, in-bound and out-bound call centre software, emergency alert system, and API platform. Right from start-ups and MSMEs to established conglomerates, Telebu has been catering to enterprise communication needs of every enterprise.

3.       Haptik: Automating customer support and lead generation

Chat messaging has emerged as one of the new-age and preferred ways for businesses to connect with their young customer base. With Haptik, businesses can drive AI-powered conversations with their customers. Leveraging conversational AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, Haptik automates customer service for brands, addresses crucial queries and concerns in real-time to extend an enhanced experience. The solutions provided by Haptik allow brands to better engage with users, collect feedback, and generate more leads.

The SDK by Haptik can be easily integrated with any business to begin with conversational AI for automating customer support, escalation, feedbacks, and more. Presently, the solutions by Haptik have reached over 30 million devices, processing AI conversations for established clients like Coca Cola, Samsung, HDFC Life, and more.

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