Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Amplify.ai’s Conversational AI Platform Drives Engagement on Facebook Messenger During Poll Counting

Displaying the unparalleled capabilities of AI Chat Assistants, Amplify.ai, the industry’s first enterprise-class conversational AI platform, has driven more than 30 million engagements over the social media during the LokSabha poll counting day, i.e. 23rd of May, 2019. These engagements were conducted on behalf of the Top-4 media houses in India.

As many as 30 million news updates were delivered to 4.39 million unique users by Amplify.ai on the 23rd of May. The AI-based approach helped in the personalization of news updates, thereby driving superlative engagement during poll counting. It translated into 9 lakh comments and 5.78 lakh messages, which are 2.3 and 3.5 times the average respectively. The news channels that had deployed Amplify.ai’s conversational AI solution were able to draw traction from 3.58 lakh unique users (2.1x of the average). Similarly, 2.11 lakh unique users (3.5x of the average) had messaged during the counting period.

Kartik Walia, India Operations Head, Amplify.ai said, “The world’s largest democracy has just experienced a historic election - with the highest ever participation by women voters.

The revelry of this grand festival of democracy has well and truly been evident over the social media. They ultimately became the epicenter of all digital activities as people were able to do both, receive live updates as well as engage with others to share their thoughts and opinions. We believe that this is the true spirit of democracy and are grateful that we were able to play an integral role in this development.”

According to Amplify.ai, the people’s response to the LokSabha results has been affirmative as about 200K congratulatory interactions took place during the poll count. This includes comments, reactions, and messages sent by the users consuming the news. Similarly, female engagement on the conversational platform was also in line with the higher female voter turnout on the ground.

Amplify.ai’s Conversational AI platform supports multiple languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Bangla, and more. Its chat assistants have been deployed by publishing companies like Zee News Hindi, Zee News English, WION, DNA, NW18 – English, Hindi + Regional Languages,The Quint,  ABP Live, ABP News and ABP Majha alongside others.Till date, Amplify.ai has catered to more than 200 million end-users and has successfully driven over 3 billion consumer engagements.

The deployed AI assistants leverage machine learning to analyse the implicit and explicit inputs of the users. This enables them to target curated content to the users and as a result, they directly increase users’ overall engagement and the time spent on individual stories - with as much as 75% more returning users.

This LokSabha season, the user adoption has been beyond expectations and has displayed the proclivity of users to consume personalized communications. Perhaps, it has pointed towards the future potential of such AI assistants across a number of market applications including Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and so on. This development will eliminate bottlenecks – including scalability- and precision-related challenges – from the market, thereby unlocking new avenues of growth and productivity throughout the world.

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