Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Drools Pet Food Unveils Ambitious Initiatives To Elevate Pet Healthcare Services In India

·         Launch the ‘Vet Thrive’, a vet clinic upgradation scheme, with a substantial investment of INR 25 crore to enhance veterinary clinics nationwide

·         Expands into the Small Animal Pharmaceutical business with the introduction of 'Drools Veterinary Health’

Drools Pet Food Pvt. Ltd., India's leading pet food brand, has announced two transformative initiatives that are poised to redefine the landscape of pet healthcare services and veterinary practices across the nation.

Drools has introduced ‘Drools Vet Thrive’, a vet clinic upgradation scheme, a visionary initiative designed to elevate pet healthcare services nationwide. With a substantial investment of INR 25 crores, this pioneering initiative is set to reshape the landscape of pet healthcare services and veterinary practices across India, marking a significant milestone in the commitment to animal welfare and well-being.

This comprehensive scheme aims to elevate pet healthcare services by deploying state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced diagnostic instruments and surgical gear, across veterinary clinics in India. It also equips veterinarians with cutting-edge tools, ensuring the delivery of superior care to pets.

In another strategic diversification, Drools is venturing into the Small Animal Pharmaceutical arena with the launch of 'Drools Veterinary Health.' The launch was facilitated by Malika Arora at the Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Association (FASAVA) Congress 2023, one of the biggest Veterinary events held at Hotel Westin Mumbai.

Dr. Shashank Sinha, CEO and Veterinarian at Drools Pet Food Pvt. Ltd., “At Drools, we are deeply committed to the holistic well-being of pets. Our 'Drools Vet Clinic Upgradation Scheme' and the launch of 'Drools Veterinary Health' highlight our unwavering dedication to enhancing pet healthcare and providing pets with the best possible care. By extending these enhancements to veterinary clinics nationwide, we are ensuring that pet parents across the country can access top-tier pet healthcare services. The introduction of 'Drools Veterinary Health’ underscores Drools' dedication to comprehensive pet care and underscores our vision to become a holistic partner within the pet healthcare ecosystem. Both of our pioneering initiatives are designed to ensure that our furry companions receive the care, attention, and love they truly deserve.”

President of Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai (PPAM), Dr Dhananjay Bapat, said, “Drools is spearheading the liaison of India's pet care and vet services with the international veterinary community. This is a crucial step in India's journey to achieve global standards in pet care. By collaborating with international organizations such as FASAVA and WSAVA, Drools is not only providing Indian veterinarians with access to the latest global best practices but also enabling them to learn from and share knowledge with their international counterparts.”

Applauding this initiative, Dr. S Yathiraj, President, Pet Practitioners Association of Karnataka (PPAK) and former Dean of Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Bangalore, states, “The need to improve veterinary services in India is critical, and Drools is playing a vital role in making this happen. The company's initiatives are helping to address and improve access to care for animals and raise awareness about the importance of veterinary care. This is having a positive impact on pet welfare, public health, and the economy. I commend Drools for its commitment to improving veterinary services in India."

Drools has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, balanced, and nutritious pet food, consistently setting industry standards in pet care and nutrition. As a brand synonymous with quality, Drools is committed to fostering healthier, happier lives for pets and their owners.

About Drools:

Drools, India’s only MNC pet food company was established in 2010 by Fahim Sultan and is the flagship brand of DROOLS PET FOOD PRIVATE LIMITED.  Set up in 2009 to focus on nutrition, health and welfare of pets, Drools was born to bridge a gap and ensure that all pets received the right kind of clean ingredients with wholesome balanced nutrition. The production of pet food for dogs and cats began in 2010 and Drools today, is one of the fastest growing pet food brands in South Asia with large product ranges developed with international quality standards. 

Export led growth has been a dominant paradigm for Drools and the company has seen exponential growth in the last decade. The first consignment of Drools Daily Nutrition Dry Dog Food and Dry Cat Food was exported to Sri Lanka in the year 2012 and then to Kathmandu, Nepal within the same year.

At present Drools exports to 22+ countries and some select countries in the African continents. What started as a bare minimum product line has now expanded to Premium Dog Food, Economy Brand Packs, Treats, Supplements in addition to Dry Dog and Cat Food.

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