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Geoscientists, Engineers To Network In Society Of Petroleum Geo-physicists 14th Biennial International conference And Expo At Kochi

Globally reputed geoscientists and engineers to network in society of petroleum geophysicists* (SPG**), the 14th edition is scheduled to take place from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2023 at the Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre (LBICC) in Kochi, Kerala. This event is expected to draw over 2000 participants, including more than 100 foreign delegates and over 700 Indian delegates.

Director Exploration, ONGC & patron SPG-India, Ms. Sushma Rawat will inaugurate the three-day event. Dr. V P Joy, IAS (Retd.), Former Chief Secretary, Kerala, as the Chief Guest, MD-ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL), Mr. Rajarshi Gupta, Executive Director, ONGC & President SPG-India, Mr. Vishal Shastri, CEO- European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)-Netherlands, Mr.  Marcel Robert Van Loon, Board Member & Director at Large, Mr. Constantine Tsingas, Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)-USA will also be present.

The conference seeks to address the complex challenges of balancing ‘Energy Affordability’, ‘Energy Reliability’, and ‘Environmental Sustainability’, often referred to as the ‘Energy Trilemma'. The current edition of the conference SPG 2023, has been convened to explore the pivotal theme of the conference "New Age Geosciences: A Fulcrum for Energy Trilemma".

Dignitaries on the dais

The theme is very apt in the current scenario and presents extraordinary challenges and opportunities that hold the potential to shape the trajectory of India's energy landscape.

India's journey towards energy sustainability is at a crossroads. Our nation, with its burgeoning population and growing demands, stands as a critical player in the global energy landscape. The pathway ahead is complex, demanding that we address the ‘Energy Trilemma’ – a trio of challenges that often pull us in opposing directions, effectively.

"New Age Geosciences" represent the fulcrum upon which we balance these ambitions. The strides made in geoscience hold the promise of unveiling innovative solutions that harmonize our aspirations.

The SPG conference has become an apex level event over the past three decades, showcasing contemporary benchmarks and breakthroughs in petroleum sciences, technological innovations and emerging trends.  SPG-2023 to be held in Kochi is expected to continue this tradition of excellence.

Geoscientists, researchers, academicians and professionals from across the globe will participate and hold interactive sessions to foster future advancements and applications in the field.

SPG 2023 shall emerge as a beacon of collaboration, where geoscientists, policymakers, industry leaders, and visionaries shall unite to navigate the ‘trilemma’ and deliberate how the fusion of "New Age Geosciences" can help tackle the intricacies of the "Energy Trilemma."

Director (Exploration), Ms. Sushma Rawat said “Exploration in India is in an interesting phase with the opening up of substantial No Go areas which is emerging as a big opportunity for national energy security. We look forward to various networking discussions with globally renowned Geoscientists and engineers in this SPG which will enable us to collectively leverage the opportunities available now in Indian sedimentary basins.”

MD OVL, Mr. Rajarshi Gupta added “In this era of global political challenges, it is essential that conferences like SPG serve as a platform for in-depth discussions, collaboration, and the exploration of solutions to address the Energy Trilemma's three dimensions. I am eagerly anticipating engaging conversations and interactions with industry experts, emerging talents, and seasoned veterans at the SPG conferences.

MD (OVL) Rajarshi Gupta addressing the event

Highlights of SPG 2023

·         SPG 2023 features over 24 technical sessions with presentations from leading professionals and domain experts. A special technical session in Hindi is included, along with a theme session and several invited lectures.

·         As a pre-conference programme, there are nineteen continuing education (CE) courses on current topics led by renowned faculty available for registration.

·         The conference includes a dynamic business programme, “Meet the Industry" session for vendors to interact with Indian exploration players, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations.

·         Expo: The event also offers a platform for national and international Exploration and Production (E&P) companies and vendors to showcase state-of-the-art technologies, products, and services.

·         Geological Field Trip: Participants can join a pre-conference geological field excursion to explore coastal sedimentary in south Kerala and discuss the geological evolution of the Kerala Basin.

·         Students' Programme: SPG is holding industry-academia meet, and a technical program for students to attract new talent to geosciences. The program includes a mastermind quiz and an extempore competition.

Geoscientists, industry professionals, students and enthusiasts are invited to register for the programme at or contact +91 1352752088 for  assistance.

*Geophysics is the non-invasive investigation of subsurface conditions through measuring, analyzing and interpreting physical fields at the surface. It employs physical methods at the surface or above the earth or through borehole to measure the physical properties of the subsurface, along with their anomalies. These properties include; dielectric, susceptibility, density, wave velocity, resistivity, elastic, permittivity.

Application of Geophysics

Exploration for oil, gas, coal, minerals, geo-engineering, groundwater investigations, geohazards identifications ,grban studies, geologic mapping, archaeology, civil engineering / non-destructive testing (NDT), landfill investigations, unexploded ordnance detection and characterization.

Society of petroleum Geophysicists, (SPG), India

In 1992, a group of Indian geophysicists in Dehradun spawned on the bright idea of forming an association of petroleum geophysicists. From that nucleus, grew SPG to its full glory today. As the society grew it expanded its activities and has developed excellent working relations with other international societies. Today SPG is affiliated to the International society Viz; Society of Exploration Geophysicts (SEG)-USA, European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)-Netherlands and Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG).

The membership of the society grew progressively from a couple of hundred in 1993 to more than 3000 today. 10 regional chapters are constituted including north American chapter of the society at Houston, USA. With the objective of supporting students pursuing geosciences, 18 student chapters are established across various regions in India. These student chapters emerged as an effective means of promoting geosciences as a subject, exposing students to nuances of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation. 

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