Saturday, November 4, 2023

Union Bank Of India Bags “Global Retail Banking Innovation Award, 2023”

Union Bank of India, one of India's largest public sector bank, continues to be recognised by the Global Financial Sector. The latest feather in the cap of the Bank is the award under ‘Best Self-Service Banking’ category bestowed on the Bank at the “Global Retail Banking Innovation Award 2023” held at Singapore. The award by The Digital Banker, a global news, business intelligence and research partner of the worldwide financial services sector recognises the Bank’s conversational banking initiatives – Union Virtual Connect (UVConn), the Bank’s WhatsApp Banking Channel and Union Voice Assistant (UVA), the Bank’s Voice Banking channel.  

Mr. Nitesh Ranjan, Executive Director, Union Bank of India, reiterated the Bank’s resolve to facilitate innovative banking experience and said “Union Bank of India is devoted to extending its digital landscape and implementation of the Government’s EASE agenda. The award exemplifies the Bank’s objective of creating a “Digital Bank within the Bank” and Bank’s commitment to make banking services accessible to all sections of the Society.” 

Mr. Anil Kuril, CTO of the Bank said that “UVConn and UVA are the result of the Bank’s continuous efforts to make banking easy. The award not only validates the Bank’s dedication but also motivates us to continue exploring new horizons in banking, bringing even more innovative & customer centric solutions to the forefront.” 

UVConn offers over 40 various banking services including Account Statement, Deposit Interest Certificate, Debit Card & Credit Card services, Submit Form, 15 G/H, Form 16/16A etc. in 7 different languages to the Bank’s customers. UVConn services can be accessed by sending “Hi” on the Bank’s WhatsApp Business Number 9666606060. 

UVA launched over Amazon Alexa offers customers an innovative way to access banking services from their home via voice commands. Through UVA, the Bank also informs its customers about its latest offers and schemes. UVA benefits customers with disabilities or impairments who find it difficult to use traditional banking channels. 

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