Thursday, May 18, 2023

Leverage Edu’s Co-founder & Global COO, Digvijay Gagneja Presenting UnivalleyOS In London

Leverage Edu, the leading migration-tech platform for higher education, launched Univalley OS, the world's most comprehensive operating system for universities. Univalley OS is a University Saas solution that enables universities to streamline and automate their student recruitment processes, from application assessment to payment tracking to visa issuance.

Univalley OS leverages artificial intelligence to help universities assess applications 10x faster, receive and manage student payments in international currency, and conduct automated credibility interviews powered by AI. Univalley OS also integrates with almost every existing CRM/CMS platform available with universities traditionally and also offers free-of-cost migration for non-compatible softwares.

Akshay Chaturvedi, the Founder and CEO of Leverage Edu, said: "At Leverage, we have had a product-first approach from day zero. We have always been intentional about never building anything for vanity sake. Reverse infact. How to solve for a stakeholder better. How to improve those input line items. How to build a deeper relationship. How to translate into better delight. Etc etc etc. To make student experience increasingly seamless, we have engaged in extensive dialogue with partner universities for the last full year. What we learned was simple: we need to empathise with Universities as much, and solve for them - in an easy, simple, plug-n-play style. And that’s how came together, with my co-founders Digvijay, Aman and their insane teams spending countless hours to build this right up from ground zero to one, I am personally thrilled about everything the students will gain as a result of Universities adopting the Univalley OS." 

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