Tuesday, May 16, 2023

ACC Launches ‘Bagcrete’, A User-Friendly, Pre-Blended Concrete Solution

·         ACC Bagcrete is a proportional blend of high-quality raw materials designed to produce concrete mix

·         A versatile building material that comes in two convenient forms: Dry-Mix and Wet-Mix.

ACC Limited, the cement and building material company of Adani Cement and part of the Adani Group, has been a pioneer in building innovative concrete solutions. The company's ongoing innovation process is consistent with ACC Bagcrete, a proportional balance of premium components produced to generate high quality concrete mix.

The company has added a new product dimension to the building industry with ACC Bagcrete, a hassle-free, smart, and user-friendly concrete solution for all types of construction demands. A stronger, more durable final product is produced as a result of the pre-blended components being meticulously measured to ensure uniform quality.

The product was created to offer the best compressive strength (10 MPa to 80 MPa), exceptional workability retention, and unmatched ease of placement, a trifecta of attributes that set it apart from competing products. In contrast to traditional concrete, which necessitates the mixing of various components on-site, it is a pre-blended mixture of cement, sand, and aggregates. For building projects that call for a quick and effective application method, ACC Bagcrete is ideal.

There are two functional variants of the versatile building material ACC Bagcrete: Dry-Mix and Wet-Mix. The Dry-Mix is pre-blended concrete that may be used right away with just the addition of water. Wet-Mix is pre-mixed, immediately usable concrete that doesn't require any additional mixing before use. This can be especially helpful in places with scarce water supplies or where conventional concrete mixing techniques are impractical. Both kinds of ACC Bagcrete are of exceptional quality and effectiveness. This unique concrete solution is ideal for remote job sites and maintenance projects since it can be easily transported in the form of bags, enhancing productivity.

Mr. Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said "We are dedicated to pursuing product innovations and offering the finest products and services to our customers. We have always strived to create products of the highest calibre in order to meet the varied needs of our customers and assist them in constructing robust structures. ACC Bagcrete is a unique product that not only meets but also exceeds the demands of our customers.”

The prestigious university IIT Bombay has recently reaped significant benefits of using ACC Bagcrete for a special need in its R&D Lab of Civil Engineering Department. The M80 Grade ACC Bagcreate has also been used in various NHPC projects in spillway repairing. ACC Bagcrete is a unique solution that guarantees minimal waste, accelerates construction, and improves longevity with constant quality. In conclusion, dry-mix concrete is a versatile and convenient option for construction projects of all types.

About ACC Limited

ACC Limited is a part of Adani Cement and one of India’s leading producers of cement and ready-mix concrete. It is a member of the Adani Group - the largest and fastest-growing portfolio of diversified sustainable businesses. ACC has 17 cement manufacturing sites, over 84 concrete plants and a nationwide network of channel partners to serve its customers.  With a world-class R&D centre in Mumbai, the quality of ACC’s products and services, as well as its commitment to technological development, make it a preferred brand in building materials. Established in 1936, ACC is counted among the country’s 'Most Sustainable Companies' and is recognised for its best practices in environment management and corporate citizenship. With sustainability at the core of its strategy, ACC is the first Indian Cement Company to sign the Net Zero Pledge with Science Based Targets. 

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