Monday, May 15, 2023

American Tourister Urges To Explore The Unexplored & Challenge One's Own Limits With Its New Campaign, "Born To Cross Boundaries"

American Tourister is a well-known international luggage brand that has stood tall for the past 90 years. With the design ethos of American Tourister bags reflecting vibrant, joyful and trendy backpacks as well as luggages, the brand beckons resilient, efficient, and trendy products. Moreover, it emphasizes on making traveling fun and adventurous. 

The partnership with ace cricketer Virat Kohli, as the brand ambassador of American Tourister has been going strong for the past seven years and the duo have delivered striking and off beat campaigns seamlessly. Like the earlier widely appreciated campaigns, the new campaign encourages travellers to unleash their adventurous side and surpass their inhibitions. 

"Born To Cross Boundaries" - the latest campaign challenges people to embrace the unexplored side of themselves. The campaign aims the audience on a journey that goes beyond their comfort zones and pushes past their personal boundaries, spurring that American Tourister luggage is built to celebrate the spirit of true traveller who is willing to explore and have fun when travelling across world. It doesn’t just recognize the need for luggage which enables people to travel, it goes beyond, which has been beautifully captured in the TVC.

The brand's recent TVC displays colossal mountains, oceans & new cultures bringing a whiff of adventure. It embarks with Virat Kohli plunging into freezing water to bungee jumping from bridges, skilfully playing the Alpine Horn, and donning a skirt, a cultural Scottish outfit. As he dives into these myriad experiences, his fearless and exuberant spirit is witnessed vividly. This new campaign showcases an individual pushing themselves out of their comfort zones & personal boundaries to celebrate their wilderness. It wants them to break their barriers, make discoveries, and indulge in new experiences.  In sum, it wants them to cross their boundaries.

Speaking about the campaign, Jai Krishnan, CEO Samsonite India stated, "American Tourister is truly a global, international and inspirational brand. It goes beyond only recognising the necessity for luggage that can facilitate travel. It inspires individuals to seek out experiences rather than the conventional tourist activity of sight-seeing. This campaign really brings to life this facet of American Tourister. It is a brand designed to honour the spirit of pushing our boundaries and crossing our fear"

Adding to this, Anushree Tainwala, Executive Director - Marketing shared “American Tourister wants  to push people to overcome their own limitations. This film along with Virat Kohli showcases an exploratory and fun attitude, convincing people to push their limits and cross their boundaries wherever they are travelling in the world"

Raj Kamble, Chief Creative Officer of Famous Innovations, said, “Born to Cross the Boundaries' campaign is all about celebrating the emerging culture of going beyond tried and tested things by pushing the limits and experiencing new things. It's a call to action to step out of your comfort zone. We're thrilled to have worked with Virat Kohli and American Tourister to create such an impactful campaign."

The TVCs will be further amplified through an integrated campaign spanning digital, electronic, outdoor, and social media. Truly,  fashionable, cutting edge, swag-worthy luggage bags, American Tourister is a brand for young and adventurous world travellers.

Facts (Name of the agencies):

CREATIVE AGENCY: Famous Innovations

PR AGENCY: Frangipani Communications

Link to the campaign.



About American Tourister:

American Tourister is a well-known international luggage brand that has stood tall for the past 90 years. It is positioned in the midst of the pyramid at the mass premium segment, making it a fine mix of premium and accessible. The brand caters to travellers in search of resilient, efficient, and trendy luggage. American Tourister's marketing positioning in India reinforces its commitment to innovation, design, and quality, and positions the brand trendy, joyful/fun, vibrant routed in values and forever genuine. It is a trustworthy option for travellers who are always at the forefront of exploring new places, satisfying their curiosity and who also looks for genuine brand that offers new innovations.

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