Saturday, March 26, 2022

Queen of Sarees Kankatala Collaborates With Designer Mahitha Prasad To Bring Bespoke Kanchipuram Lehengas This Wedding Season

Legacy brand Kankatala Sarees collaborates with Leading Bridal Designer Mahitha Prasad to bring a unique edition of Bespoke Kanchipuram Lehengas this wedding season. The edition features one-of-a-kind Kanchipuram Lehenga Choli and Dupatta sets created with craftsmanship for Modern Indian Bride. Each Kanchipuram Silk is handpicked by Kankatala family and is designed by Mahitha Prasad making it a dream come true.  

The collection brings with it a limited edition of 20 unique designs and handloom combinations that amalgamate unique Handlooms with Kanchipuram Silk to create an artistic expression. Some Lehengas Choli Sets carry pieces of Maharashtra’s Paithani with Kanchipuram whereas some bring elements of Banarasi Silk. 

The edition will be exhibited in Jayanagar, Bengaluru outlet of Kankatala from 1st April to 3rd April. Queens of Kankatala can not only buy the designs that are already created but also share their vision of their wedding lehenga and Team Mahitha Prasad will create the design with Authentic Handlooms of Kankatala.   

Kankatala has represented the age-old weaving techniques from more than 50 weaving clusters of India for more than 78 years & 3 generations. Known for pioneering trends since 1942, Kankatala has been evolving as per the trends and tastes of their Queens of Kankatala in India and around the world. Mahitha Prasad on the other hand has been known for impeccable designs and has been creating bespoke blouses and wedding wear for her brides since 2016. The collaboration of the two unique entities where Kankatala brings unique handpicked handlooms and Mahitha Prasad brings bespoke designs is extraordinary for the bride-to-be this season. 

The collection is showcased for our Queens of Kankatala EXCLUSIVELY at 11th Main Rd, near Cosmopolitan Club, 4th T Block East, KV Layout, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

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