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PNB Reports Net Profit At Rs. 506 Cr, Gross Global Business At Rs.18,09,587 Cr & Global NIM Improved To 3.09 % In Q3FY21



Global Business of the Bank at Rs. 18,09,587 Crore as on Dec’20 against Rs. 17,90,640 in Dec’19 with a Y-o-Y growth of 1.1%.  

· Global Deposit of the Bank at Rs. 10,82,156 Crore as on Dec’20 against Rs. 10,74,157 in Dec’19 with a Y-o-Y growth of 0.7 %.  

· Domestic CASA Share improved by 277 bps on Y-o-Y basis to 44.66 % in Dec’20. CASA Deposits grew by 6.4 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 4,70,282 Crore in Dec’20.  

· Savings Deposit grew by 8.4 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 3,99,418 Crore as on Dec’20.  

· Gross Global Credit was at Rs. 7,27,432 Crore as on Dec’20 against Rs. 7,16,483 Crore in Dec’19 with a Y-o-Y growth of 1.5 %.  

· Housing loan grew by 6.5 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 83071 Crore in Dec’20.  

· CRAR as per Basel III increased to 13.88 % in Dec’20 from 12.84 % in Sept’20.  

· Operating Profit grew by 13.9 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 6391 Crore in Q3 FY’21.  

· Net Profit for the quarter is at Rs. 506 Crore as on Dec'20 as against Rs 621 crore as on Sept’20.  

· Global NIM increased to 3.09 % in Q3FY21 against 2.49% in Q3FY20.  

· Cost to Income Ratio improved QoQ to 43.38% in Q3FY21 from 47.87% in Q2FY21. 

· Global Cost of Deposits declined to 4.23% in Q3FY21 from 4.48% in Q2FY21.  

· GNPA ratio at 12.99 % in Dec’20 declined by 44 bps from 13.43 % in Sep’20.  

· NNPA ratio at 4.03 % in Dec’20 declined by 72 bps from 4.75 % in Sep’20.  

· Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) including TWO improved by 216 bps to 85.16 % as on Dec’20 from 83.00 % as on Sep’20. 

Business Performance in Key Parameters (as on 31.12.2020)  

❖ Domestic Deposits stood at Rs. 10,52,844 Crore as at the end of Dec’20 as against Rs. 10,55,306 Crore in Dec’19. 

❖ Domestic Advances stood at Rs. 7,04,979 Crore as at the end of Dec’20 as against Rs. 7,00,164 Crore in Dec’19.  

❖ Domestic Business stood at Rs. 17,57,823 Crore as at the end of Dec’20 as against Rs. 17,55,470 Crore in Dec’19.  

❖ Savings Deposit stood at Rs. 3,99,418 Crore as on Dec’20 and Current Deposit was at Rs 70,864 crore. 

Priority Sector  

❖ Mandated Credit under National Goal achieved by the Bank in all parameters i.e. Priority Sector 40%, Agriculture 18%, Credit to Small and Marginal Farmers 8% and Credit to Weaker Section 10%.  

❖ Achievement under Priority sector Credit is 42.4% at Rs. 2,84,122 Crore as on Dec’20.  

❖ Achievement under Agriculture is 18.59% at Rs. 1,24,549 Crore as on Dec’20.  

❖ Credit to Small and Marginal farmers target is 8.01% at Rs. 53,623 Crore as on Dec’20.  

❖ Achievement under Credit to Weaker Sections is 11.04% at Rs. 73,933 Crore as on Dec’20. 


❖ Net Interest Income grew YoY by 28.0% to Rs 8,313 crore during Q3FY21 and by 22.4% to Rs 23,539 crore during 9M FY ‘21. 

❖ Total Income stood at Rs 23,299 crore during Q3FY21 and at Rs 71,030 crore during 9M FY ‘21.  

❖ Total Expenditure declined by 10.9% to Rs 16,908 crore during Q3FY21 and by 5.0% to Rs 53,684 crore during 9M’21. 

❖ Operating Profit grew by 7.5% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 17,346 Crore in 9M’21. 

Efficiency Ratios  

❖ Global Yield on Advances was at 7.72% in Q3FY21 against 7.88% in Q3FY20.  

❖ Global Cost of Deposits declined to 4.23% in Q3FY21 from 5.19% in Q3FY20 and 4.48% in Q2FY21. 

Asset Quality  

❖ Gross Non Performing Assets (GNPA) has declined to Rs. 94479 Crore as on Dec’20 from Rs. 96314 Crore as on Sep’20.  

❖ Net Non Performing Assets (NNPA) has declined to Rs. 26598 Crore as on Dec’20 from Rs. 30920 Crore as on Sep’20.  

❖ Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) excluding TWO improved to 71.85% as on Dec’20 from 67.90% as on Sep’20 and 58.25% on Dec’19. Credit Cost stood at 2.05% in Dec’20. 

Distribution Network  

❖ 10925 branches (1967 Metro, 2294 Urban, 2742 Semi-Urban & 3922 Rural). 2 Overseas branches at Hong Kong and Dubai.  

· 13914 ATMs.  

· 12346 BCs 

Capital Adequacy  

❖ CRAR as on December, 2020 improved to 13.88%. Out of which, Tier-I CRAR is 10.90%, CET-I is 10.12% and Tier-II CRAR is 2.98% as on Dec’20.  

· Bank has raised Rs. 3,000 Crore Capital through Tier-II Bonds during Q3 FY 21.  

· Bank has raised Capital through AT 1 bonds of Rs. 495 crore in Jan’ 2021. 


❖ Mobile Banking users crossed 96 lakh and Internet Banking users crossed 250 Lakh. UPI transactions increased YoY by 23% to 70.18 Crore.  

❖ POS installed increased YoY by 31% to 1,09,266. 

❖ Bharat/BHIM QR Code installed increased to 4,53,859. 

Financial Inclusion  

❖ Amount mobilized under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana stood as below: Particulars As on 31.12.2020 Accounts opened under PMJDY (No. in Lakh) 394 Amount mobilized (Average Balance – Amt in Rs.) 4021  

❖ Enrollment under PMJJBY, PMSBY & APY:- (No. in Lakh) JANSURAKSHA SCHEME ENROLLMENT UP TO DEC’20 Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) 33.1 Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) 147.8 Atal Pension Yojana (APY) 13.9 

Amalgamation Update  

Integration of all major applications/systems like CBS, ATM switch, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking has been successfully completed.  

❖ 174 surround applications have been made live.  

❖ Payment system integration of NEFT/RTGS, IMPS, UPI, NACH/ECS, BHIM has been completed.  

❖ Best fit digital solutions of PNB, e-OBC and e-UNI rolled out to all bank customers upon migration: Internet Banking (Retail & Corporate), PNB One, UPI, PIHU, M- Passbook, Tab Banking. 

New Initiatives Undertaken  

❖ Gram Sampark Abhiyan – (Launched on 2nd October 2020): 11 Lakh customers contacted in around 30000 camps with increased Credit sanctions, digital on-boarding and Enrolment for Social Security.  

❖ Launch of Digital Lending Solution-PNB LenS: Bank has /customized IT based Loan Management System i.e. PNB LenS (The Lending Solution) to speed up and maintain consistency in underwriting standards in loan processing and sanctioning of credit proposals.  

❖ To accelerate the growth of forex business, Bank launched Trade Finance Redefined Portal. Fx-Retail portal is also being popularized for direct access to Interbank market. ❖ Fintech Initiative: PNB joins hands with IIT Kanpur to set up Fintech Innovation Centre to conduct research and develop technological solutions for addressing the challenges & explore opportunities in BFSI gamut. 

Awards and Accolades  

❖ ET-BFSI Excellence Awards 2020- Most Innovative Public Sector Bank of the Year. ❖ IBA Banking Technology Award 2020 – Winner of the Most Innovative Project Using Technology - PNBOne  

❖ DSCI Excellence Award 2020 under the Category “Security Leader of the Year Banking”  

❖ IBA Banking Technology Awards 2020 - Runner Up in Best Use of Data and Analytics for Business Outcome in Large Bank Category 

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