Friday, August 18, 2023

Yulu Partners With Zepto To Scale Green Hyperlocal Deliveries

*  Yulu’s convenient shared electric two-wheeler rental service, powered by Yuma Energy’s vast battery charging and swapping network, will address the hyperlocal delivery category’s need for quicker turnaround times.

*  The partnership underlines the commitment of both companies to support and enhance green deliveries across the country.

*  Yulu aims to deploy 20,000 shared DeX EVs for Zepto’s delivery partners under the partnership.

Yulu, India’s largest shared electric two-wheeler mobility player, today announced a partnership with Zepto, India’s fastest growing e-grocery service. The association will expand Yulu’s presence in the fast-growing hyperlocal delivery category in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurugram, while enabling Zepto to move to an all-electric vehicle fleet and maximise green deliveries.

The partnership will see Yulu deploying 20,000 next-generation shared DeX EVs for Zepto’s delivery partners. This will create sustainable livelihoods for these partners, especially those who don’t have a driving license or a vehicle of their own. Under the terms of the synergistic partnership, Yulu and Zepto will promote each other’s products and services across offline and online touchpoints. By using Yulu’s affordable and shared mobility services, these riders will be empowered to earn and save more. The association is also expected to encourage more women to choose delivery as a profession. 

Mr. Pradeep Puranam, Head – Revenue and Operations at Yulu, said, “We are elated to announce our association with Zepto. Partnerships like these reaffirm Yulu’s commitment to powering green and sustainable deliveries across the country. Our full-stack micro-mobility solution improves operational efficiencies for hyperlocal logistics companies and lowers their delivery costs, while simultaneously unlocking better livelihoods and earnings for their delivery partners. We look forward to jointly working with Zepto to make hyperlocal deliveries greener, smarter, and more inclusive.”

Vikas Sharma, COO of Zepto said, “At Zepto, we are committed to building next-generation last-mile delivery- a model rooted in opportunity, efficiency and sustainability. Our operations have been true to this promise since day 1. A majority of Zepto deliveries now are powered by environment-friendly vehicles. Partnerships like these not only help us further this effort but also help bring in a workforce by providing them with vehicles, thereby increasing employability. We are excited to unlock the next milestone in sustainable deliveries with Yulu.

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