Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Sip Of Freedom: Uravu Labs Releases Limited-Edition 'FromAir™' Water Bottles On Independence Day

* 1947 bottles have been crafted from the air, perfected by tech and enriched with minerals  

Uravu Labs, a cleantech startup that converts air into water with the help of desiccant materials, has launched their limited edition water bottles called ‘FromAirTM’ to mark the occasion of Indian Independence Day. The campaign #PouringChange is designed and conceptualized to attract awareness about groundwater exploitation and climate change and to shift focus towards sustainable solutions and technology to help create an impact. This launch date holds symbolic significance, coinciding with Indian Independence Day.

Uravu Labs unveiled 1947 special edition bottles to pay homage to the year of India's independence. 1947 bottles will be presented in 649 uniquely designed boxes as a curated set of three, priced at INR 750. The set will comprise one 750 ml alkaline beverage bottle and two 750 ml mineral-rich water-based beverage bottles. Each Freedom Edition box qualifies as a collector's item due to its unique historical connection and exclusivity. This arrangement not only offers a comprehensive hydration experience but also signifies the diversity of their water solutions.

To facilitate seamless access, these water bottles will be exclusively available for purchase through the Uravu Labs website. This digital platform ensures a direct and efficient channel for acquiring these special edition bottles. Uravu Labs plans to conclude all sales within a timeline of a week or 15 days from the official launch date of the 14th of August.

Hailing from Bangalore, Uravu Labs has emerged as a frontrunner in reshaping the water industry by crafting sustainable water solutions and utilizes its award-winning technology, which harnesses the inexhaustible potential of atmospheric moisture and renewable energy, to engineer a sustainable product- high-quality 100% renewable drinking water. The atmosphere holds a staggering six times more water than all of the world's rivers combined, replenishing naturally every 8-10 days. Uravu Labs' innovative desiccant-powered technology harnesses this renewable atmospheric moisture, transforming it into water through a series of steps involving absorption and desorption while using solar or bioenergy as the energy source. Through this launch, Uravu Labs plans to embark on a journey of sustainable hydration and reimagine a future from the exploitation of traditional groundwater sources, all through their pioneering water From Air™ solution.

Speaking about the launch, Swapnil Shrivastav, Co-Founder, Uravu Labs, said, "In the spirit of celebrating Independence Day and the pursuit of advancements for a sustainable future, we are thrilled to introduce the limited-edition bottles. These bottles symbolize the fusion of our commitment to innovation, the preciousness of independence, and our dedication to sustainable practices. With each drop, we envision a world where we move away from groundwater exploitation and depletion, embracing a future where water is sourced from the air we breathe. This Independence Day, let us raise a toast to progress, freedom, and the promise of air-essential hydration."

Founded in 2019 by Swapnil Shrivastav, Venkatesh R, Govinda Balaji, and Pardeep Garg, Uravu Labs is deeply committed to developing an innovative atmospheric water generator that operates entirely on renewable principles. Noteworthy players in the beverage domain like AB InBev and Radico Khaitan are among the clientele already secured by Uravu Labs, with further outreach planned for the Indian, South East Asian, and Japanese markets. Uravu Labs has also ventured into the hospitality industry to upend water consumption and make the sector more sustainable and counts Roxie; an Italian-themed craft house and The Leela; an Indian 5-star luxury hotel chain, and other premium cafes in Bangalore like Garden City Beer Collective as its customers. 

About Uravu Labs:

Uravu Labs is a Bangalore-based startup on a mission to build sustainable water solutions for the climate adaptation era. It’s a cross-functional team of scientists, engineers, and designers pushing boundaries of innovation and creativity to conceive a new kind of 100% renewable water infrastructure which utilizes inexhaustible atmospheric moisture and renewable energy to produce high quality drinking water. Using the potential of technology and design, the company aims to deliver measurable environmental and social impact by transforming how humanity sources and distributes high-quality drinking water that is accessible to all.

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