Friday, August 18, 2023

Kaleesuwari's New Commercial Rolls Out A Special Offer With Nykaa

Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited has released a 25-second TV commercial in Kannada and Tamil. First-of-its-kind offer from Kaleesuwari group offers its customers a Rs 300 worth Nykaa Voucher on the purchase of 5L Gold Winner jar. The video, which features a mother-daughter duo explains the unique offer while purchasing a 5L Gold Winner Jar. 

The video starts off with the daughter, holding a phone in hand, asking the mom if she is ready. The mother seated with a kitchen background asks if she could share a beauty tip which no one has shared so far. She then goes on to reveal that with every purchase of Gold Winner 5 L jar, Rs 300/- worth of Nykaa gift vouchers would be given. While the daughter looks absolutely thrilled with the offer, the mother explains how the label should be peeled for the unique code, the QR code on the label should be scanned and details should be entered to receive the Nykaa Voucher code via SMS. Customers can visit Nykaa’s website or App to redeem the same, she adds. The video ends with the mother and daughter celebrating saying they could purchase makeup and dress items from Nykaa.  

The offer, available for purchases made in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala is a limited Period offer. 

Elaborating on the offer, Tyron Doll, Vice President – Marketing, Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited said, “Gold Winner is happy to announce this value-addition offer. The relationship of Gold Winner, a mother-daughter duo engaging in a candid conversation brings about the essence of a deep bond that the duo share. We at the house of Kaleesuwari also aim at developing a long-lasting bond with consumers. Now with Nykaa’s association, I’m very sure that every household would opt for this exclusive offer.”  

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