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Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Numbers Cross 20,000 And Counting

* Emirati Purser is the airline’s longest serving cabin crew with 36+ years of service

* Emirates is hosting global cabin crew recruitment events across 6 continents

They say the journey is just as important as the destination and Emirates couldn’t agree more. At the heart of its customer journey are exceptional cabin crew who deliver the airline’s signature inflight experience at 38,000 feet.

Emirates’ cabin crew team recently crossed a milestone and are now 20,000-strong as the airline continues to recruit cabin crew globally to meet its planned growth trajectory. Emirates employs around 800 cabin crew members from India across its network.

Since 2022, the airline has hosted recruitment events in 340 cities across 6 continents – truly reflecting the diversity of its cabin crew team and the destinations it serves.

The instantly recognisable Emirates cabin crew uniform has undergone four transformations in three decades, including a design by the legendary Spanish designer Paco Rabanne in 1997. The airline has consistently kept the iconic beige, and the subtle modern tweaks have stayed true to the elegant and classic style the uniform has echoed over the years.

Loving the flying – Emirates’ long serving crew

Two cabin crew who’ve worn most of these uniform variations include the airline’s longest serving cabin crew – a male Emirati purser who joined in 1987, and the longest serving female cabin crew, who joined the airline in 1994.

Moosa Mubarak, Emirati Purser and Emirates’ longest serving cabin crew, said: ‘I’ve flown as Emirates’ cabin crew for 36 years on over 3,500 flights. Even now, after all these years, I’m always keen and excited to start my duty onboard. Mentoring my crew colleagues and serving as an ambassador for Emirates and my country is what I am most proud of. I have had a long and successful career, incredible experiences and have made mind-blowing memories doing exactly what I love.’

Diverse cabin crew team, now 20,000 strong

In a diverse team representing over 140 nationalities with 130 languages spoken, and an office with views from 38,000 feet and different cities each week, the allure and ever-changing nature of the job continues to nurture and challenge Emirates' cabin crew to reach their full potential.

Many crew have long been a part of Emirates’ growth story with over 4,000 crew serving between 5–9 years; close to 3,000 serving between 10–14 years; over 1,500 crew serving 15–19 years; and some 400 crew members having crossed the milestone of 20 years of service. Three crew members have been with the airline for more than 30 years.

Career progression opportunities for cabin crew include upgrading to a higher cabin, becoming a cabin supervisor, trainer or purser. Today the airline has over 1,100 pursers who have moved through the ranks from junior cabin crew, after successfully completing rigorous training and assessments.

Cabin crew also have access to the latest training programmes, LinkedIn courses and the opportunity to apply for internal vacancies throughout the Emirates Group.

Seeking global talent

Revving up for its next growth phase, the airline will host global recruitment events covering hundreds of cities all year round.

Emirates’ cabin crew truly embody a cosmopolitan lifestyle as they’re based in Dubai, a vibrant city home to 200 nationalities, and renowned for its hotels, restaurants, food scene, leisure activities and for being one of the safest cities in the world.

Emirates offers cabin crew a competitive, tax-free salary and flying pay, eligibility for profit share, hotel stay, layover expenses, concessional travel and cargo, annual leave, annual leave ticket, furnished accommodation, transportation to and from work, excellent medical, life and dental insurance coverage, laundry services and other benefits. Emirates cabin crew can also benefit from the airline’s deeply discounted tickets for friends and family. With Dubai’s unique geographical position and the airline’s network of over 130 destinations, creating memories with loved ones is simply a plane ride away.

All new cabin crew undergo an intense 8 weeks of training in the highest standards of hospitality, safety and service delivery in Emirates' state-of-the-art facility in Dubai. Not to mention the invaluable transferable life skills gained by working with a diverse crew community while experiencing new destinations and cultures across the Emirates network.

Emirates uniform

Did you know?

The beige of Emirates’ uniform represents the golden sands of the UAE.

The cream coloured Emirates scarf with 7 pleats represents the 7 emirates of the UAE.

1,627,000 metres of fabric, 153,000kms of thread and 1,815,000 buttons go into making uniforms for 20,000 Emirates cabin crew.

About Emirates

Emirates’ 37 years in India have been defined by progressive investment, partnership, and growth. In October 1985, Emirates launched flights from Dubai to Delhi and Mumbai which formed the base of its initial route network. Since then, Emirates has grown its India operations to serve a total of nine destinations across India – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram. For more information on Emirates’ current operations, network, travel support, guidance, customer, and employee safety, visit 

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