Friday, September 16, 2022

Engineers Set To Shape A New Era of Frontier Technologies Including AI And Web3: CoinSwitch CEO

Indian engineers and product builders have a rich history of simplifying complex technologies for common users. This is the Indian school of product building.

We can see this theme in multiple industries: The ISRO engineers have built a homegrown space industry of great utility to the common person cost-efficiently; builders of Aadhaar leveraged complex technologies like biometric authentication to simplify pain problems like identity verification. UPI made peer-to-peer and peer-to-merchant payments so easy and seamless.

Today, a new generation of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Web3 is upon us. While these frontier technologies are evolving rapidly in the West, I firmly believe that technologies such as Web3 can truly reach its potential if they go through the Indian rigour of simplifying the complexities.

India’s unmatched talent density, internet adoption, and public digital infrastructure place us in a sweet spot to lead this technology revolution.

Over the next decade, I see Indian engineers and product builders simplifying Web3 and shaping it to solve unique user problems. As its real-world utility rises, so are the solutions to many problem statements solved by developers with an engineering background. What we do today will be foundational to the new internet. Hopefully, tomorrow’s Amazon and Google will be built in India.

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