Friday, September 16, 2022

Fanzart Launches The Jazzy Handcrafted Woody Exotica In India

The ubiquitous fans are no more just functional contraptions. Their design and colour also add to the beauty of your interiors. Modern interiors now accord the pride of place to the omnipresent fans, each not only coming with innovative functional modes but also packing in beauty where they serve as the highlight in the space.

Fanzart leading luxury fan designers and manufacturers amply recognises this, bringing to the discerning customer models that pack in astounding features, both in physical form as well as functionality. In keeping with this intent, Fanzart launches yet another beauty, adding to its fabulous catalogue of designer fans. The Jazz, a contemporary themed designer fan structured with handcrafted wooden blades is as jazzy as its name indicates.

Contemporary Design

Designed on a wavy triangular note, the blades of Jazz come in light beech colour with the option of customising it in a mindboggling 3600 shades besides the natural woody finish. The centre of the fan comes with metallic cover that adds to the sturdy yet sleek look. The functional quotient of Jazz certainly meets premium expectations, accommodating the unique summer-winter feature. The fans are tailor made to suit any contemporary space, be it the living area, dining, bedroom, patio, home office.

Speaking on the latest launch, Tarun Lala, Director & Co-Founder, Fanzart, “Fans in interiors have transformed from being a mere functional element to becoming a decorative piece, almost an artistic statement in the interior. Meeting this new concept is our latest launch, Jazz, yet another feather in our cap in the range of fans we offer. Jazz brings in unmatched finesse in design along with supreme functional standards. This top range fan serves as a fitting tribute to a contemporary woody interior, accentuating the beauty of the space with its presence.”

Operated by remote, the 52 inch Jazz comes in four delectable avatars of Mediterranean, Transitional, Minimalistic and Coastal. It is powered by a brushless DC motor that reduces power usage by 70 per cent besides making the fan perfectly whisper quiet.

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