Friday, September 16, 2022

Housejoy 2.0 To Reinvent Itself As A Niche Model In Design, Construct And Maintain Segment

Housejoy, a Bengaluru based start-up, once again raised the bar with an innovative and brand-new model for India’s most leading IRC company (Interior, Renovation, Construction and Maintenance), to become a one-stop shop for all your home construction needs.  The company have seen a potential growth and demand in this construction sector post covid this led to re-invent itself in Design, Construct and Maintain segment. With this new niche model company will be continuing its’ pioneering and trend-setting endeavor to transform the customer experience and will be expanding its base to multiple cities in tier 2 and 3 cities.

The construction business in India had affected severely during the pandemic. Housejoy has also encountered many challenges during pandemic and had to limit their business. During the pandemic and with work from home scenarios many people have come up with renovating, re-designing and build better place to work at home itself. Thus, this gave an opportunity for the business like this to reinvent themselves.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanchit Gaurav, CEO – Housejoy: “Housejoy ever since its existence has been a pioneer in innovation and setting trends for project management consultancy business. With this new model we want to bring the best construction practice in the industry, wherein our customers can avail end to end solutions and full transparency in building their dream homes. With a simple and concise new model, we aim to rebuild the trust among our customers. Housejoy not only improves the convenience of the customers in all the stages of building their dream home but accelerates the trust and confidence towards us”.

What’s New in ‘Housejoy 2.0’?

The new model Design, Construct and Maintain, the company is creating a one-stop destination for home construction for all the customers right from the plan approval to handover. It gives customer to be the in-charge of all the process as there will be no stage payments, no escrows, one can do payments as you go on. This will help customers to spend less and save more. The company wants to convey a message to its customer that ‘We’re All About Options’ and the customers get any kind of house, designs, materials sourced from any part of the India through the company. Housejoy 2.0 guarantees absolute transparency in all the stages for you.

Currently the company is focusing on the completion of all the long-standing projects. Housejoy’s breakthrough technology platform for sales, CRM, Project management & monitoring, Consumer App, CCTV accesses, Material management platform, Vendor platform, CONQUEST platform helps its customers to build their dream house.100% Fintech Support through FINZY, LIQUILOANS & RU Loans. Housejoy also offers Legal support for any unforeseen events incidents during the entire project phase, evaluations etc.  Remuneration from the customers will be taken partially and in stages by Housejoy.

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