Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Figaro, India’s Favourite Olive Oil, Unveils Premium Baby Care Product

•         The Goodness of Olive Oil enriched with Vitamin E makes Figaro Baby a distinguished offering

•         The all-new product is dermatologically tested and free of parabens and mineral oil, making it perfectly suitable for baby skin

Figaro Olive Oil, one of India’s most beloved brands, celebrates the announcement of its entry into a new product category with Figaro Baby. This all-new product – Figaro Baby Massage Oil – is dermatologically tested and specially designed for a baby's delicate skin to improve skin hydration. The oil is developed with an all-natural formulation that nourishes and makes the skin soft.

A recent survey conducted by the National Library of Medicine found that babies who were massaged with olive oil had better-moisturized skin than those who received dry massages, which led to charred skin. Massages have always been a quintessential part of a child’s early stages, which can contribute to the strengthening of a baby's muscles while creating a stronger bond between the mother and the baby.

With a deep understanding of consumer needs and keeping their needs in mind, Figaro is now paving its way into baby care. Figaro’s latest launch fulfils the skincare needs of a newborn baby through a product made with the Goodness of Olive Oil, enriched with Vitamin E, thereby keeping the skin healthy and moisturized.

“In India, Figaro Olive Oil continues to be a popular choice for consumers across the country, and now we are incredibly excited to be launching Figaro Baby Care. Figaro Baby is focused on reaching a much wider demographic of consumers—mothers who are looking for a brand and product they can trust with transparency and high-quality standards.” said Siladitya Sarangi – Country Manager at Figaro.

He added, "Massage not only has health benefits but is also a traditional practice passed down to generations, especially in Indian households." "Figaro is ready to extend its legacy into a new category, delivering the best care to babies."

Figaro baby will be available in 100ml, 200ml, and 400ml, priced at INR 199, 375, and 699, respectively.

About Figaro:

Figaro Olive Oil has been celebrating the goodness of olive oil for more than a century, and what a glorious journey it has been. It all began in 1919 when the Figaro brand was formed by a firm called Brugier y Trujillo that specialized in producing and selling olive oil, olives, and olive oil soap.

The founders were Euvaldo Martinez Brugier, a Sevillian trader, and Rafael Trujillo, who specialized in olive and olive oil sales. Rafael was also known as one of the best olive oil tasters of his time. Figaro Olive Oil is exported all around the world.

For more than 100 years, Figaro has and continues to be committed to quality and health. As a pioneer and champion of olive oil in the Indian market, Figaro has been offering Indian consumers high-quality olive oil for more than 40 years.

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