Monday, June 27, 2022

How To Prevent Your Eyes From Infections During This Monsoon

By: Dr. Seshachalam Nitin MBBS, MS Cataract & Lasik Surgeon, MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital Hyderabad

The onset of the monsoon showers brings a lot of joy and a much-awaited respite from the scorching heat. However, this is also a season for the onset of eye infections commonly called the red eye.

Red eye or conjunctivitis as it is known medically, is a very common infection of the eye mostly caused by viruses and sometimes bacteria. It presents with symptoms of redness, watering and discharge from the eyes. Commonly the eyelids are stuck together upon waking due to the overnight discharge and crusting around the lashes. Occasionally it could be accompanied by symptoms of malaise or fever. This condition, though self-limiting, is highly contagious and spreads quite rapidly.

Following good hygiene practices could help you keep these infections at bay. A few tips that could help with same are listed below

* Avoid touching or rubbing the eye especially after touching probable contaminated surfaces such as door knobs, handles, countertops, faucets etc. Wash your hands or sanitize them before touching your eyes

* Avoid sharing towels, napkins as these may retain the infective organisms and are a major cause for rapid transmission of infections

* Use protective eyewear when going out in the rain. Avoid getting rainwater into your eyes.

* People using contact lenses need to be extra careful with regard to the cleaning and wearing of the same.

* Eat a healthy and balanced diet to keep your immunity strong. Though green leafy vegetables are very healthy, they have traditionally been avoided during the monsoons. These can be replaced with seasonal fruits and vegetables and grains and pulses. Also, avoid street or junk food.

* Self-medication is a strict NO. it is quite common for people to use medications bought over the counter in case of infections. This could cause more harm than good. Meet an experienced eye professional who could prescribe medication only, if necessary, after a proper examination.

So, follow these tips to have a healthy infection free monsoon.

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