Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Bentley Acceleration Initiatives Launches ConstructHelix In India

* New Technology Solutions Group Caters to Specific Needs of the Construction Sector in India by Connecting People, Processes, and Systems to Build Cost and Time Efficiencies

Bentley Acceleration Initiatives, the internal incubator for strategic investments of Bentley Systems (Nasdaq: BSY), the infrastructure engineering software company, today announced the launch of ConstructHelix, a digital construction technology solutions group that caters to the unique and specific needs of the Indian construction sector. The focus of ConstructHelix is to digitalize construction project workflows through its offering of SaaS solutions, enabling a connected data environment with seamless information flow across people and technologies. As the Indian construction industry forays into the era of digitalization, ConstructHelix will deliver automated workflow solutions in a structured approach that will help ensure solutions complement the industry’s existing technology footprint to deliver construction projects on time and under budget.

In April 2021, Bentley Acceleration Initiatives acquired nPulse, an innovative technology product for the Indian construction sector that forms the core offering of the new digital construction technology solutions group. The acquisition focuses on a new direction and vision to build an ecosystem of products to support digital workflows, automating manual processes and disparate technologies. Bentley Acceleration Initiatives named Ashit Gandhi as senior director of ConstructHelix, supported by Santanu Das, chief acceleration officer and senior vice president, Bentley Acceleration Initiatives.

Commenting on the launch of ConstructHelix, Das said, “The construction sector in India is slated to grow in double digits in fiscal year 2022, and that is very promising. There is, therefore, a clear need for technology interventions that will enable this growth in a structured and efficient manner. We realized that rather than adopting a model-centric approach, this geography would be better served with a schedule-centric approach that integrates time and cost. All other information sources are attached to the schedule and, as users evolve their business processes to manage design projects in 3D and manage the projects in a virtual 4D/5D environment, the solution is ready to adapt to their needs.” 

Gandhi said, “We are very excited to launch India’s first connected technology solution for the construction sector, where projects are gradually moving into a digital-first ecosystem. Losses due to cost overruns and project delays run into billions of dollars worldwide. A vital reason is the absence of an integrated projects control solution that can plug this gap. We believe nPulse is that solution. The software provides a connected data environment, where real-time information and insights, predictive analytics, look-ahead metrics, and automation is made available. ConstructHelix will offer transparent, collaborative digital solutions for owners and contractors to achieve specific, measurable goals for project schedules, cash flows, and earned values.” 

About ConstructHelix

ConstructHelix, part of the Bentley Acceleration Initiatives, connects people, processes and technologies required to complete construction projects on time and under budget. nPulse, their flagship solution, helps capital project owners, real estate developers, and contractors reduce project delays by connecting all project information and predictive analytics to provide immersive decision support in a simple-to-use integrated project controls platform. Designed to drive real-time collaboration across multiple functions and organizations that are part of the capital project, the nPulse platform is sector agnostic and is being used by more than 3,000 end-users in more than 250 diverse projects across 25 countries in a variety of construction and critical infrastructure industries. For more information, please visit

About Bentley Acceleration Initiatives 

Bentley Acceleration Initiatives was launched in 2020 by Bentley Systems (Nasdaq: BSY) as part of the BSY Investments group. Their main charter is to accelerate the creation and curation of infrastructure digital twins, and to foster related technologies and innovations. This is accomplished by nurturing new ventures, acquiring and expanding digital integrators, making minority investments through Bentley iTwin Ventures and partnering with other BSY Investment companies like The Cohesive Companies. The group’s portfolio has included Digital Water Works, Digital Construction Works, Virtuosity, OpenTower, ConstructHelix, and Bentley’s Infrastructure IoT. Bentley iTwin Ventures is a $100 million corporate venture capital fund, which co-invests in entrepreneurial companies that are leveraging and expanding the infrastructure digital twins ecosystem. Santanu Das, chief acceleration officer, welcomes queries from potential ecosystem participants at 

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