Tuesday, May 31, 2022

KSB Limited Announces Results of Its First Quarter of 2022!

* The Sales value for Q1 2022 is registered at INR 4,177 million which is about a 9% increase over the corresponding quarter of 2021 

* Achieved ROS of 13% for the quarter 

* Operating profit margin continues to be at 13% 

Summarizing the Q1’22 performance, Mr. Farrokh Bhathena, Director of Sales and Marketing, KSB Limited said “This quarter we have recorded the highest ever quarterly order intake which is 54% higher than the corresponding quarter of 2021. Our sales achieved for the quarter are 9% higher than that of the corresponding Q1 2021 quarter.  

The market is gradually rolling back to the pre-covid times favouring faster market movement and business activities. A good number of project orders were received for petrochemical/chemical segment and water wastewater segment, we also recorded good growth in agriculture segment compared to Q1’21“. 

Major Highlights  

The Business activities are steadily coming back to normalcy  

Export Orders in Q1 2022 up 54% compared to the corresponding period of last year  

New shed inaugurated at KSB Limited Sinnar plant.  

Mechanical Seal repair facility inaugurated at Chinchwad  

Solar Pumps Certification for MNRE completed 

Mr. Milind Khadilkar, Chief Financial Officer is pleased to share the Strategy 2024 formed by the Company. Accordingly, the Company has a target to achieve of Order intake of INR 2,500 Crores, Sales INR 2,200 Crores and ROS of 13% by the end of year 2024. He continued to state that, the strategies focus on new products, new markets, operational excellence, solar business, export business, Digitalisation etc.  

Digitalization being one of the important pillars to achieve the Strategy 2024, Mr. Khadilkar informed top Digitalization initiatives of the Company as following: 

1. Sales Initiatives: Project Cost Information System, Dealer Management Portal  

2. Operations Initiatives: MIS Automation, Machine Monitoring & Model Workstations  

3. IT Initiatives: Cloud Adoption, Data Classification, and Data loss prevention  

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